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Nom Nom Pet Food Review

Few things make you smile more than looking into the face of a dog that loves you, especially when you feed them delicious food. Nom Nom caters to dogs, specializing in freshly made meals from premium, healthy ingredients.

Nom Nom offers a convenient meal subscription that delivers pet food to your door. No more trips to the pet store or buying sub-par food at the supermarket. By simply looking at the company’s product photos, their meals are a far cry from traditional kibble.

With a following of over 54k on Instagram, Nom Nom has been featured in numerous publications such as BuzzFeed, People magazine, Business Insider, and NBC News. The pet food company has clearly garnered a lot of attention, but are they worth the hype?

While exploring better food options for your beloved pup, this Nom Nom pet food review may be the last stop. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the brand, its popular pet meals, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if this chow subscription is worth the buy. 

Overview of Nom Nom

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

The search for quality pet food started with founders Alex Jarrell and Nate Phillips. More specifically, for their dogs, Harlee and Mim. As young Australian shepherds, one puppy had a compromised immune system and had to be taken to her local veterinarian for extra care.

Harlee’s vet recommended a fresh and healthy diet to assist with her health issues. But Alex’s and Nate’s search yielded no suitable pet food on the market.

Although commercial pet foods are regulated by the FDA and the Association of American Feed Control Officials, there have been concerns about the safety of some of the products. An article[1] published in 2009, described how melamine has been used to adulterate pet food so that it appears to contain more proteins.

Researchers at the University of Nevada[2] measured the concentration of mercury in 101 different brands o dog food, finding that 14 brands contained mercury concentrations > 100 ng g−1 (concentration of concern for river otters).

Handling commercial pet food can also be dangerous for humans. In a study[3] evaluating the presence of pathogenic bacteria in commercial pet foods, researchers found that 0.4% of the dry and semi-moist samples tested positive for Salmonella and Listeria. When analyzing jerky treats and raw cat and dog food, 11.4% tested positive for Listeria and 2,6% for Salmonella.

Owners are demanding fresh natural foods for their pets. In a survey[4] conducted in Italy among 935 cat and dog owners, the most important perceived determinant of food quality was the presence of “natural ingredients.”

Alex and Nate sought to remedy this problem by creating an entirely new brand. Nom Nom founders partnered with a leading board-certified veterinary nutritionist to help kick-start the company. Alex and Nate soon began producing nutritionally-balanced meals for doggos and felines. Every order is freshly prepared just days before it arrives at your door.

Nom Nom has grown exponentially since its establishment in 2015. Their facilities are based in Nashville, TN.

In an inspiring quote left by the brand, Nom Nom says that they have “committed team of folks willing to go the distance to improve the lives of dogs. Truly…every team and each individual plays an important role in our mission. So you can trust us when we say your pets are in good hands.”

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

Before we get into this Nom Nom pet food review, let’s go over some initial highlights of the brand.


  • Healthy, nutritious pet food for dogs
  • Meals are prepared fresh only days before delivery
  • All ingredients are sustainably sourced in the USA
  • Meals are pre-portioned, so no measuring or mess 
  • Commitment to zero waste in its facilities 
  • Savings for low-frequency and multi-pet households
  • Free shipping for customers in the contiguous US
  • Highly positive customer reviews

How Does Nom Nom Work?

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

It all starts with knowing what your pet needs. Nom Nom gives dog owners two options: make a one-time Sampler Pack purchase or subscribe to their delivery service.

The Sampler Pack includes four recipes in 200-gram meal bags. This option costs $20 with no commitment.

For the subscription, customers must choose the meal option best suited for their pet. Buyers fill out a pet profile, then Nom Nom offers suitable recommendations for your furry friend.

After completing the short questionnaire, you’ll be shipped a 2 week trial box. This gives you time to see how your dog reacts to the food. 

Prices vary depending on your pet’s age, weight, and activity level (we provide cost examples later on in this Nom Nom pet food review).

Nom Nom also provides cost savings for less frequent deliveries and offers a multi-pet discount. If you have any questions pertaining to pricing, pet dietary needs, or other topics, Nom Nom encourages customers to reach out to their customer support team. 

Moving forward, we’ll go over the recipe choices for dogs. Marketed as a healthier and more delicious alternative to traditional pet food, this Nom Nom pet food review may very well reveal the ideal chow for one (or more) of your furry pals.

Nom Nom Dog Food Subscription Review

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

Nom Nom dog food contains the necessary nutrients and vitamins to keep your companion fit and energized.

As we mentioned, pet owners are showing increasing interest in fresh and natural foods[5] to feed their pets. Before preparing a meal for your pets, it’s highly recommended that you ensure their nutritional needs are met and they avoid dangerous foods.

An article[6] published in the American Veterinary Medical Association Journal showed that homemade diets are associated with more health problems than commercial food diets.

Nom Nom ensures each recipe is created in accordance with nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Food Nutrient Profiles. All of the ingredients are sustainably sourced and grown in the USA.

So, what kind of protein does your doggo gravitate towards? The Dog Food Subscription has four different meals to choose from including Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare:

  1. Nom Nom Beef Mash contains beef, potatoes, eggs, carrots, peas, and fish oil as the core ingredients. There are also an added nutritional factors of vitamin E supplements, vitamin B1, and vitamin B12, to ensure your dog gets the most out of his or her meals. 
  2. The Chicken Cuisine meal is naturally the best option for poultry-loving pups, containing the necessary vitamins to keep your dog in shape. The Nom Nom dog food ingredients include diced chicken, sweet potato chunks, yellow squash, spinach, and fish oil.
  3. If your canine prefers pork, opt for the Pork Potluck meal, which contains a rich combination of pork, potatoes, green beans, yellow beans, mushrooms, kale, and fish oil
  4. If your pooch is extra energetic on Thanksgiving and stays glued to the dinner table, treat them to Turkey Fare. It contains hearty ingredients such as turkey, eggs, brown rice, carrots, spinach, fish oil, and added vitamins.

Nom Nom dog food calories are reasonable. Most meals contain less than 1250 calories, such as Turkey Fare which has 1237 kcal/kg. With puppy-powered meals like these, your dog will be barking for more. 

Nom Nom Treats Review

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

For teaching your dog a trick or simply showing how special they are, consider Nom Nom’s Beef Jerky or Chicken Jerky. These meaty delights contain no additives or harmful ingredients, only what’s beneficial for your pup.

  1. The Beef Jerky is made out of 100% USDA-certified top sirloin. It’s high in protein and restaurant-grade. Both a super fancy treat and a healthy choice, essentially like bringing your dog to a top-notch steakhouse. Talk about spoiling your pup!
  2. The Chicken Jerky is also high in protein, containing 100% USDA certified chicken breast. Your dog will be wagging its tail ferociously after being rewarded with these treats.

We were disappointed to find out that there are no Nom Nom treats are only available as a subscription add-on, not for one-time purchase.

How Much is Nom Nom?

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

This Nom Nom pet food review presents pricing for all their meals and treats:

For Dogs

Nom Nom’s Sample Pack costs $30 and includes samples of their Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare. Pricing for each dog food plan depends on your pet’s weight, age, and energy levels.

The Beef Jerky treats cost $15 and the Chicken Jerky treats cost $13.

Nom Nom Pet Food Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

This Nom Nom pet food review found a generally positive customer response based on its research. On their website, a review page lists dozens of positive customer experiences. Buyers report that their pet’s health has improved since introducing them to Nom Nom meals.

We were especially impressed by positive comments relating to pets who had been diagnosed with serious health problems such as colitis, IBS, parasites, and diabetes. Take a look at some of these testimonials:

“Tula gets so excited when it’s mealtime. She no longer has skin issues, her coat looks wonderful and her stools are the best they’ve ever been. I can’t imagine ever feeding her anything but Nom Nom!”

“Mya has suffered from colitis & IBS for many years, and she’s also the pickiest with food. Since being on Nom Nom she is eating much better & has perfect poop!!!”

Ah, perfect pet poops. A strange but important part of dogs’ lives, which are significant health indicators. Moving beyond the Nom Nom website, we found similarly glowing testimonials on popular review sites. Here’s a sum-up on Nom Nom’s performance:

  • Influenster: 26 reviews with an average of 4.8/5 stars
  • ConsumerAffairs: 63 reviews with an average of 3.9/5 stars
  • Trustpilot: 1100+ reviews with an average of 4.3/5 stars
Nom Nom Pet Food Review

Users on these sites noted that their pets love the taste, even the fussy eaters. Buyers also commented on helpful customer service and described the website as easy to navigate, particularly in terms of managing subscriptions. This Nom Nom Trustpilot review sums up buyer sentiment pretty well: 

“We love everything about Nom Nom! The ease of delivery, the customer service, the wholesomeness of the product, even down to the low waste packaging. And of course: Harry loves the taste! I feel like this was the best decision I could make for the overall health of my best buddy.”

We did come across some customer complaints. Since Trustpilot has the most representative sample size, we focused our attention there. Some Trustpilot customers noted that their dogs didn’t like the food and the portions were inconsistent. Other dissatisfied customers reported issues with customer service, particularly when canceling subscriptions and requesting refunds.

It’s important to note that even the most reputable companies cannot be perfect, so customer complaints are inevitable. In Nom Nom‘s case, these comments are limited in the grand scheme of customer feedback.

Is Nom Nom Pet Food Worth It?

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

This Nom Nom pet food review approves of their high-quality and nutritious dog food. Their food includes essential nutrients and vitamins to boost your pet’s overall health, and based on thousands of customer reviews, it’s clear that the benefits are real.

All Nom Nom meals are made with only natural and sustainably sourced ingredients with no preservatives, unlike standard brands stocked at the grocery store. Pet stores have better quality food in comparison, but those cans may sit on the shelves for weeks and are certainly not fresh.

Pet owners, and consumers in general, are gravitating toward more convenient home delivery options. Nom Nom can save you trips to the store, including having to carry the added weight of cans and bags of pet food along with groceries.

If you need more incentive, remember that Nom Nom gives customers the option to participate in their adoption program to help lost pups find loving home. This really gives us the warm and fuzzies.

Any vet would recommend switching out the average kibble brands with more healthy and well-balanced meals. Granted, you’ll face more expenses, but isn’t your pet worth it? Plus, providing healthier meals will increase their lifespan, so they’ll be around to light up your life for even longer.

Where to Buy Nom Nom Pet Food

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

To purchase pet meals, customers must create an account on When making one-time treat purchases, all you have to do is add the dog treats or Sample Pack to your cart and proceed with payment.

Sign Up for Nom Nom

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

When signing up for the Nom Nom subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out Nom Nom’s pet profile, including your pet’s age, weight, and level of activity
  2. Receive recommendations on the most suitable meal plan
  3. Have your pouch test out the provided samples and receive
  4. Select a meal plan based on key flavors 


Nom Nom Pet Food Review

Who owns Nom Nom?

Nom Nom now is owned by Mars Petcare.

Is Nom Nom human grade?

Based on its research, this Nom Nom pet food review found that the company uses only high-quality ingredients. 

Is NomNomNow AAFCO approved? 

Yes, Nom Nom dog food abide by certain nutritional levels set by the AAFO.  

Is NomNomNow cooked? 

This Nom Nom pet food review found that their food is fully cooked. Additionally, all ingredients essentially add up to Nom Nom Paleo meals. 

How do I cancel my Nom Nom subscription?

If you’d like to cancel your Nom Nom subscription, log in on the website and click the option ‘reschedule or cancel your delivery.’ You can also call the Nom Nom Now office number if you prefer to cancel over the phone. 

What is Nom Nom’s Shipping Policy?

Nom Nom deliveries are limited to the US. All shipping throughout the 48 contiguous states is free. Customers receive an email with tracking information once it leaves Nom Nom’s facility, and you can use this link for the most up-to-date information on delivery.

We couldn’t find any more details on Nom Nom shipping; their website FAQ section only provides this information.

What is Nom Nom Pet Food’s Return Policy?

Nom Nom is unable to accept returns since their perishable meals are cooked to order. However, if customers don’t see the difference their fresh diets can make within 30 days, they are entitled to a full refund. Pet owners must contact Nom Nom customer service to make use of the company’s money-back guarantee. 

How to Contact Nom Nom

If you have inquiries that are not related to this Nom Nom pet food review, you can contact the company through:

Explore healthy dog food and treats for your pup with these top brands: 


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Can't deliver what they are selling!!!!!
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Tried from May 3, 2021 until June 14, 2021 to receive and order from Nom Nom and all they sent were two orders of warm rancid food for my 3 month old puppy. Shipping problems was their excuse. Finally ordered Ollie for my puppy on June 15, 2021 and it was delivered today, June 17th frozen solid and ready for consumption. Nom Nom ships from Nashville TN and Ollie ships from Wilkes Barre PA, I live in Fort Lauderdale FL.

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i ordered dog food, i need to return it, how to do that? and get a refund. my dog passed away few days was just delivered. today

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I ordered Two variety packs to try for my dog. I received them today and they were already thawed and warm and had a not so pleasant odor. They were not packed in ice, only a cardboard box with plastic wrap in it. They are totally unusable. I have reached out to the company. Awaiting their reply.

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Do not ship the dog food again until January 2022 please.
I learned it can be frozen and that was a relief.

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