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Floom Review

Who doesn’t love getting a fresh bouquet of flowers as a pick-me-up after a long day? Sometimes it’s not realistic to grab those flowers yourself, but thanks to Floom, the option is still available. Working with local florists and artisans, this store provides selections on fresh bouquets available for scheduled or same-day delivery.

This business has made a name for themselves in the UK and has begun the process to make their way out west. 

Now also available in the US, this brand is working to build their clientele, currently followed by 42.3k on Instagram. Their name has been dropped in Marie Claire and Time Out as a top option for fresh flower delivery services that can make someone’s day.

While we love some fresh flowers and all they can bring to the day, we’re not so easily swayed by the beauty of a bouquet. Instead, in this Floom review we will go beyond products to check out services, shipping, customer ratings, and more to determine whether this brand is one to buy.

Overview of Floom

Floom Review

In 2016, the world found new access to flowers via Lana Elie. Working with local florists and artisans, this business was determined to find a way to bring the best of the best via simple, online orders. 

Whether ordering for the self or loved ones, Floom makes it easier to find those fresh floral arrangements that can really transform a space.

Each business partner gets handpicked through a careful selection process to ensure that bouquets deliver on quality, size, and range. 

Spreading joy is the number one goal of this brand, so their dedication to crafting bundles that invigorate all the senses comes unparalleled. Whether it’s an expected holiday or just a random act of kindness, nothing says smile like fresh flowers delivered to your door.

We adore fresh flowers and the beauty they bring, so this brand already seems to be making a place in our hearts. For those that need more convincing, check out some company highlights that we discovered while writing this Floom review.


  • Offers a wide range of daily bouquets and bundles of fresh flowers and products
  • Same-day delivery before 1pm
  • Works with local florists and artisans
  • Great customer reviews

Floom Review

Floom Review

Now, it’s a bit tricky to show off products here as each bouquet can depend on local vendors for the day. However, the UK site uses a few flower shops with established sets that can be used to give a good example of what all this brand offers. 

Checking out these standard bestsellers, we’re moving this Floom review into the popular pieces that can be ordered to any door.

Floom Pampas & Willow Review

Floom Pampas & Willow Review
Floom Pampas & Willow

Starting out strong with the Pampas & Willow bouquet, we’re keeping things nice, warm, and loving.

The real beauty in this piece comes from its utter simplicity. Using white, yellow, and green as the key colors to build around, this bouquet is all about the stunning scenery that nature provides. 

Featuring grasses and foliage between the roses and wax flowers, this bundle sets a scene of a walk through the woods, showing off all of nature’s best bits.

Centered around Scandinavian vibes, this bouquet was built to work in the warm and sunny summer. Whether toted at a wedding or just placed indoors to create some stunning smiles with every glance, this bouquet works for a number of events and locations. 

Those who love a simple yet effective statement are sure to find themselves drawn in by this white, yellow, and green dream.

This creation is available for $75.

Floom English Garden Review

Floom Pampas & Willow Review
Floom Pampas & Willow

Who doesn’t love the enthralling vision of an English Garden? Invite it into any home or office by ordering the English Garden bouquet.

Dancing in a world of greens and purples, this bundle is all about the best and the brightest. Roses, dahlias, clematis, and more – the whole piece creates a vision of the English countryside during the height of summer. 

Warm up the inside of the house and the heart by glancing at these flowers for a week or two.

Crafted by Blossom and Thread, this bouquet suits every event and occasion. No one can refuse the bright spring and summer colors this creation offers up. Send them to a friend or just to yourself – anyone can benefit from adding this sight to their day.

Order this one up for $110.

Floom The Lavender Review 

Floom Pampas & Willow Review
Floom Pampas & Willow

If you liked the colors of the last one, then the colors in The Lavender will set forth a whole new level of appreciation.

Rather than sticking with pale and soothing colors, this bouquet brings home the bold in all that it does. Pink lilies and roses, purple gerbera and lisianthus, and so many more flowers mixed in creates a wild vision of stunning pinks, purples, and greens

We love a rich color, and this bouquet definitely delivers with each element brought into play.

Hand-tied to keep things in place, this bouquet also comes wrapped up in tissue paper and cellophane to really wow the one receiving it. No worries about that cellophane though as it’s biodegradable – so aim for stunning visions without the guilt of supporting waste production.

Go bold or go home for $80.

Floom Aloe Vera Review

Floom Pampas & Willow Review
Floom Pampas & Willow

Okay, so the Aloe Vera isn’t as much to stun the love of your life, but it may be a favorite in this Floom review for more than one reason.

We’ve all heard of the aloe vera before. It’s not a new one to the plant game. And its spiky yet sweet appearance really does add almost a jungle element to the space it’s in. Aesthetically, we’re giving this one a nice 10/10 for looks alone.

But it’s the properties of the plant itself that make this one a winner. Aloe vera gel commonly gets used to soothe burns and skin irritations. Not to mention aloe vera drinks benefit skin, oral health, and digestion

So, why not own the plant and reap these benefits from an owned entity instead of buying all the marketed products sold separately? Have a great piece to look at that also does some good in the world.

Say aloha to the aloe vera for $30.

Floom Jumanji Review

Floom Pampas & Willow Review
Floom Pampas & Willow

Remember when we mentioned loving a jungle look? It’s time to enter Jumanji.

This wild piece comes planted in a ceramic pot to contain the wild world to one location. Bold in its bright greens and endless leaves, we absolutely love this one for its pure natural appearance. 

Starring the Blue Star Fern, Peace Lily, and the Philodendron, this wilderness contains a vision into the tropics that we all desire when looking for a break away from the dull weather outdoors.

The name alone sells us on this one (who doesn’t love a Robin Williams throwback?) It simply beckons forward the image of madness, chaos, and pure nature thriving in a space. Luckily, this Jumanji is contained to a single plant, but the warm memories and stunning thoughts remain just the same.

Large and in charge, this piece goes for $220.

Floom Taste of Tuscany Review

Floom Pampas & Willow Review
Floom Pampas & Willow

If the aloe vera was our favorite option for what it can do for you, then Taste of Tuscany is our favorite for what it can do for others.

Rather than a feast for the eyes, this selection is simply a feast. Containing only the best of Italian drinks and cuisine, this bundle makes up for a lack of travel in one easy purchase. From red and white wines to organic pasta and pesto, this is one meal that can stretch out to be shared with loved ones at any time.

If the salsa, balsamic, and chocolate aren’t enough to convince a purchase, take a look at the Give Back program that accompanies this bundle. Each purchase gives either two meals or a donation to a mental health charity to help better the community surrounding the local business. 

Hand-picked by the workers of the artisan shop, these charities prove that there is still some good to this world and those in it.

Start eating well for $115.

Who Is Floom For? 

Floom Review

Anyone can use a bit of brightening to their day. It doesn’t matter the age, gender, or race, giving flowers is a thoughtful and kind way to tell someone that they’re on your mind.

Floom is for anyone who wants to show they care but can’t quite make the trip to the florist themselves. Whether due to work, other commitments, or maybe even a physical distance between buyer and recipient, there are a number of reasons we can’t always do the job ourselves. 

That’s why services like Floom offer a great option for anyone to make a quick order that’ll add a smile to a special someone’s day.

How Does Floom Work? 

Floom Review

Floom is all about location. Since they work with local florists, the bouquets available are dependent on where the delivery will be made to. We’ve learned that the process itself isn’t too difficult – it’s just three simple steps:

  1. Enter in the zip code for delivery to find what’s available (they change daily)
  2. Select the bouquet that fits the need or person
  3. Fill in the delivery and payment info

Individuals can schedule a delivery ahead of time or pick same-day delivery for orders submitted before 1pm. Once an order has been placed, the bouquet will be wrapped and delivered with care to the specified location. 

No stress, all sunshine. In no time at all, fresh flowers will be sitting on the table and stealing the show.

Floom Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Floom Review

When concerning customers, we wanted to paint the widest picture possible for this Floom review, so that meant searching online for the public’s take on how this service stacks up. 

As they were a UK business first, many of their reviews come from that side of the pond. That said, we’ve gone for as many ratings as possible to offer up an idea as to how this brand delivers in all locations.

Starting with the highest numbers online, sits this company at 4.5/5 stars based on over 15k ratings. Customer comments on this platform absolutely adore this company and the range they offer. 

Their wide (and ever-changing) selection from local florists seems to be a real selling point as customers love supporting community vendors with the ease of online orders.

One Floom review stated, “Very nice service from Floom. First time using and the range of flower arrangement is really wonderful. Great that a vase can be part of the arrangement as it makes it so much easier for the recipient and immediate enjoyment of the flowers.

Floom Review

Not only limiting themselves to standard flowers, but this service also keeps variety fresh every day with changing arrangements from vendors. 

From houseplants to vases to potted plants and more, the never-ending range offers customers the chance to find whatever best suits the occasion and recipient. Add in the quick delivery times and it’s no wonder customers keep coming back.

Floom always delivers the most beautiful flowers! Did same-day delivery and it arrived right on time.

Buyers also adore the online methods of this business. Rather than dealing with phone calls and unnecessary messaging, the whole order is done online and can be sent internationally. 

One Floom review noted this by commenting: “Amazing service and beautiful flowers! Sent from the US to a friend living in London and the process was so seamless and easy- would most definitely use again!

While this brand doesn’t seem to be drowning in online comments due to their service-based business and more limited locations, they do still hold their own with Knoji at 4.2/5 stars based on 55 ratings and on Google reviews with 3.7/5 stars based on over 310 ratings.

Customers on these sites seem to echo the same opinions mentioned earlier. Products are wonderful, and it’s a “lovely website, easy to navigate. Delivery was successful and the recipient even got in touch with me to say how nice the delivery lady was.

Floom Review

Delivering on high-quality products, it’s important to many to follow through on that promise of appearance, scent, and feel of the flowers being purchased. For some, these deliveries stand in place of long-distance relationships between friends, families, and partners, so it’s important to individuals that the service follows through on each promise made.

I’ve ordered 3 times from Floom. They’re amazing and always deliver on time. The flowers are beautiful as expected each time. As a long-distance couple, it’s so easy for my gf and I to send flowers to each other for special occasions from here. I’d totally recommend their service.

Even online blogs and magazines like Time Out and Marie Claire have identified this brand as one to check out for fresh floral arrangements. 

These sources not only adore the wide selection but also highlight the “direct service from local florists, so it doesn’t feel like you’re taking away from small businesses. The bouquets you see on the site are what you get, which is great for those of us who need that peace of mind when sending a gift to someone important to us.

While there are some online who complain that not all deliveries have been made in a timely manner (or in some cases at all), the majority are more than satisfied with the product and level of service they’ve received. From fresh flowers and vases to quick delivery, this brand seems to follow through on most of their promises made to the public.

Is Floom Worth It?

Floom Review

This Floom review believes that this service is definitely worth checking out. Whether working a long-distance relationship, knowing someone in need of a pick-me-up, or wanting the option to have fresh florals without leaving the house, this brand offers a great place to start.

Their option to order scheduled or same-day delivery opens up a new set of availability to work to individual schedules. 

Add in the changing styles and sources for fresh takes on arrangements and there’s no going back. Home deliveries of fresh centerpieces – what’s better than that?

Floom Promotions & Discounts 

Floom Review

At the time of writing this Floom review, no promotions or discounts are being offered. Sales do pop up around the holidays, so keep an eye out for those deals to order a piece that will make any partner grin.

Where to Buy Floom

Floom Review

Floom is all about being a delivery service. As they work with local florists, the only place to buy from this service is their brand website at


Floom Review

Who Owns Floom?

Floom is owned and operated by Lana Elie. Elie opened the business in 2016 after finding a gap in the limited options available for floral deliveries online.

Where do all of Floom’s flowers come from?

Floom flowers are all handpicked by partner florists. These shops are selected from local vendors for fresh arrangements that support the community with each purchase.

Does Floom Ship Internationally?

Yes and no. Their business currently operates in the UK and the US, so individuals can order to locations in those two countries. Unfortunately, they haven’t really expanded beyond those two countries yet.

What is Floom’s Shipping Policy?

Find a floral arrangement you just can’t miss? Those shipping stats will come in handy then as the delivery goes through. Information is pretty straightforward for this one:

  • Regular delivery costs $15
  • Same-day delivery costs $20
  • The hours for delivery are dependent on location and florists available
  • Orders can be made up to four weeks in advance
  • Bouquets will be left with neighbors or in safe locations if recipients aren’t available upon delivery – instructions can be left for this occurrence during the ordering
  • Message cards get added to every delivery

That’s really all there is to know about shipping. It’s not too difficult to work around – just be sure to add in those extra instructions with a contingency plan in case no one is around to accept the order.

What is Floom’s Return Policy?

Typically, we wouldn’t be boasting a return policy for flowers, but Floom understands that not everyone can be happy at all times. 

There’s not a lot to say here, but customers who really find themselves unhappy with a delivery or service should reach out to customer service within 24 hours of delivery to best resolve the issue.

Different procedures are in place for different concerns, but we’ve put together a quick guide on returns for this company:

  • Poor quality or incorrect bouquets require photographic evidence
  • Delayed deliveries require contact via customer service upon the item arriving
  • Any issues must be addressed within two days due to the nature of the items shipped
  • No returns can be made due to “not liking” the product – sales are final unless damaged or defective

What it really comes down to is making sure to reach out right away if there’s anything wrong and, when in doubt, take pictures to send regarding the issue.

How to Contact Floom

Floom encourages customer contact, so it’s no surprise that this brand offers multiple ways to get in touch. Working Monday through Friday, 9am to 5:30pm (GMT) for 52 weeks of the year, this brand wants to bring beauty to the people at all times:

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