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About Dr. Schulze

Dr. Schulze Herb Doc Review

Dr. Schulze offers a holistic approach to modern medicine. This online herbal medicine company looks to uproot contemporary treatments by offering various supplements and SuperFood bars. 

Over the years, Dr. Schulze has accumulated some positive press for its products. This includes being featured in several publications such as Yahoo Sports, the South Florida Business Journal, and Vogue. 

Despite the hype, is this company a reputable brand to support or is it all just snake oil? Keep reading, as this Dr. Schulze review will take an in-depth look at the business, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth adding to your diet. 

Overview of Dr. Schulze

Dr. Schulze Herb Doc Review

Richard Schulze was doomed to the same fate that claimed his parents’ lives at an early age. Diagnosed with heart problems at 16, he was given two dire options: pay for a surgery that would prolong his life, or cut it short in four years’ time.

The third alternative—a treatment that wasn’t prescribed by doctors or nurses—was the choice that Schulze made. In the next abiding years, he transformed his diet, exercise, and ultimately his way of living in order to heal. This would become the inspiration for his pharmacy later on. 

Established in the sunny state of California, the Dr. Schulze pharmacy first opened its doors to the public in 1970. This health and wellness brand seeks holistic solutions to diagnosis such as cancer and cardiac diseases, acting as the natural alternative to modern medicine and technology

Dr. Schulze continues to offer organic alternatives for patients to opt for even today. A final note left by the founder states that your health is their own personal mission:

 My personal commitment is to offer every American an option to medical doctors, hospitals, surgery, chemical drugs and the physical, emotional and financial bankruptcy that this system of disease management causes. The alternative is called health!”

Before we get into this Dr. Schulze review, let’s go over a quick summary:


  • A variety of natural remedies to choose from 
  • Offers gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, and other dietary restriction alternatives 
  • Provides a subscription plan for most products
  • Has a side blog dedicated to natural healing 

Traditional forms of medicine date all the way back to the neanderthal age. From ginseng to garlic cloves, herbal remedies were considered the original painkillers and aspirin tablets. 

Brands like Dr. Schulze are taking light of the glory days, as they offer supplements, detoxes, and nutritional additives suited for better living. And good news, they also provide alternatives for kids to use as well. 

Need to narrow down your cart? Don’t worry; this Dr. Schulze Herb Doc review has you covered. We’ll take a brief look at some of the brand’s best-selling products for readers to compare. 

Dr. Schulze Herb Doc Review

From detoxifying cleansers to immunity boosters, customers don’t have to rely on prayer in order to heal any longer. This Dr. Schulze Herb Doc review will briefly glance at some of their top-selling formulas made for smoothies and oatmeal bowls. Let’s get started. 

Dr. Schulze Intestinal Formula #1 Review 

Constipation can be a tell-tale sign of poor diet and lack of exercise. I get it; it’s not easy to maintain a solid intake of healthy fibers, nor is it convenient to hit up the gym everyday. Fortunately, there are more suitable ways to help your fellow digestive system out. 

The Intestinal Formula #1 supplement is a nifty additive. It works to clean the bowels, detoxifies the body from harmful substances, and strengthens your colon. 

The Dr. Schulze Formula 1 is chock full of nutritious ingredients. This includes organics such as senna leaf, garlic bulb, cayenne pepper, Hawaiian yellow ginger root, and more. 

Ideally paired with the Dr. Schulze liver cleanse additive for a rigorous detoxifier, the Intestinal Formula #1 supplement costs $30 for 90 ct or $62 for 250 ct. 

Dr. Schulze Intestinal Formula #2 Review 

Here’s a solid analogy: Our bodies are similar to that of a dish sponge. From suds to leftover soup, the average squeegee can absorb multiple liquids. It’s quite common to have some lingering nasty bits trapped beneath its layers. 

Unfortunately, the typical digestive system does the same. So instead of resorting to good ol’ fashioned water to do the rinsing, the Intestinal Formula #2 supplement provides an in-depth cleanse that your body so desperately needs.

The Dr. Schulze cleanse additive is powered by a team of superhero ingredients, including botanicals like marshmallow root, peppermint leaf, and activated willow charcoal. Together, these herbs help to flush out harmful toxins, old fecal matter, and other unwanted substances from the body. 

Offered in packets, powders, and capsules, the Intestinal Formula #2 is provided in three different options: 

  • Capsules 250 ct: $38 
  • Powder 8 oz: $26 
  • Packets 25ct: $32

Dr. Schulze Tooth & Gum Formula Review 

Let’s make your dentist proud. The Tooth & Gum Formula is designed to eliminate bad breath, increase oral blood circulation, and clean those pearly whites from lingering debris. It’s a great addition to your typical mouthwash and toothbrush, as this handy alternative can help boost teeth and gum health.

This Dr. Schulze tooth and gum formula utilizes a mix of natural organics, such as tea tree oil, bayberry root bark, and habanero pepper. For an extra step that requires a few seconds of gargling and rinsing, the 1 oz Tooth & Gum Formula costs $20

Dr. Schulze Female Formula Review 

Ladies, I’m fully aware of those monthly mood swings and digging cramps. Of course, there are various ways to treat PMS or menstrual symptoms. 

But for those who’ve already downed a couple painkillers to ease the ache, the Female Formula supplement can help keep those nagging spasms at bay. Made to regulate a woman’s cycle during her period, this additive does wonders in eliminating emotional rollercoasters and stress. 

The Dr. Schulze female formula makes use of eight different ingredients, such as dong quai root, chaste tree berry, damiana leaf, and hops flower. Instead of the usual tablet, this supplement comes as a tincture, which should be dissolved in water for easy consumption. 

In terms of price, the Female Formula costs $28 for a 2 oz bottle or $48 for a 4 oz container. 

Dr. Schulze Female Plus Review

I don’t know about you, but my usual cycle denotes a week of crying, adrenaline rushes, painful cramps, and random cravings. And no, I’m not pregnant. In the midst of sanitary napkins and painkillers, sometimes traditional remedies are the key to recovery.

The Female Plus supplement acts as a natural remedy to quell mood swings, headaches, bloating, and irritability. I’m sorry, where was this in my entire life?

Key in rebalancing a woman’s monthly cycle, this nutritional tincture is packed with organics such as chaste tree berry, passionflower herb, corn silk, and more. Offered in a 2 oz bottle, pair the Female Plus supplement with a generous bite of chocolate for $28

Dr. Schulze Superfood Plus Review 

Progress needs energy. Energy requires food. Food usually entails a healthy balance of key nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. In short, we ain’t got no time for that. Luckily, the Superfood Plus supplement acts as an additional boost to your daily diet. 

When you have this ideal additive for weight management, energy absorption, and heightened fitness, you’ll definitely think twice about visiting your local McDonald’s.

This supplement features a blend of barley grass, acerola cherry, rosehip, and other superfood organics. Offered in powdered form, users can mix this additive in smoothies or fruit juices. 

Amounting to only 60 calories per serving, the Superfood Plus formula is available in three different quantities:

  • Powder 14 oz: $48 
  • Tablets 390 ct: $56
  • Packets 20 ct: $32 

Dr. Schulze 5 Day Bowel Detox Review 

The 5 Day Bowel Detox set is considered the courtesy flush of all digestive supplements. Crucial in regulating a healthy intestinal tract, this supplement eliminates old fecal matter, unwanted bacteria, heavy metals, and other undesirables from your body. 

The results are reportedly instantaneous, as a quick dose can result in a lightweight feel that’s both freeing and clean. This Dr. Schulze detox program features three formulas: Intestinal Formula #1, Intestinal Formula #2, and the Air Detox tincture. 

In terms of usage, the brand offers a valuable guide on dosage—as it differs from beginner, intermediate, to advanced regimens. Available in two different forms, the 5 Day Bowel Detox set costs $78 for a capsule program or $74 for individual packets. 

Dr. Schulze 5 Day Liver Detox Review

The 5 Day Liver Detox routine is what you need for your glow-up journey. This in-house set features four different supplements, including the Detox Tea, the Fresh Breath additive, the Detox tincture, and the L-GB remedy. 

Those with dietary restrictions can breathe a collective sigh of relief, as this kit is formulated to be gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and non-GMO. 

After continual use, customers may see a boost in energy and weight. This is all thanks to its team of superhero organics, which help to protect liver cells from harmful substances and toxins. Crucial in maintaining a healthy gallbladder, the 5 Day Liver Detox kit costs $86

Dr. Schulze 30 Day Detox Program Review 

Whether it’s for a wedding, photoshoot, or an upcoming birthday party, the 30 Day Detox Program can help you feel like a new version of your older self. This kit features an extensive collection of some of Dr. Schulze’s top-selling supplements, which vary in product form.

We’ll include the items offered in point form down below:  


  • 2x Superfood Plus Powder 
  • 2x The 5-Day Bowel Detox (and Intestinal Formula #2 capsules)
  • The 5-Day Liver Detox 
  • The 5-Day Kidney Detox 
  • 2x The Echinacea Plus for 2 oz
  • A 30-Day Detox instruction book 


  • 2x Superfood Plus Powder 
  • 2x The 5-Day Bowel Detox (and Intestinal Formula #2 capsules and packets)
  • The 5-Day Liver Detox 
  • The 5-Day Kidney Detox 
  • 2x The Echinacea Plus for 2 oz
  • A 30-Day Detox instruction book 


  • 2x Superfood Plus Powder 
  • 2x The 5-Day Bowel Detox (and Intestinal Formula #2 packets)
  • The 5-Day Liver Detox 
  • The 5-Day Kidney Detox 
  • 2x The Echinacea Plus for 2 oz
  • A 30-Day Detox instruction book 

It doesn’t matter the option you go for, as the capsule, mixed, and packet formulas for the 30 Day Detox Program all cost $438

How Do You Use Dr. Schultz? 

Dr. Schulze Herb Doc Review

Depending on your chosen product, all supplements will vary according to usage and dosage. For instance, the Dr. Schulze super tonic requires 1 to 2 drops mixed into water. It’s not intended to be swallowed, as users must gargle or rinse their mouths at least 2 to 4 times a day.

For specific instructions on how to use a particular tincture or additive, this Dr. Schultz Herb Doc review recommends reading the provided descriptions on your item. 

Who Is Dr. Schulze For? 

Dr. Schulze Herb Doc Review

As indicated by its company mission, Dr. Schulze caters to those who are frustrated with modern medicine. Its leading founder, Richard Schulze, established this online pharmaceutical as a natural alternative to standard remedies. 

In addition, this brand is also intended for those diagnosed with life-changing diseases such as cancer. Dr. Schulze also offers products suited for kids, like the Children’s Echinacea topical. As always, we recommend consulting with a professional before making any big commitments. 

Dr. Schulze Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Dr. Schulze Herb Doc Review

When it comes to reviewing supplement companies, nothing’s more important than genuine customer feedback. Fortunately, you don’t have to search far to know that Dr. Schulze is a coveted favorite among many. 

While there’s no given estimate on how many testimonials they hold on its website, we did find some encouraging reviews for most of its products. 

In short, most Dr. Schulze supplements proved helpful in relieving certain health complications. For instance, the Intestinal Formula #1 was reportedly beneficial in improving bowel function. Plus, the 5 Day Liver Detox Program seemed successful in removing stomach pain. 

“I am 81 years old, and since my childhood, I have gone from bowel impaction to bowel impaction. I first used your Intestinal Formula #1, in Sept 2011. After a week I no longer had a problem since,” one customer wrote for the Intestinal Formula #1

“I started Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day LIVER Detox,” another reviewer wrote in the comments section. “After the fifth day, I had no more stomach pain and the swelling went down.” 

This Dr. Schulze Herb Doc review found other promising testimonials on websites such as Yelp, Amazon, and Sitejabber. Their ratings go as follows. 

  • Yelp for the Marina Del Rey location in California: 121 reviews with 4/5 stars 
  • Amazon for the Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus 14 Ounce Powder: 1,301 reviews with 4.7/5 stars 

According to hundreds of success stories, Dr. Schulze organics seem to be a worthy contender within the health and industry. A majority of customers reported a boost in energy after taking their products. This is mainly towards the Superfood Plus supplement. 

The day of the marathon my pre-run drink included: SuperFood, Super C, potassium broth, and carrot juice. My race went amazing. I didn’t experience any muscle cramping during or after the race. Even with the high temperature, I felt overall good,” one Yelp reviewer detailed. 

“The best product you will ever buy. Can’t say enough about this product,” one Amazon reviewer wrote for the SuperFood supplement. “Your hair will be luxurious, joints move without pain, face and skin beautiful!” 

A few independent blogs, such as LifeHackerGuy, also left a favorable review of Dr. Schulze products. “I like Superfood Plus because, despite not being totally transparent about the amount of each ingredient in the blend, they have used just a few potent herbs, fruit, and vegetable compounds so as to really deliver the most powerful nutritional hit.”

Aside from a few concerning sentiments, this Dr. Schulze Herb Doc review is inclined to give a good rating towards this brand. This is partially due to the overwhelming amount of positive reviews regarding quality and successful results. 

Is Dr. Schulze Worth It?

Dr. Schulze Herb Doc Review

Dr. Schulze can be added to your roster of organic pharmaceuticals to try out. They offer a wide array of products at a seemingly reasonable price. They’re also quite informational when it comes to sharing ingredients, nutritional facts, and usage instructions. 

All in all, if you’re looking to swap out your regular tub of supplements for something different, this Dr. Schulze Herb Doc review generally recommends checking this company out. 

Dr. Schulze Promotions & Discounts 

Dr. Schulze Herb Doc Review

This Dr. Schulze review found out that they have a monthly specials section where new offers are featured each month.

Where to Buy Dr. Schulze

Dr. Schulze Herb Doc Review

Looking to buy the Dr. Schulze Incurables Program book? Customers can visit to see what they have in store. Aside from visiting its physical location in California, you can also find their products at select retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. 


Dr. Schulze Herb Doc Review

Where is Dr. Schulze made? 

This Dr. Schulze review found no indication as to where their products are made. We do know that its headquarters are based in California. 

What is Dr. Schulze’s Shipping Policy?

Dr. Schulze shipping cost vary depending on the order amount, products, and delivery time. Dr. Schulze also ships internationally.

What is Dr. Schulze’s Return Policy?

Dr. Schulze offers a 60-day window for customers to send back their orders. It’s worth noting that the Incurables Program book is deemed final sale and cannot be returned. To initiate this process, buyers must contact the brand for further instructions. 

How to Contact Dr. Schulze

For inquiries unrelated to this Dr. Schulze Herb Doc review, you can contact the company through: 

  • Phone number: 1-800-437-2362 
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Filling out the request form online

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