Wantable vs Stitch Fix Review

About Wantable

Wantable vs Stitch Fix Review

You want a new style, but you can’t find the time to peruse through rack after clothing rack. Instead of hiring a personal shopper, Wantable is a convenient alternative in the form of a subscription box. It’s home to hundreds of popular brands, including Beyond Yoga and Kut from the Kloth.

Founded by Jalem Getz in 2012, this Wisconsin-based company looks to simplify the in-store shopping process into a convenient, home try-on experience. Today, Wantable showcases an impressive 138k+ following on Instagram. It has also been featured in various media outlets, such as ABC News and PureWow.

About Stitch Fix

Wantable vs Stitch Fix Review

Also considered a headliner within the industry, Stitch Fix acts as a stylist to help you stay on top of the latest trends. This online program has the hottest designers on the market, ranging from Kate Spade to the Girlfriend Collective, and sends them in a box for customers to try out.

Fashion subscription crates are rising in popularity, and Stitch Fix is considered a front leader within the market. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that it boasts over 839k followers on Instagram.

This Californian-based brand has also caught the attention of the press, including Business Insider and NBC News. You can thank founder Katrina Lake, who established Stitch Fix in her humble Cambridge apartment in 2011.

Despite what Hollywood says, shopping sprees can’t be condensed into a 2-minute montage. If anything, it can take up an entire day. For those crunched on time, there’s a good chance that you’ve encountered Wantable and Stitch Fix as two time-savers in the industry. But here’s the real kicker—what subscription service should you opt for?

Take this Wantable vs Stitch Fix review as a sign to close those 11 tabs on your browser. I’ll keep things simple with a side-by-side comparison of these two brands that covers everything you need to consider, including price, variety, customer feedback, and product quality.

What to Consider

Wantable vs Stitch Fix Review

Target audience

Fashion subscription boxes are catered for those pressed for time. The real question lies in style and affordability. Some style crates will only cater to certain aesthetics, including athleisure, office wear, or casual apparel. Regarding value, it’s important to consider your overall budget, as some memberships can cost up to $100 per month.

Customization options

It’s worth noting that this category doesn’t just apply to fashion crates. Whether it’s skincare, makeup, or snacks, customization is always a plus to help curb disappointment. In most cases, customers can personalize their bundles, but only to a certain extent. This is usually through a filled-out style quiz, which asks you questions regarding your style preferences.

Subscription flexibility

A good subscription plan will offer some degree of flexibility. This usually entails changing delivery frequencies, editing style preferences, or if you want to switch to a new program entirely.

You should read up on some common customer feedback. That way, you can mitigate specific problems regarding cancellation or pausing memberships.

Size inclusivity

Nobody likes to feel excluded. Fashion is meant to be relatable unless you’re referring to the ‘artistic abstract’ side of clothing.

Nevertheless, all apparel brands should offer a large range of sizes, and that doesn’t just include offering XS to XL. A commendable retailer will provide measurements beyond the usual scope, which usually involves XXS, 4XL, and 5XL.

Product range

The whole point behind a subscription box is to introduce the customer to something new. The only way to do that is to offer a wide selection of options. In regards to clothing, companies should at least carry more than 20 brands. It’s also good if they provide a variation between popular retailers and more underground boutiques.


There’s nothing more disappointing than finding out that your chosen brand doesn’t ship to your location. On top of that, it’s equally dismaying if the prices aren’t as affordable as advertised. With that in mind, the company should be affordable and accessible regarding international shipping.

Sustainability practices

Considered a must-have for all clothing brands, implementing some degree of sustainability is now important for a majority of ethical shoppers. A brand that’s eco-friendly and transparent about its manufacturing processes is always a plus.

Wantable vs Stitch Fix: How Do They Work?

Wantable vs Stitch Fix Review

I don’t know about you, but reading fine print has always been the bane of my shopping experience. Readers, I’m sure that you don’t have time to comb through line after line trying to find the trip-up, and neither do I.

Fortunately, Wantable and Stitch Fix keep things simple and ‘catch-free’ when it comes to their sign-up process. It’s literally less than 10 steps, and best of all—you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Want a rundown of what each plan entails? Don’t worry; this Wantable vs Stitch Fix review has your back.


  1. Customers can choose up to five different plans (including the Style, Active, and Sleep & Body Edit).
  2. After choosing a category, you must fill out a style quiz. It’ll ask you questions regarding your measurements and clothing taste.
  3. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you’re automatically linked to The Stream. This service picks the hottest fashion trends that are catered to your preferences. This step is completely optional.
  4. Now it’s time to try on what you’ve bought! Customers have a max of 5 days to see if Stitch Fix has got it right.
  5. So, what will you keep, and what will you return? It’s worth noting that you only pay what you own, and a 20% styling fee will be applied to your order. 

Things to consider with Wantable:

  • You get seven items in total
  • Customers can choose their delivery frequencies (this ranges from ongoing, monthly, bi-monthly, or every three months)
  • Members can pause their subscriptions whenever they choose
  • You can select ‘unboxed items’ to add to your pre-existing bundle

Stitch Fix:

  1. Customers must fill out a style quiz. It’ll ask questions about clothing preferences, how you normally shop, and if you follow the latest fashion trends.
  2. Pick your price range and when you want your next delivery shipped out.
  3. Once the box has been delivered, it’s time to try out your new clothes. If you keep anything within the bundle, you will be billed $20 per item.

Things to consider with Stitch Fix:

  • You get five items in total
  • It’s not a subscription service (no monthly commitment)
  • After ordering a style box, customers will be billed a $20 styling fee (regardless if they keep anything)

Obviously, both services are drastically different when it comes to flexibility and item amount. If you’re looking for a membership that requires no commitment, I’d say that Stitch Fix is your best bet. It’s a great program for those quite new to the fashion subscription process, as it allows customers to test out the waters before pledging to ongoing deliveries.

Wantable is definitely for those who love getting monthly surprises. Ultimately, it’s the kind of service for trendsetters who frequently go shopping. This subscription plan allows some degree of flexibility, as members can change their delivery frequency whenever they choose. You also get a bang for your buck, as subscribers get a total of 7 items within their box.

Before you settle on a brand, it’s important to consider your overall shopping habits. Do you consider yourself a mall rat? Or do you only hit the clothing boutiques when holes and rips start to form? Whatever you choose, your answer will decide what online service to opt for.

Wantable vs Stitch Fix: What You Get in the Subscription Box

Wantable vs Stitch Fix Review

Sure, surprises are great—but mystery can entail some anxiety as well. For one, you don’t want to be disappointed with your monthly bundle.

As a general heads-up, Wantable and Stitch Fix offer customers a basic sense of what’s included in their next bundle. Don’t worry, there’s nothing too unexpected, as all items are hand-picked given your clothing preferences.

Products may include pants, dresses, rompers, tops, accessories, and footwear. You should know that each service offers subcategories of its clothing collection, which may be provided depending on the answers you provided in the quiz. For instance, Wantable provides four different style edits, whereas Stitch Fix has five plans in total, including maternity and men’s wear.

From what I’ve gathered so far, it seems that both brands cater to different audiences. Stitch Fix seems to be friendlier to families—which is shown through plans such as kidswear and maternity.

Wantable, on the other hand, is targeted specifically at trendsetters. It’s an ideal service for those who feel lost in deciding their overall aesthetic, as it provides customers a way to try out new styles without much commitment.

Wantable Style Edit vs Stitch Fix: Style Quizzes

Wantable vs Stitch Fix Review

Don’t worry; you don’t need to study to pass the style quiz. If anything, you’ll need a basic sense of your fashion preferences, as well as other information regarding measurements and shopping habits.

To get a basic idea of what you like, customers must fill out a quick questionnaire on Wantable and Stitch Fix. Obviously, the more ‘personal’ the questions are, the closer they’ll get to achieving that satisfied smile.

As a brief ‘cheat sheet,’ this Wantable vs Stitch Fix review will feature some questions provided by both brands.


  • What are your measurements, proportions, and body shape? This includes height, torso length, and varying sizes (hourglass, straight, etc.)
  • How often should your stylist focus on the following occasions? (trendy, work, casual, and date night)
  • How do you feel about the following styles? (may include classic, glam, rock, and boho)
  • How do you like your clothing to fit?
  • How often do you want to receive items in each of these price ranges?

Stitch Fix:

  • How do you feel about shopping?
  • How much time and effort do you put into getting the right look?
  • How often do you try out the latest styles and trends?
  • What are your measurements?
  • Is this your style? (shows outfits depending on your answers)

In both cases, customers can choose what they’d like to be included in their clothing box. You can opt out of certain garments and accessories. On top of that, members can choose what silhouettes and fits they prefer to wear, as this can range from back-revealing dresses, mini skirts, or tops that show off the shoulders.

At the end of the day, Wantable and Stitch Fix both want to get a general sense of who you are as a customer. But, after completing these two quizzes, it seems that their questions are indicative of the type of ‘fashionista’ you are. For instance, Wantable’s queries are geared for hard-core shoppers, as they automatically ask for measurements before anything else.

On the other hand, Stitch Fix wants to know if you’re into fashion or not. You can tell right off the bat with the questions they ask, such as “how often do you try out the latest styles and trends?” They also have members pick a certain category, which ranges from maternity, women’s, to kidswear. You aren’t asked this on Wantable’s style quiz.

Wantable vs Stitch Fix: Variety

Wantable vs Stitch Fix Review

Wantable and Stitch Fix act as the online version of a shopping mall—but without the foot pain that comes from walking store to store. They’re home to hundreds of acclaimed brands, which can range from popular retailers to niche, underground labels.

For instance, Wantable’s inventory includes Horizon, Spiritual Gangster, and Colosseum. Its aesthetic is divided into four different fashion edits, which I’ll briefly touch on down below:

  • The Style Edit: Considered Wantable’s most basic plan. It’s a hodgepodge of the brand’s catered aesthetics, including classic, boho, rock, and casual chic.
  • The Active Edit: Geared to workout enthusiasts and athleisure fanatics. This includes leggings, sports bras, and gym shorts.
  • The Sleep & Body Edit: Ideal for couch potatoes and homebodies, this plan includes a ‘top-drawer’ selection of loungewear, bras, panties, and lingerie.
  • The Men’s Active Edit: This is Wantable’s only men’s plan. Selecting this box includes a surprise mix of performance wear and active clothing.

For a limited time, Wantable is offering an exclusive collection of themed edits. This entails the Comfy + Cool plan, the Graceful style collection, and the Home for the Holidays set in all of their original subscriptions.

Stitch Fix is also impressive when it comes to its brand lineup. Big names include Levi’s, Kate Spade, Vans, and Adidas. As I mentioned before, its clothing collection is organized in five different plans, which include Plus size, Maternity, Petite, Menswear, and Kid’s clothing.

Like its competitor, this Wantable vs Stitch Fix review will also provide a summarized list of what each plan entails below:

  • Stitch Fix Plus: Geared for sizes 24W to 3X for women.
  • Stitch Fix Maternity: Ideal for expecting mamas. This includes clothing designed for trimesters 1 through 3. It also offers garments for post-partum and beyond.
  • Stitch Fix Petite: Sizes go as small as XS and 0 for women. They also provide options for small, plus-sized customers as well.
  • Stitch Fix for Men: Who says that Stitch Fix was for women only? They’ve got a great selection for guys as well, including brands like Ralph Lauren and Mavi.
  • Stitch Fix for Kids: This brand is definitely for all sides of the family. If you can’t be bothered to find clothes for your ever-growing child, Stitch Fix is here to save parents the headache. This includes clothing pieces for kids, tweens, teens, and toddlers.

Both companies offer tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, and footwear. After close inspection, it seems that Wantable and Stitch Fix are equally commendable when it comes to product variety. Their aesthetics are matched, too, as they cater to the ‘safe side’ of fashion that isn’t too avant-garde.

Wantable vs Stitch Fix: Price & Value

Wantable vs Stitch Fix Review

Wantable charges a $20 styling fee for each monthly box. If you decide to keep a few clothing pieces, that $20 charge will be credited back to you. It’s definitely a steal, considering that most of their garments can range from $50 to $150. You also need to keep in mind that each delivery includes seven items in total. 

There is no monthly charge for Stitch Fix. Therefore, its service operates as a one-time purchase with no auto-delivery included. Like Wantable, customers will be charged a $20 styling fee per order.

Prices will vary depending on your Stitch Fix box, so we can’t pinpoint an exact estimate for readers to compare. Although, you should know that some clothing items have an estimated retail value of $10 to $500.

I think we can all agree that Wantable and Stitch Fix are certainly worth the investment. The best thing about both of these plans is that customers don’t have to pay for the full retail cost.

Yep, that means you don’t have to shell out $100 to get a pair of Levi’s skinny jeans. But before you settle in on a brand, you should stay tuned for the next segment of this Wantable vs Stitch Fix review.

Wantable vs Stitch Fix: What Do Customers Think?

Wantable vs Stitch Fix Review

Wantable and Stitch Fix have captured the public’s attention for their convenience, affordability, and fashion taste. But, I’m not here to give in to the hype.

To help readers create a more informed decision, this Wantable vs Stitch Fix review has rounded up some ratings and common customer feedback attributed to both brands. Let’s take a quick look down below:


  • The brand’s Facebook page: 913 votes with 3.3/5 stars 
  • My Subscription Addiction: 15 votes with 2.7/5 stars
  • Sitejabber: 21 reviews with 1.67/5 stars
  • HighYa: 28 votes with 2.9/5 stars

Common customer feedback:

  • Mixed review regarding the quality of the clothing
  • Some customers didn’t like their boxes, while others did
  • A few concerns with customer service and delayed deliveries

Stitch Fix:

  • The brand’s Facebook page: 15k reviews with 3/5 stars
  • My Subscription Addiction: 255 votes with 3.5/5 stars
  • Sitejabber: 118 reviews with 2.5/5 stars
  • Consumer Affairs: 117 reviews with 3.7/5 stars

Common customer feedback:

  • Varying reviews regarding the overall convenience of Stitch Fix
  • Mixed reports about customer service and delivery
  • Some customers loved their boxes, while others were dissatisfied with what they received

Wantable vs Stitch Fix: Promotions & Discounts

Wantable vs Stitch Fix Review

Unfortunately, this Wantable vs Stitch Fix review was unsuccessful in finding any promotions or discounts offered for each brand. It seems that both companies don’t regularly offer any deals, but it’s always a good idea to keep tabs on their social media pages.

That said, Wantable will knock 20% off your order if you keep five out of seven items within your bundle. The same can be said for Stitch Fix, as customers can get 25% off their final style box if they keep all of their items.

Wantable vs Stitch Fix: Shipping & Returns

Wantable vs Stitch Fix Review

Don’t click off this Wantable vs Stitch Fix review just yet! More often than not, the ultimate deciding factor lies in the shipping and returns policy.

There’s a good chance that the company you’re gearing for doesn’t offer international delivery. On top of that, you don’t want to be disappointed in paying any exorbitant fees alongside your order, now do you?

Below, this Wantable vs Stitch Fix review has gathered a few salient points to help readers settle in on a final brand:


  • Offers free shipping on all orders
  • Doesn’t offer international delivery at this time
  • Wait times usually range from 3 to 15 business days
  • Issues a tracking number alongside a confirmation email
  • Provides customers 5 days to try out their clothes. Returns are always free
  • Members will be charged for the entire style box if they decide to keep all items
  • Unboxed items are entitled to a 60-day return window

Stitch Fix:

  • Offers free shipping on all orders
  • Provides delivery to U.S and U.K-based addresses
  • In some cases, items will be delivered in separate packages
  • Customers can choose when they’d like their style boxes to arrive
  • Members have 3 days to try out their items
  • Returns are complimentary

It’s encouraging to know that both Wantable and Stitch Fix don’t come with any hidden shipping fees. In fact, delivery is on them.

If anything, differences lie in each brand’s return policy, as well as their available locations. For those who have questions regarding their order, it’s best to contact each company directly.

Who Will You Shop With?

Wantable vs Stitch Fix Review

Subscribing to a style box comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. On one side, it simplifies the shopping process into a mere ‘click, grab, and go.’ But on the other hand, personalization can only go so far.

Some surprises aren’t worth the added convenience, as per the hundreds of mixed reviews online. With that in mind, is it really worth signing up for Wantable and Stitch Fix? The answer, in my opinion, is yes—but for two entirely different reasons.

Wantable is catered specifically to novice trendsetters. They’re the type of audience who are relatively new to the fashion game and are looking to find their unique style.

Based on the questions that the brand asks, it requires some know-how on basic style preferences and body measurements. It’s a flexible and convenient plan for shopaholics, as customers can choose the frequency of their deliveries.

Stitch Fix is targeted at those who have little to zero knowledge of basic outfit coordination. It’s an excellent service for customers who aren’t a fan of clothing shopping, as fore-mentioned in the preliminary questions it asks.

The brand keeps the sign-up process relatively simple, and best of all—there’s no commitment involved. Stitch Fix is your one-time-only, personal shopper. It’s up to you if you want to make their style boxes an ongoing thing.

It’s worth noting that these services aren’t designed for hardcore fashion fanatics. Most of the time, their collection is quite casual for those who prefer practicality over making a statement. But, if you’re a stickler of simplicity and have a general fashion sense, then this Wantable vs Stitch Fix review recommends that you give them a try.

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