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Ting Internet Review

A slow internet connection is worse than no internet connection because you can at least accept your fate with the latter and move on with your life. 

The former traps you in a vortex of false hope. It teases you, whispering that maybe if you wait long enough your tweets will load even though you know that’s not the case.

You shouldn’t have to worry about either of those with Ting Internet. They provide lightning-fast internet access to homes and businesses in select American cities with crystal clear customer policies.

They boast just over 8k Instagram followers and 72k likes on Facebook. 

In this Ting Internet review, I’ll look into what they’ve done to earn such a rabid fan base. This means looking at their history, their internet plans, their customer service capabilities, and what real customers have said about them.

Overview of Ting Internet

Ting Internet Review

Ting Internet has created a cloud of positivity since their inception in 2012. There’s a lot to love about them that extends beyond what they provide, but it’s important that I define what that is before we get to everything else.

Ting Internet provides customers with a healthy supply of internet options. They can line your house with far-reaching and reliable wi-fi, upgrade your business with a gratuitous internet fiber plan, and give you one heck of a cell phone plan, all with an archer’s precision for customer satisfaction.

The company is aware of how many people feel ignored and stifled by their mobile and internet plans. Larger companies trample over customers and trap them in less-than-satisfactory contracts. Ting Internet doesn’t vibe with that.

They promote clarity in their plans. Ting Internet customers should know exactly what they’re signing up for because the brand makes their plans as transparent as possible

They don’t believe in tricking customers in order to turn a profit. This brand knows that honesty is truly the best policy.

Another admirable Ting Internet philosophy is their unadulterated support for internet freedom. They support net neutrality with the same enthusiasm that Tim Rogers has for Tokimeki Memorial

Ting Internet upholds that they’ll never limit your internet speed, download and uploading speeds, or accessibility.

Their pro-internet activism bleeds into their support for a variety of foundations. Ting Internet donates some of their profits to organizations fighting to keep the internet free like We Heart Wifi, Internet Infrastructure Coalition, Fight for the Future, F2C: Freedom to Connect, and Demand Progress.

I’ve heaped enough vague praise onto this company that it’d make a grade schooler’s love poem appear subtle in comparison. The next section of my Ting Internet review will focus on some harder, yet nonetheless admirable, facts about the brand.


  • Provider of internet and wi-fi routers that serve many locations in the United States
  • Internet speed is faster than many competitors
  • Service is always expanding to more US cities
  • Can discuss topics with other Ting customers on the forums
  • No early termination fees

Ting Internet provides internet plans for homes and businesses. They produce fiber modems as well as wi-fi signal extenders.

Ting Internet Plans Review

It’d be easy for Ting to snap their fingers, wiggle their hands, and say, “presto, here’s your internet!” Fortunately, there are more than a few available features that come with their plans. 

I’m going to look at some of the most attractive offerings in this section of my Ting Internet review.

Ting Internet Home Wi-Fi Review

With the advent of home internet came the unexpected rise of dead zones. There are still children starving for a decent wi-fi connection in their bedrooms, forced to plaster their phones to the wall in the hopes of getting a single bar of reception.

That’s why Ting Internet Home Wi-Fi promotes their service’s ability to cover every inch of your home

Their wi-fi routers should provide the entire household with an even internet distribution so that there are no more dreaded dead zones.

The service can provide internet speed of up to 2 gigabytes per second. Set-up couldn’t be easier either. All you need to do is remove the router from the box and turn it on; every router arrives at its destination pre-configured.

Your phones, televisions, and gaming systems can easily swap between Ting Internet Home Wi-Fi sources too. The wi-fi signal emanates from the router and wi-fi extenders. You can hop between rooms without dropping a signal because of these multiple outlets. 

One Ting Internet Home Wi-Fi router costs $199 to buy outright, but you can rent it for $9 a month. You can also add a wi-fi extender for $99 in full or a monthly rental fee of $5.

Ting Internet Business Fiber Review

Wi-fi is a necessity these days, but a standard wireless connection often isn’t enough for people who work from home or run a small business. 

So, I present to you the potential solution for people who need a little extra oomph in their internet, the Ting Internet Business Fiber.

Here are a few numbers that show how powerful this internet fiber is. It has a 1000 Mbps upload and download speed, a 99% uptime, and can support up to 254 different IPs if you go for the enterprise fiber option.

That’s actually the best part about the Ting Internet Business Fiber. It can scale upwards or downwards to meet your business needs. You can increase the cloud storage as you see fit as well as how many IPs your business requires.

Ting Internet Business Fiber plans aren’t available in every city yet. It’s currently operating in states like Colorado, California, North Carolina, Virginia, Idaho, and Maryland. Check the Ting website to see how much a plan will cost for your business in one of those areas.

Ting Internet Streaming TV Review

Remember cable? Remember having to sit through advertisements? Remember having to record a show if you didn’t catch it on time or, heaven forbid, avoiding spoilers because you couldn’t watch your favorite show any time you wanted? 

Those things seem as antiquated as corsets in the streaming age.

The Ting Internet Streaming TV isn’t a single streaming service. Instead, it can connect you to some of the biggest television streaming platforms today. Here are some of the services you can use with this item:

  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • HBO Max
  • AppleTV+

What sets this streaming set-up apart is that it can deliver video in shining 4K quality right to your TV. Combine this with Ting’s blazing fast internet speed and you’ve got a combination that’s so lethal it’s banned in certain regions.

I’m joking, but the truth is that the Ting Internet Streaming TV isn’t yet available everywhere. Check whether your area is in Ting’s available networks and upgrade your streaming services today.

Ting Internet Hardware and Setup 

Ting Internet Review

The feather in this brand’s cap is their rudimentary hardware and simple setup procedure.

Setting up a Ting internet router shouldn’t be a hassle on your end. It’s as easy as pressing two buttons. As I mentioned earlier in this Ting Internet review, the company preconfigures their routers so that set-up is a piece of cake.

Their hardware is similarly minimalist. They’ll send you a fiber modem they call the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) for free when you sign up for one of their plans. 

The only other piece of equipment that Ting distributes is the wireless signal extender which you can purchase for an additional charge.

Ting Internet Security

Ting Internet Review

There isn’t much information available about Ting’s internet security protocols. I’ll tell you what I could find though. They do the absolute most that they can to protect your vital information both during the transmission and receiving phases. 

They don’t elucidate on what their protection policies entail, which is admittedly a bit worrying, but they advise customers to contact them directly if they want to find out more about their security. I’ll let you know how you can reach out to the company at the end of this Ting Internet review.

Ting Internet Performance 

Ting Internet Review

The Ting Internet Home Wi-Fi proposes that it can provide your household with a download and upload speed of 2 Gbps, which equates to 1224.8 to 1264.0 Mbps. That’s a huge leg up on the average internet speed which sits at 12 to 25 Mbps. 

The company’s business internet isn’t too shabby either. It touts that it can run as quickly as 1,000 Mbps. A third-party source reports that Ting internet usually sits among the three fastest internet providers in its available areas. 

Ting Internet Customer Service

Ting Internet Review

Ting provides its customers with multiple venues for contact and problem-solving. Customers can either call the brand to speak with a customer service representative in real-time, chat with them digitally through the live chat service, or sift through Ting’s FAQ section.

They also have a knowledgebase section on their website that has answers to problems relating to these issues:

  • Getting started with Ting Internet
  • Ting Internet plans and billing
  • Guides for Ting Internet devices
  • Network coverage
  • Fiber internet
  • Account preferences

Finally, customers can connect with other Ting Internet customers on the forums of the Ting website. Other customers can help you solve any problems you might face that the company themselves can’t figure out.

Who Is Ting Internet For? 

Ting Internet Review

Ting Internet is for people who are tired of jumping through hoops when it comes to internet providers. More importantly, the brand is only for people who currently live in one of these American cities:

  • Centennial, CO
  • Charlottesville, VA
  • Culver City, CA
  • Encinitas, CA
  • Fullerton, CA
  • Fuquay-Varina, NC
  • Holly Springs, NC
  • Roaring Fork, CO
  • Rolesville, NC
  • Greater Sandpoint, ID
  • Solana Beach, CA
  • Wake Forest, NC
  • Westminster, MD

Ting Internet Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ting Internet Review

It’s important to consider what customer Ting Internet reviews report about the company because Ting place so much value on customer satisfaction. They strive to deliver the best internet that they can and to solve any issue that people might face.

So, this section of my Ting Internet review will see how well the company accomplishes those goals. I’ll first look at what people said about Ting Internet on Sitejabber. 8 customers gave the company an average score of 3.1/5 stars.

The main thing that people loved about Ting Internet was how simple and straightforward the company was with their services. 

People didn’t face any unexpected charges. They felt that they were paying for exactly what they signed up for and appreciated the brand’s transparency.

Ting Internet’s staff were also considered to be straightforward. Customers said that the brand’s workers were extremely knowledgeable and willing to walk them through whatever issues they had or answer any of their questions.

Here’s what one 5/5 stars Ting Internet review recounted about their experience speaking with one of the company’s respondents:

They are mellow, find clever ways to solve problems that aren’t even theirs, just to help customers, they are GREAT! Their blog is really interesting and informative, I would say that the difference is more pronounced if you are a bit of a techie (as I am) and you can engage with them on stuff. They really know their stuff, and will take time with you.

That wasn’t the only review that applauded the patience of Ting’s staff, and Sitejabber wasn’t the only place where I found positive reviews about the brand. They also earned an impressive 4.2/5 stars overall score from more than 240 pieces of customer feedback on Trustpilot. 

Remember all those kind words that customers paid to Ting Internet’s customer service employees? There was more where that came from on Trustpilot. People felt like the company actually cared about them and wanted to solve their problems, something that they felt other companies couldn’t match.

This is what one buyer wrote about Ting Internet: “The customer service is definitely a very bright spot in my decision to stay aboard. I’ve had very few problems, all of them minor and every time I’ve needed help, I talk to a friendly and knowledgeable person quickly. I’ve never felt like they just want to get done with me in order to meet a quota or what have you.

Ting Internet’s low prices were also the subject of customer praise. Some people said that you were getting what you paid for, meaning that they didn’t get as many features as they would’ve liked, but that they couldn’t argue with how affordable Ting Internet’s plans were.

The last place I checked for Ting Internet reviews was Reddit. Users there consistently reported that they felt better after dropping their previous internet providers in favor of Ting Internet. 

This is how one buyer described how they felt about the internet service: “I’m a fiber user in NC. It’s exactly as advertised. It works flawlessly and super fast. The worst part is the waiting until it’s your turn for install but once it’s running, it’s like the 90s infomercial, set it and forget it.

To sum it all up, simplicity, clarity, and affordability were the name of the game when it came to Ting Internet, and customers were grateful for all three aspects.

Is Ting Internet Legit?

Ting Internet Review

Ting Internet seemed to perform well in the eyes of customers. I didn’t find anything that sent shivers down my spine or set off any Spidey-senses, so I believe that this brand is legit.

Is Ting Internet Worth It?

Ting Internet Review

Ting Internet is definitely worth considering, albeit with one massive caveat. You need to be living in one of the areas that they service if you want to sign up for their plans. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your money.

Ting Internet Promotions & Discounts 

Ting Internet Review

It’s with a heavy heart that I must admit that I wasn’t able to find any Ting Internet promotions or discounts that you could use.

Where to Buy Ting Internet

Ting Internet Review

The only place where you can sign up for a Ting Internet plan is on the brand’s website,


Ting Internet Review

Who owns Ting Internet?

Ting Internet is a subsidiary of the larger parent company Dish Wireless.

How long has Ting Internet been operating?

Ting Mobile has been running since 2012, but their internet plans have only been available since 2014.

Can I bring my own router to Ting Internet?

Yes, you can use your own router with Ting Internet. However, you can only use it if it has an Ethernet WAN port as that’s what the fiber uses to connect your router to the fiber modem.

What is Ting Internet’s Privacy Policy?

I covered this earlier in the security section of this Ting Internet review, but the company does their best to keep your information safe. They will not distribute it to any third parties without notifying you beforehand.

What is Ting Internet’s Refund Policy?

Ting Internet’s commitment to sublime customer service shines through in their refund policies. They won’t charge you any termination fees if you decide to cancel your membership with them.

You’ll also have up to 30 days to return one of their routers if it doesn’t boot up or arrives damaged. 

How to Contact Ting Internet

I’ll conclude this Ting Internet review by telling you all the ways that you can contact them, which is something you should definitely do based on how lovely their customer service team appears to be:

  1. Call their support line at 1-844-846-4994 
  2. Chat with one of their staff members on their website
  3. Submit an Email Request through their Contact Us page

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