Care/of Vitamins Review

About Care/of Vitamins

Care of Vitamins Review

Studies have shown that many people lack certain micronutrients[1] and that supplementing your lifestyle with vitamins and minerals can eliminate this issue. Yet, most people don’t take daily vitamins due to a lack of knowledge of what they need.

Care/of aims to make taking your daily vitamins easier and more enjoyable. Rather than heading to the drugstore and blindly selecting what you think you need, this brand assesses your lifestyle and makes recommendations based on your unique habits. Then, they deliver your supplements every 30 days.

Their unique take on health has earned Care/of more than 251k followers on Instagram, YouTube sponsorships with notable creators, and features in Refinery29, Women’s Health, Buzzfeed, Elle Magazine, Business Insider, and Forbes.

Taking steps to care for our health is something that many of us forget to do, and this brand claims to be able to help with this issue. This Care/of vitamins review will take a look at its mission, service, supplements, customer testimonials, and more to empower you to decide whether or not this product is right for you.

Overview of Care/of Vitamins

Care of Vitamins Review

Washing your face, brushing your teeth, taking your supplements—these are all things we have to do, but rarely enjoy doing. Though the wellness industry has boomed in the last two decades, our daily vitamins didn’t receive much attention. That is until Care/of hit the market in 2016.

The brand was founded by friends Craig Elbert and Akash Shah. The pair wanted to take the guesswork out of supporting your body. They first launched a trial quiz for their friends and family, who filled out key information about their age, diets, activity levels, energy, and more, before receiving customized vitamin recommendations.

The response was outstanding. Elbert and Shah found that users were willing to take the time to complete the quiz and were also interested in reading studies on the effectiveness of the supplements. So, they launched their unique service to the world. Since then, the company has grown significantly, now running a Research and Development office in Vermont that joins its flagship office in New York City.

Care of Vitamins Review

The Care/of quiz aims to answer your health needs while making it clear that you should not use the brand’s recommendations to replace doctor-prescribed advice. The company also only offers pills and powders whose effectiveness has been backed by scientific research.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer in vitamins, Care/of has grown to immense success. Forbes has referred to it as one of the best startup employers, and its products have recently launched in Target.

For more information on supplements, the brand offers a blog. Here, you can read research-based articles on various topics, such as the Care/of creatine for women post.

Care of Vitamins Review

Now that you know more about the brand’s roots, this Care/of vitamins review will summarize the highlights:


  • Personalized vitamins and supplements delivered right to your door every month.
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Pause or cancel at any time
  • Thousands of customers support the brand
  • Multiple promotions available
  • Phone app reminds you to take and track your vitamins and rewards you for doing so
  • Biodegradable Care/of vitamin packs

How Does Care/of Vitamins Work?

Care of Vitamins Review

Care/of vitamins and supplements are purchased through a monthly subscription. While we’ll focus on the specifics of the monthly deliveries in the next section, here we’ll take a look at what the brand has to offer.

When you head to the company’s website, you’ll be met with two options. You can either browse through the various products or you can take the quiz. Let’s start with the products.

You’ll see three categories in the shop section: vitamins, powders, and extras. Within each section are numerous ingestible products meant to infuse your body with something it’s missing or provide a bit of extra support.

You’ll find traditional vitamins like D3[2], recommended for those who don’t get enough sunshine. Additionally, you will find herbs like Rhodiola, which one study has shown supports your body’s response to stress. Other examples include collagen powders and melatonin-infused sleep sticks.

Care of Vitamins Review

Each product page features key information, including what each supplement does and the research to back up those claims so that you aren’t picking products blindly.

You won’t have to spend your time reading jargon-heavy academic articles, either. Care/of provides easy-to-understand summaries that are much more accessible for those of us who aren’t scientists, nutritionists, or doctors.

The next section of this Care/Of review will look at each of the product categories that the brand has to offer.

Care/Of Vitamins

This section of the Care/Of website is where you will find products like multivitamins, minerals, herbs, and probiotics. You can even find specialty products like adaptogenic mushrooms, which can help support the body’s immune system[3]

Each category features a short blurb explaining the purpose of each product. For example, Care/Of explains that minerals are inorganic elements that the body requires to function and that some, like calcium[4], are needed in large amounts. With simple explanations like these, Care/Of is user-friendly and accessible to those who don’t have a science or health background.

Care/Of Powders

On the Care/Of Powders page, you will find a variety of collagen powders, protein powders, and more. Proteins[5], including collagen, are essential in helping our bodies function properly. Think of them as building blocks.

The wide array of flavors available means there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer matcha or passion fruit, Care/Of is sure to satisfy you!

Care/Of Quiz

The brand knows that most people don’t know what their body needs, so its team has developed a handy quiz to guide you. This assessment starts by asking you some basic questions about your vitamin and supplement history, age, and gender.

Then it gets into the good stuff. Next, you’ll be asked to select your goals from 12 options. You can choose as many as necessary, including hair health, better sleep, heart health, and improving immunity.

For each goal you pick, you’ll be asked some specific questions. For example, we chose “stress.” These are the questions that followed:

  1. How do you feel at the end of a stressful day?: Worked up or drained
  2. In an average week, how often do you feel burned out?: Rarely, 2-3 days, every day
Care of Vitamins Review

Then, you’ll be asked some lifestyle questions, like how many fruits and veggies you consume regularly, how much fiber or fish you eat, if you drink alcohol, your allergies, and more.

The final questions are your values. The brand wants to get a sense of how open you are to holistic medicinal practices and newer, but still science-backed, supplements.

Finally, your results are ready! Care/of will provide you with an easy-to-understand list of the vitamins and supplements it thinks you should take and why. For example, our responses to the stress questions led to B-complex vitamins and the Rhodiola herb recommendations. 

Based on our answers to their questions, the recommendations have been backed by our own independent review of scientific sources. One study[6] showed that people who took a B-complex vitamin for 90 days had a better mood. Another study[7] that looked at Rhodiola found that the herb can positively impact the release of stress hormones. 

Aren’t happy with all of your Care/of custom vitamins recommendations? Don’t worry; you can choose not to order any of the brand’s suggestions. Or, if you want to add something that you think it missed, you can do that, too.

Once you’ve decided on the Care/of multivitamins, pills, powders, and sticks you want to add to your daily regimen, it’s time to order! Up next, we’ll give you the low-down on the company’s subscription service.

Care/of Vitamins Subscription

Care of Vitamins Review

This Care/of vitamins review found that the company’s subscriptions are there for your convenience—and the whole process is designed to be quite simple. Once you’ve taken your quiz, reviewed your recommendations, and made any changes, it’s time to subscribe.

Your new daily supplements will be delivered right to your doors every 30 days. No matter how many pills you choose, they’ll come packaged in convenient packets, one for each day. (Note: powders and sticks are packaged separately.) There’s no need to worry about unnecessary waste, though. Care/of’s packets are completely biodegradable.

When you open your parcel, you’ll see a nifty cardboard dispenser. Simply pop it in the cupboard and go to bed while eagerly waiting for your new lifestyle change to begin with the next morning’s breakfast.

The company recommends taking most of its pills in the morning and with food. Once you’re ready, pull out a package. You’ll be met with an inspiration quotation or wellness challenge on the front. (Mine read: “Who you are today… that’s who you are. Be brave. Be amazing. Be worthy.”–Shonda Rhimes.)

Care of Vitamins Review

Then, swallow your pills with some water. That’s it!

You’ll want to download the Care/of vitamins app, too. Here, you can check off each successful day you’ve taken all of your vitamins to encourage you to stick to your new healthy habit. You’ll start to build a streak, and the company will award you with points that you can use for discounts on your next bill or merchandise from its shop.

Plus, when you log each day, you’ll learn more about the vitamins you’re taking as you hit new milestones. But, should you decide you want to switch up your plan, you can do so before your next box gets processed.

You’ll be charged every month before your parcel ships out. But, there are options to delay your subscription if you’ll be away or want a break. This can be done through your My Plan account. Simply select how long you want to delay the subscription for (up to 4 weeks).

Canceling your plan completely can be done in your My Plan Care/of account, too. Go to Manage Subscriptions and request to pause your subscription indefinitely. Already processed orders will be billed and shipped accordingly, but further ones will be halted. And don’t worry—you can re-active at any time!

How Much Are Care/of Vitamins?

Care of Vitamins Review

The Care/of vitamins costs vary depending on which supplements, powders, and sticks you order. Here’s a general run-down for the recommended one-month supply of each category:

  • Vitamins: $5-$18
  • Powders: $14-$32
  • Quick Sticks: $5 (five per pack)

The brand also offers monthly supplies of pregnancy-related vitamins. Prenatals will run you $19.

Care/of Vitamins Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Care of Vitamins Review

It looks like this brand offers a personalized and convenient supplement plan, but what do customers think? This Care/of vitamins review sourced testimonials from the company’s website, Trustpilot, and Reddit to learn more.

Its service has earned 4.7/5 stars from nearly 2.4k ratings on the brand’s website. Starting with the positives, users report easy to stick to plans and aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious packaging. Take this example:

The packaging was great (I like that they come in a box I can break down and easily recycle)… I like the simplicity of having all my vitamins in one convenient package instead of having a ton of bottles laying around and paying $30 per bottle of vitamins. Truly a money saver.

Care of Vitamins Review

Trustpilot shows a 4.6/5-star rating from 1.8k customers. Here, Care/of vitamins reviewers report noticing changes in their overall health and wellness after committing to the brand. Here’s an example:

I have been taking these vitamins for a couple months, I certainly do feel the difference… I am very happy with the energy that I am feeling each day. Before taking these vitamins I felt fatigued during the day however, since I’ve been on these vitamins I no longer feel fatigued. Therefore, I recommend these vitamins!

Similarly, another shopper appreciates the convenience: “I take the vitamins that I need and leave out all the guess work. It’s super simple when I animal sit for others, cause I just grab the number of packets I need and I’m good to go!

Care of Vitamins Review

The brand comes recommended on Reddit, too. Though, some Redditors point out that the subscription can get expensive. Still, people recommend the brand for its scientific approach: “The reason I like care of is they are upfront with good and bad research as well as sourcing behind each supplement.

All in all, this Care/of vitamins review found that the vast majority of users are happy with their subscription, reporting a brand that is informative, convenient, and fail-proof.

Are Care/of Vitamins Worth It?

Care of Vitamins Review

This Care/of vitamins review took cost, ease of use, and what customers think into consideration. Our verdict? This brand is worth checking out.

The company’s thoughtful approach to informing its customers of the benefits of their regimen is appreciated. It gives personalized recommendations that are based on scientific research and conveys that research to the customer in accessible language.

Even skeptics agree that Care/of offers a beneficial introduction to the world of daily vitamins. And, thousands of customers attest to that fact.

Care/of is an environmentally conscious company that prides itself on bettering the bodies and minds of its customers. If you’re looking to start a new wellness habit, then give its subscription a try.

Care/of Vitamins Promotions & Discounts

Care of Vitamins Review

We have a special code for our readers. Right now you can get 50% off your first purchase by using our exclusive code HBR50.

This Care/of vitamins review found that the company offers a number of promo codes through its sponsorships with online creators. So, make sure to check and see if your favorite blogger has one for you to use.

But, the brand also offers a reward currency it calls “Carrots.” Carrots, or points, can be used to redeem rewards through the Care/of app, as well as by referring friends.

You’ll earn points through the Care/of referral plan when your friend takes the quiz. But, you’ll earn even more points if they place an order.

You earn them by building streaks—remembering to log when you take your vitamins each day. You can see the full list of rewards on the Scoreboard section of the app. Some include free samples, swag, and store credit toward your next delivery.

Sign up For Care/of Vitamins

Care of Vitamins Review

This Care/of vitamins review found that signing up for a subscription is easy. You can follow the guide below for a step-by-step rundown of how to get started:

  1. Head to the brand’s website and take the quiz or fill your cart with your desired products
  2. Once you place your order, you will be prompted to include your email, first and last name, and other personal information, to create an account.
  3. You’ll receive emails that include promotions, updates, and suggestions to better tailor your regimen.


Care of Vitamins Review

What is Care/of?

Care/of is a personalized monthly subscription service. It delivers 30 days worth of a custom-to-you vitamin regimen right to your door.

Where do Care/of Vitamins come from?

Care/of vitamins and supplements are developed, sourced, and tested in the US, by the on-staff “Vitamin Industry Veterans.

Is Care/of Vitamins legit?

Yes. Care/of creates a personal regimen for you, and more importantly, explains how and why it will work and cater to your needs. There are thousands of testimonials that prove the brand is very legit.

How good is Care/of?

Based on customer responses, the company is good for many things: providing tailored vitamin recommendations, convenient packaging and deliveries, summarizing scientific research, and making it easy to stick to a new habit.

Are Care/of Vitamins organic? 

Many Care/of products have active organic ingredients, though none are certified organic.

How do you use Care/of? 

Care/of vitamins are delivered to you in daily packets that include every pill you need to take. Simply empty the packet and take the contents! If you need to take them with food, the brand will let you know.

But, be sure to consume your pills within six months of ordering, which is the Care/of vitamins expiration expectation.

When does Care/of charge? 

Care/of charges at different times, depending on your billing cycle, but typically after processing your order.

Where does Care/of ship to? 

The company currently only ships within the US and Canada. Follow its Instagram page for updates on shipping regulations.

How do I cancel my Care/of Vitamins subscription?

Canceling your plan completely can be done in your My Plan account. Go to Manage Subscriptions and request to pause your subscription indefinitely. Already processed orders will be billed and shipped accordingly, but further ones will be halted. You can re-activate at any time.

How long does it take Care/of Vitamins to ship?

Domestic US delivery typically takes 3 to 5 days, while Canadian orders take anywhere from 3 to 10 days. Monthly orders under $20 will incur an $8 shipping fee.

Can you return Care/of Vitamins?

Care/of wants to make sure you love your experience. So, if you are unsatisfied with your first package, email its Care Team within 30 days of delivery. Its team will issue you a full refund. Issues with future orders are not guaranteed a return or refund.

How to Contact Care/of Vitamins

If you have any questions after reading this Care/of review, you can contact the brand via:

  • Phone: 1 (877) 227-3631

Email: [email protected]

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