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We all love classic fashion, but too often comfort gets sacrificed for style. Rather than struggle through daily activities with standard sizing and material, Duer saw the gap in the market and went full steam ahead to provide flexible, breathable, and sustainable styles. Centered heavily around jeans and pants, this brand also offers a selection of other attire, all focusing on comfort as key.

This brand has been making its way into the industry, with 56.2k followers on Instagram alone. Alongside the public, the press has gone wild with this one, seeing coverage in Western Living, Men’s Journal, PinkBike, Gear Junkie, Forbes, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, and more.

While we love stretchy pants, we won’t let this Duer review be swayed by the premise alone. Digging into the products, prices, materials, services, and more, this article will be searching for all the details to determine whether this one is worth a buy.

Overview of Duer

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We can’t jump straight into judgment without taking a look at the company overall. This Canadian company originally began as a Kickstarter in 2013, building up over the years to now serve in over 50 countries.

The Kickstarter campaign grew in spite of the original hesitation of the product. Retailers were struggling to see a market for “feminine” stretch jeans for men. Rather than continue to argue, founder Gary Lenett took to the internet to find his own backing, showing off just how popular the notion of flexibility was to the male market.

Filling in the gap of stretch attire, this brand quickly made a name for itself in not only how their jeans differed in use, but also in material. 

Sticking with sustainable options using fibers from eucalyptus trees, wood chips, and plants, this company has made its move to eco-friendly sourcing and manufacturing, minimalizing synthetic material to as little as possible.

Produced in Pakistan, Duer items are all about high quality and strong manufacturing. Working with local material and production plants, this business takes their time creating each product in the line to assure the best quality possible before putting things on the market.

Alongside sustainability, this brand has so much more to offer on the market. Check out just a few of the highlights that we’ll cover in this Duer review:


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  • Offers a range of flexible and versatile clothing, specializing in jeans and pants
  • Sustainable materials and practices
  • Widely available
  • International shipping
  • Incredible range of motion in jeans and pants
  • High customer ratings
  • Financing options available with Klarna

Duer Men’s Review

Climbers, loungers, and athletes alike can take comfort in the stretchy and soothing material of Duer’s menswear. Selecting only the best of the best to showcase in this section of our Duer review, we’ve stuck to the popular products that have given this brand its reputation as light, fitting, and a favorite of many.

Duer Performance Denim Slim Black Review

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Duer Performance Denim Slim Black

We wanted to start this section off strong with what’s probably their best-selling product – the Performance Denim Slim Black Jeans.

This product is all about flexibility. We’re talking not only about being physically flexible (which they are – go climb a mountain with these bad boys), but also in reference to their design. 

The dark style of the fabric translates well to business casual events just as easily as to a night out with friends. Adding a bit of class through their deep tone, they fit just about anywhere.

But that’s not why these Duer jeans stand out. The trick behind their ultimate comfort? The gusset. Hidden in the crotch area, a secret gusset allows for extra stretch proving an unbelievable range of motion. Add in the mixture of cotton, polyester, and spandex – it’s no wonder these reinforced jeans offer undeniable comfort.

Each pair of these jeans goes for around $129.

Duer No Sweat Pant Relaxed Gull Review

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Duer No Sweat Pant Relaxed Gull

Sometimes business casual doesn’t cut it and dress pants are desired for the occasion – enter the No Sweat Pant Relaxed Gull.

Designed to appear as a dress pant but with the comfort of sweatpants, this product balances function and form in one piece. 

Using a blend of cotton, Tencel, polyester, and spandex, not only do these pants achieve the same stretch offered by the jeans, but an added layer of breathability (due to the Tencel) to keep things cool and comfortable.

Triple stitching ensures reinforced strength at all times, so there’s no need to worry about splitting seams before diving onto the dance floor at the company holiday party. Biking to work can be handled without issue when rocking this simple style.

Relax and take things easy with a pair of these pants for $135.  

Duer The Only Tee Black Review 

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Duer The Only Tee Black

While the Duer pants may tend to steal the spotlight, we wanted to showcase that this brand has more to offer, including their The Only Tee Black.

As the name would suggest, this is the only t-shirt available from the brand, so it’s safe to say they made it with qualities to spare. While there aren’t wild colors or logos, this simple tee moderates temperature while providing a comfortable fit to those who wear it. 

Lightly falling against the torso for a fitting look that accentuates only the best, this shirt was made ready to roll with the punches and withstand it all.

Withstand what, you ask? Pretty much anything. The reinforced neckline prevents stretching or tearing, leaving it casually resting in a soothing style. Tencel fabric not only allows the fabric to breathe but offers up the benefits of odor-neutralization and moisture-wicking, keeping any sweat stains or stink away from the shirt at all times.

Go big or go home by adding this $49 tee to the cart.

Duer Women’s Review

We’d never leave the women behind in this Duer review – that’s why we’re adding a whole other section to look at these stunning best-selling styles. 

We’ll be honest here, the womenswear isn’t quite as popular as the men’s side of this site, but we’re gearing up to change that by letting the women out there see just how many fashions this brand has to offer.

Duer Performance Denim Mid Rise Skinny Equinox Review

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Duer Performance Denim Mid Rise Skinny Equinox

Maintaining the signature stretch of the men’s line, the Duer Performance Denim Mid Rise Skinny Equinox Jeans cut a slim figure, to say the least.

Fitting comfortably against the waist, these jeans are all about the fit. The performance hidden gusset keeps that stretch range satisfied, working alongside the mid-rise style to sit snugly without any restriction in size.

Cotton, polyester, and spandex combine for a flexible design that clings to those shapely legs we all want to show off. Skinny to the eyes but not to the thighs, these jeans show off that shape without limiting the range of motion or suffocating the skin. Suitable for any season, these can rock a moody autumn look just as easily as a sunny spring.

At the time of writing this Duer review, these jeans are on sale for $79 (regularly $135).

Duer Live Lite Jogger Black Review

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Duer Live Lite Jogger Black

Let’s get real about workout gear for a second – it’s not always incredibly comfortable to be sporting those skin-tight suits that society deems acceptable for women to wear. Sometimes we just want a comfortable style that breathes and moves with us. Enter the Live Lite Jogger Black Pants.

These Duer Joggers are all about maximizing flexibility in a soft and soothing fabric. Light to the touch as well as to wear, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to sweatpants dragging you down. Despite the light feel, each seam is reinforced with triple stitching, pockets double layered for that extra security.

Tencel fabric takes these joggers the extra mile by throwing in antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties. Resisting sweat, adding stretch, and able to be tossed into the wash at any time, there’s nothing quite as simple or as stylish as the Live Lite Joggers.

Each pair of these premium pants goes for $119.  

Duer Performance Denim Jumpsuit Stone Wash Review

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Duer Performance Denim Jumpsuit Stone Wash

We wanted to end the product portion of this Duer review with a bang, so we’re bringing out the Performance Denim Jumpsuit (in Stone Wash).

We all know that the jumpsuit has been criminally underrated for too long. It’s been seeing the light again recently, but we really need to push just how much these outfits can do. 

Complete luxury and comfort in one cozy fit, there’s not much else one could need surrounding what to wear. Deep pockets (which we all need more of in womenswear) and a flexible fit – get lounging, climbing, biking, or strolling. This jumpsuit handles it all.

The best part of this piece comes from its CoolMax Polyester. Instead of just offering moisture-wicking properties, this material is ready for any weather type. Cooling in the spring, insulating to maintain heat in the winter, there’s little this one can’t do when it comes to climate.

Grab a jumpsuit to show off that style for $149.

Who Is Duer For? 

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Originally created for men, this brand has expanded to now offer a range of selections for men and women. While writing this Duer review, we’ve learned that the brand still prioritizes the production of jeans and pants, but new categories have been added to the lineup.

While their options for tops aren’t incredibly extensive, when it comes to bottoms, this brand has designs to spare from full length to jumpsuits to shorts and jeans. 

There’s currently no selection for kids, but in terms of adult sizing, these jeans separate selections by length and waist to build a perfect fit.

Is Duer Sustainable? 

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Reaching for that mark of sustainability, Duer has put their full effort into reducing waste and plastics, focusing on renewable resources and practical production methods. 

Premium fabrics like cotton and Tencel come from a natural base, making up the majority of the clothing offered by the brand. Working with minimal synthetics, these created materials only come into play to add strength and durability to designs.

In addition to their material choice, Duer also works with closed-loop production to recycle and preserve water as well as minimize chemical use. Working with low-impact dyes, organic cotton, and vegan leathers, Duer keeps sustainability in mind at all times to reduce their impact on the Earth.

They also work to ensure that each order shipped is carbon neutral, which we are absolutely here for.

Duer Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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Customers are the key to every business, so it’s important to refer to them in this Duer review before jumping to any conclusions. We want to make sure that the online reputation from media sources matches up to the reality of purchasing power. 

With that in mind, from an initial search, there were thousands of ratings to sift through, so it’s safe to say people have plenty to say about this one.

We started with Duer’s own brand site, which offered up thousands of reviews with ease. Their most popular product, the Performance Denim Slim – Black, has over 3,200 ratings alone, making up their 4.8/5 stars score. These jeans seem to speak to the brand as a whole with reviews praising the quality, flexibility, and feel of the product.

One individual posted, “Because I wear jeans most days and I also walk/hike about 10 miles a day, jeans typically do not last long for me. The stretch on the Duer jeans allow for them to handle my active lifestyle and also look great.

The comfort and stretch of these jeans differentiate them from the rest on the market. Their built in (and hidden) gusset provides a new layer for a range of motion, allowing individuals to squat as low as they desire without fear of ripping.

These are by far the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned. I will buy them again. The flexibility and ease of wear is outstanding.”

These jeans aren’t alone in their popularity. This brand has thousands of reviews to their name, but here are just a few of their best-selling products:

  • No Sweat Pant Relaxed – Gull: 4.8/5 stars based on 2,710 ratings
  • Live Free Adventure Pant – Black: 4.8/5 stars based on over 1,095 ratings
  • Performance Denim Mid Rise Skinny – Equinox: 4.6/5 stars based on over 320 ratings
  • Live Lite Jogger – Black: 4.7/5 stars based on over 350 ratings
  • No Sweat Pant Slim Straight – Slate: 4.8/5 stars based on over 235 ratings

Outside of their own site, the rating platforms seem to run slim in comparison. The Better Business Bureau gave the brand an A rating, but other sites such as TrustPilot and SiteJabber don’t have anything to offer.

We will say that these jeans seem to be quite popular on Reddit, with many a comment sounding a little something like the following: 

Something about the composition of the fabric is absurdly comfortable. Their jeans are hands down the best jeans I’ve ever owned.” Various threads dedicated to the brand speak to their incredible comfort in material and sizing.”

I absolutely love them and would recommend sizing down a bit, as they stretch out about one size. The best thing about them is they have flexibility on every axis and still feel like jeans… but they wick moisture. tremendous.

Review site, The Adult Man, also spoke of this brand, ultimately rating them 4/5 stars. Breaking down the review by material, function, style, and more, they determined that these jeans had very few flaws in place and deemed them a worthy purchase.

The review not only spoke to their stretch and comfort (similar to others highlighted in this section), but they also made note of production. The article stated that “The brand’s commitment to carbon-neutral shipping and preserving the environment are admirable and another reason I’ve become a fan.

From comfort and flex to style and sustainability, this brand seems to have a lot to offer the market. Customers find that while they run a bit thinner than standard jeans (making it easier to catch material on sharp objects), overall the stretch of this daily wear more than makes up for any flaws.

Is Duer Worth It?

Duer Review 13

We’re happy to give Duer a positive recommendation. From the original conception of the idea to their hidden measures to maintain stretch, it’s clear that this brand thought their products through before putting them on the market.

In addition to focusing on customer comfort, their dedication to sustainability is quite admirable. Using natural materials and minimal-impact methods really do make a difference not only for the planet but also in the minds of the customers.

We know that every business has their flaws, but we’re pressed to find them when it comes to Duer.

Duer Promotions & Discounts 

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No one wants to spend full price – that doesn’t just apply to clothes shopping. At the time of writing this Duer review, we found that the brand offers a 15% off coupon for those who subscribe to the newsletter. 

These newsletters are the best way to stay updated on the latest deals and discounts, so repeat buyers will definitely benefit.

Duer also offers up a rewards program to loyal customers. Earning a point for every dollar spent, customers can save up and spend up to $1,000 in points on one purchase. Every 100 points equal $10, so start spending to save.

Where to Buy Duer

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Ready to start searching for deals? The best place to find all Duer products comes from their brand site at For those searching for third-party methods, we’ve listed just a few of the options available online and in-store:

  • Nordstrom
  • Altitude Sports
  • Simons
  • MEC
  • Amazon


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Who owns Duer?

Duer is owned and operated by co-founder Gary Lenett. Lenett first opened the business in 2013.

Where is Duer clothing made?

Duer clothing typically comes from production in Lahore, Pakistan. Working with local mills and factories assure the quality of materials and production throughout every step of the process.  

Does Duer ship internationally?

Absolutely, they do. Duer ships in over 50 countries internationally.

What is Duer’s Shipping Policy?

Looking to ship? Duer offers free shipping on orders over $99. Standard UPS rates will apply to orders under the limit.

Want to save time with some fast facts for shipping? We’ve got the rundown right here:

  • Standard shipping takes 4 to 10 business days
  • Express shipping (2 to 3 days) is available for $15
  • Canadian and US customers don’t pay duties
  • International duties may be applied elsewhere upon delivery
  • Orders can be tracked online

That’s all there really is to know when it comes to shipping. Information is all available online with customer service happy to answer any remaining questions on the topic.

What is Duer’s Return Policy?

If those jeans don’t fit like a dream, why waste time trying to make them work? Duer offers returns or exchanges within 30 days of shipping

Returned items must be unworn and maintain the attachment of the original tag. Send them over with the invoice and that money or replacement will be yours in no time.

Shipping and restocking fees are required, costing up to $8 for each return. Unfortunately, returns are only available to the US and Canada, so international customers are out of luck in this regard.

What does the return process look like? It’s all pretty straightforward:

  1. Head online to the Duer Return Portal
  2. Enter the Order ID found in the confirmation email as well as the shipping zip code
  3. Click on the items for return or exchange and fill in any exchange info required
  4. Print out the provided return label, repackage items with the invoice, and ship it out

All returns will be processed upon arrival and refunds or exchanges will be sent out as soon as possible.

How to Contact Duer

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We hope you enjoyed reading this Duer review! Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t leave many ways to get in touch, but they do offer an online contact form for customers to submit. Representatives will get in touch as soon as possible.

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