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Vooglam Review

New year, new you. While most use the event as an opportunity to learn new skills or drop old habits, others opt for a full-on glow-up. The makeover process usually entails a new wardrobe, a fresh haircut, and of course, a sparkling assortment of accessories. If you’re in need of a stylish pair of prescription eyeglasses, Vooglam has got you covered. 

From cat eye to butterfly, Vooglam offers an impressive selection of specs to choose from. They also sell cosmetics and jewelry as well. Boasting over 271k followers on Instagram, it seems that this accessory brand is all the rage. Their products are also featured in magazines such as Popdust and PRNewswire. 

Looking to cop a new look? If so, perhaps this brand can be of some help. Keep reading, as in this Vooglam review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

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Vooglam Products Review

Long gone are the days of boring frames. If you require an eccentric set of specs, this accessory brand is home to hundreds of stylish designs. Organized by shape, color, and material type, some of their creations involve:

  • cat eye glasses
  • square glasses
  • browline glasses
  • cute glasses

 I’ll go over a few of their bestsellers next in this Vooglam review. 

Vooglam Ayomide – Square Multicolor Eyeglasses

It’s no secret that fashionistas covet the bold and bright when it comes to prescription specs. If you’re looking to channel your inner Anna Wintour or Vivienne Westwood, the Ayomide – Square Multicolor Eyeglasses are definitely worth some major consideration. 

Offered in a square frame and decorated with a rainbow swirl of colors, this gorgeous accessory can do wonders in accentuating your eyes. 

To beef up this Vooglam review, I highly recommend pairing these specs with bright eyeshadow and lipstick to match. Price-wise, the $24 Ayomide – Square Multicolor Eyeglasses are on sale for just $7

Vooglam Trudie – Cat Eye Red Tortoise Eyeglasses

The Trudie – Cat Eye Red Tortoise Eyeglasses practically scream bad bitch energy. Key in intimidating your friends, family, or your colleagues, these specs feature a cat eye frame, a red eyeliner lip, and a slight tortoise shading near the lower brim. The black coating helps to marry these two colors together—plus, it works wonders in imbuing a sense of sex appeal. 

This wouldn’t be a full Vooglam review without providing some styling tips. The $24 Trudie – Cat Eye Red Tortoise Eyeglasses are best worn with a rouge lip and statement earrings. These Vooglam cat eye glasses frames are currently on sale for $15

Vooglam Retro – Round Dark/Green Eyeglasses

Looking to fulfill your cottage-core fantasies? If so, the Retro – Round Dark/Green Eyeglasses provide the perfect amount of countryside chic. 

Highlighted with a touch of gold, these semi-transparent specs are quite romantic in design. Its bright green hue is reminiscent of heirloom emeralds, rolling spring hills, and the promise of summer. If anything, it’s the literal definition of ‘rose-colored glasses.’

Ideally worn with a white peasant dress and a straw hat, the $24 Retro – Round Dark/Green Eyeglasses are on sale for only $1

Vooglam Sienna – Rectangle Tortoise/Green Eyeglasses

Those who choose to wear the Sienna – Rectangle Tortoise/Green Eyeglasses often court fancy brunch spots, wear designer clothes, and have a bachelor’s degree in art. In short, what I’m trying to say is that these specs are reserved for creative eccentrics. Chunky in frame, this stylish design showcases a white tortoise browline and a green underline to match. 

Undoubtedly bold, the $27 Sienna – Rectangle Tortoise/Green Eyeglasses should be paired with minimalistic fashion. Think of a white tunic top and a matching pair of lounge pants. I am happy to report that these specs are on clearance for $15

Vooglam Bessie – Oval Dark/Blue Eyeglasses

Speaking of high-fashion designer specs, the Bessie – Oval Dark/Blue Eyeglasses have Edna Mode written all over them. They feature an extra large frame, which may seem comical in design—but they actually do wonders in accentuating your eyes. Plus, they can help make your face look smaller. It’s also offered with a slight blue tint for extra style points. 

In terms of price, the Bessie – Oval Dark/Blue Eyeglasses retail for $10. It’s worth noting that they originally sold for $20

Vooglam Lyuba – Rectangle Bright/Pink Eyeglasses

If Cyperbunk minimalism is a legit core aesthetic, I’m sure that the Lyuba – Rectangle Bright/Pink Eyeglasses can serve as the perfect example. These futuristic specs feature a neon blush outline and a relatively clear frame. It definitely screams techie entrepreneur or the next Steve Jobs. 

Also available in other colors, the Lyuba – Rectangle Bright/Pink Eyeglasses sell for $24

Who Is Vooglam For? 

Vooglam Review

The prescription eyeglass industry can be a dull market—unless you know where to shop. If you’re tired of browsing through dull and inventive frames, Vooglam can act as a breath of fresh air. Offered at a reasonable price, this accessory brand provides an excellent selection of interesting designs, ranging from futuristic pink glasses to Edna Mode-style oval glasses. 

Vooglam Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Vooglam Review

So, is Vooglam legit? To help answer this question, I scoured the internet to see what customers are saying about the brand, and the consensus is relatively positive. To kick off this portion of this Vooglam review, I’ll feature some of the ratings for their bestselling products:

  • The Ayomide – Square Multicolor Eyeglasses: 236 reviews with 4.8/5 stars
  • The Trudie – Cat Eye Red Tortoise Eyeglasses: 250 reviews with 4.8/5 stars
  • The Retro – Round Dark/Green Eyeglasses: 57 reviews with 4.9/5 stars
  • The Lyuba – Rectangle Bright/Pink Eyeglasses: 140 reviews with 4.9/5 stars 

Considered a trusted source for stylish, affordable specs, customers are quick to voice their recommendations for Vooglam. Others commended the fit, quality, and price of the brand’s products. 

“Love the chic look, with the pop of pink. Makes me feel bossy and playful at the same time,” one customer wrote for the Lyuba – Rectangle Bright/Pink Eyeglasses

Once again I’m beyond happy with my order. These glasses as with all my other purchases (6+ pairs) are gorgeous,” one reviewer detailed for the Ayomide – Square Multicolor Eyeglasses

To add to this Vooglam review, I decided to include some outside sources as well. Amazon showcases a promising score of 4.5/5 stars based on 305 testimonials for the Voogueme Green Cat Eye glasses. Additionally, Trustpilot features a 4.7/5 star rating based on 5,100 comments. Customers on both websites praise the brand’s attention to quality and style. 

I love these glasses! I ordered same frames as last year since they have large lenses and give me a large range of vision. Prescription was well filled and my vision is very good with these glasses. Love them,” one Trustpilot reviewer shared. 

Despite the vast amount of positive Vooglam reviews, I did find a few negative remarks online. I’ll be sure to discuss these in full in the next segment of this Vooglam review. 

Is Vooglam Legit?

Vooglam Review

A few customers on Trustpilot voiced complaints concerning shipping, incorrect prescriptions, and poor customer service. Thankfully, the amount of negative testimonials pales in comparison to the number of positive ones. I didn’t find any other red flags worth discussing in this Vooglam review. 

Is Vooglam Worth It?

Vooglam Review

Considering its affordability and assortment of stylish frames, Vooglam seems to be a trusted source for budget (and fashionably) conscious customers. 

It’s quite refreshing to browse through a selection that features one-of-a-kind frames, which is great for those who want to spice up their wardrobe. Commendable in quality and price, I can wholeheartedly give my full recommendations in this Vooglam review. 

How To Choose The Best Glasses

Vooglam Review

As previously mentioned in this Vooglam review, their specs are quite affordable. You don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on prescription glasses—but customers should still shop responsibly to ensure the best bang for their buck. Below, I’ll share some pointers to consider if you’re on the hunt for a new pair. 

  • Consider your current dress sense. Glasses come in a large array of designs, colors, and prints. 
  • Weigh in cost versus value. In some cases, it’s worth overlooking the price if you see yourself wearing the glasses for a long time. 
  • Consult style charts. Some glasses are suited for different types of faces. 

Vooglam Promotions & Discounts 

Vooglam Review

Let’s conclude this Vooglam glasses review with some highlights, shall we? For instance, I found out that the brand offers lots of promotions for their products, which include deals like:

  • The Year End Sale: customers can find select products as low as $1 
  • BOGO promotion: buyers can receive their second pair for 50% off 
  • First-time orders automatically receive $5 off
  • Customers can sign up for the brand’s newsletter to get a coupon worth $56 off

Where to Buy Vooglam

Vooglam Review

In the market for a new pair of glasses? If so, customers can head over to to see what they have in store. You can also find their products sold on Amazon. 


Vooglam Review

Who owns Vooglam?

The founder (or parent company) behind Vooglam has yet to disclose their name(s). 

Is There A Way I Can Try Vooglam Frames And See Which Ones Fit Me Best?

Absolutely! Customers can use the virtual ‘try-on’ feature located in every product description. This allows buyers to see if their glasses are the right fit for them. 

What Countries Does Vooglam Ship To?

It’s worth mentioning in this Vooglam review that the company ships to select countries. This includes Canada, the United States, and Australia. 

May I Save My Prescription So I Do Not Need To Input It Again For The Next Order?

To save their prescription, customers will need to make a login account on 

What is Vooglam Return & Refund Policy?

Vooglam offers a 30-day window for customers to send back their unused products. Buyers should also know that the brand provides a 1-year warranty on its glasses. To initiate a return, you must contact the company for further instructions. 

How to Contact Vooglam

For inquiries unrelated to this Vooglam review, you can contact the brand through:

  • Phone number: +1 (302) 309-7808
  • WhatsApp: +86-18903854636
  • Email: support@vooglam 
  • Using the live chat function on their website

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