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About Henry Rose

Henry Rose Review

Henry Rose is the clean, kind, genderless perfumery of this era, as transparent about its ingredients as the crystal clear glass bottles that hold its one-of-a-kind fragrances.

Offering a scent line that encompasses the flowery to the bold, its formulas gently boast non-toxic formulas and proudly bear the cruelty-free stamp.

The fact that Michelle Pfieffer founded the brand may have something to do with its 64K followers on Instagram, and being featured in some of the biggest publications in the world like Vogue and Allure, but its clean formula and can’t-live-without-them scents is what won two of its fragrances Allure’s Best of Beauty Awards in 2020 and 2021. 

Ready to experience all that this brand has in store? Keep reading this Henry Rose review. Ahead, we’ll fill you in on all of the dreamy details about the brand and its distinctive scents, blend in some answers to the FAQs, and spritz on a potent dose of customer feedback—all to help you decide if it’s something you’d like to try out. 

Overview of Henry Rose

Henry Rose Review

The world of fragrance can be a dark place despite possessing so much meaning, bringing so much joy, and creating many new feelings. Ever unwrapped a brand new fragrance? Then you know there are no ingredients on the box, nor printed finely on the mesmerizing glass bottle. 

We accept fragrance for what it is. It makes us feel good and is made by our favorite high fashion brands and celebrities. End of story. Until we discovered there was something more to learn. 

Transparency in fragrance companies is only just starting to become a thing, which is odd considering clean beauty products made their mark in the mainstream market, shown 50 years ago by Covergirl’s Clean Beauty campaign. 

Fragrance, on the other hand, has been one of two things. Completely natural and made of essential oils or full of carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. Henry Rose was created to help clean fragrance make its own mark, and bring awareness to the toxins hiding in your favorite scent. 

Founded by Michelle Pfiefer in 2019, the California-based brand sheds light on traditional perfumes and provides an alternative that isn’t just clean, it brings along its own addictive scent profiles, creating something you can feel good about wearing day after day. 

In the coming sections, this Henry Rose review will  introduce you to the brand’s complete fragrance collection. For now, have a look through its highlights to get a feel for what it’s all about: 


  • Good variety of scents (spicy, citrusy, fresh, so on)
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Free of known & suspected carcinogens and endocrine disruptors
  • 90% glass bottles
  • Transparent about ingredients
  • $20 credit when you buy the Discovery Set
  • Free shipping for $75+ (continental US only)
  • Payment plans available
Henry Rose Review

With 9 varied perfumes, this stirring fragrance brand creates fluidity in your home, offering its scents in both bath & body collections alongside candles and diffusers oil. 

Coming up in the next section of this Henry Rose review, we’ll be focusing on its Eau de Parfums alone in everyday bottles and travel-friendly sizes. 

Henry Rose Perfume Review

Covering all the corners of the senses, space, and time, the brand formulates a mix of spicy, citrus, floral, and sensual scent profiles, offering a total of nine dynamic fragrances. 

This Henry Rose review will showcase its best-selling scents available in 50 ml bottles, of which you’ll find all prices listed below. Following those, we’ll tell you more about the brand’s 8 ml travel spray bottles which come in every scent. 

Henry Rose Flora Carnivora Eau De Parfum Review

Shadows, poignant roses, and a dark mood, Henry Rose Flora Carnivora Eau De Parfum captures something sweet but sensual, something kind but dangerous. 

Sweet and floral at its core, this scent brings together the light and dreamy scent of orange flower water absolute with the spicy tartness of bergamot. 

Drifting through, intense jasmine brightens the creamy richness of tuberose, a curious botanical blend of which smoky cedarwood, amber, and musk round a sense of chaos into a comforting melody. A bottle is $120.

Henry Rose Jake’s House Eau De Parfum Review

For us, when stumbling across Jake’s House, we immediately thought of that effortlessly cool guy in school who had all of the best parties — and of course, he has a pool, a British accent, and tans extremely well. 

Henry Rose Jake’s House Eau De Parfum blends light notes of water with the brightness of peony, alongside the subtle musk of ambroxan to conjure up thoughts and feelings of a glorious summer day by the pool. Clean, but with substance, get the scent for $120

Henry Rose Windows Down Eau De Parfum Review

What does happiness smell like to you? To us, it’s cracking open a juicy grapefruit, sun-kissed noses, and the wind in our hair. 

Henry Rose Windows Down Eau De Parfum captures a youthful, sunny spirit, blending sweet orange flowers with citrusy neroli and the earthy scent of bergamot and fresh moss. Lively and spirited, this scent is uplifting and full of character. Pick up a bottle for $120

Henry Rose Queens & Monsters Eau De Parfum Review

A secret garden. Somewhere you’re not supposed to be. You can’t help but take in its beauty and spend a little too long amongst the rows of overflowing blooms. 

There’s a light, sweet powderiness in Henry Rose Queens & Monsters Eau De Parfum owing to the combination of fragrant violets, freesias, and jasmine. 

Under the flowers lies something deeper — a woody, creamy aroma of sandalwood and coco musk that bring those bright notes down to earth. The winner of the 2020 Allure Best of Beauty award, this sensual scent is $120.

Henry Rose Torn Eau De Parfum Review

Romantic and whimsical, Henry Rose Torn Eau De Parfum mingles the deep richness of vanilla bean and praline with the spicy musk of patchouli. Above that heat lies the poignant scents of rose and lily of the valley…it’s wet, it’s sweet, it’s green. 

It’s sort of like a heavy feeling that’s also quite freezing, like being lost in a beautiful place with the one you love during a light rain. Throw your cares out with a bottle for $120

Henry Rose Smyth Eau De Parfum Review

Salt spray on a fresh day, Henry Rose Smyth Eau De Parfum collects the feelings of soft rolling waves, the crispy crunch of green apple, and the mood of carefree affluence. 

Like a midweek day spent lounging underneath fragrant fruit trees, this scent catches ripe notes of Granny Smith apples, the cleanness of fresh water, and juicy apricot. Delicate white tea smooths out the blend alongside smoky white wood, then, cut sharply with green vetiver for a clear and distinct fragrance. Try this freeing scent for $120.

Henry Rose Last Light Eau De Parfum Review

Bare toes in the dirt along with the coolness and intrigue that dusk brings. Henry Rose Last Light Eau De Parfum calls to mind early summer evenings full of joy and playtime, with the sinking sun as your only countdown. 

Blending the soft scents of amber and white wood with an exotic hint of patchouli, this scent adds mystery to a sweet fragrance brought to life by delicate peach and leafy, green bergamot. Somewhere in the middle, rich jasmine lingers, adding an intoxicating air to this multifaceted fragrance. Get yours for $120

Henry Rose Fog Eau De Parfum Review

A damp, heaviness rolls in with the fog, not just in feeling, but in mood. Misty, hidden, grey. Henry Rose Fog Eau De Parfum bottles up that heavy feeling but pays mind to counter it with lots of light. 

Though you’ll get plenty of fresh woodsy smells from sandalwood, amber, and musk, hopeful notes of white woods and the uplifting scent of magnolia settle in the middle, giving this perfume a hopeful edge.

Through the dark, green muguet and zesty citrus pierce the scent, balancing dark with light in a meaningful battle. For the ever hopeful, Fog is $120 per bottle. 

Henry Rose Dark is Night Eau De Parfum Review

It’s intriguing the way night sinks into our bones. Wild but quiet in a way that sets our hearts on fire. Henry Rose Dark is Night Eau De Parfum entangles the energetic scent of green grass and vetiver with the sensual mood of freesia.

Hidden under layers of earth, zesty patchouli rings through, coupled with rich vanilla bean for a scent that’s airy but grounded. Grab yours for $120

Henry Rose Travel Spray Eau De Parfum Review

If you’re reading this Henry Rose review, there’s a good chance you’re in love with fragrance and we’re right there with you. 

Stashing a perfume bottle in your purse or jacket pocket isn’t always a sleek move, which is why Henry Rose Travel Spray Eau De Parfum was created, which also means you can take your favorite scent with you on weekend trips or sleepovers.

Each one of Henry Rose Travel Spray Eau De Parfums comes in an 8 ml travel-friendly version as well, one is $35.

Who is Henry Rose For? 

Henry Rose Review

You love fragrance, but you’ve become wary about what’s in traditional perfumes — even the expensive ones you can’t resist for their exotic scent blends. 

Henry Rose was created as a way to give you the best of both worlds. Its scents are free from known and suspected carcinogens and endocrine disruptors — and they’re huge fans of animals so none of their products were tested on them. 

The line offers a mix of mature and youthful scents, but typically, perfume is reserved for adults. Since this line is so clean, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be a perfect gift for a teenager looking to get into fragrance. There are no gender specifications here; whatever smells good to you is what you should pick. 

What Sets Henry Rose Apart? 

Henry Rose Review

When landing on the brand’s website for the first time, we found its slogan “transparent fine fragrances” to be true. Upon further investigation, we discovered that the transparency comes through a full list of ingredients and sources — not just scent names like other fragrance brands do. 

We were delighted to learn just how clean this brand’s perfume is, and shocked to find out how toxic others can be. Cruelty-free, clean, and hypoallergenic, Henry Rose is leagues ahead of traditional perfumes and can be worn by many who are sensitive to scents. 

Henry Rose Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Henry Rose Review

Whether you’re known as ‘the nose’ or love simple body sprays, it’s not hard to pick out a quality fragrance from a cheap selection. In this section of our Henry Rose review, we’ll check in on what the brand’s perfumes are really like by scouring the web for helpful feedback. 

To get started, we’ve rounded up a selection of ratings from

  • Flora Carnivora: 5/5 stars, 19 reviews
  • Jake’s House: 5/5 stars, 11 reviews
  • Windows Down: 5/5 stars, 9 reviews
  • Queens & Monsters: 5/5 stars, 9 reviews
  • Fog: 5/5 stars, 12 reviews

It’s not really surprising that every single scent has a 5/5 star score, but to find out why customers love the brand’s fragrances so much, we decided to take a closer look at its top-selling pick, Flora Carnivora.

One Henry Rose review that spoke of the unique scent read, “Seriously unexpected yet simply beautiful sensory experience”. We love the word unexpected here because it shows us that this perfume is so much more than words can describe. 

We found another that went a little more in-depth about the entire scent experience. It read: “Flora Carnivora won’t hit you over the head with flowers but it will engulf you in a bear hug of warm, lush and earthy flowers. The perfume is rich and powerful without being overwhelming.” 

There are so many floral perfumes that are just too much. Flora Carnivora is warm, comforting, and not overwhelming — it’s a truly wearable fragrance that’s made with intention, not just an overpowering blend of flowers. 

Next up, we floated over to a Henry Rose review on Fragrantica for its Torn Eau De Parfum where 59 of the site’s users gave this scent an overall score of 4.22/5 stars.

Since vanilla scents tend to be a love it or leave it for most folks, we chose a Henry Rose review from a user who isn’t partial to vanilla scents. It reads:

Torn completely changed my mind…It’s not cloying, the way that most vanilla perfumes are. There’s none of that synthetically sickly sweetness either. It’s just a warm, happy vanilla, like when you are baking cookies in the oven. This perfume feels like a warm hug from your best friend.

We love this as we’ve also been on the fence of typical vanilla fragrances. Reading that Torn does vanilla differently is exciting and puts it on our list of top choices.

For our final spritz of feedback, we headed over to a blog called Boldly Lauren that walked us through 5 of the brand’s 9 scents. Because Torn has now become an intrigue, we decided to include their Henry Rose review for the vanilla fragrance. It read:

This scent is beyond sensual and all-encompassing…It’s not too floral, not too warm and sweet, not too earthy, it’s just…perfect.” This is the kind of balance we’ve come to hear a lot about with the brand—meaningful scents that mingle with other surprising notes to create a perfume unlike anything else.

Fragrances will always be personal; what you love, another may put back on the shelf. From what this Henry Rose review found, the brand’s scents are adored by most who try them.

Is Henry Rose Worth It?

Henry Rose Review

Though we do our best to describe Henry Rose perfumes, we understand that scent is a personal journey and what sounds good may not always translate to your unique skin.

That’s why we appreciate that the brand offers sample kits to help identify your favorite before committing to a full bottle. 

Along with that helpful tidbit, we’ve come to appreciate all that Henry Rose stands for and what it does. Sure, we love perfume, but we’ve also had our fair share of perfume sensitivities and read up on the toxins that are normally found within them. 

Henry Rose makes perfume what it should be: clean. They leave the complicated part up to those who create the fragrance blends. A great gift for the holidays or yourself, we’d recommend giving the brand a try. 

Henry Rose Promotions & Discounts 

Henry Rose Review

Since the brand focuses on using high-quality and safe ingredients, its perfumes won’t be dirt cheap. But, they cost the same as traditional scents do, proving that without a designer label, exceptional quality doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. 

Perfume is an indulgence, one that we love diving headfirst into, so we know how easy it is to rack up a hefty total. 

To help ease the blow, we nosed around the website throughout this Henry Rose review to sniff out any deals the brand has to offer. And guess what? We found a good lot. Call us your new truffle pig and take a look at what we discovered:

  • Buy the Discovery Set and get a $20 credit towards your new favorite 50 ml fragrance
  • Get your order shipped for free when you spend over $75 (not difficult at all)
  • Free returns on orders over $75

Where to Buy Henry Rose

Henry Rose Review

When it comes to sustainability, buying right from the source is your best bet to lessen your carbon footprint. Since you’re on this Henry Rose review, we’ll take a shot in the dark and say you probably care about your body and the earth, and if so, the best place to shop is right from

Want to shop for more than fragrance? In the spirit of staying a green brand, select fragrances are available through eco-friendly companies like goop, The Conservatory, and Studio C as well. 


Henry Rose Review

Who owns Henry Rose?

None other than the beautiful and talented Michelle Pfieffer, who looks like she probably wears Torn through and through. 

Does Henry Rose ship internationally?

Not right now. If you live outside of the US, check out the Henry Rose selection on — now shipping to Canada, France, the UK, Germany, and Italy. 

Where is Henry Rose made?

Henry Rose is made in California in small batches, then poured by hand into its glass bottles. 

What is Henry Rose’s Shipping Policy?

The brand only ships to addresses within the continental US. The shipping process goes a little something like this:

  1. You spend hours deciding on which fragrance to pick (or is that just us?).
  2. Place your Henry Rose order online.
  3. If placed before 11 am EST, it ships out that day; if placed after that time, it will ship out the next business day.
  4. FedEx or USPS take it and get it to you within 2-7 business days.

If you’d like to keep an eye on your fragrance as it makes its way to you, use the tracking link included in your shipping confirmation email. Keep in mind, this link may not become active until 24-48 hours after your parcel is picked up by the carrier.

What is Henry Rose’s Return Policy?

You ordered the wrong scent — whoops! Or maybe you decided now isn’t the right time for perfume. Whatever the reason, you can return your Henry Rose order within 14 days from the time it makes it to your door. 

To make a return, you’ll need to email [email protected] and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Order number
  • Reason for return

From there, a team member will let you know what to do next, but roughly, the process entails packing your item back up and dropping it off at a local post office. 

Once Henry Rose receives your return and validates it, they’ll issue a refund within 3-4 business days. Just keep in mind that if you’re getting a full refund to a credit card or PayPal, your refund amount will be less $7 for the restocking fee, and you should see it in your account in about 10 business days. 

How to Contact Henry Rose

If you need any other information that this Henry Rose review did not include, just shoot the brand an email at [email protected]. They’ll sort out all of your concerns.

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