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Xtratuf Boots Review

Cold, wet, and icy weather equals frozen toes, wet feet, and slippery terrain. This Xtratuf boots review will showcase their Alaskan proven footwear; 100% waterproof, flexible, and durable to beat the toughest of conditions. The brand designs fishing shoes and boots for men, women, and kids that can be worn in a variety of outdoor terrains.

Xtratuf has a pro team of fishermen and water lovers, who put their shoes and boots to the test every day. The company values their real-life product testing and the insights gathered by their team. Xtratuf footwear is featured in SNEWS, SGB Media, and Canadian Great Outdoors. Xtratuf is a well known retailer that customers trust, but is it the right brand for you?

This Xtratuf boots review will take you on an in-depth look at the brand, their top sellers, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their footwear is worth the buy.

Overview of Xtratuf

Xtratuf Boots Review

Xtratuf designs tough, Alaskan proven footwear. You don’t need to be a professional fisherman and work in the Alaskan waters to take advantage of the benefits of these latex neoprene boots and shoes. Fishing hobbyists, hunters, and regular folk turn to Xtratuf, particularly in the coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest. These boots and shoes are a catch for those who spend time in the great outdoors.

Founded in the 1950s by BG Goodrich, Xtratuf footwear was originally designed for commercial fishermen. The company is now owned by Honeywell Safety Products, with Xtratuf boots and shoes manufactured at the Honeywell facility in China.

Xtratuf’s mission is to provide reliable footwear that can hold up to harsh outdoor conditions; from navigating slippery wharfs and boat decks, to crossing rivers and trudging through mud on hiking and hunting trips. Xtratuf aims to keep your feet comfortably dry, and to keep you protected in the rugged and wild parts of outdoor life.

Xtratuf Boots Review

Before we get into some top selling footwear, here are the highlights of this Xtratuf boots review: 


  • 100% waterproof and slip-resistant neoprene boots
  • Winter boots are warm down to -10°F / -23°C
  • Comfortable insoles that reduce moisture and keep your feet dry
  • Triple-dipped for protection against acid and other chemicals
  • XPRESSCOOL™ lining for breathability
  • Light and flexible with arch support
  • Salmon Sister collection adds fun styles to the traditional designs


  • The cost is high for rubber boots, though they are well built with benefits and features unlike regular pairs
  • Current possibility of shipment delays

Xtratuf specializes in deck boots, deck shoes, and drainage shoes. They also sell clothing and gear. Customers can choose between boots in ankle, mid, and tall lengths. This Xtratuf boots review will feature bestsellers for men, women, and kids.

Xtratuf Fishing Boots Review

Xtratuf Boots Review

Xtratuf rubber fishing boots have a slip-resistant chevron outsole to keep you anchored to the deck, hiking trail, or wherever you’re donning them. The boots are also chemical resistant, with a triple-dipped shell that protects your feet from chemicals, acids, and other contaminants. 

These Xtratuf boots feature 100% waterproof latex neoprene designed for comfortable wear all day. They’re ozone resistant, soft, lightweight, and pliable. They’re also cushioned with arch support to help fight fatigue and stress on your legs and the back.

Xtratuf fishing boots come in a variety of models designed for specific wearers, from commercial fishermen to sport and recreational applications. The Legacy Boot is one of Xtratuf’s most popular models. This Xtratuf review gives you an inside look at different versions of this versatile fishing boot:

15 in. Legacy Boot

The 15 in. Legacy Boot is an Alaskan staple and a go-to for many commercial fishermen across the Pacific Northwest. The Xtratuf men’s muck boots, also available for women, are not just for fishing. You can use them for hunting early in the morning when you’re walking in the dew drenched forest, or in the water when you’re out on the hunt for ducks. 

You can splash your way across all kinds of wet terrain with these tall Xtratuf rain boots. The 15 in. Legacy Boot is available in adult brown and black versions for $135. Xtratuf also offers their iconic boot in some limited edition colors for women and girls as well (stay tuned for those).

15 in. Insulated Legacy Boot

The Insulated Legacy Boot is as tough as Xtratuf gets. It still has the slip-resistant chevron outsole, and the men’s has been upgraded to achieve an SRC rating, the highest level for safety footwear and slip resistance. Designed for winter fishing, this heavy-duty boot will keep you safe from falling on the deck and injuring yourself, or worse, falling in the frigid and deadly waters.

This winter wear features polymeric foam insulation for comfort down to -10°F / -23°C. These men’s and women’s muck boots can also be worn for hunting and hiking in cold weather. The 15 in. Insulated Legacy Boot will keep your feet nice and warm as you’re trekking through rain and ice. They’re available in this shade only. The women’s sells for $155 and the men’s sells for $170

Salmon Sisters 15 in. Legacy Boot

Xtratuf’s Salmon Sisters collection for women and girls adds a bit of feminine charm to Xtratuf boots. The Salmon Sisters 15 in. Legacy Boot baits you in with its cute inner lining. You can stand out in these women’s waterproof boots with octopus, anchor and mermaid, salmon, kelp, whale, and jellyfish, patterns. 

The inner lining of the Salmon Sisters 15 in. Legacy Boot can be flipped down to different lengths. They’re only available in brown, but the whale and jellyfish patterns have a sweet blue outsole to match the inner lining. This special Xtratuf boot retails at $145.

Xtratuf Deck Boots Review

Xtratuf Deck Boots Review

Xtratuf deck boots are built with many of the same features as the fishing boots. Like with the fisherman’s boots, Xtratuf deck boots provide traction in wet and slippery conditions to keep you safe and prevent falls. They’re similarly waterproof with a slip-resistant chevron outsole, with added breathable XPRESSCOOL™ insoles to reduce moisture and keep your feet dry

Xtratuf offers a range of deck boot designs for different users in the industry, like off-shore anglers, boatyard workers, and sport fishermen, as well as versions for more casual fishing applications. We’ll take a look at Xtratuf’s most sought-after deck boot:  

6 In. Ankle Deck Boot

Xtratuf’s ankle-length deck boots have convenient pull-on tabs that enable you to quickly slip them on. These comfortable and lightweight boots are constructed with hand-laid rubber, so they’re not not recommended for commercial fishing applications. You can get a commercial grade version of these deck boots, though: the Wheelhouse collection features Xtratuf’s upgraded SRC-rated outsole.

For non-commercial applications, the 6 in. Ankle Deck Boot does the job for working in wet environments. These Xtratuf waterproof boots are less cumbersome than the traditional fishing boots. The deck boots come in a ton of different colors as well, like these black waterproof boots with scales.

The 6 in. Ankle Deck Boot is priced at $95, and the commercial-grade Wheelhouse collection is offered for $120. You can get these in green and orange camo, grey, maroon, and other attractive shades. They’re also available in waterproof leather ($125) for life off of the water, like repairing boats and mending nets in the dockyard.

Xtratuf Fishing Shoes Review

Xtratuf Boots Review

Fishing shoes are great for slippery surfaces and keeping you on your feet. Their slip-resistant soles help keep you from falling, and drainage shoes dry quickly once you’re out of the water, so you’re not stuck with soakers all day. 

Xtratuf fishing shoes come in waterproof, water-repelling canvas, and perforated nubuck leather designs. The canvas and leather versions are pretty stylish and can be worn with casual outfits when you’re off the water. This Xtratuf boots review will expand into some of the brand’s top selling fishing shoes:  

Waterproof Slip-On Deck Shoe

Who needs big clunky rubber boots on a leisure boat? These deck shoes are great for personal watercraft. The Waterproof Slip-On Deck Shoe is 100% waterproof and built with an XPRESSCOOL™ lining to keep your feet dry and warm. The deck shoe features a neoprene and rubber upper and the same slip-resistant chevron outsole as the Legacy boots, with a snug fit that prevents water from dripping into your shoe. 

The Waterproof Slip-On Deck Shoe has a pull tab for easy on and off so you can slip into and out of them with no fuss. This deck shoe is available in seafoam for women, and men have the choice between red/navy and white/grey for $85

Kryptek Spindrift Drainage Shoe

The Kryptek Spindrift Drainage Shoe is perfect for anglers, whether you’re the wire man, poling the flats or throwing swimbaits out into the water. If you’re planning to drag your boat to shore and you’ll be walking along the seabed, quick-drying drainage shoes are the way to go. 

The Kryptek Spindrift Drainage Shoe has a perforated molded EVA insole for comfort and a drainage outsole with 100% breathable quick dry mesh. The men’s drainage shoe comes in two versions of blue, midnight and indigo, and women can choose between midnight/seafoam and white/seafoam. All versions of the Kryptek Spindrift Drainage Shoe are on final sale for $39, discounted from $85.

Xtratuf Kids Boots Review

Xtratuf Kids Boots Review

Kids are always saying mom, dad, can I come with you? They want to be out there with you, and even if you can’t take them aboard a fishing vessel, giving them a matching pair of Xtratuf boots can make them feel just like mom or dad. 

When bringing your kids along on a fishing trip or canoeing trip, you’ll want them safe and secure on their sometimes not so solid legs. The waterproof Xtratuf slip-resistant boots for kids can help out with that. These boots are also great for spring weather when you just can’t keep them out of the mud. 

Xtratuf muck boots for kids are available in the Legacy and Insulated Legacy versions, including Salmon Sister choices for little ladies. There’s even a soft Legacy bootie for babies to get them used to the Xtratuf lifestyle. We’ll take a look at the most popular choices for kids in this Xtratuf boots review:

Little Kid and Big Kid 8 in. Legacy Boot

The 8 in. Legacy Boot for kids has all the same features as the adult version. The mini Legacy is 100% waterproof and slip-resistant with full rubber coverage. It’s available in Little Kid and Big Kid models in brown for $40 (Little) or $45 (Big). Kids, well young kids anyway, dig looking like their parents and they might just get an extra kick out of that.

Salmon Sister Little Kid and Big Kid 8 in. Legacy Boot

Maybe you have a daughter who likes to match her mom, or she just wants some pretty patterned rain boots. The Salmon Sister 8 in. Legacy Boot is available in Little Kid and Big Kid models, featuring a brown body, a light blue outsole, and a funky jellyfish print. This mini Salmon Sister boot is priced at $53 for both versions.

Xtratuf Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Xtratuf Boots Review

This Xtratuf boots review found that customers can leave feedback on the product pages online. We focused on the Xtratuf boots review for the Men’s 15 in. Legacy Boot, which has a 4.6/5-star rating from 63 customers. Some of the positive comments spoke of comfort, staying dry, quality, and good fit. Some of the negative reviews mentioned…Well, we’re not sure. When we tried moving through the different review pages, the site kept displaying the results from the first review page.

We found an Xtratuf boots review page on Amazon as well. The men’s deck shoe has an average 4.4/5 stars out of 49 reviews. Happy customers were pleased with the fit, comfort, and breathability of the shoe. The few dissatisfied customers reported sweaty feet and that the boots didn’t last. 

Finally, we went to Bass Pro Shops to check out their Xtratuf boots review. This time we looked at the Salmon Sister Legacy Boot. On this site, the Xtratuf boot has 5/5 stars out of three reviews, but we couldn’t find any comments.

Are Xtratuf Boots and Shoes Worth It?

Xtratuf Boots Review

The “Alaskan sneaker” makers have 70 years of knowledge and experience behind them. The footwear holds up to the harshest of weather conditions. They can be used for commercial fishing, regular and sport fishing, hunting, snowmobiling (winter boots), as everyday winter boots, for jumping in puddles, staying safe and steady on your feet when working in wet environments, etc. 

Xtratuf boots clearly have a lot of applications. Even though they’re pricier compared to the average pair, you can get a lot of use out of their performance features, unlike the average rain boot. Xtratuf footwear is proven and performance tested, with their pro team continuously providing feedback to improve the products.

Most Xtratuf reviews are highly positive, and the fact that they’re favored among commercial fishermen says a lot about their make. If your goal is to stay dry, remain standing, and be comfortable and warm in your rubbers, Xtratuf boots and shoes are definitely worth it.

Xtratuf Promotions & Discounts 

Xtratuf Boots Review

Our Xtratuf boots review found that when you visit the website, a pop-up menu appears where you can enter your email address and get 10% of your first order. The offer excludes sale items. This Xtratuf boots and shoes review couldn’t find any other promotions apart from the sales sections. 

You can access their sale items by going to either the MEN or WOMEN menu and clicking on SALE at the bottom left under FEATURE. The Xtratuf muck boots sale items are for men and women only. There is no sale section for kids.

Where to Buy Xtratuf Boots

Xtratuf Boots Review

You can purchase Xtratuf footwear on their website, This Xtratuf boots review also found a limited selection available on Amazon, Bass Pro Shops, Huckberry, and Walmart.


Where are Xtratuf boots made?

In 2011, Honeywell closed their plant in Rock Island, Illinois and moved production of Xtratuf boots and shoes to China. That was unfortunate because this was the last rubber footwear manufactured in North America.

What sizes does Xtratuf have? 

According to our Xtratuf boots review, the company doesn’t sell half sizes. They suggest that you go a size up if you normally wear half size shoes or boots. They offer the following sizes:

  • Men: 7 to 15
  • Women: 5 to 11
  • Kids: 1 to 4

Are Xtratuf boots good for winter?

Xtratuf offers a line of winter insulated boots that are good for wear down to -10°F / -23°C. They were built for wear in Alaska, so you can bet they’ll be good for just about any winter conditions. They’re waterproof, so you can wear them as a wet-weather boot on the water, or as your everyday winter boot on land.

What is Xtratuf’s Shipping Policy?

Xtratuf ships within the continental US. If you’re outside this area, go with one of their third-party sellers. Xtratuf offers free shipping and returns through UPS ground. Shipping is not available for PO boxes.

Order Placement DateShip Out Date
M-F before 2:00 p.m. ETWithin 2 business days
M-F after 2:00 p.m. ETWithin 3 business days
Sat-SunFollowing Tuesday
Xtratuf Delivery Schedule

Note that there may be delays in order shipments and/or return processing. Xtratuf is also currently tasked with making N-95 Respirator Masks.

What is Xtratuf’s Return Policy?

Xtratuf provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you have 30 days to return your items with no questions asked, with no shipping or restocking fees. The product should be in new condition with the original packing material, tags, and labels in place. There are no returns on PPE products.

How to Contact Xtratuf

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this Xtratuf boots review, you can contact them via:

Customer Service Hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET. Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET.

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Becky L Whitney
3 years ago Reply

I ordered two pair of shoes on line. I threw away the boxes. When I went to put a pair on and walk, the backs would not stay on . I took the inserts out , but very uncomfortable, and still came off.😢

New boots
Bev Doerr
3 years ago Reply

I recently purchased a pair of your ankle boots from a young couple for $20. Still new in the box. When they advertised in a local marketplace ad I jumped at the chance. Wow, did I get lucky. Keep up the great quality boots. They are amazing. It rained a lot here yesterday, I went out and splashed around in the yard. I even posted on FB. ‘Look at my new boots’. Might I add, I will be 77 next month.

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