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Ultimate Ears Speakers Review

Pump the bass, get the sound going, and embrace the wild side of life with a solid soundtrack in place. Music is everywhere these days, so why not embrace it by bringing your own sound to a party with the help of Ultimate Ears Speakers

This brand is all about delivering a booming and balanced sound in any space through portable, heavy-duty speakers that are always ready to perform.

Coming to the market in 1995, this brand more recently made the move to speakers and earbuds, quickly earning them their 193k followers on Instagram. 

Of course, it’s no wonder to see their name with such a following as they’ve been featured in Forbes, PC Mag, Wired, and more with awards won by Reddot Design, Wired Recommends, and iF Design.

I won’t let those awards and titles sway my decision. In this Ultimate Ears Speakers review I will consider products, prices, recommendations, and more to determine whether this brand is one worth buying.  

Overview of Ultimate Ears Speakers

Ultimate Ears Speakers Review

Born from the back of a tour bus in 1995, this brand came to market with one goal in mind: making music an experience. 

Wanting to craft the best and brightest audio possible for the music industry, this brand began with in-ear monitors to connect musicians to their music mid-performance

Working with names such as Coldplay, Sir Paul McCartney, and Sam Smith, Ultimate Ears saw the difference their products made on stage and decided to appeal to the public and their own personal needs.

Moving from the specialized to the everyday, this brand began tinkering with speakers, earbuds, and sound engineering to produce quality sounds and booming bass that were hard to beat. 

Responsible for crafting the world’s first 360-degree mobile speaker, Ultimate Ears has yet to slow down with their innovative approaches to sound and experience. 

Their latest venture has seen an interest in personalized earbuds that suit every individual (but more on that later).

Designed to be sleek and simple, these pieces suit every environment. From parties to pools and more, this brand has won award after award for their creative appearances and performances

Always looking to build the next best thing, this brand always moves forward, looking to the latest technology to inspire where they can take their sounds.

Of course, the sound isn’t the only thing going for this brand. I came across just a few highlights I needed to include to get this review going:


  • Wide range of Bluetooth speakers and audio devices
  • Pair multiple speakers for a fuller sound
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Waterproof
  • Easy charging
  • Reasonable costs

Ultimate Ears Speakers Review

I can’t do a full article on this brand without considering the products and prices. Putting them together in a single section, I’ve selected a range of products to showcase the different sizes, shapes, and selections available from Ultimate Ears. 

Using their most popular pieces to get a glimpse of what they offer, I’m going to be showing off the best of the best.

Ultimate Ears Speakers Hyperboom Review

Ultimate Ears Speakers Hyperboom Review
Ultimate Ears Speakers Hyperboom

I’m starting this Ultimate Ears Speakers review with the biggest and the baddest of the bunch: the Hyperboom.

Producing the loudest sound from an Ultimate Ears system, this piece delivers on sound, bass, and more with ease. Massive in size (without sacrificing portability), this speaker is all about making an entrance and pumping up the party. 

Delivering bright and crisp audio while cranking out that booming bass, this one will deliver clear and consistent audio throughout the evening.

Moving the party to a new location? No worries about adjusting the sound. The Hyperboom offers adaptive EQ which adjusts volumes according to the space it’s been placed in. 

Reading the surroundings through the built-in microphone, it calculates optimum levels for the location leaving everyone happy and no one deaf – best of both worlds. 

With a single button, users can control playing, pausing, skipping, and more, reducing the need to reach for a phone when the good times are going on.

Command the space with a bold sound for $450.

Ultimate Ears Speakers Megaboom Review

Ultimate Ears Speakers Megaboom Review
Ultimate Ears Speakers Megaboom

Immerse yourself and your friends in a solid sound with the all-encompassing Megaboom 3.

Latest in the line of Megabooms, this set of Ultimate Ears Speakers surrounds the notion of portability and thundering bass, easily played in any location. Simple to pair, this Bluetooth speaker was made to survive and thrive. 

Practically indestructible, Ultimate Ears put the Megaboom under rigorous testing, taking part in everything from dropping, water, endless button jamming, and more – the testers tired before anything happened to this piece.

Play music without fear, enjoying the true surround sound of the Megaboom through its 360-degree speakers. No matter where you sit at the party, if this thing is centered, the music will reach every way. 

Offering a booming base with balanced tones, crystal clear music will be blasting for hours on end, with a fully charged battery ready to keep going for 20 hours straight.

Perfect for any pool party, bring on a Megaboom for $200.

Ultimate Ears Speakers Boom 3 Review

Ultimate Ears Speakers Boom 3 Review
Ultimate Ears Speakers Boom 3

Sometimes the best move is to go a bit more basic and that’s why my Ultimate Ears Speakers review had to give a shout-out to the classic Boom 3.

Offering similar methods on sounds, there’s no limit to the reach of music blasting from this one. Covered in two-toned fabric, these speakers remain water and dustproof, blocking the worst of weather and environment from stopping any sounds from this one. 

Lasting 15 hours of constant playing from any paired device, the real beauty of this one comes from its appearance.

Sticking with the same materials, the Boom 3 makes things special for users through a designer element – customization

Customers can go into the Maker and craft their dream speaker, choosing from fabric patterns, end caps, volume buttons, spines, loops, and text. Make it completely unique in moments to match personal vibes and favorite colors. 

Those who want something unique but don’t want to go through all of the steps can select the I’m Feeling Lucky button and receive a randomized custom creation that they can then adjust according to their own taste.

Have some fun and add some flair with this one. Prices range depending on selections, but they typically sit in the $130 to $150 area.

Ultimate Ears Speakers Wonderboom Review

Ultimate Ears Speakers Wonderboom Review
Ultimate Ears Speakers Wonderboom

Everyone reading this Ultimate Ears Speakers review knows that sometimes we just have to move with the music. Beyond the range of civilization and into the unknown, the Wonderboom 2 accompanies us through it all.

Bigger sounds don’t always come from bigger devices as evident through the Wonderboom 2. Delivering a forceful 360-degree sound, this piece powers through every environment to offer solid, quality sounds at any time. 

Specifically designed for the outdoors, this piece boasts a bold sound for 13 hours straight, outdoing any sounds of the outdoors while scaring away any critters nearby.

Due to the smaller size, it’s easier than ever to bring the music along to any get-together. Drop it, float it, or clip it on a bag, there’s always space to spare with this little guy along for the journey. Need more boom in the bass? 

Pair it with another Wonderboom to double up the sound and really take in that clear sound over the night.

Start embracing the smaller things in life for $100.

Ultimate Ears Speakers UE Fits Review

Ultimate Ears Speakers UE Fits Review
Ultimate Ears Speakers UE Fits

Despite our love for blasting music and really just taking in the surroundings, sometimes the environment we’re in doesn’t allow for pumping out music in public. Totally fair. That’s why the UE Fits exist.

Simple and subtle, these wireless earbuds had to make an appearance in this Ultimate Ears Speakers review for their use alone. We’ve all struggled to find that perfect pair of earbuds that deliver on sound quality and feel. 

Featuring dual microphones, this pair makes it easy to connect for phone calls, music, video calls, and more, following through with clear speech and sound for ideal calls of every kind.

Molded with photopolymer gel tips, these earbuds not only fit comfortably in the ears, but they also double up with noise isolation to leave music as the only audio entering the ears.  Designed for a personalized experience, these gel tips really do fit every size. 

Upon receiving them, customers place the earbuds in the ears, gently pressing them in until the shape conforms to the ears. From there, users press the sides to introduce the gentle glow of LED lights which harden the polymer, leaving the rubberized material solidified in a custom shape to match the ears perfectly.

Personal with a simple press, these pieces are available in lilac, black, and white options. At the time of writing this Ultimate Ears Speakers review, they’re down from $250 to $165.

Ultimate Ears Speakers Power Up Charging Dock Review

Ultimate Ears Speakers Power Up Charging Dock Review
Ultimate Ears Speakers Power Up Charging Dock

Basically everything I’ve looked at so far in this Ultimate Ears Speakers review needs a boost of power to get it going. That’s why I had to end things with the classic and necessary Power Up Charging Dock.

We all know how important a power source is to those waterproof and irreplaceable batteries. Every sound system needs a source to keep it going and the Power Up Charging Dock delivers on just that. 

Working with the Blast, Megablast, Boom, and Megaboom speakers, this dock provides quick chargers in no time to keep the party going.

Wireless in design, all individuals have to do is place the speaker on top of the dock and leave to let the power source work its magic. 

Don’t want to stop the party? Keep the music blasting while charging and then pick it up whenever things are done to move the sound to another space. Minimal in style, this standard white disc offers a clean-cut appearance that works with any speakers at any time.

Start charging up for any party for $40.

Who Is Ultimate Ears Speakers For? 

Ultimate Ears Speakers Review

I’d love to claim that this brand is for those who love their music loud, but the fact is I’d suggest everyone have a speaker or two for any scenario. 

Whether hosting a party, pool party, or just heading to the beach for a relaxing day, music can add to any environment with ease.

Providing quality sound in portable methods for reasonable costs, this brand doesn’t get too crazy with their looks and costs. They keep products heavy-duty, waterproof, and easy to take anywhere – that’s all we can really ask for from a quality speaker. 

I’d say any age, any space, and any event could use an Ultimate Ear Speaker to set the mood with favorite music.

How Do Ultimate Ears Speakers Work? 

Ultimate Ears Speakers Review

One of the best in the Bluetooth game, these speakers are all about pairing. Working with phones, laptops, tablets, and more, these speakers pair through the push of a button to connect. Once in place, users can select from playlists to go through or even double up by pairing a second speaker for a larger sound.

Due to the built-in microphones, these speakers function with more than just sound. Once connected to phones, music will pause for incoming calls and the speaker microphones will kick in to allow users to answer calls through speakerphone before the music kicks in again.

Pairing with the simple push of a button, these devices also allow complete control from the unit alone, allowing individuals to play, pause, and skip songs whenever they please all from a single button.

Ultimate Ears Speakers Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ultimate Ears Speakers Review

I really wanted to deliver on this Ultimate Ears Speakers review and that required us to venture outside of our own opinions into the world of the web for the public opinion. The first glance showed some pretty good options.

I’m starting out with the most mixed ratings of the bunch from TrustPilot with 3.2/5 stars based on over 85 ratings. 

I’ll admit that this one seems to be split. About half of the customer ratings on this platform issue complaints about customer service and battery life. These complaints seemed to pop up across different review sites, however, they seemed most prevalent on TrustPilot.

Despite this, the other half of the Ultimate Ears Speakers review section on this platform shows nothing but love for the brand. 

Customers believe that this brand offers “Quality sound with a sleek design” with some customers having “Owned the mega boom for over 3 years and still going strong with heavy use.

The beauty of this brand seems to come from the simple, yet stylish looks combined with heavy-duty construction. 

Solid sound is always a must, but knowing that these speakers can withstand constant use, dropping, water spills, and more is important to any environment. Reasonable costs delivering on consistent quality, these pieces seem secure in knowing who they are and what they can manage.

I’ve had an UE boom 2 for the last 3 years, it sounds great, it’s battery still lasts all day (8 hour + shift), it’s robust and it doesn’t cost silly money. Its had pretty much daily use on a building site and I’ve dropped from 3 meters onto hard ground twice and all’s still good (I’m sure this isn’t recommended though).

One of the things I (and others) love about this brand is their wide selection of products. Featuring speakers of all sizes for all events, a clear favorite in the online world comes in the form of the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2, which holds 4.8/5 stars on Amazon based on 8,670 ratings. 

This compact and colorful piece seems to hold endless features that customers can’t get enough of: “It delivers good quality sound in a small package. I take it with me on trips, use it while doing yard work, and any other time where I need portable music.

Pairing well through Bluetooth with other speakers and devices, the Wonderboom 2 makes itself known for its compact and portable appearance. 

Floating along in the water or clipping to a belt or bag with ease, this speaker still manages to deliver a quality sound for a great cost. In fact, one Ultimate Ears Speakers review even noted this by saying that “The sound for the size of the speaker does not compare to any other.

Of course, this is far from the only popular Ultimate Ears product on Amazon. Check out these other high-rated pieces:

  • Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: 4.6/5 stars based on over 3,185 ratings
  • Ultimate Ears Hyperboom: 4.7/5 stars based on over 1,610 ratings
  • Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST: 4.3/5 stars based on 1,555 ratings
  • Ultimate Ears BLAST: 4/5 stars based on over 520 ratings

From all I’ve seen online, this company appears to be well-loved across the board. Aside from the few complaints, most individuals believe that there’s a lot being delivered in small pieces and at reasonable costs. 

Even CNET gave this one 8/10 stars for creating a “compact, durable wireless Bluetooth speaker that plays very loud for its size and is water- and stain-resistant.

There’s a lot of good to say with this one and I could keep the list going for each individual product. Safe to say that I’m calling this one a catch.

Is Ultimate Ears Speakers Legit?

Ultimate Ears Speakers Review

As far as I can tell in this Ultimate Ears Speakers review, this brand is good to go. There are a few complaints across platforms on battery life and customer service, however, the majority seem to adore their products and all they have to offer. 

I’m going ahead and calling this one legit.  

Is Ultimate Ears Speakers Worth It?

Ultimate Ears Speakers Review

I have to say that of all the speaker brands out there, this one seems to be worth their cost. Offering reasonable prices on products, the beauty of sound more than matches the price. 

Throw in the durability of these items and we have to believe that these speakers could easily go for more money.

Waterproof, dustproof, portable, there’s a lot going on with this brand. Providing constant quality and booming bass, it’s easy to lose yourself to the music when this one is blasting. 

I’m happily recommending this brand to anyone looking for a simple speaker that’s easy to pair, control, and carry wherever the party goes.

Ultimate Ears Speakers Promotions & Discounts 

Ultimate Ears Speakers Review

Currently, there are no ongoing promotions or discounts for this brand. Deals do pop up from time to time, so keep checking back for the latest info.

Where to Buy Ultimate Ears Speakers

Ultimate Ears Speakers Review

Stop worrying about a search party to find these products. Everything is available from, but for those in need of other sources, this name pops up in a bunch of popular places. Some top contenders are the following:

  • Best Buy
  • Apos Audio
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Amazon


Ultimate Ears Speakers Review

Who owns Ultimate Ears Speakers?

Ultimate Ears Speakers is currently owned and operated by tech company Logitech.

Does Ultimate Ears Speakers ship internationally?

While they don’t ship everywhere in the world, this brand does offer select international shipping. Currently, the US, Australia, and the United Kingdom are three key locations with access to shipping from Ultimate Ears.

What is Ultimate Ears Speakers’ Shipping Policy?

I’ll admit, it was kind of tricky to find shipping info for this one, but I’ll provide the best I could find:

  • Tracking is available on all orders
  • Shipping takes 1 to 2 weeks in the US
  • International shipping is available
  • Shipping is free (from what I could see in my search)

It wasn’t simple to find this info, but that’s the best I could track down. Fortunately, that does cover the basics needed for any order.

What is Ultimate Ears Speakers’ Return Policy?

We all know that the Return Policy is an important piece to keep in mind for any purchase – especially ones with higher costs and based on technology. That’s why I’m happy to report that this brand provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products.

In order to take advantage of this policy and receive a refund, customers must:

  1. Submit an online contact form to Customer Service
  2. Include the order number, address, and name
  3. Submit Request for Return and wait for contact
  4. An email will arrive with further guidelines on the returning process to follow for shipping and refunds

After that, it’s just a waiting game to see when the refund appears. Money should find its way home within two weeks. Any longer and I’d recommend reaching out for confirmation on a timeline.

How to Contact Ultimate Ears Speakers

Have any lingering questions or concerns after reading this Ultimate Ears Speakers review? The brand works from Monday to Friday, on-call from 6 am to 6 pm PT. Any time within those hours, feel free to reach out through:

  • Phone: 1-866-685-3277
  • Online Contact Support

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