JAXXON vs GLD Review


JAXXON vs GLD Review

Founded by Josh and Julia Deemer and Josh Pierce, JAXXON was created for the reason most brands are: a lack of options on the market.

Perhaps the best reason to develop a business, the trio’s venture has become incredibly popular despite launching it just a few years ago in 2018.

Why do so many people flock to JAXXON? It’s a brand they can depend on for quality jewelry. Making its chains in Italy with high-grade, ethically-sourced materials, the LA-based brand is associated with luxury but draws folks in due to its accessible range of well-designed items.

About GLD

JAXXON vs GLD Review

The story behind GLD is a little more creative, spouting from founder Christian Johnston’s passion for art and design and influenced by city life. It was launched in 2015 out of a basement in Pittsburg but has since graduated to a massive space in Miami to keep up with high production demands.

GLD’s materials and modern design are what have gained it so much attention, along with the fact that its pieces (though differing in value and material) are all matched when it comes to looks. Today, you’ll find celebrity clients like A$AP Rocky and Justin Bieber rocking the brand’s designs.

These two companies have similar vibes, so in this JAXXON vs GLD review I have a lot to sort through. Here, you’ll find out exactly what makes each of them tick. I’ll provide comparisons of their popular jewelry pieces, as well as face-offs for quality, value, feedback, and policies.

To provide you with some added assistance in selecting your perfect piece, before we dive in, I’ve put together a little list of things to keep in mind as you make your way through.

What To Consider

JAXXON vs GLD Review

Product Range

In the coming sections of this JAXXON vs Gold review, I’ll compare men’s and women’s chains and bracelets, but both of these brands offer more than just that.

JAXXON’s selection looks to be a little more compact than GLD’s, which not only has a greater number of pieces but also collabs with big organizations like MLB and Marvel.

Target Audience

GLD calls itself “hip hop jewelry.” While JAXXON doesn’t exactly label itself like that, judging by the photos on its website, I’d say they’re both aimed at the same crowd.

Though, if I had to, I’d say JAXXON gives off a more professional vibe. Primarily male-centric brands, both offer a female-specific collection as well.


With relatively the same kind of aesthetic, there’s more simplicity in JAXXON’s line. GLD’s designs are often larger, involve contrasting materials (stones and metals), and have more complex shapes (figures, symbols, etc.).

On top of that, GLD has collaborated with rappers and others brands, and you’ll find more variation in its designs and a youthful, somewhat flashy spirit.


Not all metals are made the same, and durability is something that varies for each of these companies. For its non-solid pieces, JAXXON uses 14k gold bonded 925 sterling silver, whereas GLD uses 18k gold plated 925 sterling silver.

While you may be tempted to opt for the higher karat, gold-plated jewelry tends to be less durable since the process involves fewer layers of gold.

JAXXON guarantees to lay on at least three, and up to five, layers of 14k gold to its sterling silver. This process may make these particular pieces more durable and last longer.

That’s really the only difference I found between these brands. They both use the same kind of sterling silver and 14k solid gold.


Both of these companies sell directly to the consumer, so you won’t find their pieces at other retailers. That’s one of the reasons you’ll get extremely reasonable prices for a lot of their quality jewelry.

Both brands carry more expensive items as well in their solid gold collections, but there’s a good range of prices that make either accessible for all.

The next part of this JAXXON vs GLD review is all about putting these two brands head-to-head. I’ll be inspecting their top-selling pieces under the microscope to draw out similarities and differences and help you see them clearly.

JAXXON 5mm Cuban Link Chain vs GLD 5mm Miami Cuban Link Chain

The Cuban chain is arguably one of the most popular in existence, with its masculine presence felt in its large, bold links. This section of my JAXXON vs GLD review will take a look at each brand’s 5mm Cuban links to get a feel for what makes them unique—if anything.

The JAXXON 5mm Cuban Link Chain is its most popular chain. Offering just the right thickness, it’s not overly flashy or heavy and seamlessly blends in with your personal style. The chain has been rated 5/5 stars by over 20k buyers who love its quality and versatility.

Made in gold, black, rose gold, and silver options, you can pick from lengths of 20”, 22”, 24” or 26”. Using .925 sterling silver as the base, in its gold versions, you’re getting three layers of 14k gold too. Get the chain for $190-$205 (on sale from $250-$263).

JAXXON 5mm Cuban Link Chain

  • Lots of length options
  • Four metals to choose from
  • Has a base of .925 sterling silver
  • Uses 14k gold bonding
  • Affordable

Another popular piece, the GLD 5mm Miami Cuban Chain Link comes in 18k gold plated, 10k solid gold, and 14k solid gold styles. Since this design is so sought-after, the brand accommodates requests for different karat options. Made in 16”, 18”, 22”, 24”, and 28” lengths, you can grab yours for $149-$3,500.

GLD 5mm Miami Cuban Chain Link:  

  • Tons of length options
  • Three different choices for gold
  • Has a base of .925 sterling silver for gold plated chain
  • Affordable 

At first glance, the Cuban chains from these two brands are well matched. GLD offers more length and gold options, but JAXXON makes its chain in different metals as well. JAXXON does offer this style in 14k solid gold but it’s found within its Fine collection, not shown as an option here. Their prices are comparable.

JAXXON 1mm Multi Link Chain Bracelet vs GLD Micro Mixed Link Bracelet

Bracelets bring a little sparkle to your wrist, adding a touch of elegance. Both JAXXON and GLD bring unique designs to the table, and ahead, I’ll look at two similar styles.

Part of its women’s collection, the JAXXON 1mm Multi Link Chain Bracelet mixes links to create a unique and ultra-flattering look. It’s made in both gold and silver, and the gold version features a base of .925 sterling silver that’s been bonded with three to five layers of 14k gold.

With delicate, wide links and a fine chain, there’s something really special about this bracelet that’s made even better by the affordable price of $80 (on sale from $116).

JAXXON 1mm Multi Link Chain Bracelet

  • Unique look
  • Quality materials
  • Option for gold or silver
  • Gold-bonding uses more layers of 14k gold
  • Affordable & on sale

The GLD Micro Mixed Link Bracelet has a similar look but pumps up the elegance with a line of round-cut 1.5mm stones. Made in 18k gold plated sterling silver with CZ Stones or 14k solid gold with Si Diamonds, this bracelet is a show stopper.

Slightly thicker than JAXXON’s, GLD’s bracelet measures 2mm in width and comes in 6” and 7” lengths for a better fit. You can get either length in the 18k gold plated version for just $39 right now (usually $89-$99). The 14k solid gold piece is $2,850-$3,200.

 GLD Micro Mixed Link Bracelet

  • Two length options
  • Affordable & on sale
  • Stones add glamour
  • Available in both gold-plated & solid gold

GLD has more options for their bracelet, and I love the addition of stones. Of course, stones are a preference, and you may prefer to keep things simple and metallic only. Both with great value—your choice may be one of design preference.

JAXXON 3mm Herringbone Chain vs GLD Herringbone Necklace (Adjustable)

Elegant and sexy, Herringbone is a fine, silky link that brings a classy touch to anything you pair it with. Silk dress? Check. White tank? Totally. Up ahead in this JAXXON vs GLD review, I’ll take a look at two comparable chains from each brand to see what the major differences are and if one comes out on top.

The JAXXON 3mm Herringbone Chain is made in gold (14k gold-bonded .925 sterling silver) and silver. Measuring 3mm thick, it’s a thin, delicate 16” chain that can adjust to 18” long. With just the right amount of shine, it adds a hint of glamour for the discounted price of $102 (normally $160).

JAXXON 3mm Herringbone Chain

  • Comes in gold-bonded and silver options
  • Bonded with 3-5 layers of 14k gold
  • Uses .925 sterling silver
  • Is long-lasting & durable
  • The adjustable chain gives you options
  • Is extremely affordable

Unlike JAXXON, the GLD 3mm Herringbone Chain is made from solid gold. With 10k, it’s a precious metal with a subtle look, pairing nicely with precious stones and other metals. The chain comes in lengths of 16” or 18” for $300-$360.

 GLD 3mm Herringbone Chain

  • Made from solid gold
  • 10k allows it to be affordable
  • Is durable & long-lasting
  • Two different chain options

These two necklaces are pretty different. One is made in solid gold only while the other comes in sterling silver and gold-bonded versions.

The price difference between the two makes sense, but I appreciate the fact that GLD chose a lower karat of gold to still make its piece affordable while allowing wearers to boast wearing solid gold.

Both affordable chains, your preference may come down to whether you like the idea of solid gold or if you’d prefer a higher karat of gold-bonded. The look is quite different.

JAXXON vs GLD: Quality

JAXXON vs GLD Review

Jewelry is a tough one when it comes to buying it online. Sure it looks solid, shiny, and well-made, but what happens to it when you wear it day in and day out?

This part of my JAXXON vs GLD review will look at the quality of each company’s materials, as well as where and how they’re made.

JAXXON claims to only work with the best of the best precious metal chain manufacturers in Italy. If there’s one thing I’ve come to learn about the beautiful country, it’s that its workers pump out well-made, quality products with strict attention to detail. Its name is synonymous with class.

So what makes their chains stand out from other high-quality pieces? JAXXON’s expert jewelers use a thicker layer of gold than other companies do, meaning they’ll be shinier, last longer, and be more durable.

Using 925 sterling silver as the base of its gold-bonded jewelry, the brand coats it up to five times in real gold. Costly and time-consuming, the process is what has helped JAXXON make a name for itself.

Handcrafted with top-of-the-line, ethically-sourced materials like solid 14k gold, the brand opted for this type over 18k or 10k because of its impeccable look of luxury. Its jewelers are true craftsmen, the trade passed down from generation to generation so that you’re getting history in every link.

As for GLD, there’s not as much information available online about where its jewelry is made or its materials are sourced, but we do know it’s designed in Miami, Florida and the brand’s original line was made in NYC. Using real 14k and 18k gold, 925 sterling silver, and genuine white/black rhodium, its pieces are known for their quality, but more so, their design.

Inspired by urban life, GLD jewelry is loved by hip hop stars like Cardi B and the brand itself was backed and is endorsed by Wiz Khalifa. If that’s not a good sign, I don’t know what is.

The brand has a vermeil option as well, which, if you’re not familiar with the type of metal, is 925 sterling silver coated with at least 2.5 microns of plated gold. These pieces will last longer than your average gold-plated designs.

Obviously, there’s a lot more information about JAXXON’s manufacturing and sourcing available, so it’s hard to judge these two brands side by side when we don’t have the full scoop for GLD.

I’ve heard from both sets of customers that either makes durable, high-quality designs. With that said, GLD looks to focus more on aesthetics while JAXXON may be more concerned with quality.

JAXXON vs GLD: Price & Value

JAXXON vs GLD Review

When we think about price, value always comes into play. If something is cheap, we often expect it to break easily. Just as if an item is expensive, we plan to have it and use it for many years. This has always been the truth with jewelry, but these days, companies set out to break the mold when it comes to value, pushing for higher standards and lower prices.

This part of my JAXXON vs GLD review will take a look at both the price and value that each brand supplies to suss out any major differences. Let’s first take a look at some of JAXXON’s prices for the Cuban Link Chain.

  • 20” 5mm Cuban Link Chain
    • 14k gold-bonded: $205 (normally $263)
    • 14k solid gold: $3,816 (normally $4,770)

JAXXON has some great discounts right now, and considering what I’ve learned about the brand’s quality and manufacturing, these prices are awesome for what you’re getting. Customers report the amazing quality of its jewelry as well, so overall, this brand has high value. I’ll now check out what GLD’s prices are for comparable items.

  • 20” 5mm Miami Cuban Chain
    • 18k gold plated: $169
    • 14k solid gold: $4,299

GLD’s prices for its gold-plated chain are lower than JAXXON’s as the process of plating typically involves fewer layers of gold. This may be why the competitor’s prices are higher for its gold-bonded pieces that have three layers of the precious metal.

When looking at the value you’ll get from each brand, it appears that JAXXON may clock in slightly higher on the scale. I’ve read it from the brand’s customers as well as when learning about how its collections are produced.

Since we know more about where JAXXON makes its jewelry, that it sources its materials ethically, and that it chooses gold-bonding over plating, its pieces may last longer and hold up better to wear and tear.

With that said, though GLD doesn’t go into detail about where its metals are from and where its jewelry is made, its endorsements from celebrities and overall aesthetic certainly hold high value. It’s a matter of what you prioritize in your jewelry.

JAXXON vs GLD: What Do Customers Think?

JAXXON vs GLD Review

Customer feedback. It’s important but really annoying to sift through. That’s why in this section of my JAXXON vs GLD review, I’ve done it for you.

Ahead, you’ll find both ratings and common tidbits of feedback gathered from around the web to help give you an overview of what either company and its jewelry are really like.

JAXXON has a ton of reviews in just a few places. Over 100k shoppers have gone online to rate the brand, and it looks like overall, it has an almost perfect score. Take a look at what I mean:

  • Trustpilot: 21k+ reviews with an average of 4.7/5 stars
  • Trust Index: 89k+ reviews with an average of 4.8/5 stars

After combing through both websites, I came to understand a few things about the brand and its jewelry. Here’s what customers had to say about JAXXON:

  • Its items are high-quality & great value
  • Orders are shipped quickly
  • It has friendly customer service

Swapping over to its competitor, GLD has similar ratings, just not as many. This is what I found while scoping out Google:

  • Facebook: 750 reviews with an average of 4.2/5 stars
  • Trustpilot: 6,734 reviews with an average of 4.6/5 stars

On top of those two ratings, the brand has an A+ score on the Better Business Bureau which suggests it deals with customer issues promptly. Reading through the sites, I saw the word “smooth” come up a lot when shoppers mentioned the ordering and delivery process. Here’s what else they thought about GLD:

  • Its jewelry is of amazing quality
  • If something breaks, the brand replaces it quickly
  • Customer service is responsive

JAXXON has higher ratings and more of them, but GLD looks to be more responsive to customer issues. It looks like shoppers enjoy similar qualities of both brands, so one company isn’t miles ahead of the other when we look at them from a standpoint of feedback.

Promotions & Discounts

JAXXON vs GLD Review

One reason both of these companies are so popular is because of their value. They both provide amazing quality for what they charge. That’s just one way each of them helps customers out, but while I filtered through the website for this JAXXON vs GLD review, I found a few other ways you can save a few bucks too.


  • Refer a Friend: Give $40, Get $40
  • Men’s & Women’s Sale Section
  • Free express shipping on US orders
  • Free standard shipping on international orders


  • Student Discount: Spend $75 and get $25 off
  • Refer a Friend: Get $50 for every person you refer
  • Buy 1, get 1 free using code BOGO at checkout
  • Flash Sale Section: Up to 60% off 
  • Free shipping on orders over $100

JAXXON also has a mailing list that you can sign up for to get access to exclusive deals. GLD has one too, but it doesn’t mention deals, though this brand has plenty of other deals to go around. Both have free shipping options and sale sections, but GLD looks to offer more ways to save big.

Shipping & Returns

JAXXON vs GLD Review

Shipping and returns policies can make or break a shopping experience. Buying jewelry online is extremely easy to do, but what’s the point if it’s going to take 7 years to arrive at your door? 

My JAXXON vs GLD review will now focus on what both of these policies are like for either brand to help you better understand what shopping with them will be like. Let’s start off with JAXXON:

  • Ships around the world (including APO, FPO, and PO Boxes)
  • Customers report on-time deliveries
  • Free US Express shipping

If you need to, you can return your items within 7 days of the date of delivery for store credit, but they need to be in like-new condition. You cannot return solid gold pieces because they’re custom-made. All JAXXON jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship—not problems that may arise due to normal wear and tear.

GLD jewelry has the same lifetime warranty as well, but only for its gold plated, vermeil, and solid gold pieces. Should you ever need to, you can return any item within 14 days from when it was delivered. Open or worn products cannot be returned or exchanged. Here’s the core of its shipping policy:

  • Ships to 220+ countries around the world
  • Free US Ground Shipping for orders over $100
  • Shoppers say their orders arrive on time

Both brands are said to have speedy delivery times and ship across the globe. They also have free shipping options, but JAXXON has unconditional free shipping for both US and international locations, whereas GLD will only grant it if you spend a certain amount.

In the same breath, GLD’s return policy is a little longer. That means you’ll have an extra 7 days to think about whether or not you really want to return your new piece. Both brands are matched when it comes to warranties.

Who Will You Shop With?

JAXXON vs GLD Review

When two brands have similar designs, comparable prices, and matching policies, deciding who to buy may come down to the nitty-gritty. That’s why this JAXXON vs GLD review exists, and I hope I’ve made your life a little easier by laying out the details.

Each of these companies has similar pieces to one another, but I did notice that GLD has a larger selection and incorporates stones into its jewelry as well. There’s a particular aesthetic that the brand holds that’s extremely alluring—one of a life of luxury filled with the best this world has to offer.

That’s not all that GLD has to give out though. Aside from jaw-dropping designs, its pieces are made from high-quality materials and backed with a lifetime guarantee. On top of that, you’ll find heaps of deals and unbeatable prices.

On the flip side, JAXXON’s jewelry is more so about sourcing and craftsmanship. Made in Italy, you know you’re getting quality, and the promise of ethical sourcing is equally as attractive to those who care about where their jewelry comes from.

Matching GLD with its great-looking pieces, JAXXON has a smaller selection but retains the same lifetime guarantee and option to purchase gold-bonded or solid gold jewelry. With similar vibes and matched popularity, these two buzz-worthy brands each have something special to offer.

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