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Emser Review

Tile can be the foundation of any design project. It set the tone for an entire room. Plus, it can be the base and finishing touch that adds personality and dimension to both walls and floors.

Emser Tile’s collection of ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles includes thousands of style and color variations—so you get the look you’ve always wanted. 

Emser Tile is a go-to name in the tile industry, so it should come as no surprise that it’s been featured in numerous publications, such as Business of Home and Builder Magazine.

The brand’s more than 140k social media community may come as a shock until you see the breathtaking pictures of design projects it shares with its followers.

Ready to get things rolling? In this Emser review, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the brand. From the company’s background and bestsellers to feedback and FAQ, by the end, you can decide if its tiles are the right choice for your home or commercial space.

Overview Of Emser Tile

Emser Review

The story of Emser Tile starts back in 1968 when Carl Delia founded the brand in Los Angeles. Said to be the “producer of the world’s finest tile and natural stone,” take one look at its collection and you’ll understand why. 

From industrial indoor tiles to glazed ceramics for your pool, Emser is known for its ontrend colors, designs, and wide selection of sizes. The brand is trusted by design experts and is committed to providing its customers with a high level of service that other tile companies simply cannot do. 

Coming up in this Emser review, I’ll check out the brand’s collection of tiles in detail. But first, let’s take a look at some highlights.


  • Hundreds of tile options
  • 3,300 color and style variations
  • Indoor and outdoor tiles
  • Known for great customer service

Emser Tile Review

Emser Tile has hundreds of different tile options that each have a handful of color variations to help you create your dream home. In its catalog, it carries both indoor and outdoor tiles for floors, backsplashes, walls, and even pools.

Up next in this Emser review, I’ll help narrow down your options by showing you the brand’s bestsellers.

Emser Sterlina Glazed Porcelain Tiles Review

If it’s the classic porcelain look you’re after, the Emser Sterlina Glazed Porcelain Tiles are perfect. They give you the impression of marble without the high price tag, and you’ll get to pick from seven colors to match your home’s aesthetic along with sizes that range from 2×2” to 24×47”.

You can choose from colors like silver, dove, and asphalt—all cooling, calming, and bright with sporadic veining. The matte version of these tiles can be used in any setting, while the glazed option can be used in most indoor and outdoor locations. 

Emser Raku Glazed Ceramic Tiles Review

With a range of bright colors, the Raku Glazed Ceramic Tiles carry a certain South American charm—despite the fact they get their inspiration came from Japanese firing pottery. Available in mustard, ruby, and breezy blues like ocean, the shiny glaze gives these tiles a playful, youthful feeling. 

While you can use these tiles on both walls and stoves, they’re only available in a 3×12” format. Since they’re UV resistant, you may even consider placing them in your outdoor eating area if you live somewhere that’s hot year round.

Emser Borigni Glazed Body Match Porcelain Tiles Review

The Borigni Glazed Match Porcelain Tiles have the look of concrete—giving your commercial spaces an edgy, almost unfinished look. There are actually few places this tile can’t be used. You may find them a great option for your bathroom floor or outdoor entertaining areas. 

Made in beige, white, gray, and black, you can pick from sizes that range from 2×2” mosaic mesh and 1×6” cove corners to 35×35” for an impactful look. 

Emser Contessa Glazed Porcelain Tiles Review

Designed to look like marble, the Emser Contessa Glazed Porcelain Tiles feature classic veining and are made in oro and dama gray-toned hues for a bright look. Add them to your kitchen, bathroom, and even in your pool for a touch of luxury. 

These tiles are available in sizes as small as 2×2” mesh and up to 24×24”—still smaller than some to create an elegant look. 

Emser Hues Glazed Ceramic Tiles Review

Made in 3×10” and 4×4” blocks, these glossy tiles can add a natural charm to your bathroom or kitchen backsplash. The Hues Glazed Ceramic Tiles are made in earthy colors like kale, linen, and cement, along with ebony and white tones. 

Infusing a little zen into your home, these tiles are simple but can be laid in interesting ways to create an artsy space. 

Emser Artwork Glazed Ceramic Wall Tiles Review

The Artwork Glazed Ceramic Wall Tiles have that name for a good reason. Take one look at the creative detailing and you’ll know why. Available in a mini hexagon or wave pattern, each of them adds movement and allure to your home or commercial spaces. 

These tiles come in a 12”x35” format only. And they’ll give your wall or shower an impressive look with their neutral, calming hues. 

Who Is Emser Tile For? 

Emser Review

Emser makes tiles for home and commercial projects. Its vast collection of tiles for indoor and outdoor projects has something for everyone—making it easy to find what you’re looking for. 

Emser Tile Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Emser Review

Did you know that tile could be so captivating? While this Emser review is here to give you a peek at what the brand offers, I want you to understand what these products are really like. 

For that, we’ll need to turn to those who shop with the brand. So I set out in search of customer feedback from around the web. My first stop was Houzz, a virtual hub for all things home.

There, the brand was awarded 5/5 stars by 18 shoppers who had only the best things to say about it. Here’s one Emser review that sums things up nicely:

Emser is a great company to work with. We are always so pleased with the range of products, and the sales reps are always very helpful.” 

And another buyer wrote this glowing review: “How could I possibly sum up my experience with Emser in a single paragraph? Above and Beyond. The product has never failed to exceed expectations.”

It sounds like customers really like what they get from Emser—both the tiles and the level of service. Does this type of feedback hold true on every other platform though?

To answer that question, I explored the brand’s Facebook page. On it, I saw a 4.1/5 stars rating given by 53 shoppers. Here’s an Emser review I found:

Had an issue with local home and garden store. I got in touch with Aaron Ronimous in the Eugene location and he did over and beyond and got me what I needed.

Facebook feedback was a little more varied with the majority of shoppers simply saying they recommend the brand without leaving a comment. So I continued my search.

Next, I headed over to Home Depot to get a closer look at the brand’s tiles specifically. The Milestone Grey Matte Tile had 5/5 stars and eight reviews. 

Everyone had something nice to say about this particular type of tile. This speaks to the quality that my featured brand is known for. Here’s one Emser review I found:

I looked at a LOT of tile, at a number of stores, before choosing this tile for one of my bathroom floors. Now that it is installed, I am very pleased with it…The texture of the tile makes the tile look more interesting, keeps my bath mats from sliding around, and keeps the floor from being slippery when wet.

In general, Emser’s products get consistently high ratings across review sites and I saw plenty of comments that mentioned the brand’s attentive and helpful customer service.

While a handful of folks reported a lack of service in certain showroom locations, overall, the reviews I found for the company online were very positive.

Is Emser Tile Legit?

Emser Review

While searching for customer feedback, I noticed that, overall, there isn’t a ton of it available online. With that said, lack of feedback isn’t always a bad thing, especially if it’s on places like the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

In fact, Emser has an A+ score on the BBB because, over the course of its 54+ years in business, it’s racked up a total of zero complaints. To me, that’s a pretty good sign that customers are happy with what they get from the company.

Is Emser Tile Worth It?

Emser Review

If you’re new to the home decorating world, you may think there’s not much that can go wrong with tile. But there is, and a helpful customer service team can make a big difference. 

I read quite a few positive Emser reviews about Emser’s customer service, and shoppers state they really love working with this brand. Tack that onto a gorgeous inventory of tiles, and truly, there’s nothing bad I can say about the brand. From what I’ve come across, I think it’s a great option for both home and commercial projects.

Emser Promotions & Discounts 

Emser Review

I’m as interested in talking about deals in this Emser review as I am about the brand’s tiles. But since the company doesn’t actually sell products through its website, I was unable to turn up any deals. You’ll often find sales through the stores Emser Tile partners with though. 

Where To Buy Emser Tile’s Products

Emser Review

To buy Emser’s products, you’ll need to visit one of the brand’s showrooms. Or you can buy them through one of its partner retailers. These include stores like Home Depot and Wayfair.


Emser Review

Who owns Emser Tile?

Carl Delia founded Emser Tile back in 1968. He’s currently the brand’s owner and CEO. 

Does Emser Tile ship internationally?

Emser Tile doesn’t sell any of its tiles through its website, so it cannot ship internationally. You may be able to find a partner retailer that ships internationally though. 

What is Emser Tile’s shipping policy?

Since Emser Tile doesn’t sell tiles via its website, it doesn’t provide any kind of shipping information either—aside from basic delivery points like:

  • There are shipping fees and fuel surcharges
  • Your tile may arrive in installments

More information will be provided by the shop you choose to buy your tiles from. 

What is Emser Tile’s Return Policy?

When your order arrives, be sure to check it thoroughly before you install it. You’ll need to send an email to Emser within 30 days of your shipment date (before installation) to let them know of any errors in the tile or if you were sent the wrong product altogether. 

After 30 days, Emser will no longer accept returns of wrong products. Here are a few more notes about making a return:

  1. All products must be in their original packaging, unopened, with the full amount of tiles
  2. Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee
  3. You will be responsible for all return shipping costs

How To Contact Emser Tile

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Emser review, you can get in touch with the brand’s team by using the contact form online.

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