RM Williams Boots Review

About RM Williams

RM Williams Boots Review

RM Williams is a luxury footwear company that prides themselves on constructing their boots from a single piece of yearling leather. They rose in style and popularity when their quality became recognized as exclusive and unique along with their ethical process.

Their boots are still handcrafted in Adelaide, Australia, where they originated. With big names endorsing the brand, including Hugh Jackman and numerous Aussie politicians (including their prime minister), these luxury kicks are unquestionably distinctive, not just for their manufacturing practices but for their price.

They’ve even got a whopping 180K Instagram followers and have been featured in publications like Bloomberg, HighSnobiety, and Forbes.

Of course, with their popularity comes great responsibility and a ton of queries! The very questions this RM Williams boots review wants to find answers for, so you can decide if their high price (and their high quality leather) is worth your financial commitment.

Overview of RM Williams

RM Williams Boots Review

In 1932, a man named Reginald Murray Williams put his skills to good use and launched his own leather business. From horse riding equipment to footwear and accessories, there wasn’t a whole lot the RM Williams leather company couldn’t make. But fast forward to the future, the brand narrowed down their skills to great success.

These days, RM Williams headquarters is still located in Australia, where they continue to manufacture leather footwear and accessories. Though their ownership has changed hands to the investment company Tattarang Pty Ltd, their ethics and manufacturing practices haven’t wavered one bit.

Even though their products are impressive, it might not be enough to sell us on such high priced footwear. We’ll check out the company’s highlights, their bestsellers, and some specific customer feedback, to ensure the most thorough RM Williams boots review possible.


  • Free shipping on orders over $250
  • International shipping
  • Genuine leather
  • Handmade in Australia
  • Specialty styles made to order
  • 90-year-old company
  • Positive reviews
  • Ethical factory practices
RM Williams Boots Review

With such outstanding highlights, it becomes easier to see why folks are dropping top dollar on their footwear. But the compiled list above is just the tip of the iceberg. This RM Williams boots review still needs to talk about a few important details of the brand, including a detailed showcase of their best-selling kicks, starting with their men’s boots!

RM Williams Men’s Boots Review

With RM Williams, there’s so many products to choose from, which is why this RM Williams boots review starts with their men’s boots. With some iconic looks and some impeccable designs, this category is going to blow you away with styles and sensibility. Read on to see what we mean!

RM Williams Comfort Craftsman Boot Review

The RM Williams Comfort Craftsman Boot is a classic, refined, and simple boot that provides quality and versatility in a shoe. Made from a single piece of yearling leather, these boots feature a chiseled toe, padded heels, and elastic sides, for easy on/off wearability. Made in Adelaide, Australia, these sleek shoes can be worn formally or casually.

Complete with a rubber comfort sole, these boots come in 4 colors, including chestnut, black, dark tan, and rum. They are available in narrow, regular, or wide widths, ranging from US sizes 7-14. These boots retail for $495.

RM Williams Executive Top Boot Review

Now for the RM Williams Executive Top Boot. These tall cowboy-style leather boots have a 12” shaft and a slender toe shape, giving off attitude and ease. The stitching on the boots speaks to their intricate design, and their careful craftsmanship — these puppies are so special that they’re made to order.

WIth a leather sole and lining, these Australian-made kicks come in dark tan, a regular width, and are available in US sizes 5.5-13. They retail for $990.

RM Williams Burnished Balmoral Boot Review

The RM Williams Burnished Balmoral Boot can take you from a business meeting to a night out on the town. These ankle-high shoes come with a classic silhouette in crust leather, with a natural burnished finish and a sole and insole made from leather. 

With an inner zipper closure and rounded toe, these boots come complete with an iconic RM Williams pull tab at the back. Seriously, we can’t stop staring. Made in Australia, these sophisticated shoes come in a regular width and in US sizes 7-13. They’re available in black or mahogany, retailing for $595.

RM Williams Women’s Boots Review

Nancy Sinatra may have sung about boots that are made for walking, but RM Williams definitely brought that idea to life. With as much style and class as the men’s section, this RM Williams boots review knows you’ll be impressed with what this brand has to offer.

RM Williams Lady Yearling Boot Review

The RM Williams Lady Yearling Boot is a practical boot with a feminine flare. Along with its 2” block heel and rounded toe, these gorgeous boots can be worn formally or casually, and give off a sleek silhouette and slim profile. With elastic sides and an iconic RM Williams pull tab for easy wear, there’s nothing but adoration for these made in Australia handcrafted shoes.

Created from a single cut of yearling leather, these shoes have a rubber sole and leather upper. They come in 2 colors, black or chestnut, and are available in US sizes 5-11 with a regular width. They retail for $495.

RM Williams Urban Rickaby Shearling Boot Review

For those who live in cold climates and have to walk around town, the RM Williams Urban Rickaby Shearling Boot could keep your feet warm and toasty. With a lace up design and hammer suede upper, these gorgeous but durable boots have a waxed finish and a Vibram sole. Complete with the iconic RM Williams back tug and supportive insole, we just love these boots.

Handcrafted in Australia, the Rickaby is built for rough terrain but a look that pairs perfectly with a casual outfit. They come in cinnamon or nero, and are available in US sizes (regular width) 3-10. These boots retail for $545.

RM Williams Barton Boot Review

With a twist on modern, the RM Williams Barton Boots are the perfect footwear for everyday. Inspired by their classic Sydney design, these brightly lit teal slip-on boots are an ankle high rise with elastic sides and an easy pull tab, these simple, white rubber sole has a suede leather upper, cut from a single piece of leather.

With an Ortholite insole, round toe, and delicate stitching, the Barton boot comes in US sizes 5-11, retailing for $345.

Who Is RM Williams For? 

RM Williams Boots Review

If you believe in quality over quantity, then RM Williams boots are for you. From their branding story, this company is in it to show their customers what they do and how well they do it, especially in comparison to their competitors. But this brand has nothing to fear since there’s not many like them in their field.

It’s perfect for people who want to buy one pair of shoes every two decades, replacing them after wearing the shoes into the ground. They also grab the attention of those who like custom-made accessories or people who want a unique pair of shoes that will rarely be seen on anyone else

From what this RM Williams boots review can tell, these boots are geared towards anyone, but not everyone would appreciate their quality for the price. This is something we totally get, since the cost is quite high, and simply out of reach for many people. But if you ever get the chance to invest in a top notch pair of boots, RM Williams would certainly be the way to go.

RM Williams Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

RM Williams Boots Review

Now that you know about the best sellers RM Williams offers, it brings us to the section where we show you what their customers really think. Ranging from whether people believe the price is worth it to bragging about their good quality, this section provides you with a 360 degree look at the brand.  

First, let’s start with The Australian Boot Company, a third-party retailer who carries RM Williams boots. One of their core classics, the Comfort Craftsman, has 11 reviews and they’re all 5/5 stars, including this one from a happy customer: “I was tired of wearing uncomfy shoes to work- I’m on my feet all day in a healthcare clinic.”

They continue: “I wanted a dressier looking boot in a finer leather for work, so I invested in the Comfort Craftsman. I don’t know how many women typically buy these boots for office attire, but I can wholeheartedly recommend these as a chic Chelsea with crop pants. And they are very, very comfortable. I was literally thinking today that my feet were very happy!”

Next, we’ll look at the website called Product Review, where RM Williams has 129 reviews, including this 5-star comment from a recent customer:

“I purchased a pair of RM Williams boots online. They arrived speedily. The customer service girls was helpful, respectful, professional and efficient. This is a premium product with a premium price and premium customer service and support from a great Australian company.I’ve worn RM Williams boots all my life and I am not about to stop.”

Lastly, Google has a lot of great RM Williams boots reviews, particularly the 9 comments regarding their Gardner Boot, with an average of 4.9/5 stars: “Excellent boots. Expensive but worth every penny. My last ones lasted 8 years of pretty well constant daily use before finally giving up the ghost and they are supremely comfortable.”

That about sums it up for this section of our RM Williams boots review. It sounds to us like that price point (fairly high and quite distinctive) is for a good reason. Not only are their boots renowned for the exclusive quality that they offer, but their customer service is impeccable.

Is RM Williams Legit?

RM Williams Boots Review

Since this company began, it’s been dedicated to quality, versatility, and comfort without compromise. We understand that for the prices they’re charging, you’d want to know you’re investing in a brand that stands behind their values or if they’re just another scam trying to run away with your hard-earned money.

What we can say for certain is that the price and legitimacy of the RM Williams name is a sure thing. Between their promise to ethics, commitment to fine materials, and exclusive craftsmanship, we are sure that this company wears its heart on its sleeve and has integrity in the durability of their products.

Is RM Williams Worth It?

RM Williams Boots Review

Quality is something that is frequently compromised in today’s market. So often, you’re paying top dollar for something that isn’t made of genuine materials, ethically manufactured, or makes a huge environmental footprint. It might lead to you asking yourself why you bother spending all that money in the first place and what all the hype is about.

In the case of RM Williams, they’re a diamond in the rough. Between their genuine yearling leather and their sourcing, treatment, and manufacturing of fine quality leather goods over the years, it’s hard to discount their efforts — they really are one of a kind. They’re also still one of the last companies to hand make their footwear in the same country they originated, Australia.

Throughout this RM Williams boots review, we’ve learned plenty about this grassroots boot brand from down under, and frankly, we’re impressed.

They try their best to be leaders in their market, and those efforts are paying off. They’ve still got great reviews, top respect, and a name that is maintained as regal, admired, and loved by their customers. And that’s worth it.

RM Williams Promotions & Discounts

RM Williams Boots Review

At the moment, there aren’t any major sales happening through the RM Williams website. But, you might get lucky by finding some kind of discounted footwear on one of their third party retail platforms, or locate a promo code somewhere. 

What RM Williams does provide is a newsletter for their customers to sign up for, this will keep you up to date on upcoming sales, discounts, or promotions through the brand. 

Where to Buy RM Williams

RM Williams Boots Review

Since RM Williams has such a fantastic shipping policy that can be accessed all over the world, it’s a great idea to buy straight from their website, especially since their returns guarantee is not too shabby either. 

But sometimes you can find a deal too good to pass up, so for this RM Williams boots review, we’ve decided to supply you with a few names that host the brand’s footwear:

  • Amazon
  • Australian Boot Company
  • Tony McDonnell
  • Farfetch
  • Shop Style
  • The Stable Door
  • David Jones
  • Allingtons
  • The Iconic

If you’re curious whether there’s a store near you that sells RM Williams boots, check out their store locator tool here


RM Williams Boots Review

Who owns RM Williams?

Originally founded by Reginald Murray (RM) Williams, the current owners of the company are Tattarang Pty Ltd, which is owned by Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest. 

Does RM Williams ship internationally?

Since they ship from Australia, yes, RM Williams does ship internationally — great news for the folks who don’t live down under! They ship to a wide range of countries, including the US, the UK, the majority of western Europe, and Canada.

As with many other companies, you’ll be responsible for any duties and taxes. 

What is RM Williams’ Shipping Policy?

RM Williams ships through DHL and will provide free shipping on orders over $250. If your order is under $250, it will cost $30 to ship. Anything in stock should arrive at US addresses within 10 business days, but special order items may take between 6-8 weeks. 

What is RM Williams’ Return Policy?

As for their returns policy, RM Williams keeps it pretty standard. You have 30 days to initiate a refund through their returns portal, which will provide you with a free shipping label.

Everything must be undamaged and unworn with its original tags. When the company receives your package, it will take about 6 business days to refund your original form of payment.

How to Contact RM Williams

If this RM Williams boots review hasn’t answered all of your questions, there are two methods to get in touch with the brand:

The team at RM Williams Boots is available to help you from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am to 5 pm ACST.

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