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About Cove 

Cove Review

Cove is a company specializing in affordable migraine treatment, bolstered by telemedical assessments, leading to personalized migraine treatments (with over 20 of them FDA-approved!). Cove Migraine meds deliver a patient’s treatments and innovative therapies to their doors on a monthly or tri-monthly basis.

A migraine is a disabling type of headache that affects around 12% of adults, predominantly women, worldwide. This represents a considerable burden[1] interfering with daily activities and harming their quality of life. An appropriate diagnosis and treatment are crucial to managing the symptoms and reducing the frequency of the attacks. One study[2]found that primary care providers are not sufficiently trained in managing migraine sufferers.

By providing 24/7 medical support by text/phone, Cove makes access to migraine treatments readily available and convenient. Their online assessments allow Cove’s doctors to determine the most effective treatment for each patient.

From the Cove Health Outcomes Study in 2019, the brand determined that 78% of their customers would recommend the company, with 70% of Cove customers saying they experienced a reduced frequency of migraine attacks and 79% saying that Cove reduced the severity of their migraines. These results are consistent with the high satisfaction levels reported by telehealth users to treat migraine in other clinical studies[3].

Featured in Forbes, Medical News Today, and Healthline, with their 23.2k followers on Instagram and 8k likes on Facebook, it’s apparent their popularity is growing. And this shouldn’t be surprising. Based on stats from Migraine Research Foundation, about 39 million people (including men, women, and children) all suffer from this debilitating disease.

This Cove Migraine review aims to give insight into the company, treatment options, and user experience to help you determine if Cove could be beneficial for you.

Overview of Cove 

Cove Review

Cove Migraine medicine is a business endeavor that hit the medical scene in late 2018, stemming from the men’s health startup, Thirty Madison. The main reason behind the idea of Thirty Madison was putting ‘people first’ based on the bad experience of one of the founders online. Both brands are incorporated under their parent company, Keeps.

The initial idea for Cove has to be credited to ex-Google employees and Keeps co-founders Steven Gutentag and Demetri Karagas. Gutentag chose the name “Cove” in hopes it would convey a sense of safety and relief to customers who have been struggling with migraines and the battle for an effective treatment plan.

Dr. Alexander Mauskop, MD, founder and director of New York Headache Center, sits on Cove’s medical advisory team, alongside neurologists and headache specialists Dr. Cristina Wohlgehagen, MD, and Dr. Sara Crystal, MD. 

The company offers three avenues of support to ensure that individualized treatment is effective. First, you speak to a doctor through the telemedical system to see which of the brand’s 20 customized treatments are the best for you. 

Evidence shows[4] a positive correlation between the quality of the communication with the doctor and patients’ satisfaction, treatment compliance, and overall outcomes. As added support for $4 per month, you can message a licensed doctor 24/7 to get your migraine questions answered live. And finally, you can use the Cove progress tracker to record your migraines and analyze the effectiveness of your treatment.

Cove Review

Cove offers a variety of medications to prevent migraines and control acute attacks. Treatments include prescription-only migraine medications, supplements, and medical devices like Cove Nerivio—a wearable, smartphone-controlled migraine treatment band. Talk about innovation!

Check out some highlights below to get a sense of what Cove offers:


  • Affordable medications 
  • No insurance required
  • No waitlists or in-person appointments
  • Customizable treatment plan
  • Responsive and helpful customer service
  • Convenient at-home delivery
  • Can purchase in bulk (three-month supply versus month-to-month)

With this quick bird’s eye view of Cove, you can see why people might be ready to jump onboard. However, this Cove migraine review will dig into the details so you can get the full picture

How Does Cove Work?

Cove Review

Cove Migraine treatments are determined individually following a telemedical consultation with one of Cove’s licensed doctors.

The categories of products are:

  • Acute medications[5]: to provide relief during migraine episodes.
  • Preventative medications[6]: to reduce the frequency and intensity of the attacks and the use of acute medications.
  • Anti-nausea medications: to avoid this commonly experienced symptom.
  • Supplements: to boost your treatment routine naturally. A review[7] by Christina Sun-Edelstein, et al. concludes that avoiding food triggers and taking specific supplements help prevent migraines.

During the consultation, the doctor will rule out any serious illnesses that may need other considerations, and help you to determine which medications and what specific doses are best suited to help you. 

In the next section, this Cove migraine review will break down the subscription plans available where you can choose to have your medications delivered to your doorstep once a month or every three months. There are 24 different medications to consider for your tailored treatment plan, based on your personal goals.

Cove Migraine Subscription

Cove Review

After your doctor consultation, you can select your preferred prescriptions from the plan building menu, choose your preferred subscription plan (monthly or three month supply) and your dose. If you’re still not sure, you can jump into a medical consultation and have a licensed doctor walk you through picking the appropriate Cove Migraine care.

Regardless of what you choose, a licensed doctor will evaluate whether the selected prescriptions are a good fit for you through a consultation, and prescribe them if so. You can add multiple medications to your plan in this manner. You’ll notice your plan summary and total cost on the right-hand side of the page.

Note that taking multiple over-the-counter painkillers can lead to headaches caused by the abuse of analgesics[8]. Following medical advice is extremely important for better management of the disease.

To register your custom plan, in this Cove migraine review notes, you’ll have to create an account when you reach the Cove Migraine login tab. After you make your purchase and complete your online consultation, your doctor will check on your form and contact you within 48 hours to discuss your options.

Once your customized medication plan is established, you will receive your medication in approximately 5-7 business days. Your prescription will arrive either monthly or every three months, depending on your choice. Cove wants to make sure you will never be without your medicine in case an unexpected migraine descends on you.

How Much is Cove?

Cove Review

The majority of customers pay about $20-$40 per month. For the most part, the brand’s medications are affordable and covered by insurance. Two of them are novel and require pre-authorization: NurtecTM ODT (rimegepant[9]), a recently approved drug for treating acute attacks with proven efficacy and a safety profile, and Emgality® (galcanezumab[10]), an antibody for the prevention of migraine crisis. Administered monthly injections are a good option for those who don’t respond to common prophylaxis treatments.

Regardless of your situation, Cove will work with your pharmacy and insurance company to confirm if your plan covers your prescribed medications.

The cost of your Cove Migraine subscription will vary depending on the medication and the supply you choose: 

  • A three-month supply ranges from $60-$100 
  • A one-month supply ranges from $10-$79

The only exception for the monthly supply is:

  • Zomig Nasal Spray: $135 per month

Note that dietary supplements are only available in three-month supplies and don’t require a doctor’s consultation ahead of time. Once you complete an online telemedical consult, you can be eligible for 40% off of your first subscription cycle.

Cove Migraine Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cove Review

Now that you’ve gotten a good look at what the brand offers and how they’re helping people, this Cove migraine review will give you an in-depth look at what their customers are saying. 

On the brand’s website, you’ll find 1,644 reviews with an average of 4.9/5 stars. Some things consistently noted by customers at With Cove:

  • They find medications affordable (many customers seem not to have insurance) 
  • Peace of mind with the three-month subscription plan
  • The customer service and doctors are attentive
  • Some users were previously not aware of preventative medications (some of which Cove offers)
  • They enjoy the convenience of home delivery 

Above, you’ll notice that Cove often shares customer feedback on their social media platforms. The pictured quote from Katie is featured on the WithCove Instagram page. She writes, “The cost of my meds is way cheaper than before [at] my local pharmacy.”

Beyond that, there don’t seem to be many certified Cove customer reviews elsewhere on the internet. In fact, there’s nothing on Trustpilot, BBB, Consumer Affairs, or SiteJabber!

Naturally, we looked up Cove Migraine on Reddit, which brought me to the r/migraine community, a collection of people who suffer from migraines. Rizatriptan and Topiramate (two medications that Cove offers) are mentioned multiple times in reviews about Cove’s services.

One user writes, “I’ve been using Cove for 2 years since I have no health insurance. It’s easy and every month my medication shows up.”

Another user writes, “I was prescribed rizatriptan for two years and it was okay for me. I noticed I had to often take it the max amount allowed for it to maybe get rid of my migraine in a few hours. I found Cove and they prescribed me Naratriptan and it works almost immediately!”

On Innerbody.com, the editor gave Cove an 8.7/10 score, writing, “Cove’s prices are among the best, and the process for signing up, getting evaluated by one of their migraine specialists, and receiving your medicine by mail is fast and simple.”

Of course, with any positive reviews, you will find some slightly negative ones. The majority of complaints seem to stem from people who wished Cove would widen their focus on other types of migraines, such as cluster headaches.So, is Cove Migraine legit? According to customer reviews, the medication is affordable, conveniently supplied, and effective in most circumstances. This Cove migraine review will determine if a subscription is worth your money in the next section!

Is Cove Migraine Medication Worth It?

Cove Review

After much research, yes, Cove Migraine is worth it. Some customers on the Cove Migraine reviews on Reddit noted side effects from medications like Rizatriptan, but other users had experienced side effects when prescribed by doctors. In all cases, the customers could connect with a Cove doctor quickly to adjust their medication. 

It appears safe to say that regardless of the Cove treatment plan you commit to, you’ll have 24/7 access to medical support if you find any of the medications unpleasant or ineffective. Customers found it easy to make adjustments to their plans or cancel them when needed. Cove Migraine treatment plans are hassle-free, affordable (especially for individuals without insurance), and convenient. What else could you ask for? And as migraines are individual, there isn’t a certainty the medications they have available at Cove will work on you. However, there seems to be very few in terms of Cove Migraine side effects. 

We recommend trying the program out for yourself since you can easily cancel at any time if it doesn’t work for you.

Cove Promotions & Discounts 

Cove Review

The first and most significant savings opportunity that Cove offers is 40% off your first subscription order when you complete an online consultation. This cuts the initial payment cost significantly, so you can decide whether the service works for you.

Cove also offers a rather cheap text consultation service. For only $4 per month, you can text your Cove doctor at any time, without limit, to discuss your treatment plan or how you’re feeling and any changes you’d like to make based on their advice.

Additionally, there are two options for subscription to save money. You’ll notice that the three-month supply option for each medication costs less than the month-by-month supply.

Sign Up For Cove 

Cove Review

As outlined in this Cove Migraine review, the subscription process is pretty simple. We’ve broken down the steps even further so that you can sign up for Cove Migraine Medication without any worries:

  1. Pick your plan: Choose your medications from the list of available products, or if you’re unsure, you can skip this step and discuss your options with a Cove doctor.
  2. Go through a telemedical consultation: Fill out an online consultation form and speak with a doctor so you know you’re getting the correct type of medication(s) for your needs.
  3. Create or register your account: Design a username and password so that you can continue accessing your treatment plan.
  4. Buy your treatment plan: Once you’ve registered an account and checked out, you can expect to receive your first shipment within the week. After that, Cove will ship your medication monthly (or a three-month supply if that’s your preference).

Adjustments: Want to make a change to anything on your plan? Just text or call your Cove doctor.


Cove Review

Does Cove work for migraines? 

Plenty of Cove customers say that they’ve had success with the medications they have been prescribed—reduced severity, less migraines overall, and being able to prevent any new migraines from happening. In the event a medication is ineffective, customers were able to easily switch to another prescription after they contacted or texted their doctor.

Does Cove take insurance? 

Cove Migraine insurance is available for two of their 24 products: NurtecTM ODT (rimegepant) and Emgality® (galcanezumab-gnlm). 

How much does Cove Migraine cost per month? 

Cove Migraine costs about $20-$40 per month, but the price will vary depending on how many meds you choose to have on your plan, along with their dosage, and frequency. Some medications cost upwards of $100 per month.

How do I cancel my Cove subscription?

To cancel your Cove subscription, you have to call Cove customer service at (877)-456-2683 or fill out the cancellation form found here. The customer service team is only available from Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 6 pm EST. 

If you have a refill happening in 24 hours, it would be best to call them so it can be updated on your file versus filling out the cancellation form. 

This Cove migraine review notes that your request has not gone through if you have not received a confirmation email regarding your cancellation. It would be best to reach out to the company via phone to ensure your request is fulfilled.

What is Cove’s Shipping Policy?

Unfortunately, Cove does not ship internationally at this time. In terms of shipping with the US, the cost of standard shipping is $3 per shipment. The brand also has expedited shipping available, but that will cost $15

Once you’ve purchased your first Cove treatment, your medications will arrive at your door in about a week. After that, they will process your refill based on the subscription schedule you’ve chosen.

What is Cove’s Return Policy?

Since medications cannot be resold after they’ve left Cove facilities, all purchases are final sale, even if they are unused. That being said, Cove ensures high-quality products by offering an exchange on anything that arrives defective or damaged. If this happens, you have 28 days from the time the order is shipped to email [email protected] in regards to this. 

How to Contact Cove 

If you need support with your migraine treatment plan, you can contact a Cove Care Specialist by email: [email protected], or by Cove Migraine phone number at (877)-456-2683.

Cove customer service is available from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm EST. 

If you’re interested in any partnership inquiries, you can reach Cove at [email protected]

Looking for more online and at home health care? Check out Notch, or Wisp, two companies that provide discrete online and at home health/testing.

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