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Frank Darling Review

Is it time to pop the question? For when the moment is right, propose with the perfect diamond ring from Frank Darling. This online jewelry store handcrafts the best wedding and engagement bands at an affordable price. Offered as a ‘DIY’ service, they pride themselves on ensuring quality while maintaining ethical standards.

You can say that Frank Darling is a diamond among the rough, as the company doesn’t yet have a substantial following on Instagram or Facebook. But, they’re sometimes featured in a few media outlets such as Vogue and WSJ Magazine

From emerald-shaped gemstones to old European jewels, this Frank Darling review will take an in-depth look at the brand, its collection, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll find a design that’ll send wedding bells ringing in your ears. 

Overview of Frank Darling

Frank Darling Review

Marriage is a big deal. I know it’s quite an understatement, but when you break it down to its key elements, it takes a great deal of time, patience, money, and of course, commitment. 

Unfortunately, the diamond market isn’t on top of the latest emerging trends. To the husband and wife team, Jeff and Kegan Smith, it seemed like the industry was overdue for a makeover. So, Frank Darling was established as a better alternative to traditional ring shopping. 

Founded in 2017 in the greater New York area, Frank Darling aims to add a personal touch to their ever-growing diamond collection. Responsibly sourced and ethically made, each gemstone is carefully cut and curated by a team of experts. As an added note, all designs are made out of 100% recycled gold as a nod to the environment. 

On a final note, Frank Darling states that they will always value affordability but won’t ever skimp on quality and flair, “At Frank Darling, our design process starts with you and your point of view. From classical to rebel, art deco to rococo, and every damn thing in between—the only thing we don’t do is generic, because that’s just not you.” 

Before we get into this Frank Darling review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 


  • Offers a wide variety of engagement and wedding rings for customers to choose from
  • Also provides a ‘make your own’ ring service on its website 
  • All diamonds are ethically and sustainably made
  • Affordable prices 
  • Offers Affirm as an alternative payment option 


  • Limited customer reviews 

So, it’s time to tie the knot. Aside from proposing a location, outfit change, and hiring a photographer to capture the moment, the coveted engagement ring is considered the shining star of this significant occasion. But here’s the million-dollar question: what design should you go for? 

Frank Darling can lend a helping hand in designing an engagement ring that’s best suited to your beau’s taste. When using this service, anxious proposers can send in a small sketch of their desired band. 

From there, the company will take care of the assembly process. But for those lacking in the creativity department, there’s no need to worry. Frank Darling has a wide selection of pre-designed rings on its website.

This Frank Darling review will quickly look over a few of the brand’s top-selling designs, from the Billie band to the Parker ring. 

Frank Darling Review

Your partner has a glimmering personality. Hopefully, there’s a ring out there that matches their aura. Fortunately, this online jewelry boutique offers multiple designs that are sure to promise some sniffling ‘yes’s and waterfall tears. 

From pear-shaped gems to princess cuts, this Frank Darling review will comb through nine of its best-selling diamonds. 

Frank Darling Sydney No. 2 Review

They’re simple, organized, and tidy. With that in mind, it’s best to opt for a minimalist design. The Sydney No.2 diamond ring embodies the same level of sophistication, opulence, and class that’s free from embellishments and add-ons. 

This beauty features a curved band with an emerald floral solitaire gem as its centerpiece. In terms of customization, proposers can either opt for yellow, white, or rose gold. Offered in various sizes, gift your beloved with the Darling Sydney No.2 diamond ring for $850

Frank Darling Sydney No. 3 Review

If Rose from Titanic was fortunate enough to be Jack’s fiance, I’m pretty sure that the Sydney No.3 diamond ring would grace her white-gloved finger. Simplistic and classy in style, this modernized piece offers a sort of regal romance throughout its design. 

It features a minimalist curved band and an oval floral solitaire at the center. Like most Frank Darling designs, this band is available in yellow, white, rose gold, or platinum. If your partner is a fan of matching jewelry, we recommend fastening some diamond stud earrings and a sensible necklace as added accessories.

In terms of price, the Sydney No.3 ring costs $850 in total. 

Frank Darling Harper No. 1 Review

The Harper No. 1 diamond ring requires no side pieces, accent stones, or fancy curved shoulders. Instead, its elegance speaks for itself. Held together with a series of six claw prongs, this engagement band displays a stunning round skinny solitaire gem at the head. 

Circular and symmetrical in shape, the centerpiece may earn that coveted ‘yes’ from your abiding partner. Proposers can opt for either white, rose, or yellow gold for the band. As an added option, it comes in platinum as well. 

Best paired with a glass of celebratory wine at a fancy restaurant, make the moment count with the Harper No. 1 diamond ring for $850

Frank Darling Harper No. 2 Review

In the mood for Breakfast at Tiffany’s? As a better alternative, how about opting for brunch at Frank Darling instead? The Harper No.2 diamond ring embodies that classy, 1960’s boss-girl attitude that Holly Golightly certainly emanates. 

This beauty comes in a solid gold band and a skinny oval solitaire as its shining gem. All you need is a beehive hairdo, the Givenchy black dress, and a matching pearl necklace.

This design offers customers a chance to add a personal engraving of theirs. This Frank Darling review recommends your combined set of initials or the date you first met your partner. For a jazzy number that offers a touch of 60s splendor, the Harper No.2 diamond ring costs $850

Frank Darling Harper No. 6 Review

I’m 100% sure that Anne Hathaway or Sandra Bullock would definitely snatch the Harper No.6 ring as part of their Ocean’s 8 heist. This glamorous set features a trio of rectangular emeralds at its centerpiece. 

Held together with gold-tipped prongs, this extravagant band will definitely swoon any Marilyn Munroes or Grace Kellys. 

The Harper No.6 ring offers a bit of customization, as it comes in various band metals and diamond types. For instance, customers can either opt for a lab-grown gem or a naturally sourced jewel. 

Perfect for bling-bling enthusiasts, make a statement by proposing with this beauty for $2,690

Frank Darling Mason No. 3 Review

If your partner is a Lord Of The Rings fan, the Mason No.3 band offers a slight nod to the Eye of Sauron. This unique design features a round clutch gem with a circular gold loop surrounding the jewel. As a result, it bears an uncanny resemblance to a pupil. But, if anything, this jewelry piece makes for a subtle compliment to your partner’s set of twinkling eyes.

Quirky in style, the design is definitely a twist compared to most traditional engagement rings. In the theme of the fantasy movie, we recommend a nature-based proposal in a scenic forest- complete with fairy lights and sparkling champagne. 

For an eye-deal piece suited for eccentric personalities, the Mason No.3 ring costs $1,090

Frank Darling Mason No. 11 Review

The Mason No.11 diamond ring is definitely Marie Antoinette approved. This circular beauty displays a round gemstone that’s cut to perfection. It’s held together with four metal prongs, with a curved metal band to add to its simplicity.

Fortunately, this engagement piece offers much room for accessorizing. This Frank Darling review recommends a matching pinky ring, a charm bracelet, and a set of stud earrings to finish off the look. 

Available in yellow, rose, white gold, or platinum. Opt for the ‘plunge’ or the Mason No.11 diamond ring for $1,290

Frank Darling Parker No. 5 Review

Having a Gatsby-themed wedding? In that case, the Parker No.5 engagement ring is just what Daisy Buchanan ordered. This art deco-inspired piece showcases a gorgeous emerald bezel at the front. 

Bordered with a rectangular cut hem, this signature band is definitely on-brand with the novel’s ‘golden girl’. Let’s just hope they don’t run away with Tom Buchanan like at the end of the book. 

This 1920’s inspired piece would look great with a sequined cocktail dress, a jeweled headpiece, and a feathered bouquet. Regarding price, the Parker No.5 engagement ring is priced at $920

Frank Darling Billie No. 5 Review

The Billie No.5 engagement ring provides a hint of antique class mixed with ‘modern romance’. This vintage beauty features a circular rose cut bezel with a complimentary frame around its edges. 

Petite in design, this piece is perfect for old souls. In addition, we’re awarding major points if you decide on Édith Piaf’s La Vie En Rose as your first dance. 

Offered in metals yellow, white, rose gold, or platinum, let your loved one know that they’re timeless to you with the Billie No.5 engagement ring for $920

Who Is Frank Darling For? 

Frank Darling Review

Frank Darling is catered to those who hate the over-commercialized feel of the engagement ring industry. Most of their designs are timeless, classic, and simple—as they’re aiming for sentimental rather than materialistic. On top of that, they’re relatively more affordable compared to big-name jewelers such as Tiffany & Co or Cartier. 

Comparison: Frank Darling vs. Pompeii3 

Frank Darling Review

Engagement ring shopping is no joke, especially when it’s rumored to cost hundreds of dollars. So here’s the question: Is Frank Darling worth your hard-earned cash? There’s only one way to find out. In this special segment, we’re comparing this brand with another jeweler, Pompeii3

From product variety to customer perks, which company will come out on top? Let’s dive in.

Frank Darling:

  • Offers a variety of pre-designed engagement rings and wedding bands 
  • All diamonds are ethically and sustainably made. They also sell lab-grown gems 
  • Reasonable prices 
  • Provides a ‘make your own engagement ring’ service on its website 


  • Also offers a broad selection of wedding and engagement rings 
  • Ethical and sustainable business practices
  • Also provides other gemstones such as rubies and amethysts 
  • Lower in cost compared to Frank Darling 
  • Focuses on more ostentatious designs than its competitor 

When it comes to choosing a jeweler, it ultimately depends on your partner’s tastes. Frank Darling caters to the minimalistic aesthetic. On the other hand, Pompeii3 hones in on styles that are more contemporary and ‘blinged-out’.  

Frank Darling Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Frank Darling Review

Unfortunately, Frank Darling doesn’t have much of an online presence in the jewelry community. Because of this, we may not be able to paint an accurate depiction of the brand as a whole. 

We did find a few lingering testimonials on Reddit. According to some customers, Frank Darling offered a friendly shopping experience regarding their at-home try-on kits.

I tried the at home try on kit first, which was great during the age of Covid. I picked it out and my fiancée ordered it and had a very smooth and easy process. Kegan is super helpful,” one Reddit user wrote. 

By far, Google has the most reviews. In total, there are over 225 testimonials posted for the brand’s Brooklyn location in New York City. Based on a few salient comments, it seems that most customers were happy with the quality of their gemstones. As a result, Frank Darling earned a full 5/5 star rating. 

“When we received our rings we were blown away! They are perfectly stunning! We’re so impressed with the exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality of our rings,” one Google user wrote. 

“We used Frank Darling for my engagement ring and can’t recommend them highly enough,” another reviewer wrote. “Working with Kegan was such a great experience. She was so friendly, helpful, and patient throughout the whole process and really walked us through everything.” 

A few independent blogs, such as Sequins In My Salad, also left a favorable review towards Frank Darling jewelry. In terms of specifics, the author gave significant credit to the brand’s ethical and sustainable business practices

“Frank Darling has produced a model that is transparent from start to finish. Despite the online shopping involved, they have made the business of ring buying very personal, and above all, accessible,” reads Sequins In My Salad’s review. 

So far, this Frank Darling review hasn’t found many negative complaints concerning quality or customer service. As a result, we’re more inclined to give this internet jeweler a complimentary gold star. 

Is Frank Darling Worth It?

Frank Darling Review

Generally speaking, Frank Darling is an excellent alternative for those who love classy jewelry at an affordable price. While it’s not as cheap as other brands like Pompeii3, it’s definitely far from those $3,000 markups.

In addition, it’s comforting to know that their diamonds are ethically and sustainably sourced. Finally, did we mention that their 18k gold bands are made out of recycled metal? 

Despite a few glowing testimonials here and there, this Frank Darling review is cautious in recommending this brand due to the lack of veritable feedback online. 

But all in all, it seems that most couples are happy with its quality and level of customer service. So if you’re in the hunt for reasonably priced engagement rings, it doesn’t hurt to add Frank Darling to your bookmarks. 

Frank Darling Promotions & Discounts 

Frank Darling Review

As of lately, this Frank Darling review hasn’t found any promotions, discounts, or sales listed on its website. We recommend keeping an eye out on their social media pages for any future updates. 

Where to Buy Frank Darling

Frank Darling Review

Looking to propose with the Billie No.5 engagement ring? (Congrats, by the way). Customers can head over to to see what they have in store. You can also visit their physical location in Brooklyn, New York. 


Frank Darling Review

Where is Frank Darling made? 

According to the brand’s FAQ page, Frank Darling jewelry is made in New York City. 

What is Frank Darling’s Shipping Policy?

This Frank Darling review is happy to report that they offer free Next Day Air shipping on US orders that total $1,000 or more. Anything under this amount is delivered through 2 Day Air. All packages are insured in case of damaged or missing items. 

Fortunately, Frank Darling does provide international shipping in select countries. As of lately, we were unable to find out whether the brand will issue a tracking number that customers can use to keep tabs on their purchase. 

What is Frank Darling’s Return Policy?

Received a hard ‘no’ from your honey? It happens. In that case, Frank Darling offers a 30-day window for domestic and international customers to send back their orders—on the house. 

It’s worth mentioning that placeholder rings and designs that are made through the ‘bring your own stone’ program are ineligible for returns. Plus, you can only make a return once every six months. 

If the issue is related to sizing, we’ve got some good news for you. Frank Darling will alter your jewelry for free within 90 days of receipt and cover all shipping charges. After that, the service is still complimentary but buyers will have to pay the transit fees.  

Lastly, you also need to include the certificate given with your package. To initiate the return process, customers must reach out to the brand for further instructions. 

How to Contact Frank Darling

For inquiries unrelated to this Frank Darling review, you can contact the company through:

  • Phone number: (646) 859-0718 
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Using the chat function on its website 

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