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Jawzrsize Review

From Benedict Cumberbatch to Angelina Jolie, Jawzrsize can help you achieve that chiseled jawline sported by several celebrities. This online company provides a unique selection of facial workout tools that are offered as an alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Throughout the years, Jawzrsize has amassed a large cult following for its products. Today, its Instagram page boasts a count of 69.4k. The company has also been mentioned in several media outlets, including GQ, Mashable, and The Ellen Degeneres Show.

For those curious about learning more about this brand, look no further than this Jawzrsize review. We will take an in-depth look at the company, its collection, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if its products are worth a try.

Overview of Jawzrsize

Jawzrsize Review

After a horrendous motorcycle crash in Hawaii, Brandon Harris was sent to the ICU for his multiple injuries. As he lay there—in a coma for nearly 14 days—his jaw was also wired shut as part of a previous accident.

When he woke up, his body wasn’t in the best shape. On top of that, his facial muscles needed some work. So instead of the usual jade roller, toning device, or procedure, Harris came up with another method.

Designed as a ‘biteable stress ball,’ Harris developed the first prototype for the Jawzrsize unit. After using this product on multiple occasions, he found the results to be outstanding, as his jaw became more chiseled and defined. With a passion for sharing his success, Harris founded his own company in 2016.

Created as the jazzercise version of face sculpting, this Hawaiian-based company now serves thousands of customers from across the globe. It also has a side blog dedicated to beauty tips and advice. This includes posts like “What Causes Lockjaw?” and “How to Fix an Asymmetrical Jaw Naturally.

Jawzrsize Review

Now that you know more about the brand and its founder, this Jawzrsize review will go over some initial highlights:


  • Multiple Jawzrsize kits for customers to choose from, depending on experience
  • Offers an alternative to cosmetic surgery and Botox
  • Positive customer reviews with many before and after photos
  • Has a side blog dedicated to health and wellness tips
  • Free shipping on orders $75 or more
  • 60-day return policy
Jawzrsize Review

The contour stick only provides the illusion of a defined jaw. After one makeup wipe, you can kiss those minutes spent blending goodbye. Jawzrsize delivers a natural way to achieve that sculpted figure for those squeamish about going under the knife. Don’t worry—there are no needles involved.

Depending on how rigorous you like your training to be, the brand offers three different kits on its website. There are also other products, such as supplement powders, apparel, and replacement pieces for facial toners.

Moving forward, this Jawzrsize review will highlight some of its best-selling products for customers to try out. We advise that you plan your future Instagram posts wisely, as there’s a chance that you’ll get a jawline that even Jolie will be envious of.

Jawzrsize Review

As most Jazzercise classes require you to jump, kick, and work those abs—Jawzrsize calls for rolls, pinches, and bites. In this following segment, we’ll go over a few customer favorites.

Jawzrsize Custom Fit Review

Do you ever just press and pull the opposite sides of your jawline up? It’s a typical habit for those who aren’t blessed with a defined chin. Fortunately, there’s a way to achieve that chiseled look without the need for jade rollers or Botox fillers. The Jawzrsize Custom Fit Kit offers four different degrees of resistance balls to help you attain that coveted V-shape.

From 25 lbs to 50 lbs, each unit is designed to fit between your teeth. By twisting, turning, and compressing the ball, a total of 57 facial muscles are activated within one Jawzrsize workout routine. According to the brand, this regimen works to increase circulation near the mouth, which helps slim down your features for a more youthful appearance.

If you have any questions on how to use the Jawzrsize facial toner, we recommend heading over to the website for detailed instructions. For the time being, let’s discuss the pricing options for the Custom Fit Kit:

  • Level 1: Beginner Blue Custom Fit: $35 (originally priced at $45)
  • Level 2: Intermediate Pink Custom Fit: $35 (originally priced at $45)
  • Level 3: Advanced Purple Custom Fit: $40 (originally priced at $50)
  • Level 4: Elite Green Custom Fit: $45 (originally priced at $55)
  • Bundle: all four levels: $100 (originally priced at $160

Jawzrsize Pon ‘N Go Review

That final bit of bronzer has gone with the wind. How are you going to achieve that sculpted look in time for date night? There’s no need to worry, as the Jawzrsize Pon ‘N Go kit is designed to work in under 10 minutes.

Offered in three different resistance levels, this Jawzrsize ball tones and refines the jaw for that desired celebrity look. Perhaps after a few uses, there’s no need to bust out that Instagram and TikTok filter for a flattering selfie.

Loyal trainers may report an increased metabolism and a reduced appetite after using Jawzrsize several times. Perfect for upcoming photoshoots and significant events such as weddings, anniversaries, or birthday parties, feel your best with the Pon ‘N Go kit.

Aside from the offered three levels, the brand also provides packs of three for customers to choose from. For now, we’ll only list a few of the options down below:

  • Level 1 pink: $35 (originally priced at $40)
  • Level 2 Mint Green (3-pack): $55 (originally priced at $90)
  • Bundle: all 3 levels: $65 (originally priced at $105)

Jawzrsize Bundle & Save Review

Save your prayers to the beauty gods, as the Jawzrsize Bundle & Save kits can help you achieve that Olivia Wilde jawline. Offered in various resistance levels, this collection of stress balls are intended for beginners and professional mouth trainers alike.

To give readers a taste of what a Jawzrsize workout might entail, pressures range from 25 lbs to 50 lbs. And like most exercise regimens, users must frequently train to maintain their results.

Designed to strengthen the jaw and sculpt the chin, the Bundle & Save kits are available in six different varieties. This includes:

  • The Master Pack: $80 (originally priced at $120)
  • The Total Transformation Kit: $105 (originally priced at $155)
  • The Combo Pack: $50 (originally priced at $80)
  • The Ladies Bite Pack: $50 (originally priced at $80)
  • The Pop N’ Go Bundle: $65 (originally priced at $105)
  • The Custom Fit Bundle: $100 (originally priced at $160)

Jawzrsize Replacement Bite Strips Review

In the event that your Jawzrsize ball wears out, the Replacement Bite Strips can help make it look brand new. Designed to fit on the opposite sides of the compression unit, these bands offer a bit of squish as you bite down. To keep the integrity of this product, we recommend putting it in boiling water for a thorough cleaning job.

If you’re shopping around for more accessories, we recommend adding the necklace, case, or the Jawzrsize bodybuilding supplement powder to the cart. Offered in a pack of two, the Replacement Bite Strips ring up to a total of $3.

What Level Of Jawzrsize Should I Get?

Jawzrsize Review

Like most workout routines, Jawzrsize recommends starting off at level 1 to help trainers get used to the regimen. Afterward, customers can graduate to levels 2 to 4 for a more rigorous exercise plan.

If you aren’t sure of what kit to purchase for the best Jawzrsize results, we’ll provide a list of the brand’s recommended products down below:

  • Level 1: The Blue or Pink Pop ‘N Go
  • Level 2: The Mint Pop ‘N Go or the Pink Custom Fit
  • Level 3: The Green Pop ‘N Go or the Purple Custom Fit
  • Level 4: The Green Custom Fit

As we mentioned before, individuals must use their resistance balls regularly to see results. When it comes to duration, the brand suggests working out for approximately 5 to 10 minutes every day.

Does Jawsrsize Work Your Neck?

Jawzrsize Review

The company states that over 57 muscles are engaged during a typical Jawzrsize routine. But the question is, what kind of muscles are activated? Fortunately, the brand offers an anatomical chart on its website. According to the graph, features like the mentalis and the masseter are in full motion when the stress ball is used.

When it comes to the neck region, components like the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the omohyoid seem active during the workout process. With that being said, we did find some conflicting claims by doctors on the legitimacy of this particular exercise routine. We’ll address this topic later on in this Jawzrsize review.

Who Is Jawzrsize For?

Jawzrsize Review

This facial toner can be seen as a godsend for those who sport a double chin or a sagging jawline. In addition, since Jawzrsize is offered as a natural way to strengthen and tone muscles, people who are often wary of Botox, fillers, and other forms of cosmetic surgery may find the resistance balls a great compromise.

It’s worth noting that the Jawzrsize workout regimen is quite an expensive training program. Unless you’re determined to get that chiseled look, that $50 to $100 resistance ball can quickly end up in the drawer of unused things.

Comparison: Jawzrsize vs. Chisell

Jawzrsize Review

Are there better ways to get that sculpted jaw naturally? We’re about to find out, as we’ve decided to pit Jawzrsize against its rival brand Chisell to see which company deserves your hard-earned cash.

Down below, you’ll find a list of similarities and differences between these two companies—which varies in product variation, cost, and company perks.


  • Offers multiple facial toning kits on its website
  • Also sells other items such as supplement powders and apparel
  • Provides a natural way to achieve a chiseled jawline without surgery or botox
  • Some devices are quite expensive, but the cheapest model is currently on sale for $35


  • Offers jaw-defining toners that vary from levels of resistance
  • Provides more in-depth information on how its products work
  • Considered a natural alternative to fillers and cosmetic surgery
  • A bit more affordable than Jawzrsize, starting at $25

Jawzrsize Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Jawzrsize Review

Does Jawzrsize work? There’s only one way to know for sure. We’ve scoured the internet to see what customers are saying about this brand, and so far—it seems that several buyers are loving the results.

In total, there are over 2,614 reviews posted on its official website, with an overarching score of 4/5 stars. To give a better estimate on where these rankings lie, we’ll provide the ratings for some of its top-selling products.

  • The Custom Fit: 49 reviews with 4/5 stars
  • The Pop ‘N Go: 885 reviews with 4/5 stars
  • The Bundle & Save pack: 209 reviews with 4.3/5 stars

We found several glowing reviews on the resistance balls, as a majority of customers are sharing their success stories online. Most users discovered their jawlines stronger and more defined after repeated use. It gets even more inspiring once you’ve seen the number of Jawzrsize before and after photos, as they showcase impressive results.

I can tell for sure that the muscles in my jaw and face are much stronger than when I began the Starter Kit. I’m looking forward to continuing and advancing on to levels 3 and 4,” one customer wrote for the Total Transformation Kit.

Jawzrsize Review

The positivity for Jawzrsize doesn’t stop there, as we uncovered more testimonials on other websites such as Amazon, Trustpilot, and its Facebook page.

  • Amazon for the Advanced Blue Kit: 2,386 reviews with 3.8/5 stars
  • Trustpilot: 5,246 reviews with 3.7/5 stars
  • Facebook: 416 opinions with 4.2/5 stars

According to many reviewers online, the Jawzrsize workout routine proved effective in slimming down the jawline while removing the double chin. In addition, a good number of Trustpilot users noted the superb quality of the company’s customer service team, as they were reportedly helpful in addressing any concerns.

Great product and even better company! I was sent the wrong product at first (no biggie) I reached out and was immediately sent out the right product! Very professional people, and products are 10/10,” one Trustpilot user wrote.

Jawzrsize Review

The majority of Jawzrsize reviews tell us one thing: these devices do provide an improvement to the jawline.

Overall, this Jawzrsize review is inclined to give a thumbs-up towards this health and wellness brand. This is partially due to the number of positive testimonials online. As with most toning devices, results will vary depending on the person.

Is Jawzrsize Worth It?

Jawzrsize Review

At the end of the day, genuine customer reviews don’t lie—and it’s hard to argue against those impressive before and after photos. If you’re looking for a harmless way to achieve that Harry Styles jawline, Jawzrsize may offer the surgery-free solution that you’re looking for.

The only qualm I have with this brand is the lack of scientific research behind its products. Compared to Chisell, Jawzrsize doesn’t provide much info on how the resistance balls work. On top of that, the prices are pretty hefty—especially for those who aren’t committed to a traditional workout routine. But hey, it’s a lot more cost-effective than an electronic toner or Botox.

All in all, this Jawzrsize review generally recommends this brand. Here’s to hoping that you really achieve that Angelina Jolie figure after a few repeated uses.

Jawzrsize Promotions & Discounts

Jawzrsize Review

As you’ve probably already seen, some Jawzrsize products are at a discounted price, such as the Custom Fit kits. But, we found a few other ways for shoppers to save on these products:

  • Rewards program, in which members can gain access to exclusive deals
  • Referral program, where customers can receive $15 in points when sharing their affiliate links
  • Sign up for the newsletter to get 20% off their next order

Sadly, we haven’t come across a Jawzrsize discount code for customers to use on the brand’s website. But, the above methods should save you some cash on your order.

Where to Buy Jawzrsize

Jawzrsize Review

Inspired by the results you’ve seen online? Customers can head over to to purchase their own devices. You can also find them at select retailers, such as Amazon and Walmart.


Jawzrsize Review

Where is Jawzrsize made?

This Jawzrsize review found out that some of its products, such as the Beginner and Elite models, are made in the United States.

What is Jawzrsize’s Shipping Policy?

This Jawzrsize review is happy to report that the brand offers free shipping on orders that total $75 or more. Fortunately, it provides international shipping to select countries such as Canada and Australia.

For domestic purchases, packages will usually arrive within 3 to 8 business days. To help monitor the status of your parcel, customers will be given a tracking number via a confirmation email.

What is Jawzrsize’s Return Policy?

Jawzrsize offers a 60-day window for customers to send back their orders. Sadly, the company does not cover the return shipping costs. To initiate this process, buyers must contact the brand for further instructions.

How to Contact Jawzrsize

For inquiries unrelated to this Jawzrsize review, you can contact the company through:

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