Prose vs Monat Review

About Prose

Prose vs Monat Review

All of our body parts are essential, and they all deserve care. Even your hair! Using the right hair care products can either make or break your look, and with a growing industry, it’s easy to get lost trying to find your holy grail shampoos. Enter Prose and Monat, hair care companies that promise to deliver healthy and luscious locks. 

Prose was founded in 2017 by Arnaud Plas. Having been a part of the L’Oréal team already, he knew a thing or two about effective hair care. So, he created a brand that specializes in custom-made hair products to accommodate individual needs.

From vegan to gluten-free products, everything is made fresh in New York City. The brand is also a Certified B Corporation that is committed to operating as a sustainable business.

About Monat

Prose vs Monat Review

On the other hand, we have Monat. Founded in 2014, the Florida-based beauty company is known for their hair care, skin, and other hygiene products. The company is a family affair, with Ray and Luis Urdaneta at the helm. Their products are naturally based, and they envision themselves as a global leader in “anti-aging innovation. Additionally, it’s their mission to help people live healthy lives.  

If you’re on the fence about which company to choose, you’ve come to the right place. This Prose vs Monat review will lay out all the details about both companies to help you decide which brand is best for you. 

Prose vs Monat: What to Consider

Prose vs Monat Review

Product Range 

There are a few things you’ll want to think about while deciding between the two, like their product range. For example, Monat carries many hair products that tackle different problems, while Prose has endless possibilities with its customization model. 


Regarding customization, Prose does well on that front through their consultation. On the other hand, Monat offers pre-made products that cannot be adjusted. 

Target Audience 

Both Monat and Prose’s target audience are people looking to improve their hair’s appearance and health. 


Are the two brands accessible? Well, you’re able to buy both of their products online, and Monat is also available at Walmart and Amazon. Monat is more expensive in terms of pricing, but it’s available in more countries. But I’ll talk about that later. 


Prose offers a subscription service for some extra perks, and Monat offers a VIP membership. They also both publish blogs with hair care tips and more. 


Prose adopts a sustainability mission, and their ingredients are ethically and responsibly sourced, cruelty-free, and GMO-free. Monat is also working towards a sustainable future by reducing their carbon footprint through their manufacturing process, ingredients, and more.

Prose Custom Leave-in Conditioner vs Monat Damage Repair Bond-Fortifying Hair Leave-In Crème Review 

Now it’s time for this Prose vs Monat review to compare products. The Prose Custom Leave-in Conditioner helps detangle, hydrate, and smooth flyaways. In addition, its water-based formula will help leave your hair shiny and sleek. 

On the flip side is Monat Damage Repair Bond-Fortifying Hair Leave-in Crème. This treatment strengthens, hydrates, and protects your locks from heat, the environment, and more.

To make it easier, I’m going to give you some details for each product: 

Prose Custom Leave-in Conditioner

  • Paraben, GMO, alcohol, and cruelty-free
  • Totally customizable to your hair type
  • Can double as a health protectant 
  • Color-safe
  • Well-rated among users

Monat Damage Repair Bond-Fortifying Hair Leave-in Crème

  • Heat protectant, hydrating and detangles hair 
  • Protects from future damage
  • Strengthens hair bonds with vegetable-derived Keratin
  • Contains natural ingredients

Because of Prose’s personalized model, the Custom Leave-in Conditioner is great for all hair types and is hair healthy. Monat also has the same properties, but it might not suit everyone because of the pre-made formula. But both products protect and hydrate your hair. 

Prose Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask vs Monat Damage Repair Bond Support Masque Review

Up next in this Prose vs Monat review is the Prose Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask and the Monat Damage Repair Bond Support Masque. Prose’s pre-wash hair mask helps restore moisture and smooths out your hair from root to tip. 

Plus, the actives help give your hair a gentler clean during your hair wash day. On the flip side, Monat’s masque claims to strengthen damaged tresses with coconut infusion and works during your wash. 

Let’s look into the highlights of each product: 

Prose Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask

  • Can include effective actives like hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil 
  • Customizable to your needs and hair type 
  • Color-safe 
  • Comes with individual instructions based on your consultation 
  • Alcohol, sulfate, and cruelty-free

Monat Damage Repair Bond Support Masque

  • Deep conditioning mask to supplement your hair wash days
  • Replenishes damaged hair 
  • It can be used in tandem with other Damage Repair products
  • Reduces breakage
  • Beneficial ingredients like coconut oil and keratin

Both of these products act as nourishing masks. But Prose’s Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask is true to its name and is an ideal treatment before hopping in the shower. Likewise, Monat’s Damage Repair Bond Support Masque can be part of your shower routine and left in your hair for a shorter period. 

The two have different functions and uses, but they’ll still keep your locks strong and moisturized. 

Prose Custom Shampoo vs Monat Damage Repair Bond Support Shampoo Review 

Last up in this Prose vs Monat review, I’m looking at their shampoos. The Prose Custom Shampoo comes sulfate-free and can rebalance your roots or add some hydration to your hair. Of course, ingredients vary depending on your hair profile. Our other featured product, Monat’s Damage Repair Support Shampoo, can save dry, damaged hair and leave you with a bouncy and radiant head of hair. 

You know the drill. It’s time to go over some highlights of both products. 

Prose Custom Shampoo 

  • Gentle, sulfate-free, GMO-free, cruelty-free 
  • Customizable and beneficial for everyone’s individual needs
  • Utilize hair and scalp happy ingredients like biotin and honey
  • Color-safe and sensitive scalp friendly (opt for fragrance-free!)
  • Comes highly recommended 

Monat Damage Repair Bond Support Shampoo 

  • It can be used with other Damage Repair products 
  • Repairs damaged hair using desert date oil and other strengthening actives
  • Promises stronger hair and improved elasticity 
  • Moisturizing with ingredients like coconut oil 

Prose’s Custom Shampoo can be entirely your own. The company will curate ingredients based on your profile, leaving your hair and scalp cleansed and healthy. Monat also delivers nourishing ingredients in their Damage Repair Bond Support Shampoo

Of course, the main difference is that you won’t get a product tailored to your hair needs. But you’ll be able to restore and replenish your hair with both products. 

Prose vs Monat: Quality 

Prose vs Monat Review

The quality of our shampoo matters. It can really take one hair product switch to change your hair health completely. So, this Prose vs Monat review is going to look at both of the company’s manufacturing processes. 

As you probably already know, Prose creates custom hair products based on an online consultation. Their ingredients are ethically and responsibly sourced globally from trusted partners. They also have a team of chemists who constantly research new formulas and active ingredients. In addition, to keep up with their social responsibilities, they’re working towards being carbon neutral, and their products are cruelty-free and much more.

We also have Monat, known for their naturally-based ingredients. They use actives rich in fatty acids, nutrients, and more to help you get shiny hair. Their formulas and elements are also clinically tested by independent labs to prevent potential irritants. They’re also vegan and animal-friendly, evidenced by their Leaping Bunny certification. Like Prose, there are no sulfates in their products. 

Ultimately Prose and Monat formulate products with safe ingredients. I found that Prose is transparent about sourcing ingredients but I couldn’t find much information about Monat’s process. But because of their certifications, it’s safe to assume that their methods are also cruelty-free. 

Prose vs Monat: Price & Value

Prose vs Monat Review

You can’t buy a product without knowing what it’s worth. So, let’s talk about each of our featured products’ prices and value. Ultimately, Monat is known for being pricier than other shampoo brands. So, Prose might be a bit more affordable on this front. First, let’s take a look at Prose’s products: 

  • Custom Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask (8.5 fl oz) 
    • Subscribers: $32
    • One-time purchase: $38
  • Custom Leave-In Conditioner (5.1 fl oz) 
    • Subscribers: $21 
    • One-time purchase: $25 
  • Custom Shampoo (8.5 fl oz) 
    • Subscribers: $21 
    • One-time purchase: $25 

Now, I’m going to look at the Monat products. Note that there will also be price variations if you’re a VIP member: 

  • Damage Repair Bond-Fortifying Hair Leave-In Crème (4.5 fl oz) 
    • Retail price: $37 
    • VIP Customer: $31 
  • Damage Repair Bond Support Masque (4.5 fl oz) 
    • Retail price: $51
    • VIP Customer: $44 
  • Damage Repair Bond Support Shampoo (8 fl oz) 
    • Retail: $39 
    • VIP Customer: $33

This Prose vs Monat review thinks you get a bit more bang for your buck at Prose. But, becoming a VIP customer at Monat will save you a couple dollars too. 

Prose vs Monat: What Do Customers Think?  

Prose vs Monat Review

We’re now at the fun part of this review: the customer feedback. When it comes to Prose, the reception is generally favorable. I was able to find ratings on their website and Influenster. On the other hand, Monat receives some mixed reviews, but they’re not published on their website. This Prose vs Monat review did find some on Trustpilot, though. 

There’s no definitive rating on Prose’s website, but about 225k 5-star reviews from their feedback surveys. They also have a 4.1/5 star rating on Influenster from about 210 testimonials. Here are some of the common praises from both pages: 

  • Products were able to reduce frizziness and increase shine 
  • The look of curls improved after use
  • Hair feels healthier, softer and stronger
  • Any scalp itchiness or oiliness has gone away 

Now, we have Monat. I found the most reviews on the company’s Trustpilot page, where they have an average rating of 3.2/5 stars from 3.9k customer testimonials. The reception is 50/50, but here are some of the common compliments: 

  • Hair growing back after experiencing hair fall
  • Resulted in healthier scalp and hair 
  • Shinier and thicker hair 
  • Praised for natural ingredients in all products 

It looks like both companies receive a fair amount of praise. Their products are definitely effective for these users and they seem pretty satisfied with their services. 

That being said, this Prose vs Monat review found some critical comments, too. Monat has been the subject of a lot of controversy. Some customers claim that their hair health did not improve and actually worsened while using their products. There are also some dismal reviews about their customer service.

On the other hand, some Prose customers didn’t have the best experience either, but it’s safe to assume they were accommodated by their satisfaction guarantee. These comments are also pretty rare. 

Prose vs Monat: Promotions & Discounts

Prose vs Monat Review

Who doesn’t want to save a little bit of cash? Unfortunately, Some hair products can come with a high price tag, so this Prose vs Monat review will air out some deals from both companies. 


  • Offer a referral program where each friend will receive a $10 discount. Once they’ve checked out, you’ll also get a $10 credit in your account
  • Subscribing to hair care products gets you $10 off the regular price


  • Currently, you can save 30% off when you spend $84 
  • You can get a 15% – 25% discount by meeting their spending thresholds 

Prose also has occasional promotional events. You can stay in the know by signing up for their emails. Unfortunately, they don’t have a discount code field at checkout but some of their affiliates may offer deals through a URL. On Monat, you can find deals through individual sellers. They also often host sales on their website. 

Prose vs Monat: Shipping & Returns 

Prose vs Monat Review

Obviously, these products have to get to you somehow. So, let’s compare Prose and Monat’s shipping and returns policies. 

First, let’s look at Prose: 

  • Offers free shipping to the US 
  • International shipping is not available 
  • They only offer ground shipping, which takes between 3-5 business days after shipping out 
  • If you’re not happy with your products they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of delivery 
  • You can either receive a free adjusted formula or return your order for a full refund

Next up, let’s look at Monat’s guidelines:  

  • Ships to select countries including the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Poland, and Guam
  • Orders can take between 5-7 business days to process and ship 
  • Shipping costs vary depending on your order value and range between $12-$31
  •  If you’re a VIP member, you can get free shipping if you meet the order minimum
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee 
  • If returned after 30 days, you get a 90% refund  

Both companies have similar shipping and return policies. Additionally, even though Monat is available in more countries than Prose, their shipping costs are higher.  

Who Will You Shop With?

Prose vs Monat Review

As we get to the end of this Prose vs Monat review, you’re probably still thinking about which hair care brand is right for you. Evidently, if you live in the US, Prose is easily accessible. It’s also a great option if you’ve been itching to try out customized hair products. They’ll be able to tailor a formula that targets your hair type, concerns, and more. Plus, their products are irritant and cruelty-free, and affordable, which is the kicker for some people. 

On the flip side, we have Monat, another natural ingredient brand. Their products are available in other countries, which will obviously appeal to you if you live outside of the US.

There are many raving testimonials about their products and many sellers, so it’s hard to forget about them. You might also want to splurge because of their Leaping Bunny certifications, as it may give you peace of mind knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of Monat items. 

At the end of the day, both brands are committed to helping you get the luscious hair of your dreams. While Prose takes a personal approach to your hair health, Monat uses their hair knowledge and natural ingredients to help you get your desired results. So, who will you shop with? 

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