Unbound Babes Review

About Unbound Babes

Unbound Babes Review

Unbound Babes is your one-stop destination for sex toys, lube, and other self-pleasure accessories. Designed with a slight 80s aesthetic, this online brand works to make bedroom time playful for women and their partners. 

With a ‘girthy’ following of over 149k on Instagram, many an Unbound Babes review has been featured in multiple media outlets, including Vice, Coveteur, Vogue, and Refinery29. 

In the mood for some sugar and spice? Perhaps this brand can fulfill those bedroom fantasies. 

Prepare yourself, as this Unbound Babes review will take an in-depth look at the company, their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth all the ‘buzz.’

Overview of Unbound Babes

Unbound Babes Review

Unbound Babes was the result of pent-up frustration, and yes, we partially mean the sexual kind. Founder Polly Rodriguez sought comfort in sex toys, as they provided much-needed relief during menopause. 

After being diagnosed with stage 3B colorectal cancer, she was forced to confront the relationship she had with her own body. 

With these two catalysts in her life, Rodriguez took to adult shops as a way to ease her discomfort. She often found herself embarrassed and ashamed when viewing scantily dressed mannequins and openly displayed dildos at one particularly seedy shop. 

Rodriguez decided to use her experience as a driving force to create her own brand. Along with co-founder Sarah Jayne, Unbound Babes made their official debut in 2013. 

This New York-based company focuses on making sexual wellness and health accessible to everyone. With a mission to smash the taboo of female masturbation, their products are designed to educate and destigmatize. 

“Our team of fourth generation vibecrafters takes immense pride in designing beautiful, affordable, body safe products for when you’re feeling yourself,” via a statement made by the brand. 

Before we really get into this Unbound Babes review, let’s go over some of their pros and cons: 


  • A variety of affordably-priced products to choose from. This includes the Unbound Babes Pinwheel BDSM spike and the Unbound Babes Squish Vibrator 
  • Offers a clean, modernized design when it comes to sex toys
  • Provides a side blog dedicated to sex advice, health, and self-care 
  • Considered a more discreet way of buying products instead of in-store trips 
  • Quadpay available as an alternative payment option 


  • Limited customer reviews 

Sometimes a bit of self-love is all you need to unwind after a long, hard day if you know what I mean. 

Designed to stimulate those senses, Unbound Babes has an impressive collection of sex toys and accessories for customers to choose from. Their inventory includes vibrators, lube, dildos, plugs, and accessories, as well as merch to subtly show off your wild side. 

Let this Unbound Babes review provide you with some fun ideas for those wild nights in. We’ll take a look at some of their best-selling products that might tickle your fancy. 

Unbound Babes Vibrators Review

Unbound Babes Review

As the old saying goes, ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself.’ Made to earn that famous When Harry Met Sally moan, this brand offers a wide assortment of vibrators. 

Available in shapes and sizes galore, we’ll go over a few of their hottest picks down below. 

Unbound Babes Bender Review 

You may want to close your doors for this one. The Bender vibrator is designed to hit that g-spot due to its flexible build and 10-speed motor

Made in a popsicle stick shape, this model comes with rounded edges to ensure maximum comfort. It has a battery life of over 45 minutes to 2 hours, more than enough time to reach ‘nirvana’ (a few times if necessary). 

Best used for clitoral stimulation, this bad boy can easily change in speed and pattern with a simple press of a button. 

For those looking for round #2, the Unbound Babes Unbound Bender comes with a universal charging cord. It’s also available in mint or quartz pink. 

Quiet and waterproof in design, treat yourself to this vibrator for a cheeky $69.  

Unbound Babes Palma Review

The Palma ring is the ultimate symbol of self-love. Invented as a sneaky way to induce hidden pleasure, this one-of-a-kind vibrator allows users to have complete control over their orgasm. 

This product comes with a three-speed and two custom mode system, all encased in a stainless steel exterior to ensure no tarnishing occurs during the action. 

Available in silver or 18k gold, customers can also wear the Unbound Babes Vibrator Ring as a piece of jewelry. Just be prepared for the ‘oh, where did you get that?’ question. 

This product is offered in 4 different ring sizes ranging from 5 to 8. If you like it, put a ring on it with Palma for $68. Sadly, this product is currently sold out on the brand’s website. 

Unbound Babes Shimmy Review 

If you’re tired of plain-old vanilla, perhaps it’s time to add a bit of spice. The Shimmy vibrating plug is designed for anal stimulation for solo users or couples. 

Made out of smooth silicone, this sex toy comes with a circular handle and a USB port to recharge its batteries. Providing 4.25 inches of pleasure, this product also boasts an impressive 1.15 inches of width. 

Even though this Unbound Babes Vibrating Butt Plug is intended to be quiet, it ensures you won’t be. Users can change up the vibration with 5 different speeds and patterns

Coming in a sleek purple hue for a pop of color, the Shimmy toy costs $59

Unbound Babes Accessories Review

Unbound Babes Review

It’s time to unleash those deep dark fantasies. For those looking to amp up the heat, this online brand provides a sultry selection of bedroom accessories. This includes paddles, chains, and bondage tape. 

Moving forward, this Unbound Babes review will take a quick peek at some of their cult classics. 

Unbound Babes Bit Gag Review 

Designed to give your partner full control of tonight’s list of events, the Bit Gag is great for the veteran BDSM gang but also for restraint novices. 

Made from soft silicone, this naughty device is reinforced with velvet straps with gold metal decals for a bit of class. 

For those going the full nine yards, we suggest some blindfolds and the Unbound Babes Clit Clamp for extra stimulation.

This product can act as a gateway drug to more intense sex toys down the line. After ‘making the beast with two backs,’ the silicone bar can be removed for ease of cleaning. 

Ready to reenact your favorite steamy movie scene? Get the Bit Gag for only $38

Unbound Babes Spike Review 

Tease your partner with the tantalizing sensation of the Spike BDSM pinwheel. This pink roller comes with several pronged edges, ideal for tactile stimulation or foreplay. 

Made out of surgical-grade stainless steel, dominant partners have full range to apply as much consensual pressure as they want. 

This sex toy has a slight old-timey feel to it, making it perfect for reenacting historical erotica. For those thinking of that ‘Wildest Dreams’ scene from Bridgerton, you’re definitely on the right track. Bring fiction to life with the $17 Spike

Unbound Babes Cuffies Review 

Constructed out of stretchy silicone, the Cuffies enable you to get in all sorts of positions with its strong flexibility. 

Compared to those hard-metal links, this design ensures no bruises and blisters around your wrists during playtime. 

For those new to the dom game, these Unbound Babes BDSM handcuffs can be linked over bedroom rails, chairs, or even to your partner for the ol’ ‘buddy system’ routine. Offered in navy blue or sea green, make roleplay fun again with the $18 handcuffs. 

Unbound Babes Alien Ball Gag Pin Review 

Made to be affixed to your backpack, purse, or hat, the Alien Ball Gag Pin from Unbound Babes serves as a subtle way to show off your kinky nature. 

This adorable accessory features a martian green alien with purple glittery eyes, who happens to be wearing a cheeky little mouth strap. 

As part of the brand’s Area 69 rewards program, members can rep their love for Unbound Babes without going in full guns blazing. Considered a great conversation starter, the Alien Ball Bag Pin costs $9

Unbound Babes Glass Dildo Review

We highly recommend putting this sex toy away in case your mother accidentally mistakes it for a home decor piece. Beautiful in design, the Glass Dildo features a set of curved edges and a rounded tip to increase stimulation. 

Because of the material, this slippery device makes the perfect base for lube. It’s also straightforward to clean, so much so that you can even put it in the dishwasher. Maybe check with your roommates beforehand, though. 

Coming in at a girthy 5 inches in length, this bad boy has a circumference of 4.75 inches. Users can run this sex toy under hot or cold water for an extra kick of sensation. 

This eco-friendly Glass Dildo from the Unbound Babes The Babe Pack costs $34 at checkout. 

Unbound Babes Puff Review

No shade to the guys, but sometimes you leave us hanging. Made as ‘emergency backup’ for those underwhelming performances, the Puff vibrator is made to finish the job. 

Featuring a snout design, this sex toy comes with a silicone-based outer ring intended for clitoral stimulation

It makes a subtle ‘sucking’ sensation during operation. Users can also choose how eager the device is, with several speeds to choose from. 

Made to be rechargeable, quiet, and waterproof, customers can get this Unbound classic in either quartz pink or mint green. Save a horse, ride a Puff vibrator for $56

Unbound Babes Quarterly Subscription Review

Sometimes the best things in life come as a surprise (wink wink nudge nudge). Every three months, customers can sign up for the Quarterly Subscription plan to receive a kit of sultry gifts. 

This may include the Cuffies link, the Zip Vibe, the Jelly Lube, or the Palma vibrator ring. Encased in discreet packaging, no one will ever know that you just received a few sex toys in the mail.

Unfortunately, customers can no longer get the Unbound Babes Unbound Box. Recently, the brand announced that they will be discontinuing their Quarterly Subscription plan, but we suggest lurking on their social media pages for any updates on relaunches. 

Unbound Babes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Unbound Babes Review

Because of the ‘behind closed doors’ nature of this brand, this Unbound Babes review hasn’t found much in terms of external user testimonials online. As a result of this, we may not be able to paint an accurate depiction of this company. 

On some of their product pages, customers have hyped up their sex toys as effective, versatile, and easy to use

Let’s look at a few examples. The Bender vibrator has a total of 1,745 ratings with a total score of 4.5/5 stars. Buyers have noted that this device definitely helped in achieving clitoral orgasms. 

We also found several couples who spoke highly of this sex toy, as it increased excitement in the bedroom. 

“Yes! This is the one. Vibrators which come in a bent, fixed shape are definitely not one size fits all. The Bender is better. You adjust the amount of curve you want to hit all your right spots. The amount of speeds/patterns it has are also 10/10,” one reviewer wrote for the Bender vibrator. 

Other accessories like the Jelly Lubricant also hit the g-spot according to several reviewers. Based on 672 comments, this product earns a total score of 4.5/5 stars. Buyers were quick to praise the formula’s non-sticky consistency and loved how it smelled

While this Unbound Babes review could list a few more key points for this product, we’ll let this legendary comment do all the talking: “I don’t always have a Wap, (but) it’s great to have this when I wanna be a macaroni in a pot. But reality is a slightly humid day in Arizona.” 

Other products are also favorably rated on the brand’s website:

  • Puff: 4.5/5 stars out of over 2000 ratings
  • Gem: 4.9/5 stars out of 300+ ratings
  • Cuffies: 4.9/5 stars out of 245 ratings
  • Shimmy: 4.9/5 stars out of 200 ratings

We uncovered a few media outlets and independent blogs that spoke positively about Unbound. According to an article published by Autostraddle, their collection of vibrators proved useful in achieving climaxes

The writer stated that most of their products came with a variety of different settings and functions, making them very versatile in the bedroom. 

One Metro author noted that their devices looked colorful and stylish: “The Bean looks like a very funky paperweight, which admittedly doesn’t sound very sexy, but I can guarantee it is. Besides looking nice, they do what it says on the tin.” 

So far, this Unbound Babes review hasn’t come across any concerning red flags or customer complaints. All in all, it seems like the brand’s products are a hit with their customers, judging by all the toe-curling approval we’ve seen in this section.

Is Unbound Babes Worth It?

Unbound Babes Review

Unbound Babes get a breathy sigh of ‘yes’ from us. We were generally impressed by the brand’s extensive collection of exciting sex toys and accessories. 

Made to look playful and colorful, their designs come as a refreshing break from those oversexualized, nearly comical playthings you’d find at your local adult store. They come with no bells, whistles, or feathers, only sheer focus on achieving gratification and satisfaction. 

This Unbound Babes review has to give credit to their side blog. Customers can buy their products and get access to several articles and posts related to self-love and sexual wellness. 

You can find a whole range of useful publications, such as “5 Ways Your Sex Drive Changes After Giving Birth” and “Endometriosis.” 

In terms of cons, we couldn’t find an adequate number of reviews talking about shipping, customer service, or much of anything negative in general. For those looking for a way to up their self-care routine, Unbound Babes is the place to shop

Unbound Babes Promotions & Discounts 

Unbound Babes Review

The brand has a refer-a-friend program: for each successful referral, customers can get $10 off their next purchase. Buyers can also shop at their sale outlet, where some products are offered at a discounted price. 

In terms of their rewards program, members can accumulate points to gain access to exclusive deals and perks. At the time of this review, we haven’t come across an Unbound Babes discount code on their website. 

Fortunately, if you are looking for a great discount, they are currently running a sitewide sale with all products 20% off

Where To Buy Unbound Babes

Unbound Babes Review

Customers can buy their products by heading over to unboundbabes.com. You can also find them at select retailers:

  • Beauty Bay
  • Dolls Kill
  • Adore Beauty
  • Cult Beauty
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Free People


Unbound Babes Review

Where is Unbound Babes based?

Unbound Babes’ headquarters are currently located in New York City. 

What is Unbound Babes’ Shipping Policy?

This Unbound Babes review is happy to report that they offer free shipping on orders that total $69 or more. For those that need their packages quickly, the brand also provides other delivery options such as expedited shipping ($25) domestically and internationally. 

Using their main couriers UPS and DHL, it usually takes 3 to 6 days for parcels to arrive. To ensure no prying eyes, each order is concealed in discreet packaging. 

After checking out, buyers will receive a tracking number in the confirmation email to help track their package. 

What is Unbound Babes’ Return Policy?

Unbound Babes offers a 90-day window for customers to return their products. Items must be unused and in the original packaging. To cover the attributed shipping costs, the brand will deduct a total of $7 off from your refund amount. 

Those who’ve signed up for their rewards program will only see a $5 deduction. If you would like to make a return, we recommend contacting their customer service team for more details. 

How to Contact Unbound Babes

For inquiries unrelated to this Unbound Babes review, you can contact the company by,

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