FTD Flowers Review

About FTD 

FTD Flowers Review

FTD is a flower delivery service that partners with florists all over the world. Composed of an international network of over 30,000 florists in more than 150 countries, the company promises hand-crafted floral arrangements—some of which are available for same-day delivery.

FTD was recently featured in Oprah Magazine, TimeOut, as well as CNN, USA Today, and Forbes

This FTD flowers review hopes to equip you with the knowledge and ease to order floral arrangements for any occasion. We will offer a comprehensive look at the floral service, including best-selling arrangements, delivery process, and membership plan. 

Overview of FTD 

FTD Flowers Review

FTD, originally the Florists’ Telegraph Delivery Association, was established in August 1910 by John A. Valentine in Rochester, New York. The company began with thirteen florists and a Denver lawyer (himself the owner of a floral company) agreeing to serve each others’ out-of-town customers by taking and exchanging orders via telegraph.

In 1923, the growing floral network expanded to Britain and, in 1946, International Telegraph Florists was established. International Telegraph Florists was made up of FTD, the FTD British Unit, and Europe’s floral clearinghouse Fleurop, with a mission to sell flowers-by-wire internationally.

In 1979, FTD launched an electronic system to link the florists in their network together, and in 1994, the company launched the online platform. Since the creation of their website, FTD alternated between being a private and publicly-traded company multiple times. Eventually, they were acquired by Nexus Capital Management in 2019.

Originally located in Southfield, Michigan, the FTD Headquarters currently resides in Downers Grove, Illinois. They make it their mission to offer professional floral arrangements and bouquets for any occasion, some of which are available for same-day delivery to your door.

This FTD flowers review will now look at some highlights of the brand before going into the offerings:


  • Large variety of floral arrangements available
  • Customers can sort through occasions for easy shopping
  • Affordable prices
  • Gold Membership savings when you pay $30/year
  • Same-day delivery for specific arrangements/bouquets 
  • Afterpay offered on all purchases

FTD Bouquets Review

FTD sells a variety of floral arrangements and bouquets for all occasions and to convey several sentiments, with the option to deliver the day they’re ordered.

If you’re shopping for a specific occasion and you’re not sure what arrangement says it best, FTD’s floral specialists can help you.

Any celebration or sentiment you can think of is listed under the “All Occasions” tab in the main navigation menu. This includes everything from Valentines Day to National Doctors’ Day to Kwanzaa, and of course everything in between:

  • Mother’s Day flowers
  • Christmas flowers
  • Christmas centerpieces
  • Funeral flowers
  • Sympathy flowers
  • Birthday flowers
  • … and many more!

This FTD flowers review will list the best-selling arrangements so you can note which ones customers are loving and consider your options.

FTD You’re Precious Bouquet Review 

The You’re Precious Bouquet is a pink and red floral arrangement, held up by lush green leaves. This bouquet includes an assortment of roses, alstroemeria, carnations, and peruvian lilies. More importantly, it is one of FTD’s same-day delivery options! 

There are three size options, all of which are displayed in a classic glass vase:

  • Original — 12″H x 13″W (A safer/less intrusive option for a less intimate arrangement. It appears more tightly packed then the other sizes)
  • Deluxe — 13″H x 14″W (A fuller, more expansive looking option that exudes affection)
  • Grand — 14″H x 15″W (A lush extravaganza!)

The You’re Precious Bouquet is currently on sale for a limited time. The Original size is currently $43, down from $50. The Deluxe size is $55, usually $65. Finally, the Grand size is on sale for $68, usually $80

You can also purchase any of these using Afterpay for a convenient payment plan.

FTD 12 Red Roses Review

FTD says it best: roses are “timeless, classic and iconic”. This simple Red Rose Bouquet is foolproof—it’s sentimental, no matter the occasion. You can buy a bundle of 12 or 24 roses, a bouquet, or arranged in a glass vase. Whatever you choose, your order will come with floral food and care instructions, packed carefully in an elegant gift box.

At the writing of this FTD flowers review, the red rose bouquet is on sale. If you want to gift your loved one with a simple bouquet, tjr 12 roses comes to $34, down from its usual $40, and 24 costs $47, down from $55. If you want a vase with your present, 12 roses will cost $43, instead of $50, and 24 will cost $55 instead of $65

You can use Afterpay for any of these options. 

FTD Smiles & Sunshine Review 

The Smiles & Sunshine Bouquet is an eclectic collection of summer colours, made with alstroemeria and multi-coloured roses. According to FTD, alstroemeria is symbolic of friendship and devotion which makes it perfect for any celebration. It can also be gifted simply to put a smile on your recipient’s face!

This bouquet is available in two sizes, Original and Deluxe

At the moment, this FTD flowers review found there is a sitewide sale going on. Without a vase, the Original size will cost $34, rather than $40, and the Deluxe runs at $47, instead of $55; with a vase, the Original size costs $43, less than its usual $50, and the Deluxe costs $55, instead of $65

Afterpay is available to pay for any of these options. 

FTD Eternal Friendship Remembrance Bouquet Review 

The Eternal Friendship Remembrance Bouquet is a gorgeous assortment of white florals accented with natural greens. This bouquet is an FTD flowers funeral arrangement, and with it FTD hopes to deliver the most sincere sentiments of sympathy and comfort. 

The bouquet is made up of white roses, snapdragons, and asiatic lilies arranged in an elegant glass vase. If you’re in need of a sympathy arrangement, the Eternal Friendship Remembrance Bouquet is recommended for a wake, funeral service, or for sending your condolences to grieving family or friends. 

It is also available for same-day delivery. This bouquet is offered in three sizes so that you can choose what feels most appropriate:

  • Original — 21″H x 17″W (on sale at the moment for $64 instead of $75)
  • Deluxe — 21″H x 18″W (on sale at the moment for $72 instead of $85)
  • Grand — 21″H x 19″W (on sale at the moment for $85 instead of $100)

As with FTD’s other arrangements, you can also take advantage of Afterpay for peace of mind.

FTD Mixed Roses Bouquet Review 

The Mixed Roses Bouquet is another versatile arrangement that’s fit for any occasion. The bunch of mixed roses (a combo of white, yellow, pink, and red) is arranged in a bouquet of 12 or 24 roses, with or without a vase. The bouquet is delivered in a gift box with floral food and care instructions.

At the writing of this FTD flowers review, the brand is having a sitewide sale. Without a vase, the bouquet of 12 roses comes to $38, instead of $45 and 24 is $51, instead of $60; arranged in a vase, 12 roses will cost $47, rather than $55 and 24 will be $60, rather than $70

You can also pay in four equal installments using Afterpay.

FTD Beautiful Spirit Bouquet Review 

The Beautiful Spirit Basket is an abundant arrangement displaying carnations, stock, roses, lilies, and Fuji mums. This arrangement is available for same-day delivery as well! 

Each flower is chosen to express your support and love, which makes this basket a perfect gift to express gratitude—perhaps for Mother’s Day or a birthday. 

The basket comes in three lush sizes, which only grow more extravagant:

  • Original — 14″H x 19″W (on sale at the moment for $64, instead of $75)
  • Deluxe — 15″H x 20″W (on sale at the moment for $77, instead of $90)
  • Grand — 16″H x 22″W (on sale at the moment for $90, instead of $105)

FTD Pink Champagne Rose Bouquet Review 

The Pink Champagne Rose Bouquet is a bundle of soft pink roses that is whimsical and romantic. The bouquet, which comes with 12 or 24 roses, is sweetly accented by subtle greens. FTD recommends giving this bouquet to someone you adore.

The Pink Champagne Rose Bouquet sells with or without a vase in a bunch of 12 or 24 roses. The sitewide sale at the moment has 12 roses costing $34, instead of $40 and 24 costs $47, instead of $55 without a vase; with a vase, 12 roses will come to $43, rather than $50 and 24 will be $55, instead of $65

You can also pay in four installments with Afterpay.

FTD Gold Membership 

FTD Flowers Review

The FTD Gold Membership is a benefits program for regular customers that charges you $30 annually.

With the Gold membership you receive unlimited standard shipping (and no service fees) every time you place an order, early access to new products and collections, and reduced same-day service fees along with other exclusive offers and promotions.

FTD Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

FTD Flowers Review

On Consumer Affairs, FTD is rated 1.2/5 stars from 173 customer reviews over the last year, highlighting quite a few complaints about the company.

One reviewer wrote that they placed a same-day order at 10am and didn’t hear from the company until 3:45pm when they were notified that the delivery address was an empty lot. The floral arrangement did not make it in time for the funeral it was ordered for. 

This customer later revised their comment, writing that FTD had been genuinely concerned about their unfortunate experience and had turned it around. They rated FTD 5 stars.

On Influenster, FTD is rated 3.7/5 stars from 40 customer reviews. A 4-star reviewer writes: “I have the annual Gold membership one time fee which saves me from paying a delivery fee each time. All flower deliveries are expensive but I’ve had the best luck here and they have made up fir when they make a mistake. So I appreciate them taking responsibility.

Lastly on Trustpilot, FTD is rated 1.2/5 stars from 411 reviews. Some customers discuss late deliveries, but this is quite common for most large-scale flower delivery companies. Overall, there are many pleased customers across several platforms online who are happy with FTD.

Additionally, initially disgruntled buyers report that they were contacted by FTD’s customer service and were offered a refund, free upgrade, or new delivery. These reviewers were grateful for the effort FTD made to remedy their experience. 

Is FTD Worth It?

FTD Flowers Review

Based on the research conducted by this FTD flowers review, the service is affordable and versatile with lots of products to choose from. Plus, FTD florists are located all over the world, making the service a convenient on-demand option. 

FTD Promotions & Discounts

FTD Flowers Review

FTD has an assortment of discounted arrangements available if you’re looking for a cheaper option. Head to “Flowers” in the main menu, then click on “Sale Flowers”. Arrangements are discounted between $10-$20 off their original prices.

If you’re a regular customer, another way to save money is to sign up for the FTD Gold Membership. When you pay $30 for the year, you get exclusive access to promo codes, reduced same-day delivery prices, and free standard shipping on all orders.

You can also earn an FTD flowers coupon code for 20% off your first order when you sign up for their email newsletter, as well as seasonal discounts at holidays.

While external sites advertise FTD discount codes including for 40% and 20% off, it is uncertain whether they are valid. FTD does not advertise additional coupons on its website.

Where to Buy FTD

FTD Flowers Review

You can find FTD florists in over 30,000 floral shops across more than 150 countries. The easiest way to buy from FTD is online through their website


FTD Flowers Review

What is FTD? 

FTD is an international florist and delivery service that curates bouquets and arrangements for all sentiments and occasions.

Is FTD Reliable? 

FTD guarantees same-day delivery when you place your order before 2pm in the recipient’s time zone, though time of delivery is not specified. Your bouquet or arrangement is also guaranteed to be fresh and last at least seven days

Is FTD Still Delivering Flowers? 

FTD is still delivering during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, the company does not require a signature at the door; all orders will be left at the front door for contactless delivery. 

How do I Become an FTD Member? 

Signing up for an FTD account is super easy: simply click on the Account option in the top right of any of the site’s pages, then click Create Account. From there, you simply fill in the form and verify your email!

Is FTD Gold Worth the Membership? 

If you’re a regular FTD customer and anticipate making multiple orders throughout the year for holidays, birthdays, or other occasions, then the Gold membership is a smart way to save on shipping costs and service fees.

Since it’s only $30 per year, you can think of it as an investment that will pay for itself after a couple of orders.

What is FTD’s Service Fee? 

A service fee is applied when your FTD order is assigned to florists for delivery. Same-day deliveries, weekend, and holiday services are subjected to higher fees. For a single order, the fee is typically $12-$18

What is FTD’s Shipping Policy?

Orders for fresh flowers are fulfilled by FedEx, UPS, or USPS with tracking. 

  • Standard shipping costs and service fees range from a total of $18-$30, depending on the day and location
  • Weekend and holiday service fees are higher, and surcharges apply to delivery in Alaska and Hawaii (an additional $13)

For home deliveries, if the recipient is not available to accept the flowers, the delivery person may leave the floral arrangements in a safe space for the recipient to collect when they return.

Alternatively, they may attempt delivery the next day. During the holidays, deliveries may be made as late as 9pm.

What is FTD’s Return Policy?

FTD has a “Love it or We’ll Make it Right” policy, so if you’re not satisfied with the delivery or freshness of your bouquet, you can contact FTD and they will replace the order or initiate a refund. There is no need to return floral products. 

Another option is to cancel your order before it ships. You can do so by signing into your FTD account and filling out a cancellation form, or by contacting customer service. 

How to Contact FTD

We hope you enjoyed this FTD flowers review! For any lingering questions, feel free to contact the brand using the following methods:

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