Freddies Flowers Review

About Freddie’s Flowers

Freddie’s Flowers Review

Some people say that a house without flowers is not a home at all. To each their own, but we will admit there’s something special about the way a fresh-cut bouquet elevates a room.

Freddie’s Flowers, a British floral service, delivers its fresh and seasonal bouquets to your abode every week, helping you create captivating English country-style arrangements.

With features in big business publications like Business Leader, The Times, and This is Money, it’s pretty impressive that a company that deals in something as simple as flowers could be one investors are clamoring to get a piece of.

Freddie’s Flowers Review

But the popularity of Freddie’s Flowers is further shown in its flourishing community of over 200k across Instagram and Facebook. Both accounts are filled with bounteous country-style bouquets and peeks of the office’s resident dogs.

Digging this brand’s idyllic style so far? Keep reading this Freddies Flowers review. Coming up, we’ll walk through all of the delightful details about the brand and how its service works, provide customer feedback, and answer important FAQs to help you decide if its fresh flowers are something you’d like to include weekly in your decor.

Overview of Freddie’s Flowers

Freddie’s Flowers Review

If you’re reading this Freddie Flowers review, chances are you love flowers or know someone who does. With the seemingly magical ability to dry up (and sometimes evoke) tears, flowers help us remember that life is beautiful and doesn’t have to be so hard.

Freddie’s Flowers was created to bring joy to homes across the UK, founded by a man named Freddie Garland who grew up exploring blossoms, blooms, and greenery in flower shops. His parents, both florists, taught him well, but it was his affinity for magnificent blooms that inspired his brand.

What began as a small hustle delivering flowers to his parents’ neighbors has now transformed into a full-grown company that employs a 50+ member team.

Growing up in a flower shop certainly taught Freddie a lot, like how long flowers last, what they need to survive, and how to make them look their best. He created his brand with this knowledge but adopted the up-to-date subscription and at-home delivery model, which in 2020, ended up bringing him a load of business.

Freddie’s Flowers Review

Based in London, the brand is working on doing its part for the environment. Opting for bicycle delivery when possible and converting its vans to electric motors, it’s very close to being 100% plastic-free with the exception of a few tiny bits and bobs.

Now that you know a little bit more about the brand and what direction it’s growing, this Freddie’s Flowers review will shine some light on its highlights.


  • Variety of arrangement types to choose from
  • Arrangement tips with every order
  • Affordable
  • Lasts longer than average flowers (up to 2 weeks)
  • Flexible subscription
  • Available as a gift
  • Free delivery
Freddie’s Flowers Review

The essence of flowers is simple, but their beauty makes a big impact. Freddie’s Flowers is a straightforward brand that leaves the frilly bits to the flowers and delivers on quality and time, and does it with a personality and class.

We ate up the personal touches this brand includes on its site, and admit we got a bit caught up in reading about the office dogs that you’ll find adding a punchy personal touch to its Instagram page.

In the coming section, this Freddie’s flowers review will take you through how the brand’s subscription process works and what you can expect with each delivery.

Freddie’s Flowers Subscription Review

Freddie’s Flowers Review

A focal point of a perfectly set table, a bedside accent to wake up with joy, or an attention grabber for an open entryway, floral arrangements have a charming way of adding a little extra something to our homes and lives.

Freddie’s Flowers operates on a subscription basis, delivering ultra-fresh blooms to your door each week. Like most subscriptions, the process is simple and involves just three steps:

1. Pick your flowers

Once you sign up, Freddie’s gets to work on packaging up your flowers, but won’t cut them until the day they go out for delivery. The arrangements change every week, so you’ll be exposed to a lot of different flower types that give you a different-looking bouquet with each delivery.

Payment is taken the morning your flowers are to be delivered, so if you need to, you can skip a shipment up to the night before it’s scheduled.

2. Receive your flowers

Your flowers will arrive in a big brown box at your doorstep. You can choose to get them weekly, or at a schedule that best suits you. Need to skip a week? No problem, just adjust your preferences on your account page.

If you’d like for your flowers to be a surprise, choose that option. If you want to know, Freddie’s will tell you what to expect in the coming week.

Freddie’s Flowers Review

3. Arrange your flowers

Everything you need for a picture-perfect arrangement comes in your box (aside from a vase, water, and scissors). You’ll get tips on how to arrange them, how often to change the water, and other helpful details to make them last as long as possible.

If you ever need a little help arranging your flowers, watch the weekly arrangement video posted on Freddie’s Facebook or Instagram account. The brand recommends having a hurricane vase and a bell jar to create the best-looking arrangements. Don’t have either? The brand offers one of their own for £25.

Something we also think is worth mentioning here, is that if you’re allergic to lilies (it’s common), Freddie’s offers a lily-free box each week. Just give them a call or email and let them know you’re interested.

Delivery is always free, and each Freddie’s Flowers Subscription is just £25/week.

Who Is Freddie’s Flowers For?

Freddie’s Flowers Review

Freddie’s Flowers delivers in the UK only to any flower lover that wants a beautiful perk up in their home or office. The brand’s weekly delivery service ensures fresh flowers for your home but can be modified if you’re someone who just wants the occasional delivery.

They make a great gift and can be sent to multiple addresses, meaning that if you’re someone looking to spread a little joy, Freddie’s can help. Really, there are no restrictions as to who its flowers are for or why.

With that said, we did find that if you’re looking for a custom bouquet, the brand doesn’t offer that kind of service just yet. Its arrangements are chosen by their team each week, cut to order, and sent out to you.

Freddie’s Flowers Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Freddie’s Flowers Review

Flower delivery can be tricky. Something as fragile as flowers doesn’t exactly scream suitable for transit, and as you can imagine with this type of service, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. But if there’s anything we’ve learned in this Freddie’s Flowers review, it’s that this brand cares.

Does that care translate to long-lasting flowers, unbroken stems, and on-time deliveries? In this section, we’re going to find out. To do that, we’ll need to hear from those who have tried the service and we’ll kick things off with some reviews from Trustpilot.

Upon landing on the review site, we found an outstanding score of 4.7/5 stars awarded by 7,781 customers. For such a high amount of reviews, this score is really something and breaks down like this:

  • Excellent: 86%
  • Great: 6%
  • Average: 2%
  • Poor: 1%
  • Bad: 5%
Freddie’s Flowers Review

The comments section is packed with happy comments about the brand’s beautiful flowers and stellar customer service. The latter is something expressed by the majority of customers who say they really do provide a high standard of support when needed. One Freddie’s Flowers review read:

They last amazingly well. Delivered by a lovely driver. Great instructions to display well. Lovely communication. Super company deserving our support.” Another buyer said that “they sent it so quick with perfect decoration.”

So far, Freddie’s is shaping up to be an impressive company, one that we’re coming to understand is worthy of all the attention it’s getting.

We were interested in finding out how long the brand’s blooms last. Its website says they’ll be good for up to two weeks, but we’ve had our fair share of flowers that start wilting in three days. In hopes of finding the truth, we consulted the brand’s Facebook page that has an overall rating of 4.4/5 stars from 1,785 buyers.

One Freddie’s Flowers review read: “Outstanding bouquets every time! Genuinely blown away with the longevity of Freddie’s flowers with each & every bunch! They always arrive perfectly packaged & exceptionally fresh.

Freddie’s Flowers Review

Almost every other review mentioned that the brand’s blooms last longer than average flower shops’, and one customer included a photo of her flowers at week one and they still look absolutely gorgeous and fresh.

For our final dose of feedback, we checked out a Freddie’s Flowers review on a blog called Freddie’s Mummy (not his actual mom, just a coincidence). We found this review particularly helpful as it mentioned something that may very well happen with flower delivery services: wilted blooms.

Now, before you discredit Freddie’s, the brand tells customers that if this happens, all your blooms need is water and they’ll perk up in a few hours. Here’s proof that this is true:

I was really disappointed the flowers looked wilted with little to no life…I went to bed…In the morning I came down to this: (photo of beautiful, full flowers)…they look amazing! They were not dead at all, they just needed watering and feeding.

Freddie’s Flowers Review

Always read the instructions and tips. Freddie’s wants to give you the best experience possible and is aware of all of the drawbacks. Following the guidelines will yield the most beautiful results.

From what we found here, people are blown away by this service. Carefully packaged and delivered, super fresh, and beautifully varied, this feedback makes the next section of our Freddie’s Flowers review really easy.

Is Freddie’s Flowers Worth It?

Freddie’s Flowers Review

As we said, flower delivery can be iffy. But it really looks like Freddie’s does it right. Putting time, care, and love into each order—it may sound cliche—but it makes a big difference in the end result.

At £25 per order, Freddie’s Flowers delivers high-quality blooms safely and securely for free. With no commitment and a rockstar customer service team, we didn’t come across a single reason why we wouldn’t recommend Freddie’s, it’s just a shame we don’t live in the UK.

Freddie’s Flowers Promotions & Discounts

Freddie’s Flowers Review

The joy that flowers bring is a perk that’s included with every bloom. Want more? The brand offers free delivery for all of its orders and will send you a complimentary bouquet when you refer a friend.

Where to Buy Freddie’s Flowers

Freddie’s Flowers Review

The brand’s flowers are grown in the UK, bundled together in London, and shipped out directly to you. There’s no middleman involved, which is probably the reason the brand can guarantee such great prices. To get yours, head to


Freddie’s Flowers Review

Who owns Freddie’s Flowers?

Freddie Garland is the man behind the name at Freddie’s Flowers. He started the business delivering flowers to his parent’s neighbors back in 2015. The brand is now one of the fastest-growing D2C flower businesses in the UK.

Does Freddie’s Flowers have to come every week?

Nope. How often you receive your flowers is totally up to you. You can get them every week, every month, or skip a month altogether. To set your preferences, just head to the delivery schedule section on your account page.

How long do Freddie’s flowers last in the box?

Since technically you don’t need to be home to receive your flowers, you may be left wondering about how they’ll survive in that dark lonely box until you get home. Well to quote Freddie, “they will be absolutely fine”—just make sure you don’t leave them longer than a day, they are living things after all.

Since the brand uses super fresh buds and blooms, they last a lot longer than the ones you bring home from the florist, even without being set in water during delivery. If, when you pull your flowers out, some look a little droopy, just plop them in water and they’ll hydrate back to their glorious former selves.

Keep in mind this process may take a few hours, so if they don’t perk up before your eyes, give them time.

What is Freddie’s Flowers’ Shipping Policy?

First things first, if you didn’t catch our drift in this Freddie’s Flowers review, the brand delivers in the UK only. Sorry, rest of the world. Once you schedule your first delivery online, from thereon in with your subscription, you’ll receive your flowers on the same day every week.

If you’re filling more than one house with flowers, simply enter an additional address on the ‘Delivery Addresses’ page of your account. Your account page will also let you skip a delivery or schedule an extra one during a special time of the month, like a holiday.

Have a life? Lucky you, so thankfully, you won’t need to wait around for Freddie’s to arrive, you can just let them know where you leave your order and you can tend to it when you get home. The brand says you can be as detailed as possible, their delivery guys know how to follow instructions.

Keep in mind, though the flowers are super fresh, you should get home at a reasonable time to get your blooms in water.

The brand delivers all the way from 4:00 am to 5:00 pm. Its team won’t be able to tell you exactly when your order will arrive, but it will arrive the same day each week.

Certain parts of the UK will have their flowers delivered by DPD who work between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. With these deliveries, you’ll get a text message that gives you a two-hour window in which your order will be dropped off.

What is Freddie’s Flowers’ Return Policy?

Freddie deals with flowers. So once you get your bouquet, it’s a no-return kind of situation. While you can’t send your flowers back, if there’s anything wrong with your order (which they say is unlikely), just get in contact and its team will try to make it right.

Since the brand operates on a subscription basis (the whole point is to have fresh flowers weekly) if you decide it’s time to pause or cancel your membership, you can do it at any time. No one’s tying you down.

To do so, use any of the contact methods listed in the very last section of this Freddie’s Flowers review or head to your account page.

How to Contact Freddie’s Flowers

Like a lily in full bloom, the blossoming brand is open to any questions that may have popped into your mind during this Freddie’s Flowers review. To get in touch, reach out to its team via:

  • Phone: 0208 396 6696
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mail: Freddie’s Flowers, Unit E015, Bendon Valley, London, SW18 4UQ.

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