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4Patriots Review

Need to pick up a few outdoor supplies? 4Patriots has you covered. With a heavy emphasis on Americana, this online company specializes in survivalist equipment, camping necessities, and gardening tools.

Garnering a following of over 36k on Instagram, 4Patriots has been spotlighted by several media outlets, including Complex, Yahoo News, The Daily Beast, and Entrepreneur.

For those curious about learning more about this brand, look no further than this 4Patriots review. We’ll take a closer look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if it’s worth checking out.

Overview of 4Patriots

4Patriots Review

It all started with a love for America. But, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Founders Allen and Erin Baler found themselves unimpressed by the cold, corporate nature that the United States thrived upon.

In the midst of big chain stores like Walmart and Target, the pair decided to bring back the soul by opening up their own independent shop. 4Patriots made its official debut in 2008, operating on a small shoestring budget.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, this American-based store is passionate about embodying the qualities of independence, freedom, and pride throughout its products. The company also states that it tries to find the same in their employees while maintaining the importance of the Golden Rule.

4Patriots also has a side blog dedicated to survival tips and sharing opinions about American issues and politics. Some articles include “Best and Worst Ready-to-Eat Survival Foods” and “Do you know what it takes to be a Navy Seal?

In an inspiring quote, the company shares that 4Patriots is all about community: here at 4Patriots, we’re proud of our purpose, our products and our people. We’re grateful to our customers and thrilled that we have been able to impact the lives of so many people. And we’re excited about what the future holds.

4Patriots Review

The brand holds true to this standard, and frequently supports veterans and their families, such as through the Fisher House Organization. Now that you know more about the company and how it started, this 4Patriots review will go over a few highlights:


  • A variety of camping, survival, and gardening products to choose from
  • Offers a health store carrying superfoods and supplements
  • 4Patriots donates to multiple charities such as the Fisher House Organization
  • Has a side blog dedicated to social issues and survival tips
  • Free shipping and handling on orders $97 or more
4Patriots Review

It’s always a good idea to be prepared. Whether it’s for a camping trip or the impending apocalypse, a fully-stocked pantry of canned foods and survivalist tools can help you breathe a bit.

Fortunately, 4Patriots has you covered when it comes to outdoor necessities. Customers can peruse through a wide collection of solar generators, emergency food kits, and water filtration devices.

If you’ve decided to leave your ‘tinfoil hat’ at home, the brand also sells camp gear and home & garden supplies. Need a sneak peek? Let this 4Patriots review do all the talking—we’ll spotlight a few of its best-selling items that might pique your interest.

4Patriots Review

Be like Michonne: prepare for the walking dead. While it’s nearly impossible to have a zombie outbreak in the future, there’s always that 1% chance. Suited for those bunker days, this American-based company holds all the goods when it comes to food.

From a 4-week kit to a set of emergency snack bars, this 4Patriots review will highlight a few of its most popular items down below.

4Patriots 72-Hour Survival Food Kit Review

Let’s be real. You won’t expect a five-star dining experience when it comes to living in disaster situations. But, there’s no need to binge on flavorless gruel and canned beans. The 72-Hour Survival Food Kit features all of your favorite comfort meals.

This 3-day supply includes one pack each of America’s Finest Mac & Cheese, Creamy Rice & Vegetable Dinner, and Grammy’s Sweet Oatmeal.

If portioned properly, this 4Patriots food bundle allows for 16 servings in total. Providing 3,760 calories, there’s no need to worry about rationing or saving your energy.

It’s also designed to last up to a whopping 25 years. Fit for snowstorms, tornados, and other dire emergencies, keep you and your family fed with the 72-Hour Survival Food Kit for $27.

4Patriots Power Cell Review

In every movie, television show, and video game, there’s always the scene of finding the backup generator. And in the midst of finding said energy source, our characters are usually attacked by zombies or blocked by impending obstacles. While it’s all just a matter of fiction, we can at least save the hassle of combing through dozens of areas by having a generator by our side.

This online brand sells a variety of power cells, including solar grids, lighting fixtures, batteries, flashlights, and more. Moving forward, this 4Patriots review will gloss over a few fan favorites within this category.

4Patriots Patriot Power Cell 4 Pack Review

There are no electrical sockets in the wilderness. I know—it’s shocking, isn’t it? In case your phone is on its last bar, charge it back to 100% with the Patriot Power Cell 4 Pack battery. By using the sun’s energy, survivalists and campers don’t need to worry about saving the last few minutes of text time or calling.

This 4Patriots power cell comes equipped with two USB ports that can charge two phones simultaneously. In case of accidental drops or rainfall, its patented design ensures no water damage.

It also doesn’t hurt that the case features a built-in flashlight for emergency situations. Packed with 8,000 mAh units in each charge, the Patriot Power Cell 4 Pack costs $99.

4Patriots Patriot Power Cell 1 Pack Review

Make sure you have enough charge for that emergency call with the Patriot Power Cell 1 Pack. Designed with two USB ports, this survivalist necessity keeps users ‘on the line’ in case of disasters or urgent situations.

It also features a water repellent exterior and a flashlight, which makes this 4Patriots solar charger case miles away from your ordinary portable battery. Not to mention the SOS flasher for when you urgently need help.

According to the website, this 4patriots phone charger completely sold out in a couple of hours in 2017—a year purged with blizzards, wildfires, and outages. With that in mind, be prepared for the next incoming crisis with the Patriot Power Cell 1 Pack for just $30.

4Patriots Patriot Power Generator 1800 Review 

There’s no need to make that trip to your local gas station. The Patriot Power Generator 1800 relies on the sun as its main energy source. Considered the best alternative to diesel-run engines, this machine keeps the light on in case of outages and blackouts.

It’s strong enough to charge fridges, ovens, and other electrical units, so users don’t have to bust out those archaic candles in order to see. It’ll come with a free 100W solar panel, as well as gifts (including food!).

This 4Patriots solar generator features 28% more storage and 52% more power than its predecessor. Compact, whisper-silent, and portable, go with the reliable option with the Patriot Power Generator 1800 for $2,497.

4Patriots Patriot Power Sidekick™ Review

When the world goes off, make sure that your house stays on with the Patriot Power Sidekick™ generator. Considered a great model to accompany the brand’s Generator 1800 engine, this portable battery takes care of booting up your phone, laptop, radio, and other electronic devices.

It holds a whopping 300-watt capacity and comes with eight USB ports for extra efficiency. It comes with a free solar panel and digital report.

The 4patriots mini solar cell acts as a great camping or road trip necessity. Prevent that dreaded 1% red charge, as the Patriot Power Sidekick™ generator can get you back into the green zone for $497.

4Patriots Flashlight Review

Candles are for romance only. In case of emergencies, it’s best to use a trusty flashlight to help pave the way. As of lately, this brand only carries one model within this category. This 4Patriots review will take a look at this best-selling prototype. Let’s dive right in.

4Patriots HaloXT Tactical Flashlight Review

Ditch that Shakespearean-esque lantern. It’s time to move onto the twentieth century. The HaloXT Tactical Flashlight is powered by sunlight instead of those archaic double-A batteries.

If it calls for rainy days, this model also comes with a USB port for additional charging. Built with a waterproof exterior and durable aluminum alloy, this bad boy will last through accidental drops and falls.

Compared to your average model, this 4Patriots flashlight features nine different functions, including a seat belt cutter, a red SOS signal, a glass breaker, and more. Be the hero in your own survivalist drama with the HaloXT Tactical Flashlight for $30.

How Long Does 4Patriots Food Last?

4Patriots Review

Perhaps it’s time to ditch those stale grains and cans of salty Spam. According to its website, the brand’s meal packs can last for up to 25 years. This includes such bundles like the 4Patriots 72-hour survival food kit.

It’s worth noting that all of the brand’s products are dependent on proper storage. This means stowing it away in cool and dry areas. Excess heat and moisture may decrease its shelf life in the future.

Is 4Patriots Food Freeze Dried?

4Patriots Review

Yes! All 4Patriots survival food is freeze-dried to ensure its longevity and quality. The brand states that its kits are packaged using a low-heat dehydration process. Afterward, it’s concealed in a durable Mylar bag that’s suctioned with an oxygen absorber. This ensures no moisture or light penetrates through each meal pack.

How Long Does The 4Patriots Power Cell Last?

4Patriots Review

This 4Patriots review found out that the company’s power cells last for up to five years in terms of use. According to the brand, users can charge and drain their solar batteries 500 times. If you have more questions about its portable generators, we suggest hopping over to the website for additional details.

Who Is 4Patriots For?

4Patriots Review

After combing through its website, this 4Patriots review got a general sense of who its products are for. It seems that this online brand is suited for the older demographic—more specifically, parents. Since its merchandise is catered for individuals that love the great outdoors, people who find themselves camping and scouting may find its inventory useful.

There’s also the fact that 4Patriots specialize in survivalist equipment. With that in mind, people who live in disaster-prone areas are considered its prime customers. It’s worth mentioning that this brand is very American-centric, meaning that it leans towards a more conservative, nationalist audience.

Comparison: 4Patriots vs. My Patriot Supply

4Patriots Review

It’s time to pit 4Patriots against its considered rival: My Patriot Supply. After doing a bit of research, this review compiled a list of similarities and differences between these two survivalist stores. It’s ultimately up to you to decide which brand is the reigning American champion:


  • Both stores supply survival food, water filtration devices, and charging units
  • Are American-based brands
  • Side blog dedicated to survival tips
  • Offer the same price range when it comes to food and generators


  • 4Patriots offers gardening supplies and camping gear 

4Patriots Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

4Patriots Review

We searched high and low to see what customers are saying about 4Patriot products. From what we’ve gathered so far, it seems that this American-based brand is raising a green flag of buyer approval. 

The company website hosts a total of 8,170 testimonials with an impressive score of 5/5 stars. A majority of commenters found the brand’s items reliable and useful to have in case of dire emergencies. This is especially towards the food kits.

‘I’ve been through several major hurricanes (Cat 4 & 5) and have gone without food on a couple of occasions (too late to the store). The 4 week food plan provides everything our family needs to to survive during a catastrophic event,” one customer inspiringly wrote for the 4-Week Survival Food Kit.

Amazon showcases a few rave reviews for 4Patriot’s survival collection. This includes:

  • The 72-hour Survival Food Kit: 877 ratings with a 4.5/5 star ranking 
  • The 4-Week Survival Food Kit: 898 ratings with a 4.5/5 star ranking
  • The 4Patriots solar battery phone charger: 295 ratings with a 4.3/5 star ranking
4Patriots Review

Across multiple testimonials, dozens of customers found the brand’s food kits surprisingly delicious and easy to cook. Others praised the 4Patriots solar phone charger to be functional, durable, and convenient during camping trips.

“I love this thing. Went camping for 4 days and maintained my phone charged. I also do endurance riding, so I’m out in the wilderness for hours. It’s comforting to know my phone will always be charged,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.

Independent blogs, such as The Prepared, also left favorable reviews towards this brand. The author noted the convenience of its meal kits, as they had a long shelf life of up to 25 years. Other salient points included the taste and how quickly their shipping times are.

Take this excerpt from the article: “One of the selling points of these kits is that they offer long-lasting, somewhat flavorful, easy to prepare meals.” 

Despite the hype, this 4Patriots review uncovered a few less than savory testimonials while doing its research. According to The Prepared, the author found its meal packs expensive compared to other brands like Emergency Essentials.

4Patriots Review

Additionally, the Better Business Bureau holds 132 complaints, which mostly deal with inadequate customer service, delayed deliveries, and problems ordering on the website. One shopper also noted defective products:

“I bought two flashlights that wouldn’t hold a charge. I called customer service and they told me I could return them. They never issued a refund.”

Despite such complaints, the company has earned a solid 4.64/5-star rating from more than 500 shoppers, as well as an A+ from the BBB itself. This leads us to believe that poor experiences are rare, though we wish we came across fewer of them.

All in all, this 4Patriots review found a majority of pro testimonials over customer complaints. This is thanks to its hefty comments section on Amazon for their meal kits and phone chargers.

Is 4Patriots Worth It?

4Patriots Review

If you’re in the market for survivalist goods, this 4Patriots review readily recommends this brand. It offers a great selection of camping gear and emergency supplies. From solar-powered generators to family meal kits, customers can peruse through a large collection of goods fit for pantry or road trip needs.

Overall, we like how versatile and functional its products are. This is especially towards the 25-year food packs and multi-use flashlights. 

While it may seem like it profits out of paranoia, you may find yourself regretting that initial hesitancy during an emergency situation. More often than not, disaster strikes when we’re not looking, so it’s always a good idea to come prepared. For a brand that only holds the essentials, 4Patriots has your back when it comes to basic survival.

4Patriots Promotions & Discounts

4Patriots Review

This 4Patriots review found a few ways for you to save money on the brand’s website:

  • BOGO sale on the survival food collection
  • Military and senior discount for $5 off shipping

From time to time, the brand hosts a monthly promotion, so it’s best to follow its social media handles for updates.

Where to Buy 4Patriots

4Patriots Review

Customers can purchase the brand’s products by heading over to You can also find them at select retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.


4Patriots Review

Where is 4Patriots made?

This 4Patriots review found out that the brand’s products are made in Utah. As a side note, its headquarters are located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Does 4Patriots food taste good?

A majority of customers found the company’s meal kits to be delicious. On the other hand, some bloggers and reviewers noted its food packs are quite bland.

How do you charge a 4Patriots power cell? 

Customers must simply place their power cells in the sun to let them charge. We recommend reading the product’s manual for further specifics.

What is 4Patriots’s Shipping Policy?

This 4Patriots review is happy to report that the brand offers free shipping on orders that total $97 or more. To help monitor the status of your purchase, the company will issue a tracking number alongside your confirmation email. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide international deliveries to countries outside of Canada and the United States.

What is 4Patriots’s Return Policy?

4Patriots offers a 365-day window for customers to send back their orders. Sadly, it does not cover return shipping costs—it is the buyer’s responsibility to do so. To initiate this process, users must contact the brand for further instructions.

How to Contact 4Patriots

For inquiries unrelated to this 4Patriots review, you can contact the company through:

  • Phone number: 1-800-304-4202
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Using the live chat function on its website
  • Mailing address: 2920 Berry Hill Dr., Suite 300, Nashville, TN 37204

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I purchased the 3 mo survival kit but I dont find any coffee. Is coffee included?

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Are all the items featured made in the USA?

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Any thoughts on how to cook single servings. I live in earthquake country and I’m a single man. Cooking a whole package presents a storage issue.
I got the 4 week food package but it did not have a solar water heater.

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