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Persona Nutrition Subscription Review
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My diet isn’t exactly balanced. My goal to “eat the rainbow” often ends up in a cloud-colored plate of carbs that don’t offer much in the way of nutrition.

I know that healthy foods are essential to supporting bodily functions and preventing cardiovascular risk factors. But how about the benefits of vitamin and mineral supplements1?

If you are lacking essential micronutrients, it might be a good idea to complement a healthy diet with multivitamins. That’s where Persona Nutrition comes in.

Persona Nutrition is an online vitamin and supplement brand that focuses on creating individualized lifestyle programs based on nutritional needs.

I learned after a quick and easy nutrition evaluation, I could have a custom pack of everything I need and nothing I don’t sent right to my door.

With TV Host Kelly Rippa as the brand’s ambassador, the company has gained notable attention in publications like Harper’s Bazaar, The Oprah Magazine, and Health Magazine. It also has a social following of 180k+—but would it be right for me?

I dug deep into the brand and its personalized subscriptions to find out. Ahead in this Persona Nutrition vitamins review, you’ll see what I discovered while on an earnest search for the facts.

Including reviews, pricing, promotions, and more, if you’re considering giving them a try, read this first.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions.

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Overview Of Persona Nutrition

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review
Image Credit: Persona Nutrition

Founded in 2017, Persona Nutrition is led by Jason Brown, Tamara Bernadot, and Prem Thudia. Now owned by Nestle Health Services, the Washington State-based brand continues to expand.

First impressions? I was pleased that their shared mission for better nutrition is backed by the collective expertise of a medical advisory board and numerous research studies.

They’re also members of the CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition)—a fact that brings me peace.

While getting to know the brand, I learned that Persona Nutrition promises three things to its customers: Transparency, Personalization, and Care.

In their own words—“From our personalized recommendations to our preference for real, person-to-person relationships, we’ll treat you like the unique human being you are.”

Of course, this quote makes me question why supplements are generic to begin with considering we all have different needs.

Leaning in to learn more, I love the idea that Persona Nutrition provides various programs fit for every lifestyle.

They include specialized treatments such as prenatal, men’s, women’s, bariatric, fitness, sleep, energy, stress and anxiety, weight support, immune defense, healthy aging, digestion, and detox care—just to name a few.

To get my personal plan, I’d need to choose which program reflected my needs, then fill out a nutrition assessment. After that, Persona puts my plan together and ships it out.

Medical Advisory Board & Nutritionists

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review
Image Credit: Persona Nutrition

Transparency is a word I see popping up everywhere—from fashion to food to tech, companies are catching on to the idea that customers want to know the truth. That’s why I was happy that transparency is included in Persona Nutrition’s company policy.

And while knowing what I’m putting in my body is important, I also want to know for sure that it is important.

Persona is backed by a medical advisory board and a team of nutritionists that put my mind at ease about proper supplementation.

Who’s on the board? It’s led by Cleveland Clinic’s chief wellness officer, Micheal Roizen, and Team physician for the Washington Football team, Robin West. 

In order to create specialized and individualized nutrition care, the Persona Nutrition team of medical professionals spent years developing its signature nutritional assessment algorithm.

Get ready to be impressed as this includes 5 trillion combinations of pure and effective supplements, millions of pages of scientific research, and over 1,000 analyzed potential prescription drug interactions.

Why? To ensure prescribed vitamins do not interfere with your daily life. 

Having served over 100,000 patients, Persona Nutrition’s medical advisory board is well versed in nutrition and the human condition.

I learned that, if I ever needed to talk to one, their team of nutritionists is always on standby—available 7 days a week for calls, online chats, or emails.

And while I got pretty jazzed about the expertise behind the company, I found comfort in knowing where the brand sources its ingredients for their vitamins as well.

You’ll see trademarked ingredients like curcumin extract, vegan vitamin D, and ashwagandha throughout the line so you know exactly what you’re getting and who you’re getting it from.

I’m happy to report this early in my Persona Nutrition vitamins review, that each ingredient is tested and re-tested again to ensure quality and safety control.

I know it’s a lot of information already, but this is nutrition and that’s where the fine details really matter.

Up ahead, I’ll provide information to help you find the right plan. But before I dive deeper, let’s run through a short list of highlights first:


  • A variety of customized vitamin programs for any kind of lifestyle 
  • Easy access to Persona Nutrition’s team of nutritionists and dieticians 
  • Offer products specific to diets including veganism 
  • Affordable care for 28 days
  • Their services are international
  • 100% money back guarantee

Persona Nutrition Assessment 

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review
Image Credit: Persona Nutrition

Persona Nutrition’s personalization is where it really shines. It’s what draws me to this brand and why it beats out competitors.

In order to create a specialized plan fit for your lifestyle, Persona Nutrition has its customers fill out a short, detailed quiz related to their bodily needs.

Going through the quiz, I was asked general questions about my height, weight, and diet, alongside more specific questions on stress levels, mood, and what kind of outcome I want for my program. More energy? Better Sleep? Shinier Hair? I check marked all that applied.

For greater personalization, I could even choose to match my answers with genetic testing if I had signed up with Ancestry or 23andMe. I haven’t yet, but it’s something to consider.

Before finishing the quiz, there is a spot to input any current medications. This is an important step that helps minimize the risk of a drug interaction.

After the quiz is complete, answers are then reviewed by Persona Nutrition’s medical advisory board. Don’t worry, they’re not long-winded, it’s a quick process. 

From there, I received a list of recommended vitamins and supplements alongside their descriptions and benefits, why I should take them, and the overall price of my package.

As an option, customers can choose added supplements to complement their current medications. 

What I really liked about the quiz, was that when I took it, it gave me questions directed to the answers I gave.

For instance, since I was a woman, it asked me questions about if I have PMS or have been susceptible to UTIs.

I was recommended ‘the essentials’ which includes a foundational multivitamin and a daily probiotic; and the sound slumber program, which includes a herbal rest and a melatonin pill because I mentioned that I wasn’t getting enough sleep. 

Persona Nutrition Subscription

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review
Image Credit: Persona Nutrition

Before you head off to take the nutrition assessment, check out this section of my Persona Nutrition vitamins review as it details the supplement subscription process.

After kickstarting your Persona Nutrition plan by filling out your assessment on lifestyle, diet, and personal needs, you’ll input your email and general a Persona Nutrition login.

Once you do that, you can access your homepage, add and remove medications, change ship dates, and pause your subscription if needed.

After subscribing to your plan, Persona Nutrition supplements are delivered every 28 days. The subscription service itself is free of charge, and you’re only billed for the price of the supplements.

Coming up in this Persona Nutrition review, I’ll walk you through each lifestyle category and the supplements included to help you find a plan that fits. Let’s dive in! 


  • Vitamin D, vitamin K2, Vitamin B6, Folate, iron, zinc, ginger, copper, thiamin, riboflavin and pantothenic acid.
  • Studies2 show daily iron and folate supplementation during pregnancy to prevent maternal anemia, neural tube defects in babies, as well as low birth weight, puerperal sepsis, and preterm birth



  • MSM, fermented ginseng, Astaxanthin, and COQ10.



Stress & Anxiety 

Weight Support

Immune Defense 

  • Daily probiotic, vitamin C with bioflavonoids, quercetin plus, vitamin D, and vitamin B-12. While vitamin D11 and B1212 can modulate the immune system, quercetin13 may have anti-allergy properties.

Healthy Aging 



  • Liver support pills, antioxidants, and ashwagandha

Who Is Persona Nutrition For?

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review
Image Credit: Persona Nutrition

While researching for this Persona Nutrition vitamins review, I discovered that there aren’t restrictions around who can take Persona supplements, though, it isn’t for kids.

The reasons for signing up can vary from wanting a better and healthy lifestyle and fulfilling prescribed doctoral needs. Persona Nutrition vitamins are for pregnant women, athletes, people who have sleep, stress, weight and energy issues, and so much more. 

How Much Does Persona Nutrition Cost?

Since Persona Nutrition operates on the customer’s needs based on their quiz results, each shipment and price differs based on your answers.

Customers may be prescribed varying amounts of supplements, which all affect the total cost of their vitamin package. Take the nutrition assessment to get your personalized quote.

Persona Nutrition Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review
Image Credit: Persona Nutrition

I may be easily impressed but I know the value of doing my homework too. In this case, reading through comments and ratings on the brand I’m interested in.

After a quick search for this part of my Persona Nutrition vitamins review, I’m happy to report a majority of rave reviews for the vitamin supplement brand.

Trustpilot gives Persona Nutrition a 4.3/5-star rating from over 8.5k reviews.

Many customers left comments on the positive nature of having an individualized supplement plan, which fits their needs and lifestyle choices.

“I feel a difference in my day to day life since I started taking those vitamins. Highly recommend,” one Trustpilot Persona Nutrition vitamins review said.

Others commented on the ease of taking the assessment quiz, convenient packaging, exceptional service, and overall, how better they feel after taking the recommended supplements.

In terms of red flags, there weren’t many negative reviews for the brand. I should note that some reviewers felt no difference, but with how unique our bodies are this isn’t too surprising.

What is also unsurprising is that Persona Nutrition was quick to answer any customer complaints. 

Personal nutrition ups your chances of getting what you need, but it isn’t flawless. Even so, I found scores above 4/5 stars consistently across the web.

Is Persona Nutrition Worth It?

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review
Image Credit: Persona Nutrition

The road to health should never feel confusing. It’s easy to get overwhelmed deciding what vitamins and nutrients are beneficial to your lifestyle, with the added complexity of how much you should actually take.

Since I already have enough on my plate, I don’t need the stress of fiddling around with this and that until I find what I need. I like that Persona Nutrition does the thinking for me.

After filling out a short assessment, you can get what you need to function and thrive. The brand recognizes that everyone’s body operates differently, and that there’s no such thing as ‘one plan for all.’ 

I love how transparent Persona Nutrition is. With every recommended supplement, there’s information about the vitamin on its benefits, and what kind of people should take them.

Additionally, their open access to medical professionals and quick delivery process make Persona Nutrition accessible, efficient, and trustworthy.

The verdict of this Persona Nutrition vitamins review? I give it two thumbs up! 

Persona Nutrition Promotions & Discounts 

No Persona Nutrition vitamins review would be complete without deals, and so I clicked and scrolled through the brand’s website until I found them all.

Right now the brand is offering 60% off your first month, no Persona Nutrition discount code needed.

Refer a friend to the brand and you’ll get a $25 Persona Nutrition promo code for every friend that signs up.

Sign Up For Persona Nutrition

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review
Image Credit: Persona Nutrition

With a ton of information packed into this Persona Nutrition review so far, I’ll take it down a notch and give you a short, easy to follow guide on how to sign up:

  1. Complete the assessment on PersonaNutrition.com
  2. Provide your email
  3. Purchase your plan
  4. Create your own password
  5. Log in and review your subscription
  6. Wait for your personalized vitamins and supplements! 

Smart tip: You can also sign up via text message by texting PERSONA to 88209 and receive promotional texts and account-related information. 


How do I cancel Persona Nutrition?

If your need to cancel your Persona Nutrition subscription, you simply need to log in to your account and select the ‘pause subscription’ option.

By clicking on this, you can either pause your subscription by moving the shipping date and push out your next order date or cancel your subscription. The latter will stop the automatic delivery process, just be sure to do it before your next billing date.

Want a quick break? You can pause your subscription for 1 week, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or a year.

You can resume your subscription schedule anytime on your account. Keep in mind that you can’t cancel on the same day as your process order date.

To help you out, Persona sends a reminder email 5-7 days before the process date so you can make changes to your order, pause, or cancel if needed.

Persona Nutrition Shipping Policy

Persona Nutrition ships internationally and throughout the US. New orders take 2 business days and on average 5-10 business days to deliver.

Because customs are different for each country in terms of shipping medical products, Persona Nutrition cannot guarantee the amount of time customs clearance can take. Wait times can be as long as 1-30 days so bring your patience.

If orders take more than 21 days to be delivered, you can cancel your order for a full refund. If you wish to wait for your delayed order, Persona Nutrition will give you 25% off your next order.

In terms of delivery costs, prices range from $5-$15 depending on origin of country and the number of pills purchased.

You are responsible for any duties and taxes for your own country. This can range from $0-$15

Unfortunately, some products cannot be shipped to certain countries due to restrictions and limitations. These are automatically removed, so you won’t see them on your recommendations list. 

Persona Nutrition Return Policy

While digging around for this part of my Persona Nutrition vitamins review, I found out that you can receive a refund for any orders within the first 30 days of purchase.

For safety reasons, the company cannot accept returns, but if something is wrong with your order, the brand will make it right. Persona Nutrition processes refunds within 48 hours upon request. 

Contact Persona Nutrition

Still have questions after reading this Persona Nutrition vitamins review? Get in touch with the team through the following methods of contact:

  • Phone: 1 (800) 983-3887 (Monday through Sunday, 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. PST)
  • Submitting a Contact Form on the FAQ page 
  • Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Live Chat on their website 


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