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You can’t exactly trust a $200 diamond ring you found on Facebook Marketplace. While there’s a slight chance it’s genuine, 9 times out of 10 it’s a fake gemstone.

Reselling and buying authentic jewelry online is a gamble, which is why services like exist. This online auction cleans, vets, and markets your pre-owned jewels to help ensure a smooth transaction.

Considered the Poshmark of reselling jewelry, seems to be the top pick for bling bling enthusiasts. Their Instagram page boasts 38.9k followers. They’ve also been featured in select media outlets, including the New York Times, Forbes, and US News. 

Can’t afford to visit your local jeweler? If so, perhaps it’s time to try the online approach. Keep reading, as in my review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

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Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

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Overview of Review

Like designer clothing, reselling jewelry entails a complicated tango. Proper documentation, certification, and methods of confirming authenticity are typically required. Once these crucial steps are complete, it’s time to negotiate a price.

Unfortunately, some disreputable jewelers will try to lowball unsuspecting customers, which is what Ben De-Kalo and his wife experienced when they tried to resell an old diamond necklace. 

After finding no luck on eBay, they decided to take matters into their own hands. This inevitably led to the debut of in 2011. Founded in New York City, the brand ensures fair prices for both the customer and the reseller.

Before I jump ahead in my review, let’s go over some highlights.

Highlights Review
  • A convenient and safe way to resell jewelry online
  • Prevents low-balling thanks to a team of professional jewelers
  • Browse through hundreds of authenticated diamond jewelry
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Free overnight shipping

Pawning your expensive diamond ring is a lot harder than it seems. It’s no wonder why customers succumb to lowball offers, just wanting to be done with the reselling process. If you’d rather reap the profits and avoid the required effort, is the place to go.

They provide a no-hassle experience for resellers, as they take care of your jewelry and listing until an offer is made. is also a marketplace of pre-owned jewelry. Customers can browse through a large selection of authenticated bling, ranging from necklaces to rings. Moving forward, I’ll provide a quick snapshot of the brand in the next section of my review. Jewelry Review Review

Long gone are the days of making small talk at the pawn shop. If you value fast results, only requires some basic information related to your product of choice. They will do the heavy lifting, creating a listing while you sit back and watch the bids come in. 

Care for some additional specifics? If so, I’ll discuss some details worth considering next.

How Does Work? Review

Compared to selling your old jewelry on eBay, adds a few extra steps to ensure maximum quality and credibility. To start, users must input some basic information related to their piece.

This includes detailing the accessory they’d like to sell, the cut of the diamond, its carat weight, and their contact information. If everything checks out, a representative at will ask you to ship your piece to their facility.

All pre-owned jewelry is vetted by In addition to grading your piece, they will also clean it and take photos for the listing. Once this step is over, the brand will set up an online auction.

Resellers can watch the bids for their piece happen in real time. If an offer has been made, you’ll receive the final sales amount. It’s worth mentioning that the company will deduct a small sales fee from your total profits. Fees Review

Considering that takes care of gem-authenticating, product listing, and advertising, I think it’s safe to say that they ask for a reasonable cut of the profits. All listings come with some additional fees.

But don’t worry, you’ll still reap the majority of the profits. To keep things simple and straightforward, here’s a brief list of their fees:

  • Winning bid for up to $5,000: 18%
  • Winning bid for $5,001 to $15,000: 14% 
  • Winning bid for $15,001 to $30,000: 12%
  • Winning bid for $30,001 and above: 10% 
  • Jewelry boxes (three or more pieces): 18%

Who Is For? Review is a great service to use if you’re fond of traditional reselling methods. eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and even in-store pawn shops are known to lowball customers, so this company provides an easy way for you to get the most back for your jewelry.

Plus, selling jewelry on your own requires a bit of research, as not all buyers are savvy in grading and authenticating pieces. It’s worth reiterating that focuses on diamond accessories over other types of gemstones. Reviews: What Do Customers Think? Review

So, is worth visiting? According to thousands of satisfied customers, it seems that they’re a great alternative compared to online marketplaces and pawn shops. To kickstart this section of my review, I thought to share some ratings posted on the internet.

  • Trustpilot: 2,583 reviews with 4.7/5 stars
  • Sitejabber: 165 reviews with 4.6/5 stars

Considered a credible place to resell jewelry, is reportedly very communicative in updating its clientele.

Customers were able to gain a better understanding of the value of their pieces, as well as what stage of the reselling process they were on. Professional and quick to resolve any problems, buyers weren’t left in the dark once they shipped their jewelry to 

One customer on Trustpilot wrote: Felt comfortable with my contact right from the start. I knew Worthy would get me the best deal and it truly was so easy. I was assured I would have constant updates and I did. They did a great job in getting me the best deal.” 

“Before I sent my diamond ring to Worthy I read the many admirable reviews about them. They exceeded all expectations with their hard work and design for the successful operation of their business. Extremely impressive,” another user wrote on Sitejabber. 

I also found a wide number of blogs that spoke highly of Websites such as Wealthy Single Mom stated the brand was a trustworthy place to resell old jewelry:

“The Worthy process had been so smooth and transparent — not to mention fast! — and I was really just glad to get this ring on to another appreciative person who could enjoy it.”

Given the vast amount of positive feedback, it seems that lives up to its name. It’s the peace-of-mind experience you’re looking for when it comes to reselling jewelry. That said, I did come across a few unsatisfactory reviews. I’ll be sure to cover those shortly.

Worthy vs. Abe Mor Review

Obviously, reselling old jewelry online is a phenomenon that has been around for a while. isn’t the only brand looking to simplify the process, as competitors like Abe Mor are also in the industry. If you’re wondering what’s the difference between the two, I’ll provide a short overview of both of these companies down below. 

  • Takes care of online bidding, product listing, cleaning, and shipping
  • Fees range from 10 to 18%
  • Home to hundreds of authenticated jewelry that customers can buy
  • Free overnight shipping 
  • Positive customer reviews

Abe Mor

  • An online pawnshop. No auction is involved
  • No additional fees
  • Customers can request a free estimate
  • Free shipping
  • Positive customer reviews

If you want a transparent view of pricing, online bidding is the best route to take. Customers can view offers in real time by using That said, those who prefer a one-and-done process can opt for Abe Mor for a quick estimate.

Is Legit? Review

I found a few concerning reviews online. Most of these detailed issues with fair pricing, as some customers weren’t happy with the brand’s estimates. Aside from this, there appear to be no glaring problems associated with using’s services.

Is Worth It? Review

Can I confidently recommend this online reseller in this review? Absolutely. Their services provide full transparency to customers as they walk buyers through each step. From grading to advertising, takes care of the legwork to ensure the best possible scenario. I highly suggest that you check them out if you’re not fond of traditional pawning. Promotions & Discounts Review

At the time of writing my review, I found no promotions or discounts to include. 

Where to Buy Review

Looking to sell your old diamond necklace? If so, customers can head over to to use their services. 

FAQ Review

Who owns is owned by founder Ben De-Kalo. 

How Long is the Process?

It typically takes 5-7 business days for the brand to process the payment from the buyer. Afterward, it takes an additional 1-5 days for the funds to transfer to your account.

What is’s Shipping Policy?

When it comes to sending your jewelry piece for authentication, the company will offer a prepaid delivery label.

It’s also worth mentioning that buyers receive free shipping if they purchase products from their website. To help keep track of your item, will issue a tracking number alongside a confirmation email.

What is’s Return Policy?

If you’re not successful in reselling your jewelry, will return your item for free. If this happens, the brand will send you an email with complete details immediately.

How to Contact Review

For any questions unrelated to my review, you can contact the brand directly through:

  • Phone: 1 (888) 222-0208
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Filling out the contact form
  • Mailing address: 45 W 45 St, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10036

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