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Plank+Beam Review

In the search for affordable furniture that doesn’t sacrifice quality, it’s refreshing to see something like a modern, minimalist table that’s sturdy and well-crafted. As we’ll come to find out, that’s exactly what Plank+Beam embodies. This brand (started by a Danish and German husband and wife duo no less) is all about constructing durable wooden furniture that you can rely on.

Plank+Beam uses only the most beautiful knot-free solid wood and non-toxic finishes to create wooden furniture that’s built to last. Even better is the fact that they produce and ship the easy-to-assemble furniture straight to you, which cuts costs and middlemen right out. With their industry-leading 1-year warranty and quality collection of furniture, they offer not only reliable furniture but also reliable customer service.

Keep reading this Plank+Beam review, as we’ll cover some of their best-selling products, answer pressing FAQs, and take a look at what customers have to say about the brand. Let’s get right to it.


  • Offers an esteemed selection of modern and minimalist wood furniture
  • Uses quality wood and non-toxic finishes on all products
  • Built to last
  • Financing options available
  • Fantastic customer reviews

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Plank+Beam Review

To give you a comprehensive look at what Plank+Beam has to offer, we’ll be highlighting some of the highest-selling and most well-reviewed products from each of their categories. From dining chairs and kitchen tables to beds and console tables, you might just spot something (or multiple somethings) to round out your space at home.

Plank+Beam Solid Wood Dining Chair (Set of 2) Review

Plank+Beam bundles their modern dining chairs into this Solid Wood Dining Chair Set of 2 so you can easily furnish your dining room for less.

Plank+Beam’s dining room chairs are as eye-catching and sleek as they are comfortable to sit on. The lines and design of these chairs are absolutely gorgeous, with a slight contouring of the seat and angled back support providing a relaxed yet chic sitting experience. Yes, we’re using flowery language because this brand has made us legitimately excited about dining chairs. 

Each Solid Wood Dining Chair includes only knot-free wood. In particular, the seat is made from quality pine while the legs are made from sturdy birch. The entirety of the chair is coated in a non-toxic, low-VOC finish to easily match your decor and also to increase its lifespan. You can choose from five stunning finishes, each with its own unique character. Their classic black and white finishes are great for adding a bold contrast to your space, while softer shades of brown (blonde, pecan, and walnut) add more options in between.

The Solid Wood Dining Chair (Set of 2) is very easy to assemble and comes with everything you need to get these chairs up and running, including instructions, hardware, and the right tools for the job. You can currently grab the set for the sale price of $229-$249 depending on the finish, or wait until it’s back to the regular price of $345.

Plank+Beam Modern Console Table – 46.25” Review

What’s more welcoming than a sleek console table that just beckons you into a room? Whether in an entryway or a living room, Plank+Beam’s Modern Console Table has the perfect dimensions to not occupy too much space while still being able to do what tables do best: hold whatever you want to put on them. 

Made from sturdy, durable pine, the Modern Console Table is available in a whopping 7 finishes, all of which are non-toxic and look phenomenal. With a wirebrush texture, the finishes of these console tables add visual interest to your space while camouflaging any smudges and fingerprints that may appear. On top of the five we covered up above, two classic, sleek greys in the form of white sand and seashell join the roster. We appreciate that, as an accent piece, there are so many colors to choose from. Neutral never looked so good!

This minimalist, modern table is so easy to assemble that you could probably do it in your sleep, though we don’t recommend that – always follow proper safety protocols to ensure a safe building experience. 

Jokes aside, it’s also no laughing matter how affordable the Modern Console Table is. Right now, you can get it for the sale price of $129. If you wait too long, though, it’ll go back up to its regular price of $210. But let’s be honest, that’s still a very reasonable price for such an exceptional piece of furniture.  

Plank+Beam Classic Queen Bed Review

It’s sleek, it’s well-made, and, perhaps most importantly, it has room for storage underneath. You could very well say that Plank+Beam’s Classic Queen Bed does it all.

Like all of Plank+Beam’s products, you can be sure that the Classic Queen Bed is carefully crafted with knot-free, solid wood, resulting in a sturdy frame that can support up to 750 lbs of weight. This is also due to the inclusion of a metal support bar and metal-on-metal connections.

The Classic Queen Bed is available in four distinct colors (white, clay, pecan, and walnut) and is part of Plank+Beam’s full bedroom set. You can mix and match with the following pieces of furniture to create a modern bedroom that’s uniquely yours:

  • Classic 1-Drawer Nightstand
  • Classic 6-Drawer Wide Dresser
  • Classic 5-Drawer Tall Dresser
  • 8 Inch Queen Comfort Memory Foam Mattress
  • Modern 6-Drawer Dresser
  • Modern 3-Drawer Dresser

Whether modern or classic, this bedframe slots in comfortably and reliably (not to mention affordable). The Classic Queen Bed is available on sale for $269. When not on sale, you can grab it for $400.

Plank+Beam Modern Solid Wood Kitchen Table – 48” Review

Has our section on the Solid Wood Dining Chair (Set of 2) left you wanting more? Perhaps the Modern Solid Wood Kitchen Table can help scratch that itch. This is perhaps the sturdiest piece from Plank+Beam’s collection that we’re highlighting, but can you blame us? Look at the legs on that table. They are robust and we’re very much here for it.

The Modern Solid Wood Kitchen Table can comfortably seat up to four people and works perfectly in a kitchen or dining room.​ The minimalist aesthetic with a rustic touch means it’s able to seamlessly blend into just about any room. It doesn’t hurt that it’s made from New Zealand pine, either. The bold wire brush finish that’s available in four colors also lends itself to the durability and versatility of this table.

It’s also available for a steal of a price, too. Right now, you can get the Modern Solid Wood Kitchen Table for only $309-$325. Normally, it’ll run you between $435-$440. 

Who Is Plank+Beam For?

Plank+Beam Review

Plank+Beam is for those who want beautifully crafted, minimalist furniture that’s available for reasonable prices. If you’re tired of a certain Swedish some-assembly-required furniture store, you can safely kick things up a notch in the quality and aesthetics department with this brand.

Plank+Beam Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Plank+Beam Review

You’ve heard our thoughts on the matter (hint: Plank+Beam’s furniture is spectacular), but it’s important to hear from their customers to get the full scoop on how the brand’s furniture holds up over time. Thankfully, there are plenty of reviews to draw from on the brand’s website, which is where we’re going to start our customer review journey.

Here are the ratings for the pieces covered throughout our review:

  • Solid Wood Dining Chair (Set of 2): 4.9/5 stars based on 86 ratings
  • Modern Console Table – 46.25”: 4.9/5 stars based on 36 ratings
  • Classic Queen Bed: 4.9/5 stars based on 116 ratings
  • Modern Solid Wood Kitchen Table – 48”: 4.8/5 stars based on 145 ratings

As you can see, the numbers are pretty darn wonderful. The vast majority of Plank+Beam reviews are 5/5 stars and have only great things to say about the brand and their products. Let’s start with one such review about the Solid Wood Dining Chair (Set of 2):

The perfect chair. Pecan color is stunning and the shape is everything. Solid wood, heavy duty and a flawless seating option.”

Customers were also thrilled with how easy to assemble Plank+Beam furniture is, like this next reviewer: “Love these chairs! [They] are [sturdy] and very stylish. Putting them together was a breeze.”

Time and time again we came across praise for how durable, well-made, and sturdy the brand’s products are. The delivery and condition of received goods are also top-notch according to many customers. Here’s one review to that effect:

“I ordered the Classic Full Bed and (2) Night Stands in Natural. All items were packaged securely and in perfect condition. The Natural wood color looks great after assembly. It took a few hours to assemble all components, but I am thrilled with the results. I could not be happier with my purchase!”

Solid furniture, reliable delivery and service, and ecstatic customers; it’s safe to say that Plank+Beam is a hit!

Is Plank+Beam Worth It?

Plank+Beam Review

100%, Plank+Beam is where it’s at for wooden furniture you can depend on. Quality furniture right to your doorstep is wonderful, but there are so many other aspects that make this brand worth it. 

Their one-year warranty is great, cutting out the middle man keeps costs reasonable, and, above all else, the products just look absolutely phenomenal. With all of that in mind, it’s quite easy for us to say that Plank+Beam is worth it.

Where To Buy Plank+Beam

Plank+Beam Review

The best place to buy Plank+Beam is directly on their website to take advantage of any promotions and warranties they may have. Otherwise, feel free to head over to their Amazon Storefront or Bed Bath & Beyond.

Plank+Beam Promotions & Discounts

Plank+Beam Review

Plank+Beam is currently running a President’s Day Sale where you can get up to 35% off on their wonderful styles. Besides that, you can sign up for their newsletter to receive the latest promotions.


Plank+Beam Review

Who owns Plank+Beam?

The current President and Lead Product Designer is Stephen Jensen.

Where is Plank+Beam based?

Plank+Beam is still right where they were founded in Charleston, South Carolina.

Plank+Beam Shipping & Returns

Plank+Beam keeps things simple by offering free shipping on all orders over $200, which, let’s be honest, is basically any item when you’re considering quality furniture. Orders require 2-5 days to be processed before arriving at your door via FedEx standard ground shipping.

Returns must be sent back with the same service they were shipped over in. All costs must be covered by the customer. You have 30 days after delivery to initiate a return on new, unused, unassembled, and undamaged products via their Return Request Form.

How to contact Plank+Beam

If you have any questions after reading this Plank+Beam review, the brand has a few ways to get in touch. You can use their digital chat assistant to reach out to their customer service team or simply fill out their inquiry form

Lastly, you can send them an email at [email protected]. Their customer service hours are Monday-Friday, 9 am – 5 pm EST.

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