Boomf Cards Review

About Boomf

Boomf Cards Review

Boomf is a UK-based small gifts company that allows you to send customized marshmallows, exploding gift cards, and confetti photobombs to loved ones. It’s a service that allows for fully personalized messages to reach its recipient. 

Brainchild of James Middleton (yes, that Middleton), the business has now amassed over 500K Instagram followers and 6K more on Twitter. It’s been featured in media outlets such as CNN Business, Tech City News, TNW News, and more. 

This Boomf cards review looks at their best-selling products, details on shipping, pricing, and returns, what customers have to say about their overall experience, and much more, so that you can decide if it’s a good gift idea.

Overview of Boomf

Boomf Cards Review

Founded in 2013 by blue-blooded serial entrepreneur James Middleton and his business partner Andy Bell, Boomf first gained notoriety for selling marshmallows. Far from an ordinary sugary treat, these had a message or photo imprinted on them in edible format.

The UK press was chagrined at the whimsical, silly, and lighthearted business plan of their premier lady-in-waiting’s only brother, James. An upstart marshmallow business connected to the throne, even tangentially, seemed too ludicrous to be taken seriously.

But they must have eaten their words, because Middleton and his business partner Bell have turned Boomf into a wonderfully successful e-commerce company—and with none of the stuffy self-conceit typically carried by nobility.

Boomf’s business is bringing a ray of humor, delight, and surprise to our otherwise drab lives. Too often we receive a birthday card and must feign amusement at the corporate attempt to tell a joke or amuse with a garish spray of color.

That’s not the case with Boomf. Their Mallowpops are something most people have never heard or even thought of, but their exploding cards are the brand’s true bestsellers.

This is because they elicit a genuine, physical reaction from their recipient. While best used to surprise, they are also great fun even if the person knows what’s about to happen.

Is Boomf legit? Do their products warrant such a massive social media following and, more importantly, the pricing? What do the cards physically look like? This Boomf cards review answers these questions and many more. To start, let’s take a look at the pros and cons. 


  • Boomf cards creating an uplifting mood at any gathering
  • Flower arrangements and confectionary also offered 
  • Highly customizable options 
  • People of all ages enjoy Boomf cards
  • Buyers can place bulk orders for weddings and corporate events 
  • Easy online ordering process
  • Fair return policy that accommodates rare product defects


  • Delivery outside of the UK takes 1 to 2 weeks
  • Flower bouquet and card bundles are available only in England, Scotland, and Wales

What is a Boomf Confetti Card?

Boomf Cards Review

A Boomf Confetti Card is a greeting card that breaks from the ordinary in two important ways. First, you can personalize it with photos and other customization options. So, with that, it already beats out the assembly line products we see gathering dust in supermarket aisles.

The second way is what makes Boomf confetti cards special: the card explodes. In a good way. Here’s how it works. The receipt gets the card, opens it to read the message or whatever and then—BAM! Confetti sprays into the air…well, at their face, technically, but not at lethal speeds.

The best-selling confetti card is called a Boomf Bomb. You can easily find hundreds, if not thousands of videos online showing the gleeful reactions to one of these being opened.  

How does the Boomf Cannon card work?

Boomf Cards Review

The Boomf Cannon can be used to celebrate any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or wedding. This is made possible through the process of ordering online—you can customize your card to be printed with pictures from your device, or whatever message you desire.

Wondering how the dynamic detonation works? That part is a bit more complicated. This Boomf cards review researched the brand’s website and came up with this list of what to expect:

1. The Boomf Cannon card will be delivered in an envelope with shipping information. You can open that envelope without causing a detonation

2. There is then another envelope with colorful circles. This is the correct state for the card to be delivered

3. Ideally, the Boomf Cannon card recipient pulls the “rip here” section towards themselves in one go

4. Big explosion that can send the confetti up to 1 meter in height!

5. It doesn’t have chemicals, a motor, or anything like that—a simple elastic band powers the explosion (so you can pack it on airplanes)

How do you reload a Boomf cannon?

Boomf Cards Review

Reloading a Boomf Cannon is a secretive process. There isn’t much information about it on the website, so this Boomf cards review sleuthed around to find the answer. Read the list below to figure out how to reload your surprise explosive:

1. The receipt opens their Boomf Cannon card, and everything goes flying in a big explosion

2. Collect the confetti and the elastic band

3. Simply put the confetti back into the slot, affix the elastic, and gently close the envelope. Be sure to leave no traces! 

Boomf Cards Review

In the next section, this Boomf cards review examines the best-selling cards, how they work, how much they cost, and much more. By the end of it, you will know why each different creation stands out—and which one you might be most drawn to. 

Boomf Flutter Card Review

Boomf Flutter Card Review
Boomf Flutter Card

The Boomf Butterfly Card launches a butterfly through the air when the recipient opens it. You can personalize the entire card, from the picture on the front to the message inside, and even the type of fluttering insect that flies out!

The Flutter Card is powered by an elastic band. That means you can take it through airport security, and also that you can reuse it. All you have to do is hold the bottom wings in place while rotating the upper wings 18 times.

The Boomf flying butterfly card creation process is quick and will ask you to choose a photo and write a message up to 15 lines and 400 characters long. You can try it for yourself in a standard size for $11 or in a large size for $13.

Boomf Wild Card Review

Boomf Wild Card Review
Boomf Wild Card

The Boomf Wild Card is the most creative and unexpected offering from the brand. It’s very similar to the bomb, differing in the object that explodes into the air. Instead of a personalized cube with your message, photos, or what have you, Boomf Wild Card sends an animal

You can choose from a large selection, including dragons, dogs, bears, and more, expertly crafted in origami format. It comes out of a card you personalize with photos and a message. Altogether, it costs $12.

Boomf Cannon Review

Boomf Cannon Review
Boomf Cannon

Boomf’s Cannon is a great celebration option. Coming in a vertical shape similar to a brochure, the recipient won’t know what’s coming until they pull the tab on the front. That’s when a gust of confetti explodes out from the card, shocking everyone in its vicinity.

You can use Boomf’s templates (which are actually quite good) to decorate the front of the Cannon, or play around with one of your own photos. Then, you write a message to appear on the inside, choose from 5 different types of confetti, pay $10, and you’re done.

Boomf Ta-Dah Card Review

Boomf Ta-Dah Card Review
Boomf Ta-Dah Card

The Ta-Dah Card is very similar to the Cannon. What sets them apart is the shape and where the confetti is stored. This is a more traditional option—it has the classic design and folds open. 

On the left-hand side, there is a tab that hides a hidden message. The recipient has to tug on it to reveal the message (announcing a present, or a new baby in the family, or something like that). When they do, confetti explodes into the air. Check out the many videos online or buy it for $10 and see for yourself.

Boomf Bomb Review

Boomf Bomb Review
Boomf Bomb

This Boomf confetti Bomb shoots not only colored shreds into the air, but also a paper cube customized with photos, messages, and images of your choosing. It comes in a small envelope that, when opened, pops the cube into shape and launches it straight up.

You can create a personalized Bomb with photos and your own message, or select from a variety of well-designed cubes from their website. This would be an ideal choice to launch a new business, or congratulate a friend on graduation. Either way, it costs $11 and will cause a big diversion.

Boomf Flowers Review

This Boomf review dives into the best-selling flower bundles offered by the brand. Many of them are meant for holidays, such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, but you can order them as a special present throughout the year too.

Boomf Mum’s Lilacs with FREE Cannon Confetti Card Review

Boomf Mum's Lilacs with FREE Cannon Confetti Card Review
Boomf Mum’s Lilacs with FREE Cannon Confetti Card

Fresh flowers and a surprise planned just for her—what more could mum want? With Mum’s Lilacs, she gets not only a fresh and aromatic bouquet that pops with light pink and purple colors, but also a delightful Cannon Confetti Card.

This bundle offering is great for a special occasion like Mother’s Day, but also to celebrate an accomplishment or to boost someone’s mood. Delivery is limited to England, Scotland, and Wales. If you live in these parts, this beautiful bouquet comes to $69.

Boomf Valentine’s Day Red Roses with FREE Cannon Card Review

Boomf Valentine’s Day Red Roses with FREE Cannon Card Review
Boomf Valentine’s Day Red Roses with FREE Cannon Card

Classic roses and a thoughtful Cannon Card make this bouquet bundle a great option for a loved one. Valentine’s day is, of course, the natural time to order this gift, but it would also be appropriate for special announcements.

The Valentine’s Day Red Roses arrangement includes 12 top of the line roses deep red in color. The Cannon Card that comes with it explodes with confetti and sets a great tone for the celebration. You can buy it for $49 in England, Wales, and Scotland.

Boomf Exploding Confetti Letterbox Roses with FREE Card Review

Boomf Exploding Confetti Letterbox Roses with FREE Card Review
Boomf Exploding Confetti Letterbox Roses with FREE Card

This thoughtful Boomf option ensures that you get the most out of your roses. Delivered while still in bud form, the 12 deep red roses will then gradually open, allowing you to watch them flourishing.

Enjoy the sight and scent of roses for as long as possible with the Exploding Confetti Letterbox Roses bundle. True to its name, it comes with a complimentary confetti card that marks the moment the roses arrive; balancing the lingering, slow appreciation of the flowers. You can purchase this gift for $37.

Boomf The Pink Prosecco Gift Box Reviews

Boomf The Pink Prosecco Gift Box Reviews
Boomf The Pink Prosecco Gift Box

The Pink Prosecco Gift Box is as good as it sounds. Complete with 2 mini Bottega Rose Gold Prosecco bottles and two boxes of truffles (one Cocoa Pink Gin; the other Choc on Choc Strawberry Champagne) this gift box creates a special moment that everyone will remember.

It would make an ideal accompaniment for a romantic picnic, or a long overdue girls’ night. Even better if you have some good news up your sleeve. The Pink Prosecco Gift Box is on sale for only $31, with delivery currently available only in the UK.

Boomf Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Boomf Cards Review

Boomf has a large online following with plenty of customer feedback to analyze. This Boomf cards review started with Trustpilot, where 25K customers give the brand 4.2/5 stars. This incredible score is backed up by comments saying that delivery was fast and the person who received the card loved it, giving excited and surprised reactions.

One Trustpilot user writes, “This is the second time I order something from Boomf. First time I order a Bomb Card and second time a Ta-Dah Card. Really happy with both cards, easy to personalise. The delivery was really quick.”

Turning to Instagram, there are thousands of videos in many languages, showing happy reactions to a Boomf card. From the Ta-Dah Card to the Cannon Card and Flutter Card, people from kids to grandparents have a lot of fun and great reactions.

A happy customer shares a video and this message, “Emily with her 10th Birthday @boomf cube bomb this morning. Brilliant idea and great reactions caught on video.

Customers on give the company 3.9/5 stars from over 5,000 reviews. They like the fast delivery and how it makes the recipient laugh. According to them, Boomf cards bring good energy to a gathering and set a celebratory mood. There are only one or two reports of a failed confetti launch, which their customer service team responded to with the goal to resolve.

Is Boomf Worth It?

Boomf Cards Review

From what this Boomf cards review has seen and read, the brand is 100% worth it. Delivery times are longer if you’re outside the UK, but they’re still reasonable, and it’s no excuse not to get a card for an upcoming celebration. You just have to plan a couple weeks in advance.

When it comes to the Boomf Explosion Gift Box, and really all of their items, customers are in love and have almost as much fun as the person opening the card when they record the reaction. The tactile and physical effect of a Boomf card sets a fun, celebratory mood and almost always brings a smile—or sometimes a startled cry—from the person opening it.

Boomf Promotions & Discounts

Boomf Cards Review

While there are no Boomf promo codes at the time of this review, there is a huge range of discounted gift boxes. Visit the ‘gift box’ section of and find 12 items on sale

This Boomf cards review learned that unfortunately, the brand is no longer running their refer-a-friend program. 

Where to Buy Boomf

Boomf Cards Review

You can order Boomf’s products exclusively through their website. For corporate and bulk orders (like gifts for employees, branded marshmallows for launch parties, or even weddings), the company has a special order form to fill out online. 

There are similar gift card items sold on 3rd party websites like Amazon, but they are imitations and not the real deal. Make sure that the Boomf exploding gift box you’re interested in is sold through an official platform! 


Boomf Cards Review

Who owns the company Boomf?

Boomf is owned by James Middleton, brother to Kate (the Duchess of Cambridge). He founded the company in 2013 with business partner Andy Bell.

How much does a Boomf card cost?

After going through the best-selling options, this Boomf cards review found the cost varies within about a 5 dollar range. Expect to pay between $10 and $15 for a single card and $15 to $25 for a Boomf gift box.

How long does Boomf take to deliver?

That depends on where you order from! Thankfully, Boomf delivers worldwide. In North America, for example, it might take 1 to 2 weeks for your Boomf confetti box or any other item to arrive. In the UK, if you order by 2 PM BST on a business day, your delivery starts that afternoon.

What is Boomf’s Return Policy?

Boomf’s return policy is fairly reasonable. You can only cancel an order if they have not delivered it within 28 business days, or if you received a defective product. Buyers have up to 14 days to request a refund or replacement by contacting [email protected]

The brand will waive shipping or re-delivery charges, but the item must be sent back in the packaging it came with. Cards, confectionery, or gifts that are ruined as a result of your own error (uploading the wrong photo, misspelling messages, or physically damaging them while opening) do not qualify. 

How to Contact Boomf Customer Service

For any other inquiries, this Boomf cards review recommends using one of the following methods listed below: 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Call: 44-(0)1183-218-921
  • Check out the FAQ on the brand’s Zen Desk 
  • Use the live chat on their website (weekdays, 9:30 AM–5:30 PM BST) 

If you prefer a more traditional approach of getting in touch, send mail directly to London SW1A 1AA, United Kingdom…kidding! (That’s the address to Buckingham Palace.)

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