Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review: Brand Showdown

This Vincero vs Mvmt watch review will measure the two watch brands against each other. We’ll look at all aspects of Vincero and Mvmt, and ultimately decide a winner. 

Vincero designs, produces and sells watches, sunglasses and bracelets for both men and women. They describe their products as middle-end, fitting in between luxury and low-quality, with a focus on classic styles as opposed to what’s trendy.

Mvmt offers pieces in the same quality grade: watches, sunglasses, and accessories for men and women. Minimalist in style, the brand claims to incorporate adventure and innovation into their designs. 

Vincero vs Mvmt watch review

Women’s Watches 

As we dive into this part of the Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, we’ll take a special look at the women’s lines of both brands. We broke down the key elements of women’s watches sold by Vincero and Mvmt:

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 1

It would be impossible to examine every women’s watch offered by both brands in this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review. Instead, we carefully selected two Vincero and Mvmt bestsellers to see how they compare.

Vincero Kleio Steel Rose + Silver

The Kleio Steel Rose + Silver watch is not only a practical timepiece to have on hand–but a gorgeous piece of jewellery in its own right. The Silver Sunray color is in stunning contrast to its rose gold markers. The Kleio face is made from scratch-resistant glass and is rain resistant at 3 ATM (though not recommended for swimming).

Both the case and interchangeable strap of this watch are comprised of rose gold surgical grade stainless steel, clearly upping the elegance factor. The three subdials, containing Citizen Miyota Quartz movement, add additional bling that sets the Kleio apart from other women’s watches. The Kleio Steel Rose + Silver watch is priced at $149.

Vincero Eros Mesh Silver + Turkish Blue

If striking and sleek is your personal jam, then consider the Eros Mesh Silver + Turkish Blue watch. Dark roman numerals and markers are set against a classy Turkish Blue Sunray dial containing Citizen Miyota Quartz movement. With its deep blue face and silver dial, the contrast ups the boldness to its minimalist design.

The Eros Mesh has a show stopping silver stainless steel case and interchangeable mesh strap. The watch features a scratch-resistant glass face and is rain resistant at 3 ATM (again, not ideal for swimming). Available in 2 sizes (33mm and 38mm), the Eros Mesh Silver + Turkish Blue watch costs $129.

Mvmt Nova Orion

The Nova Orion watch offers a subtle and feminine shine to any woman’s arm with its titanium dial and rose gold hands and markers. Three subdials with Citizen Miyota Quartz movement add more functionality to this romantic timepiece. 

The Nova Orion is water resistant at 5 ATM, though this does not make it ideal for swimming. Complete with interchangeable strap in titanium and rose gold double-plated stainless steel, the Nova Orion watch goes for $165.

Mvmt Signature Square Charlie

The Signature Charlie has a breathtaking effect, the look of a watch resurfaced from another era. Its distinctive rectangular face coupled with a minimalist dial are uniquely feminine. Delicate gold hands stand out beautifully against the smooth white dial with a simple date display at the bottom.

The Charlie features a polished gold stainless steel case and interchangeable link strap, adding opulence to its design. This Mvmt piece contains a Miyota Quartz movement and is water resistant at 5 ATM. Versatile in its make, fitting both casual and formal wear, the Signature Square Charlie costs $125.

Winner: Mvmt

Both brands have a lot of the same features to offer, while their aesthetics are markedly different. Putting aside visual preference, Mvmt watches come out slightly ahead of those made by Vincero. Though slightly higher in price, both Mvmt models are more durable in terms of their water resistance. In a Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, this is a key selling point, since you never know what will happen with your watch. 

Men’s Watches 

In this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, we’ll get into the specifics of where their men’s watches intersect, and other areas that make them distinct:

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 6

We’ve chosen a few top sellers for each brand to represent their men’s lines as a whole in this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review.

Vincero Chronos Blue Steel

The Chronos Blue Steel offers polished technicality, for those who gravitate toward intricate designs. This Vincero piece shines with its Blue Sunray dial with Miyota Quartz movement, offset by silver hands and markers. Featuring 3 subdials and date display, this watch proves it’s not simply another pretty face, but a functional one as well.

This Vincero watch boasts a case and interchangeable link strap made of surgical grade stainless steel. The Chronos Blue Steel has a subtle silver lustre, making it more sophisticated than showy. This Vincero model is water resistant at 5 ATM and is not recommended for swimming. The Chronos Blue Steel watch dazzles with its colored face and smooth steel components, priced at $189.

Vincero Rogue Black + Rose Gold

The Rogue Black + Rose Gold has a unique aura of masculinity and pragmatism. The Black Tapisserie dial acts as a remarkable back drop for the rose gold tones in the case and markers. Operating with a Seiko Mecha Quartz movement, this timepiece impresses with its three subdials, date display, and inscribed tachymeter along the rim, for gentlemen who want to know more than just the time.

This Vincero topseller comes with an interchangeable strap in black silicone and is water resistant at 10 ATM. It is, however, not recommended for use during deep swimming or scuba diving. The Rogue Black combines functionality with debonair and goes for $235. 

Mvmt Chrono Gunmetal Sandstone

The Chrono Gunmetal Sandstone watch exudes modern suave, with its dusky dial set inside a case of brushed gunmetal stainless steel. Three subdials with blue hands complement the piece with a touch of playful color. Designed with a Chronograph movement, the sleek gunmetal face also features date display at bottom right.

Mvmt ties together the Chrono’s dignified appearance with a contrasting strap in leather sandstone.  While the watch is considered rain resistant at 5 ATM, it shouldn’t be worn while swimming. The Chrono Gunmetal Sandstone blends a minimalist design with distinctive coloring and sells for $135.

Mvmt Blacktop Astro Blue

The Blacktop Astro Blue watch offers up a modern appearance infused with classic style. The navy blue dial set against a polished silver stainless steel case fits the bill for a timeless look. Yet the silver subdials and date display at bottom centre add a bit of contemporary flair to this exquisite model. Silver hands and markers complete the elegance of the Mvmt Blacktop.

A Miyota with centre Chronograph movement makes this handsome piece tick. A polished silver stainless steel case and interchangeable link strap gives it a sophisticated shine. While considered water resistant at 10 ATM, this watch should not be worn while deep swimming or scuba diving. The Blacktop Astro Blue is a subtle beauty with glints of flash, priced at $195.

It’s a Tie

Both sets of watches for Vincero and Mvmt are neck and neck. They’re similar in pricing, sturdiness and measurements. I personally find Mvmt watches more visually appealing with their contrasting dial and hand colors. At first glance, Vincero’s top selling men’s watches are busier to look at, while the ones offered by Mvmt have a much more polished and modern appearance. 

That being said, this is personal preference, and we can’t choose a winner based on aesthetics alone. Everyone reading this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review has their own tastes, after all.


Both Vincero and Mvmt make sweeping claims about the high quality that goes into their watch production. For this Vincero vs Mvmnt review, I researched each company’s efforts in watch-making, to see which one would come out on top. 


Where Vincero is concerned, they take a hands-on approach to every facet of manufacturing, from design all the way to purchase shipments. They’re involved in all areas of watch production and only make small batches at a time to ensure each unit undergoes quality checks. 

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 11

The process of creating a new watch beginning with conceptualization and design, ending with prototype production, takes approximately one year. Vincero outlines their production process on their website:

  1. Watch design begins at their headquarters located in San Diego
  2. Through machine sampling, each component is produced in non-assembled form
  3. Vincero staff then piece together the watches by hand ensuring bands, dials and cases work well together
  4. The completed prototype then undergoes 2 rounds of sampling and real-world testing
  5. Orders are placed for component production at various factories around the world

Vincero chooses the factories that develop their watch parts and maintain a close relationship with them throughout the process. Their website states where each watch component originates from:

  • Watch movements are made in Japan
  • Leather and marble are produced in Italy
  • Stainless steel and scratch-resistant glass are manufactured in China


While the Mvmt website claims that all their products are designed in-house at their Los Angeles headquarters, there is nothing further stated about their manufacturing process. This doesn’t fare well in a Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, since you definitely want to know where your products come from.

In terms of watch quality, the company make several assertions:

  • All Mvmt watches are made with Japanese Miyota Precision Quartz movements (a popular option in the watch-making business)
  • Mvmt leather straps are genuine cowhide
  • Watch glass is made of hardened mineral crystals

Winner: Vincero

When it comes to watch quality, Vincero is the winner by a landslide. This decision was not a difficult one:

  1. Vincero is extremely transparent about their production process
  2. Staff appear to be highly involved in all aspects of their watch manufacturing
  3. Vincero prefers to produce their watches in small, manageable batches rather than through mass production
  4. Every single watch undergoes a quality control check by Vincero staff

Something else I really liked about Vincero is that they don’t make grandiose statements about their watches being the best of the best. In fact, they claim that their watches are middle ground–in between low quality watches and luxurious high-end models.

Vincero also modestly mentions on their site that much of their production occurs through trial and error. I feel this type of honesty earns them extra points in terms of product quality. This earned them a lot of points in the Vincero vs Mvmt watch review.

Customer Ratings

Both Vincero and Mvmt have mainly positive, if not glowing, customer reviews and ratings located on their respective websites–which only makes sense. I knew I would need to do some digging if I wanted to present a more objective view of customer ratings for each brand.

So I scoured the internet for this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, and a mixed bag of ratings for both companies turned up: 


Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 13
@vincerowatches @howtobeast

There are 677 customer ratings for Vincero watches posted on Amazon. Of these reviews, 78% are 5-star and 13% make up 1 to 3-star ratings. Customers described the watches as beautiful, elegant and sporty. Another expressed that while the watches were decent, he does not recommend them for watch enthusiasts due to underwhelming quality in their design. A similar complaint said that while the watch was attractive, it was not worth the price paid.

Negative comments extended to issues with the longevity of Vincero watches. Multiple complaints involved claims that the watch clasp of their Vincero broke after only a few wearings. Another customer stated that their watch’s subdials broke after a few months of use.When customers reached out to Vincero, many received no response or reimbursement

Customers also complained about their watches upon receiving them. One complained that despite proclaiming their watches to be luminescent, the Vincero he received was difficult to read in the dark due to the low-quality lume. Several others complained about receiving damaged watches that were broken upon arrival and/or scratched. Another claimed that his watch arrived with air bubbles under the watch face.

Responses on Trustpilot were much more positive: of 720 Vincero watch reviews, 91% were excellent and 5% were bad. On this site, customers raved about the Vincero watch style, look, functionality, shipment time and stellar customer service.


Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 14
@mvmt @meirr

On to Mvmt, where on Amazon, the brand has 744 customer reviews, with 79% rating 5 stars and 12% being 1-3 stars. The majority of positive reviews focussed on the beauty and luxurious quality of Mvmt watches. Of the remaining low reviews, most complaints involved lengthier than anticipated shipping times. Several customers claimed not to have received their orders after months of waiting and that calls to customer service went unanswered.

A search on Trustpilot found 717 customer reviews for Mvmt watches: 69% were classified as great and a combined 22% were considered poor or bad. Most customers raved about the great quality of Mvmt watches. Several expressed surprise over how high-end they were based on the affordable pricing. Customer praise revolved around great customer service received and excellent product quality. Several reviews focussed on the prompt responses they received from Mvmt staff, including one customer who was helped by Mvmt to track down his missing shipment. 

Complaints written on Trustpilot mainly concerned the poor quality of Mvmt watches or lack of flexibility from customer service. One customer claimed that their watch arrived with a pin missing from the band. When he contacted Mvmt, all they did for him was offer a $10 refund.

An elderly customer who had trouble working the watch clasp with her arthritic fingers was unable to receive a refund, since she had thrown out the exterior packaging from the original Mvmt shipment. This complaint is particularly saddening for me, that poor woman. A couple of similar complaints involved Mvmt refusing to grant a refund and only offering exchanges. 

Winner: Vincero

It’s natural for both brands to have a mixed bag of customer reviews, but some of the complaints about Mvmt were pretty distressing. The ratings on lousy customer service were upsetting, since the brand would have us believe they work with their clients and want to provide them with quality watches. So for this round of the Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, the former wins.

Promotions & Discounts

In this section of the Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, we’ll compare the deals and savings offered by each brand. 


Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 15

Vincero offers several promotions and discounts to their customer base:

  • When browsing the Vincero site, a promo appears on the home page, providing customers with a 10% discount to be redeemed at checkout
  • By subscribing to the Vincero site and entering a valid email, customers are eligible for 15% off their first order as well as receiving updates regarding exclusive sales and product release information
  • Vincero has a friend referral program where each friend referred receives a one time discount of $20 and you receive $30 off for each referral
  • Vincero offers customers a unique loyalty program based on purchase amounts. Here’s how it works: spend $250 and you’ll have early access to products and exclusive sales for one year; spend $500 and you’ll receive a gift, a birthday gift, free engraving, early access to products and exclusive sales for one year.


Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 16

Mvmt wins some points in this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, since customers receive a free watch strap and gift box with each order

The brand also offers an interesting point-based loyalty program to their customers. You receive non-expiring points mainly by engaging with the brand through social media. The points are later redeemed for cash when checking out online.

Customers must create an online Mvmt account before they can begin to accrue points toward cash redemption. Here’s a specific breakdown of Mvmt points and how to receive them:

  • 50 points as a welcome upon creating an online Mvmt account
  • 5 points for a Mvmt Facebook like
  • 10 points for a Facebook share (1 per month)
  • 5 points for a Mvmt youtube follow
  • 5 points for a Mvmt Instagram follow
  • 10 points for a Twitter share (1 per month)
  • 25 points for a Mvmt product review
  • 20 points for signing up to receive the Mvmt newsletter
  • 100 points for referring a friend to become a Mvmt customer

Accumulating points unlock access to discounts of increasing value: 

  • 250 points will earn customers a $25 discount
  • 500 points earns a $50 discount
  • 750 points earns a $75 discount
  • 1000 points earns a $100 discount

Winner: Mvmt

In a Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, to me, Mvmt’s points driven loyalty system is a genius idea in attracting customers.  Money talks and the potential rewards are significant. The system encourages an ongoing customer relationship and spreads the Mvmt word through customers’ social media. It’s a win win for sure.

Shipping & Returns 

This Vincero vs Mvmt watch review stacks each brand’s shipping and returns policy against the other. Let’s see how they measure up:

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 17

Winner: Vincero

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 18

In this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, the former is the clear cut winner again. Their shipping and returns policies are more transparent and clearly explained on their website. For example, Vincero states that returns must be completed within a 30-day window–when this window passes, returns are only eligible for store credit. Mvmt doesn’t offer information as to what will occur once their 60-day return window expires, leaving me to believe that there is no refund or exchange at that point.

Another glaring caveat for me concerns Mvmt’s shipping policies. Their website claims that they offer free shipping worldwide. Yet, as a customer you must delve into their website to uncover the extensive list of countries and areas they do not ship to whatsoever.

Where Vincero is concerned, they offer free worldwide shipping and they actually follow through on this claim with no exceptions.

We Choose: Vincero

Based on the topics covered within this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, both brands are equal with three wins each. However, in my opinion, Vincero wins where it counts most. As a company, they are extremely open and transparent with their manufacturing process. They produce smaller quantities of products allocating more time to focus on quality.

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 19

The customer reviews for Vincero watches did not set off any huge red flags, unlike the reviews I found for Mvmt products. In my mind, this earns Vincero higher points.

The shipping and return policies offered by Vincero are clearly stated and cover an array of scenarios. On the other hand, Mvmt is tight-lipped in terms of what if situations that may arise for their customers. Also, the fact that Mvmt brags about offering free worldwide shipping yet does not offer service to 10 countries cost them dearly in my final assessment. I don’t know about you, but for me, honesty scores high. 

I will admit to preferring the sleek and modern aesthetics of Mvmt watches over those of Vincero. But appearances are only skin deep. There are more important things at stake. That’s why we got to the heart of things with this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review.

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