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Yamazaki Home Review

Affordable home décor doesn’t have to come from cheap or Scandinavian sources (nothing against those shops – the public just needs to see beyond those blinders). 

There’s a whole world of home furnishings and accessories from international sources, but maybe none quite so organized and dependable as the Japanese-inspired décor of Yamazaki Home. The store is a legacy, currently in its fourth generation of family ownership. 

From organization to storage to housekeeping, this brand is all about bringing simple and stylistically appealing pieces into any home for a reasonable price.

Well established in their craft, Yamazaki Home knows how to keep people happy as evident by their 310k followers on Instagram. Featured in Food 52, Pop Sugar, Forbes, and West Elm, this business continues to satisfy customers, clients, and partners in all that they do.

Determined to find the best for any budget, my Yamazaki Home review will check out products, pricing, ratings, and more to discover whether this brand is worth the buy.

Overview of Yamazaki Home

Yamazaki Home Review

Nothing says solid business like over 100 years in the industry. This Japanese-born brand originally began in the production of ironing boards and, as needs for new pieces emerged, this company decided to deliver. 

Working with customers to hone in on the supplies they required, this business grew from a single product into an all-encompassing home store.

Through their range in inventory, four key values keep this brand in check: “simplicity, practicality, quality, and saving space.” Known throughout their foundation country of Japan, the name has since made their way to Europe and North America to compete in the world of houseware and home décor.

This brand doesn’t allow success to slow them either. Continuing to produce over 100 new items per year, they constantly keep an eye out for suggestions as to what customers could possibly need that aren’t currently available to the market.

Despite their evolution and constant growth, this brand remains dedicated to the notion of simplicity through all they do. Crafting pieces that tidy the home while adding to the overall ambiance continues to be their goal at hand – a goal they seem to meet with every product.

Already doing quite well in their established business, there’s more to this brand than just quality. Check out just a few highlights that I stumbled upon in my research for this Yamazaki Home review:


  • Offers a wide range of Japanese-inspired houseware and home décor
  • Free 90-day returns
  • Thousands of high customer ratings
  • Top-rated quality
  • Financing options available with Afterpay

Yamazaki Home Review

Not sure where to start looking with this store? Writing this Yamazaki Home review, I had the same issue. So, I’ve decided to expand the horizon and just look at a few of our favorite pieces offered by this tidy and traditional store. 

From bathroom to storage to shelving and more, I’m going to be looking at the best of the best from this incredible brand.

Yamazaki Home Tosca Dish Rack Steel + Wood Review

We’re not all lucky enough to have a dishwasher and sometimes even those who do need to hand wash a few items along the way. Enter the Tosca Dish Rack Steel + Wood.

This slick Yamazaki Home dish rack holds all of the essentials in one light and satisfying piece. A solid steel frame keeps everything secure with steady spacing to allow for faster air-drying times. 

Coated in white, this frame seemingly blends into the room, offering light wooden handles should the rack need to be moved at any point in time.

Featuring a lower layer to capture any additional water that needs to drain away alongside a section specifically for utensils of any size, this drying rack really handles it all with ease. 

Light in weight, color, and style, this simple item keeps kitchens organized and clean no matter how many dishes are used.

Add one to your kitchen for $88.

Yamazaki Home Como Trash Can Review

Let’s put it out there – we all have some trash we need to let go of in life. For the daily desk or kitchen tossing, look to the Como Trash Can for a simple yet satisfying option to get the job done.

I’ll admit, it doesn’t look like much. But that’s also part of the appeal. This simple white bin seemingly blends into the room, not drawing attention to itself or what it’s carrying. And if white doesn’t fit with the room, you can choose from one of the other four colors available.

The real trick to this trash can comes with part two of its job – dumping it. Rather than the standard struggle to lift things while keeping hands clean, this lightweight piece offers up its own wooden handle, separate from the bin. Easy to lift, move, and flip to dump out, this trash can makes the job easier every day.

Handle the worst with the best for $28.

Yamazaki Home Tosca Storage Caddy Steel + Wood Small Review

Time to clean up the clutter around the room with the Tosca Storage Caddy Steel + Wood Small.

Whether it’s the bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, or some other space around the house, clutter is a given. 

It can be a lot to force yourself to sit down and organize things to find a place for every piece. Instead of the stress, why not throw them all in a storage caddy for an orderly appearance of a disorganized mess?

This multi-purpose caddy fits well into small spaces such as bathrooms, containing the pieces that tend to fall between the cracks. Easy to move with its helpful wooden handle, this lightweight caddy holds all of the homeless items so everything in the house has its place. 

Need a larger size for the madness that doesn’t easily fit in a small caddy? No worries – there’s a bigger size available for purchase as well.

Add some order to chaos for $32.

Yamazaki Home Rin Tablet Stand Wood Review

Tablets seem to be overtaking homes these days, but what use are they if they can’t stand on their own? That’s why I’m checking out the Rin Tablet Stand Wood.

Simple in design, this piece stands on its own as artistic enough even when not in use. Select from Ash or Black styles to fit the home and from there let it stand alone or put it to good use.

Curved to perfectly cradle any tablet in landscape or portrait orientation, this device doubles up for books as well. Any reading, movie watching, or simply scrolling online can be done with ease (and without a crick in the neck) as items sit at the ideal angle for use.

Scroll at the right height for $26.

Yamazaki Home Bookends Set of 2 Steel Small Review

Whether holding things upright on a bookshelf, a window sill, or a table top, the Bookends Set of 2 Steel Small gets the job done.

These pieces work on two fronts – holding books upright and adding a bit of beauty to the space. We can all agree that a well-organized bookshelf really does make an impact when first seen. 

Well, why hold back when that bookcase space fills up? Keep things standing strong with two steel bookends to reduce the chance of falling and damaged books.

Maintaining neutral colors, these bookends come in white or black options. Either way, they offer a minimalistic floral design cut into the steel on both pieces. 

Letting the covers of the books they hold shine through, these pieces add just enough design to keep the bookends from suffocating the novels they hold.

Hold together a space (and some stories) with this set for $17.

Yamazaki Home Plain Expandable Shoe Rack Steel Review

I’m ending this section of this Yamazaki Home review with a feature that works well in any home – the Plain Expandable Shoe Rack Steel.

Steel and wood seem to be a staple from this brand, so it’s no surprise to see the duo return once again. Wooden legs hold up the steady white or black steel frames

Incredibly open in its design, this piece is all about simplicity and minimalism. Light enough to fade into the background, it also provides three racks for shoes and boots to sit on to save space.

Based on Scandinavian style, the beauty of this piece comes from its expansion. Extending length-wise to allow for greater or less room (depending on the space and amount of shoes that need to be held), this piece really does seem customizable. Simple and easily organized, it’s no wonder why this one is a favorite.

Stack up those shoes for $88.

Who Is Yamazaki Home For? 

Yamazaki Home Review

Anyone going into their own space or simply looking to organize the house will benefit from this brand. I like to say that houseware tends to be toys for the adult, so my Yamazaki Home review is packed with all the tips and tricks homeowners (or renters) could ever need.

This one probably isn’t for the kids or even the teens, but anyone with their own space (be it big or small) will appreciate the ability to keep things tidy for an affordable price

Coming from a well-established name with over 100 years of work behind them, this business exists for anyone in need of a bit of space, storage, or décor.

Yamazaki Home Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Yamazaki Home Review 1

I wanted this Yamazaki Home review to know what it was talking about, so that means not only research into the business and products but also the customer response. 

I had high hopes starting out due to the history behind the business and I’m happy to say according to ratings found online, this brand seems to hold up to their great reputation.

The brand site doesn’t hold the majority of reviews for this business, but they do have 4.3/5 stars based on over 3,200 ratings. 

Customer comments on both the site and products soar from this platform, with customers in love with “everything I have bought so far. Magnetic shelves, double decker drying rack by the sink for a small space. Arrived well packaged and in a timely manner.

Product quality seems to be a consistent comment from customers of this company. Nearly every Yamazaki Home review found online speaks to the pleasing aesthetic and functional design of these sturdy pieces. Top-tier materials plus well-planned form equals a high quality that customers adore.

“The parts were really lightweight, and the product is relatively inexpensive so I was worried this would be a cheap IKEA type product. However, the pieces all feel really high quality, the predrilled holes were very precise, and I had no problems putting it together. The final product looks great too.

This brand appears on more than just their own site. Popularly sold in other locations, it’s their standing on Wayfair that gives them 4.5/5 stars based on over 13k ratings. 

These customer ratings speak to not only the quality of material but also to the thoughtful builds that present sturdy pieces easy to toss together. 

Customers love the minimalist aesthetic that runs this brand, noting that while the products look great, they also follow through in usefulness.

One Yamazaki Home review noted “I was attracted to the Steel Dish Rack based on its aesthetics, its sturdiness, and its high sides. My washed glasses rest securely inside the rack. My old dish rack didn’t provide this security. The rack looks very attractive on my kitchen counter.

One of their bestsellers on the market, the dish rack, in particular, stands out for its form and function. Easy to maintain and transport, this piece sits strongly in any location with sides that support a full load of dishes from every angle. Add in the sleek design and it’s an easy sell to customers.

Not only does Wayfair benefit from these products, but Amazon boasts quite a collection too. The Tower Ladle Holder-Lid Stand for Utensils in Kitchen alone holds 4.8/5 stars based on over 4,700 ratings. 

One of the most popular Yamazaki Home products on this platform, this Holder-Lid Stand offers a solution to an issue previously unthought of. Saving the counter from condensation and heated lids, this holder sits with a minimal design that blends into its surroundings until needed.

“It’s small and unobtrusive and pretty much blends in with everything on the, but there somehow is enough room to hold at least a couple of items or a lid that is larger than you think it can handle. It’s weight and rubber feet keep it firmly in place and keep it sturdy.

Stability with this brand’s products seems to be unparalleled. Customers continue to rave that the seemingly minimal designs end up sturdy and able to withstand whatever is being held up.

One Yamazaki Home review for this piece specifically noted that “It is stable, holds the lid well, and catches the moisture that used to drip all over my stove top and counters. It even sits on my gas range burner grates without tipping over. If you like cooking, you need this thing.

This piece isn’t alone in beckoning golden reviews and ratings. Other well-rated products from this brand on Amazon are as follows:

  • Yamazaki Home 2755 Magnetic Key Rack with Tray: 4.7/5 stars based on over 3,200 ratings
  • Yamazaki Home 7161 Over The Door Hooks – Folding Hanging Coat Rack: 4.7/5 stars based on close to 1,400 ratings
  • Yamazaki Home 6785 Kitchen Multi Eco Stand-Multifunctional Plastic Bag Holder: 4.8/5 stars based on nearly 2,000 ratings
  • Yamazaki Home Leaning Ladder Rack: 4.5/5 stars based on over 1,900 ratings
  • Yamazaki Home Tower Rolling Slim Storage Cart With Handle White: 4.3/5 stars based on over 1,500 ratings
  • Yamazaki Home Adjustable Shoe Rack-Space saving Storage Solution: 4.7/5 stars based on nearly 1,000 ratings

It’s easy to see from a simple glance that this brand holds up in ratings, quality, and design. Customer complaints are far and few with the majority who’ve interacted with the business standing by them for their products and services. I’m happy that after 100 years, they seem to have mastered getting the job done.

Is Yamazaki Home Worth It?

Yamazaki Home Review

To conclude this Yamazaki Home review, I’m giving the brand two thumbs up for their quality content. Using strong wood and steel as the base for most of the products, the minimalist style not only adds to the ambiance but also showcases the pure steadiness of these materials.

Reasonable costs, top-tier builds, and neutral colors aplenty, it’s not a hard choice for us when considering where to shop for houseware. 

Into their fourth generation of this family business, I’m thrilled to see that Yamazaki Home has decided to make their way west to help out the other continents in our home shopping.

Yamazaki Home Promotions & Discounts 

Yamazaki Home Review

At the time of writing this Yamazaki Home review, no discounts or promotions are being run. Not offering military, frontline worker, or student discounts, this brand seems to stick with seasonal sales and their regular prices throughout the year.

Where to Buy Yamazaki Home

Yamazaki Home Review

Outside of their brand site of, there are a number of places customers can happily shop for this brand. The list seems endless, so I included some of the top partner names to bring to bat:

  • Wayfair
  • West Elm
  • Walmart
  • Crate and Barrel
  • Macy’s
  • Home Depot
  • Amazon


Yamazaki Home Review

Who owns Yamazaki Home?

Currently, Yamazaki Home is owned and operated by Shigeru Yamazaki. Shigeru is the fourth generation owner of this family business with the original founder starting the brand over 100 years ago.

Does Yamazaki Home Ship Internationally?

Yamazaki Home exists in a number of locations and each continent has their own site. Individuals in Europe cannot order from the US site, but rather must put in orders from the German location. Currently, there is no shipping outside the US from this site – and that, unfortunately, includes Canada.

What is Yamazaki Home’s Shipping Policy?

Excited to start shopping? I wanted to expedite the process by providing easy access to all the information any buyer will need to know. So, here’s to a quick delivery on info and goods:

  • Flat rate of $9 for shipping
  • Orders over $150 include free shipping
  • Shipping charges aren’t refundable
  • Most orders ship within two days from California
  • No international shipping from the US site at the current time
  • Yamazaki Home does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii
  • No expedited shipping services

Despite all the points I’ve included, this brand actually keeps things simple. It’s one shipping speed, one price, and from one location. That’s not too hard to track, right?

What is Yamazaki Home’s Return Policy?

It’s always a blessing and a curse to learn about return policies. No one wants to have to make a return, but it’s good to have that information readily available. 

Customers will be happy to learn that this brand understands the frustration that can accompany returns and they offer a stress-free solution of free returns for 90 days.

To make a return, the only things this brand asks are original conditioning and original packaging. Other than that I have to note that gift cards and final sales items aren’t on the list of acceptable returns.

The whole process is quite simple:

  1. Head online to the Return Portal
  2. Follow the guided process, filling in information on order number, name, address, and so on
  3. Identify whether it’s a return or exchange
  4. Print out the generated return label
  5. Package items in original packaging with the new label and send them off

Any damaged and defective items should be discussed through customer service. Rather than doing a regular return, just contact a representative and someone will get back with an easy solution or replacement.

How to Contact Yamazaki Home

I hope you enjoyed this Yamazaki Home review. The brand keeps things simple regarding contact info. The only way to reach out to their customer service team is through an Online Contact Form. Fill in the information and the message and someone will get back via email as soon as possible. 

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