Oura Ring vs WHOOP Review

About Oura Ring

Oura Ring vs WHOOP Review

Founded in Finland by Kari Kivela, Markku Koskela, and Petteri Lahtela in 2013, Oura Ring was created with a simple mission “to improve the way we live our lives.” Striving to transform wellness from the inside out, its sleek metallic ring tracks your vitals through sleep and activity to give you an accurate picture of your health.

Totally personalized and smart, Oura’s tracking ring sits stylishly on your finger, leaving you room for your favorite watch and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb with stylish outfits.

Made in Oulu, Finland, the company is globally recognized and even worn on the hands of NBA players and celebrities like Kim Kardashian.


Oura Ring vs WHOOP Review

A Boston, MA-based brand, WHOOP was created in 2011 by Will Ahmed with the goal to “optimize daily performance.” Essential for athletes and active folk, optimized performance doesn’t just happen in the gym, it intertwines with our daily lives, inspiring us to move or rest more and work towards better sleep and eating habits.

The WHOOP activity and wellness tracker is a weightless wrist-worn strap that syncs to a meticulous app, showing you your daily patterns so that you can track progress and learn from your habits. Treasured by elite athletes like Lebron James, the device is designed in the USA but manufactured in China.

Ready to find out what these two devices can do for you? It’s all coming up in this Oura Ring vs WHOOP review. I’ll run you through what they’re made of and what they do, as well as the logistics behind each brand, including manufacturing and delivery. Gear up for all the important details, I’m about to dive in.

What to Consider

Oura Ring vs WHOOP Review

Product range

Both WHOOP and Oura offer one type of product that they periodically update. You might find that one offers accessories and a greater color range than the other. If that’s important to you, keep an eye out for what each has to offer.

Target audience

Both made to move with you throughout the day, WHOOP and Oura are aimed to help you live a more healthy life. With that said, one may be a little more exercise-friendly than its competitor, while the other may be more versatile for a range of occasions.

Design features

The way a device looks and feels on your body is critical for it to be worn all of the time. Oura and WHOOP are incredibly different-looking devices, but they do work with similar technology and display your stats on an app.

Each one has special features that may make you gravitate towards one over the other, but I’ll cover this topic more thoroughly in the sections to come in this Oura Ring vs WHOOP review.


Oura is on its 3rd-gen model, while WHOOP’s latest is its 4.0 design. Both brands have been around 8+ years, with new models introduced every 2.5 years or so.

As technology advances, you can expect to be upgrading your device as time goes on, but it’s not necessary if you enjoy its present features. Neither brand offers its previous generation model for new users, but with WHOOP, you can still buy accessories for its 3.0 design.


With WHOOP, the only place you’ll find its device is right from its website. For Oura, you can buy from its website as well as Both brands ship around the world, but Oura ships to more locations.

The device you opt for may be due to where each brand delivers, but also which pricing system makes more sense to you. With either, you’ll have a monthly membership fee, but WHOOP’s fee also covers its device whereas Oura’s does not.

The next section of this Oura Ring vs WHOOP review will take a close look into both brands and their signature devices. I’ll cover all the critical tech specs, materials, and suss out the value, swooping in with a healthy dose of customer feedback to round things off nicely.

To get started, I’ll fill you in on who each device is best suited for to help you see the brands a little more clearly. Let’s get moving.

New Oura Ring Generation 3 vs WHOOP: Who Are They For?

Oura Ring vs WHOOP Review

The Oura Ring Generation 3 device was just released. This new model boasts the ability to track menstrual cycles and monitor body temperature, heart rate, sleep, activity, and more. A smart device for both men and women, the ring is geared towards adults looking to keep track of their health and work towards improving it.

All your stats are delivered via an app on your phone, meaning it’s probably a better choice for those who are somewhat tech-savvy, though the app is easy enough to use. Designed to be worn during the day and while you sleep, the ring is light and comfortable and can be utilized by everyone from busy professionals to retirees.

Oura Ring vs WHOOP Review

As soon as I landed on the WHOOP website, I immediately got the feeling its device was made for athletes. At its core, the device is an activity tracker, and its sleek and stretchy strap helps us understand it was designed for all-day wear to be used in a range of activities and worn out of the way on your wrist.

The brand says its device was made to improve performance, recovery, and sleep, but more so, I found that it’s about taking control of your health. Letting you track your progress over time and view your stats on the app, it’s a high-tech device that’s been seen on the wrists of big-time athletes like Lebron James and Michael Phelps.

WHOOP has a more sporty vibe than Oura Ring does, but I do like the finger-worn alternative to the standard tracking watch. Which one you buy may come down to where you prefer to wear your tracker and if you’re willing to give up wearing your favorite watch since both appear to have similar functions.

New Oura Ring Generation 3 vs WHOOP: Tech Specs

Oura Ring vs WHOOP Review

There is a lot to unpack in this section of our Oura Ring vs WHOOP review. Both of these devices offer a lot of really cool features. I’ll be looking at the newest models of each brand, the Oura 3rd-gen and the WHOOP 4.0 to see how they compare in terms of what they can do.

The Oura Ring works by interpreting your body’s vitals (temperature, heart rate) and turning them into easy-to-interpret statistics on its app. Offering features from period prediction and cycle tracking to keeping tabs on your sleep, the ring can also detect when you take a nap and any activity you do.

Keeping track of everything you do, Oura Ring aims to help you live a healthier life by helping you understand your habits and make changes. By choosing a finger-worn format, Oura is able to get more accurate measurements of your pulse thanks to its position close to your arteries and research-grade sensors.

Popular for its accuracy and known for its sleep tracking, you’ll be able to see your REM cycle, deep sleep, and light sleep ratios. Its technology can also detect your Readiness Rate (when it’s time to take a break and when you should move), as well as your activity levels.

New Oura Ring Generation 3

  • Tracks sleep, activity, body temperature
  • Closer to arteries for more accurate reading
  • Let’s you wear wristwear, doesn’t look sporty
  • Tracks menstrual cycles
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof up to 100 meters

The WHOOP Strap operates similarly, tracking sleep, heart rate variability, and respiratory rate to help you perform better by teaching you when you should rest. Using a green, yellow, or red Recovery score, you’ll see how ready your body is to get in a workout. If it’s not, it’s a good indication you’re pushing too hard.

WHOOP’s recommendations are completely personalized and tailored to your daily scores, with coaching feedback when needed. You’ll also see your daily Strain, a measurement that scales from 0-21 to help you pull back when needed.

Your final measurement will be your Sleep. Since sleep is an important part of recovery, you’ll have a score of 0-100% for your unique optimal levels, and the device will even wake you up using a gentle buzz if it finds you’re oversleeping.

All of your health records are recorded on the app into a weekly chart and are downloadable to help you keep track.

Oura Ring vs WHOOP Review


  • Charging pack slides on, you never have to take it off
  • Thin, comfortable strap, not cumbersome
  • 21 colors, with the option to customize
  • Waterproof for up to 10 meters for 2 hours, dustproof
  • Measures recovery, strain, and sleep

Both devices track the same vitals, heart rate, and body temperature and display similar results, though Oura offers additional tracking for periods and Sp02 sensing (not available yet, but will be in 2022 with this 3rd-gen model). Neither device is made to take the place of medical advice, so just be sure to consult a physician before using.

New Oura Ring Generation 3 vs WHOOP 4.0: Materials and Durability

Oura Ring vs WHOOP Review

Something that is designed to be worn every day better be able to withstand anything you can throw its way. This section of our Oura Ring vs WHOOP review will take a look at what each of the devices is made from and how well they hold up to daily activities.

Made from titanium, Oura Ring has a PVD coating and a non-allergenic inner molding. With a built-in battery, the ring holds about a week’s worth of juice, meaning one 20-80 minute charge is enough to see you through 4-7 days.

And since the ring is meant to be worn all of the time, I was happy to read that it’s actually comfortable and that many of those who wear it don’t notice it on their fingers throughout the day as it’s the same size as a standard wedding band. It’s water-resistant too, up to 100 m, a feat that’s impressive for a tech device like this.

Using Bluetooth Low-Energy, the ring automatically syncs to the app when nearby, meaning if you keep your phone in your pocket you’ll have seamless uploads. And what about travel? You can turn it on airplane mode whenever you need to hop on a flight and it’s also EMF-safe.

Oura Ring vs WHOOP Review

Like the Oura Ring, the WHOOP Strap is smartly designed for everyday wear, taking you through a range of activities from sleeping to showering to the gym. Lightweight with a flexible strap, the band can be submerged up to 10 meters for 2 hours, but the thing we love most about its design is how the battery pack works.

The small black hub (which is also waterproof) slides on over the WHOOP Strap so you never have to take it off. Once fully charged, you’ll get 5 days of battery life thanks to the silicon anode battery cells that provide a 17% higher energy density than the brand’s previous model.

WHOOP’s strap is made from a stretchy, durable blend of polyamide, polyester, and elastane—a mix that’s created to stretch, dry quickly, and stand up to abrasion. Its other pieces are high-quality as well, with an aluminum clasp and stainless steel hook.

In terms of durability, WHOOP and Oura Ring are made from different materials, each with its own set of advantages. Titanium is super strong, but WHOOP’s band is stretchy and resilient.

Both offering a good amount of battery life and water resistance, I can appreciate WHOOPs convenient charger, but Oura’s superior plunge depth.

Oura Ring vs WHOOP: Price & Value

Oura Ring vs WHOOP Review

By now, you’ve probably gotten a good idea of what you’ll get from each device, at least, that’s what I hope to have accomplished in this Oura Ring vs WHOOP review. In this section, I’ll zoom in on each brand’s pricing, but more so, the value that comes with their smart trackers.

The Oura Ring is the brand’s only device. There are no accessories, no extras you’ll need to buy like straps—the style of metal you buy is what you’ll have until the very end, or at least until your next upgrade.

There is value in simplicity like this, and also in the way the device is worn. Like a simple band, it’s worn as a ring leaving you room for a personal watch or other wrist-worn jewelry without clashing with your outfit.

That may sound silly to some, but the debate of whether to keep a clunky fitness tracker on with a suit or gown is a debate that often leads to compromise. With Oura, there’s no compromise, and there’s high value in that.

So what does the Oura Ring cost? When it’s not on sale, it’s $299, and that includes 6 months of free membership, a total of $42 ($7/month). When you look at it that way, the device costs $257, and if you happen to hit it on a sale like the one that’s on right now, with all discounts applied you’ll essentially be shelling out $207 for your first 6 months of use.

On the flip side, WHOOP Strap operates with a different pricing structure. Its device is essentially free, but you’ll pay a monthly membership to access your stats. Offering 3 membership lengths, here’s how they work:

  • Monthly membership: $30/month (6-month minimum)
  • Annual membership: $24/month (save 20%)
  • 18-Month membership: $18/month (save 40%)

If you’d rather pay up front for the last two options, you can. Where does the value come in? Well, like how Oura’s option is versatile, while WHOOP’s is convenient.

It’s not that a ring isn’t convenient, but lifting dumbbells and having sweaty hands isn’t always conducive to a comfortable ring-wearing experience, so I see the value of having a “hands-free” experience of sorts.

Both of the brands’ apps will tell you similar stats, but I did find out that a lot of Oura’s functions aren’t ready yet, so right now, what you’ll be getting is a sleep and activity tracker. Elements like Sp02 sensing will be available in 2022.

Is one more valuable? For us, it’s about what you want out of a device. I believe they’re each intended for different types of people and activities. What one person may value for versatile wear another may find cumbersome. What features are a must-have for someone, someone else may never use. I see the value in both.

Oura Ring vs WHOOP: What Do Customers Think?

Oura Ring vs WHOOP Review

This customer feedback section is the lifeblood of our Oura Ring vs WHOOP review. I’ve shown you the stats, so now it’s time to take a look at what each product is really like, told by those who wear it daily.

For this, I hit the web in search of a variety of review sites and comments and packaged them up neatly in an easily digestible list that has everything except a pretty little red bow. Take a peek below:


  • The Verge: 7.5/10
  • PC Mag: 3.5/5 stars
  • Digital Trends: 9.5/10 stars
  • TechRadar 4.5/5 stars

All of these ratings are based on the opinions of one person who tried out the brand’s gear and assessed the company from afar. There were definitely several strands of similar feedback about the Oura Ring, so I’ve gathered them all for you to take a look at:

  • Comfortable to wear, doesn’t catch on clothing
  • Impressed with features so far, looking forward to more
  • Convenient app
  • Love that no notifications pop up
  • Holds a long battery, shows battery life on device, charges quickly

One of the main things I learned about the Oura Ring is that the Gen3 model has just come out (like a week ago as I write this). As you can imagine, demand is high and shipping can be slow. This doesn’t mean it’s not worth ordering, but customers should bring their patience as November/December is a busy shopping time each year.

WHOOP’s ratings are slightly higher than Oura’s, but not by much. Here’s a roundup of what I found online:

  • MichaelKummer: 4.8/5 stars
  • PC Mag: 4/5 stars
  • Tech Radar: 4/5 stars
  • Cycling News: 4.5/5 stars

Now, the WHOOP device and Oura Ring are two very different things. They’re worn differently and at this time, have different functions. Despite that, the types of feedback are pretty much the same.

  • Love the app and how it functions
  • Enjoying exercise without being bombarded by notifications
  • Comfortable to wear all day and night, lightweight

Like Oura Ring, WHOOP 4.0 was just recently launched, and customers report the same kind of shipping delays—that’s the biggest complaint about the brand that I could find. Not a deal-breaker, especially when the device sounds like one worth waiting for.

All in all, feedback is quite positive for both brands. It sounds like shipping can be a toughie for some, but the devices themselves are enjoyed by many.

Oura Ring vs WHOOP: Promotions & Discounts

Oura Ring vs WHOOP Review

Any quality wellness and activity tracker is going to cost a pretty penny, there’s no way around it. I scoped out both of the companies’ websites to find out if, by chance, either offer discounts or ways to help their customers save. This is what I discovered:


  • Black Friday Sale—Get $50 off any Oura Ring
  • 6-months free membership for new customers
  • Free sizing kit with every order


  • Get $30 off your next purchase when you sign up for the newsletter
  • Save up to 40% with an 18-month membership
  • Free shipping
  • WHOOP device is free with your subscription ($18-$30/month)
  • Refer a friend: they get $30, you get 1 month free

Alright, so there are some pretty obvious differences here. WHOOP offers year-round discount opportunities while it appears that Oura has annual ones (shown through its Black Friday sale).

If you’re reading this Oura Ring vs WHOOP review at any time of year other than November, and there’s a good chance you are, what Oura’s Black Friday sale tells us is that it will most likely offer yearly promotions that you can look forward to or wait for to save a few bucks.

It doesn’t look like WHOOP holds sales like this, but that may be because it offers so many great promotions as it is. Essentially getting a device for free, its customers can also save a bundle when committing long-term. On the other hand, Oura customers can get 6 months of free membership. It’s a close one here.

Oura Ring vs WHOOP: Shipping & Returns

Oura Ring vs WHOOP Review

So far, this Oura Ring vs WHOOP review has looked at everything to do with purchasing your wellness tracker, but if there’s anything I’ve learned about buying anything, is that where and how you get it is equally as important as the product itself. After all, you can’t buy something if the brand doesn’t ship to your country.

In this section, I’ve compiled all of the need-to-know facts about each of the brands’ shipping policies and thrown in the details of their return and warranty policies as well—just in case the need ever arises.

Hitting up Oura’s website first, it looks like the company’s shipping policies for pre-orders and upgrades are the same. Here’s what they look like:

  • Your sizing kit will be delivered in 14 days from the time you place your order and get confirmation
  • After you confirm your size, your Oura Ring will be delivered 2-3 weeks after the brand confirms your order

The Gen3 Ring just started shipping out on November 15th, 2021, so if you’ve ordered your ring before that date, stay tuned, it will be arriving soon. Oura says that delivery estimates depend on stock and since there is a generally high demand for its rings at this time, shipping may take a little longer. Some more shipping deets:

  • Orders are delivered via DHL, DHL Globalmail, and UPS Express Saver
  • Ships within the USA and to many international locations
  • Oura offers one standard shipping cost of $15/€15
  • You can track your order by clicking on the link in your confirmation email
  • Also available through

As for Returns, you’ll have 30 days to return or exchange your Oura Ring for a refund or a different style. Keep in mind that you can only return or exchange one item per original order.

If your reason for return falls into the warranty claims category, know that your ring comes with a one-year warranty that offers repair or replacement to rings with manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. It does not cover daily wear and tear like scratches.

WHOOP has similar policies, but I noticed that it ships to fewer locations, though still ships internationally. Here’s the rest of its policy:

  • Shipping is free
  • Shipping times vary but depend on availability
  • Not available outside of brand’s website

If you ever need to make a return and cancel your membership, you have 30 days to do so from the time you get your device in the mail. Once your device arrives back at the WHOOP warehouse, you’ll get your refund minus original shipping fees. If you don’t want to send it back, consider giving your device to a friend or recycling it.

WHOOP’s warranty covers flaws in materials and workmanship for one year from when you activate your device. To make a claim, you must have an active membership with the platform.

In comparison, these two services have similar policies, but WHOOP’s ships for free whereas Oura ships to greater locations. In addition, Oura Rings have a longer shipping time as you’ll need to try out the sizing kit first before you receive the actual device.

Who Will You Shop With?

Oura Ring vs WHOOP Review

This Oura Ring vs WHOOP review is about to wrap things up, but I’ll leave you with a quick summary for final contemplation. Since you’ve reached the very end, I hope that you’ve gotten to know each brand and its tracking device and seen the differences between them.

Each comes with its own set of perks. For the Oura Ring, that means a versatile piece of jewelry with highly-accurate sensing, and a durable, waterproof design. With WHOOP’s device, you’ll get a simple, out-of-the-way strap with a design to maximize performance.

I found that the WHOOP strap may be better suited for athletes and those who engage in intense physical activity and are concerned with increasing performance, while Oura Ring is more geared towards general wellness and illness prevention. Which one you pick depends on what your unique lifestyle and needs are.

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