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Bloom and Wild Review

There’s no need to bust out those garden shears. Bloom and Wild provides pre-snipped flowers to you on a weekly basis or as a one-time deal. Operating solely online, this e-florist shop carries a bounty of freshly cut perennials, annuals, and potted plants.

With a steady following of over 263k on Instagram, Bloom and Wild has also been featured by several media outlets, including The Sun, TechCrunch, Forbes, and Good Housekeeping.

Looking to send a bit of love through lavender or lilac? Perhaps this online flower shop can be your go-to choice. Stay tuned, as this Bloom and Wild review will take a closer look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help readers decide if they should stop and smell the roses.

Overview of Bloom and Wild

Bloom and Wild Review

You’ve got chocolates, handwritten cards, and gift baskets as three of the most popular presents to give. Oh yes, we almost forgot to include the iconic flower bouquet. While it’s fairly common to get a bundle of freshly cut roses as a symbol of celebration and love—the practice is somewhat outdated.

There’s the hassle of finding a reasonably priced shop and crossing your fingers that they’re at least close by. Founders Aron Gelbard and Lucy Evans decided that it was time that the florist industry was due for a well-needed makeover.

Flourished in 2013, Bloom and Wild made its official online debut. Operated solely as an e-commerce business, this virtual florist shop makes purchasing flowers more convenient and accessible. The brand prioritizes care, quality, and maintaining a friendly relationship between the company and the customer.

Plus, Bloom and Wild makes it a point to contribute back to the community, as its efforts are entirely sustainable and green. It also donates a portion of its profits to the Carers Trust, which is a philanthropic organization dedicated to providing support for caregivers. These practices are in line with the brand’s mission:

“As the UK’s most-loved online florist, caring wildly is at the heart of our business. And it’s in the soul of our people.”

Bloom and Wild Review

Before we dive deeper into this Bloom and Wild review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons:


  • Wide variety of flower bouquets and potted plants to choose from
  • Customers can include a gift card within their purchase for free
  • Can choose between a monthly subscription or a one-time deal
  • The company is part of the Thoughtful Marketing Movement and donates a portion of its sales to Carers Trust
  • The brand ensures that its efforts are sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Provides a mobile app that customers can use
  • Hundreds of customers attest to timely deliveries and long-lasting bouquets
  • Offers a tech blog on its website
  • Multiple Bloom and Wild discount codes


  • Available to American and European customers only
  • Unable to accept returns
  • Pricier compared to purchasing potted plants in person
Bloom and Wild Review

If you’re an old-school romantic, the traditional flower bouquet is usually the go-to choice in gift ideas. Whether it’s for prom, graduation, a special date, or any celebratory event—a fresh pop of color may be what you need to liven up those spirits. Bloom and Wild provides an impressive selection of freshly cut (or potted) flowers suited. And don’t worry, it’s not just the typical rose.

From pre-dried beauties to freshly snipped perennials, this Bloom and Wild review will put together a ‘virtual bouquet’ of a few of its most popular arrangements.

Bloom and Wild Letterbox Flowers Review

You’re usually met with mediocrity when it comes to getting the mail. There are bills, more bills, sale flyers, and sometimes the occasional Amazon package. Whatever happened to those classic love letters? For those who can’t manage to put thought to paper, perhaps a boxed case of flowers can help send that thoughtful message across.

Designed to be sent to your postbox or on your behalf to someone else, this Bloom and Wild review will take a short look at some of its best-selling bouquets fit for everyday mail.

Bloom and Wild The Raven Plant Review 

Guys, I don’t know about you, but I have a tough time keeping my indoor plants alive. The cactuses aren’t getting enough sunlight, and my poor succulents are practically drowning in too much water. For those on the lookout for a low maintenance type, The Raven Plant needs just a bit of attention.

This green-leafed beauty only requires shade to grow. Best of all, it doesn’t need that much water. If your room smells quite musty, this indoor shoot holds air-purifying qualities to help filter out those lingering odors. Potted with moisture-retaining moss in ceramic, The Raven Plant costs $45.

Bloom and Wild The Pink Orchid Review

Hi kalanchoe gang, there’s a high chance that you’re looking for another indoor blossom to call your own. For those who are quite savvy about watering their plants, The Pink Orchid pot requires daily spritzing. Coming in a gorgeous hue of speckled blush, cream, and magenta, this household pick-me-up can help bring a touch of nature into the room.

Coming in an ocean blue ceramic pot, this flower is known to keep flourishing for months on end. Complemented with moisture-packed moss for even water dispensing, The Pink Orchid plant rings up to a total of $50.

Bloom and Wild The Pothos Review 

Don’t lie, you’re probably one of many plant killers on the loose. Intended for those guilty of suffocating their echeverias, asparagus ferns, or even the costly bonsai tree, The Pothos plant is known to be quite forgiving towards those neglectful parents.

When properly cared for, this indoor beauty displays a stunning set of bright green leaves. Low in height, this is the perfect plant to own for those who don’t have much space. Intended to last for seasons to come, perhaps you’ll have more luck keeping The Pothos alive for $40.

Bloom and Wild The Snake Plant Review 

Commonly considered as the go-to choice for newbie indoor gardeners, The Snake Plant requires minimal sun, water, and attention. Known for its wiggly, green upshoots, this leafy beauty can help purify those musty odors in your room.

Small in height, this Bloom and Wild review recommends placing this in a low-light setting such as the bathroom or dining area. Believe me when I say that this plant lasts for years and years. I own four, and they’ve been with me for more than 5 years.

For an indoor nature buddy that’ll keep you company season after season, The Snake Plant rings up to a total of $45. For something with a bit more color, check out the collection of Bloom and Wild dried flowers.

Bloom and Wild The Monstera Review 

This Pinterest favorite has been making a common appearance at weddings and in bohemian-style homes. For those who love to hop on certain trends, The Monstera plant can add a touch of modern glam for any occasion. Known for its ‘Swiss cheese’ holes, this indoor upshoot showcases a gorgeous set of open-palmed leaves.

To help retain its shine, this Bloom and Wild review recommends polishing its leaves with coconut oil once in a while. Best grown in sunny areas with lots of moisture, The Monstera plant costs a cool $54.

Bloom and Wild The Pink Rose Review

One of the biggest complaints about flower bouquets is that they don’t last very long. For those who are willing to bring a little TLC to their plants on a daily basis, The Pink Rose is known to flourish for months on end. Offered in bright blush, this sweet-smelling variety definitely brings forth those Beauty and The Beast vibes.

Small in stature, this potted bouquet can be placed as a centerpiece for the dining area or landing table. Packaged with an adorable teal pot, The Pink Rose plant is priced at $37.

Bloom and Wild Flower Delivery Review

As we live in trying times, it’s become much harder to visit our loved ones in person. Instead of making that daily Facetime call, take this as a sign to send a little love their way. From freesias to greenbells, this Bloom and Wild review will go over a few of its customer favorites for readers to compare.

Bloom and Wild The Camille Review

Who said that flower bouquets are reserved for romance only? Send your bestie a bundle of joy with The Camille collection. Holding a stunning arrangement of snapdragons, carnations, olive leaves, statice, and eucalyptus, this 24-stem posy comes in a bright burst of color. We recommend giving this set to that class clown, creative artist, or nature lover within your life.

As an added bonus, this Bloom and Wild review suggests purchasing an extra treat of chocolate truffles—for you and your bestie to enjoy, of course. In terms of price, The Camile bouquet costs $50 in total.

Bloom and Wild The Abby Review

There’s a chance that your flower arranging skills are not up to par. Leave it to the professionals at Bloom and Wild to turn that vision into reality. The Abby bouquet comes in a beautiful set of blush roses, stocks, rosemary twigs, and sea lavenders. Offering a herby, sweet scent, this is the ideal bundle to have to soothe those anxiety-ridden friends and family members.

Containing 22 stems in total, customers can either collect them in one vase or divide them into multiple placements around the house. For a bundle of springtime joy in case of cloudy days, The Abby bouquet is priced at $50.

Bloom and Wild The Hallie Review

Is it just me, or does The Hallie bouquet scream cottage core vibes to you? Featuring a stunning collection of stocks, alstroemeria, and complimentary foliage, this set ought to bring a needed pop of color to dull-looking areas. To really enhance its romantic aura, this Bloom and Wild review suggests placing it in a sea-glass vase over a cream-colored linen table.

If you’re looking for a gift to pair with this bundle, we recommend buying an adult coloring book or a tea set. Containing 18 stems in total, The Hallie bouquet rings up to a total of $34.

How long do Bloom and Wild flowers last in the box?

Bloom and Wild Review

Unless you plan on encasing them in resin, flowers aren’t going to last forever. According to the Bloom and Wild website, its cuts are estimated to last for 7 days. Some florets can stay healthy for a maximum of 10 days. But, customers must regularly trim the stems and replace their water to increase their bouquet’s longevity.

For more details on how to keep your flowers standing for longer, this Bloom and Wild review highly suggests heading over to the company’s webpage for a few tips and tricks.

Does Bloom and Wild do funeral flowers?

Bloom and Wild Review

If you know someone who is going through a hard time, perhaps a small bouquet can help perk up that cloudy mood. Fortunately, this e-florist shop offers a wide selection of sympathy flowers for customers to choose from.

Your options include pre-snipped roses, snapdragons, or a potted Bloom and Wild lilies bundle. Buyers can also send a note of condolences along the way—free of charge, of course.

Does Bloom and Wild do free delivery?

Bloom and Wild Review

You just need to purchase the flowers—Bloom and Wild takes care of all the rest. For UK customers only, this e-florist shop provides free next-day delivery for every order. Customers can also choose the premium shipping option at a set price. We recommend heading over to its website for a full list of shipping details.

Bloom and Wild Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bloom and Wild Review

Get a vase ready. This Bloom and Wild review found an overwhelmingly positive response towards this e-florist shop. Below, you’ll find testimonials from Trustpilot, Facebook, TopCashBack, and A Moment With Franca. Let’s get into the positives first.

Trustpilot holds a staggering total of 30k testimonials with an impressive score of 4.8/5 stars. A majority of customers found the brand’s delivery methods timely and reliable. Others praised the arrangements as beautiful and surprisingly long-lasting.

One Trustpilot reviewer wrote that the process was easy and the flowers were delivered quickly: I could add a card and they arrived packaged beautifully. It’s days later and the bunch are just beginning to bloom.

Bloom and Wild Review

The company’s Facebook page hosts a sizable count of 4.4k comments with a positive rating of 4.7/5 stars. Other websites, such as TopCashBack, showcases hundreds of testimonials with a near 5-star review. Several buyers noted the excellent quality of their customer service team because it was responsive and helpful in remedying any concerns.

Take this positive Facebook review: “This company is amazing the flowers are always stunning sent on time and make my friends smile.  Would defiantly recommend to anyone.”

Independent blogs, like A Moment With Franca, also gave a favorable testimonial towards Bloom and Wild. Overall, the author was impressed with its wide selection of flower bouquets. She was particularly a fan of how well it packaged its bouquets and the added convenience of purchasing their arrangements through the mobile app.

“I would say that it is very good value for money given how many you receive as well as for how long they last. The conclusion: I LOVE IT!” via a statement made by A Moment With Franca. 

Bloom and Wild Review

This Bloom and Wild review uncovered a few less than savory testimonials online. A few Trustpilot commenters weren’t happy how short-lived their bouquets lasted. Others found discrepancies in the delivery methods and customer service, as some orders arrived delayed.

One customer received dead flowers: “I sent flowers to my sister who’s having cancer treatment, and we were both disappointed how bad the bunch were , they were all brown bedraggled and half dead. I wrote and complained but so far have had no response. I certainly wouldn’t be ordering any more from them.”

Thankfully, such sentiments were exceptionally rare. Plus, a member of Bloom and Wild’s service team has reached out to every shopper who had a poor experience in an attempt to rectify things. This is something we like to see from brands.

Overall, the vast majority of customers are exceptionally pleased with the company’s deliveries. There are thousands of testimonials that back up how timely the brand is, as well as how long-lasting and beautiful its arrangements are.

Is Bloom and Wild Worth It?

Bloom and Wild Review

So, is Bloom and Wild any good? Based on what we’ve seen so far, it seems to be a ‘growing’ favorite within the e-florist industry. The company offers a wide array of stunning arrangements and potted plants—so it shouldn’t be a hassle to find a particular collection on their website. 

There’s also the added convenience of purchasing flowers online since customers don’t have to sweat about delivery. Within each purchase, buyers can choose to add a complimentary gift or written message—which is always a nice touch.

Bloom and Wild Review

There are several key advantages to choosing this online flower shop. This mainly includes its sustainable efforts, supportive contributions to philanthropic organizations, and its involvement in the Thoughtful Marketing Movement. 

If this Bloom and Wild review had to pick holes, its potted plants are quite expensive. Unless you’re buying for someone overseas, this e-florist shop may not be the best choice in purchasing indoor plants for yourself.

Overall, for those on a hunt for a reliable service that garners thousands of positive testimonials, Bloom and Wild serves as your reliable online nursery or florist.

Bloom and Wild Promotions & Discounts

Bloom and Wild Review

After combing through its website, we found the following ways to save on your order:

  • Input the Bloom and Wild promo code: FLOWER10 to receive 10% off
  • Use the code: OGTEN to save 10%
  • Refer-a-friend program to receive a free bouquet of flowers for each successful referral

Where to Buy Bloom and Wild

Bloom and Wild Review

Customers can purchase arrangements by visiting BloomandWild.com.


Bloom and Wild Review

Where is Bloom and Wild based?

We found out that the main Bloom and Wild office is based in London, England. Due to its location, the brand can only service those within the United Kingdom, with the exception of the States.

How far in advance can you order Bloom and Wild?

Bloom and Wild offers next-day delivery for all of its arrangements. Customers must place their orders before the cut-off time through Monday through Friday. This ensures that the flowers are still fresh when delivered.

To save on your order, make sure to apply one of the Bloom and Wild codes.

How much is Bloom and Wild delivery?

This Bloom and Wild review learned that the company provides free next-day shipping for all orders. It also offers premium delivery for $7 on weekdays and $9 on weekends.

How do I order Bloom and Wild?

There are two ways to order Bloom and Wild arrangements. Customers can either purchase them as a one-time deal or as part of a subscription plan. For the membership program, we suggest heading over to its website for detailed specifics.

Can you cancel the Bloom and Wild subscription?

To cancel your subscription, customers must log in to their Bloom and Wild my account page. According to its website, members should cancel their plans 3 days before an incoming delivery.

How long do Bloom and Wild flowers take to deliver?

As this Bloom and Wild review mentioned before, the brand offers free next-day delivery for all of its arrangements. Customers can also choose the premium delivery option for a set fee.

Fortunately, the brand provides a Bloom and Wild order tracking number that customers can use to help monitor their packages. Sadly, this e-florist shop is only available to UK and US customers.

What is Bloom and Wild’s Return Policy?

Due to the perishable nature of its products, Bloom and Wild doesn’t accept returns. But, it does issue refunds on a case-by-case basis. To initiate this process, buyers should contact the brand’s customer service team for further instructions.

How do I contact Bloom and Wild? 

For inquiries unrelated to this Bloom and Wild review, you can contact the company through:

As of lately, the company doesn’t issue a Bloom and Wild address for customers to send mail to.

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