Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Review

About Power Swabs

Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Review

On a glow-up journey? Power Swabs is a teeth whitening service designed to turn those coffee stains into a glimmering set of pearly whites. Offered as a one-time purchase, members can purchase a 7-day kit that they can use in the comfort of their own homes.

Power Swabs has gained some notoriety for its products. Though it holds just 4k followers across its social media pages, the brand has been featured in a few media outlets, such as FOX10 News and WCNC.

Drool, discomfort, and the inability to speak properly: these cons are all attributed to the teeth whitening process. In fact, all of these disadvantages are made worse by the allotted time for each whitening product, and most at-home kits require upwards of 30 minutes to get the best results.

Dr. Martin Giniger believed otherwise, so he created his own formula that could provide improvements in less than a few minutes. With over 30 years of dentistry under his belt, he has extensive experience within the teeth whitening industry.

Dr. Giniger worked with big-name companies such as Colgate and Proctor & Gamble. Drawing from his knowledge, Giniger created a thin solution compared to those heavy-weight bleaching gels on the market. By doing this, the formula can penetrate deeply into the enamel to start the cleaning process.

Since its debut in 2008, this American-based company has grown in popularity with its effective formulas. You may have seen or heard a few of its ads on the radio and on television.

Aside from Crest, SuperNova, and AuraGlow, how does this brand fare against its competition? Keep reading, as this Power Swabs teeth whitening review will give you a rundown of the company, its collection, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if its products are worth checking out.

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Pros & Cons

Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Review

Before we get into this Power Swabs teeth whitening review, let’s go over some of the brand’s pros and cons:


  • Immediate results: Power Swabs claims to provide immediate teeth whitening results. According to one review, after just five minutes of treatment, users noticed their teeth were two shades whiter, and after one week of treatment, a significant improvement was reported, with the potential for a smile six times whiter than before.
  • Safe for dental work: Power Swabs is stated to be safe for various dental work, including caps, crowns, dentures, veneers, and other cosmetic restorations.
  • Convenient application: Power Swabs is applied using a small applicator wand, eliminating the need for trays, mouthguards, or strips.
  • Endorsements from celebrities: Several celebrities, including actress Haylie Duff, model Cynthia Bailey, and media personality Joy Bauer, have reportedly endorsed Power Swabs on social media.


  • Limited Customer Reviews


At a glance, here’s what separates Power Swabs from the pack:

  1. Patented formula: Power Swabs is said to use a patented formula of clinically-researched ingredients to whiten teeth.
  2. Swab application: Power Swabs is applied using a set of swabs. The product typically involves using a swab to apply peroxide gel to the teeth.
  3. Suitable for various dental work: Power Swabs is claimed to be safe for use on different dental work, such as caps, crowns, dentures, veneers, and other cosmetic restorations.
  4. Immediate results: Power Swabs is advertised as providing immediate teeth whitening results. According to reviews, users may see a noticeable improvement in tooth shade after just a few minutes of treatment.
  5. Convenience: Power Swabs is described as a convenient teeth whitening option. It does not require the use of trays, mouthguards, or strips, making the application process easier.
  6. Celebrity endorsements: Power Swabs has reportedly received endorsements from celebrities such as Haylie Duff, Cynthia Bailey, and Joy Bauer.

How Do Power Swabs Work?

Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Review

There’s no need to suffer in silence—and we mean that quite literally. Power Swabs’ solutions aren’t designed as a mouth tray, unlike other leading brands. Instead, users are required to apply the bleaching solution with a fine-tipped applicator.

Formulated with Dr. Giniger’s patented teeth detergent blend, this mix hydrates the enamel while removing those yellow stains. And, the result? Beautiful pearly teeth that’ll do wonders for your confidence.

Despite those drool-inducing mouth trays that require hours of time, the Power Swabs teeth whitener only requires a few minutes per application. Each 7-day kit comes with 2 sets of formulas: the Stain-Out swab and the White Swab.

The remover itself needs 30 seconds, while the bleacher needs a max of 2 minutes. After that, you’re all done! Just remember to abstain from food or drink at this time in order to get the full effects.

So how do Power Swabs work exactly? Well, compared to those thick, heavy-weight bleaching gels, this branded formula utilizes a thin whitening agent that’s made with F.A.C.T technology.

According to Dr. Giniger, these products break the molecular bonds that separate the enamel from the stains themselves. Thickened with air and foam, this Power Swabs white detergent is able to penetrate deep within your teeth.

The best part about Power Swabs is that its formulas are designed for sensitive teeth. For those who feel that numbing or stinging sensation from hot and cold beverages, this type of bleaching detergent is made to be gentle on the enamel.

When it comes to products, Power Swabs offers two options of bleaching agents: the Introductory Kit and the 3-pack Intensive Whitening bundle.

Both of these sets come with a 7-day supply of solutions. It’s worth noting that customers can only get these boxes as a one-time purchase—the brand doesn’t offer a subscription program.

For more information about how its formulas work, we encourage you to check out the main page for additional details, including before and after photos. Moving forward, this Power Swabs teeth whitening review will take a look at its two kits.

Power Swabs Intensive Whitening Introductory Kit Review

Got a hot date? Aside from pimple popping and hair gel, the Intensive Whitening Introductory Kit can help make that lasting impression. Designed to remove yellow stains from the enamel, this set includes everything you need to whiten your chompers:

  • 7ct Stain-Out Swabs
  • Box of White Swabs Ultra
  • Free Stain-Out Quick Stick for emergency situations

For a rigorous way to brush off those coffee stains, here’s hoping that you’ll earn a kiss or two after dinner.

If you’re in a hurry, there’s no need to spend hours waiting for the bleaching detergent to take effect. It requires a max of 2 minutes, which helps save some time dedicated to other important tasks. As a side note, this Power Swabs teeth whitening review recommends tossing the Stain-Out Quick Stick in your carry-on in case of red wine stains.

Say hello to your next at-home remedy with the Intensive Whitening Introductory Kit for $60. This is compared to its estimated retail value of $100.

Power Swabs Intensive Whitening Kit Review

For those lucky enough to score date two or three, the Intensive Whitening Kit offers a selection of bleaching products for future use. Compared to the Introductory bundle, this collection comes with a BOGO promotion, in which customers receive a free box when they purchase two.

And as always, this option includes the Stain-Out Swabs, the White Swabs Ultra, and three complimentary Stain-Out Quick Sticks.

This is a great set to have if you’re constantly booked for public events. Aside from romantic dates, this bundle can prove useful for photoshoots or job interviews.

Offered as a one-time purchase, the Intensive Whitening Kit is at a bargain at $120. You should know that its original price was marked at $299.

Are Power Swabs FDA Approved?

Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Review

Due to the nature of its product, Power Swabs is not an FDA-approved brand. This is because the administration doesn’t regulate teeth-whitening formulas.

They are commonly classified as medical devices and cosmetics, plus they pose a low-risk situation when used. In addition, we haven’t found any company statement on their website that shows they follow FDA guidelines.

Do You Rinse After Using Power Swabs?

Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Review

Once you’ve completed each step of the Power Swabs for teeth regimen, users are discouraged from eating, drinking, or rinsing after applying their products. This is to ensure that the formula works appropriately without the distraction of any outside substances.

Instead, this Power Swabs teeth whitening review recommends taking a quick bite before you start the process. Trust me, you’ll be able to curb those insatiable cravings a lot easier.

What Is The Main Ingredient In Power Swabs?

Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Review

In terms of Power Swabs ingredients, the company doesn’t offer much information on how it makes its products. According to the FAQ page, the brand utilizes a special blend of proprietary detergents and bleaching solutions to help get the job done.

We did find a few outside sources that offer some speculation as to what the formulas are made of, but they didn’t seem credible enough to include.

Who Are Power Swabs For?

Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Review

Let’s be honest. We all have somewhat yellow teeth. Unless you’re born with uncharacteristically white pearls, stained enamels are quite normal to have. For adults, Power Swabs can act as a temporary fix in case of public outings.

While customers can use the whitening products at any given time, these formulas can be utilized as a get-ready essential for job interviews, dates, photoshoots, and other events.

Since Power Swabs require a short amount of time to work, this type of bleaching agent can serve as a time-friendly alternative. It’s more convenient compared to mouth trays or going to the dentist’s office—customers can apply the products in the comfort of their own homes.

Comparison: Power Swabs vs. HiSmile

Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Review

 It’s time for a comparative dual. Which teeth whitening brand outshines the other in terms of formulation: Power Swabs or HiSmile? While it’s recommended that you try each brand for yourself, we’ve compiled a shortlist of similarities and differences between these two companies for the time being.

This includes product variation, company perks, prices, and other key assets offered by each label. And as always, it’s always up to the reader to choose the reigning champion. Without further ado, this Power Swabs teeth whitening review will outline the specifics:


  • Offers teeth whitening products
  • Semi-reasonable prices
  • Clinically tested and safe for sensitive teeth


  • Power Swabs offers an applicator, while HiSmile provides a mouth tray
  • HiSmile has more products on its website
  • HiSmile offers more information on instructions and ingredients for its formulas
  • Power Swabs has fewer customer reviews compared to its competitor

Which one you opt for depends on what you’re looking for. Power Swabs’ kits, with the included to-go stick, provide a simple and quick solution to whiter teeth. On the other hand, HiSmile also offers toothpaste and mouthwash, which might serve as convenient for those that want to get their products all in one place.

How Much Is Power Swabs?

Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Review

For most customers, the cost is the main deal-breaker when it comes to trying out a new product. If you skipped half of this Power Swabs teeth whitening review in order to view its offered prices, we’ll repeat the fees for each of their kits:

  • Intensive Whitening Introductory Kit: $60 (originally priced at $100
  • Intensive Whitening Kit: $120 (originally priced at $299)

Power Swabs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Review

Unfortunately, this brand doesn’t hold much power when it comes to customer experiences. As a result, this section of our Power Swabs teeth whitening review cannot paint an accurate depiction of the company as a whole as of May 2023.

To start things off, its official website holds a few encouraging comments. Instead of written critiques, the company offers video testimonials.

After watching a few clips, it seems that Power Swabs is far from false advertising. A majority of customers found the teeth whitening kits effective and convenient. Others stated that it was easy to use, while some found their confidence levels surging.

“When I used strips, it always felt messy. They would slide around and I would feel resistant to use them- plus with my teeth being sensitive. But when I use Power Swabs, I have much more control because I can apply it to each tooth individually and I see a dramatic, unbelievable result,” one customer noted on the website.

The Amazon page for the Power Swabs Whitening Kit holds a total of 128 reviews with a poor score of 2.4/5 stars. While 17% of customers noted improvements after using these products, 45% of users reported no results.

This Power Swabs teeth whitening review uncovered a few independent blogs that critiqued this dental brand. According to, the brand’s products offered a convenient at-home solution compared to one-on-one appointments.

“We like how it’s bleach-free and safe for enamel, and that it works on natural teeth and dental implants alike. If you want to find a teeth whitening system that works, and is fast and easy to use, Power Swabs is well worth trying,” via a statement made by

On the other hand, the author of the Dental Excellence of Blue Bell gave a mixed review of Power Swabs. This is mainly due to its messy process and the risk of uneven application.

“It might be better for some people to have the medication contained in the swab itself, but it seems like there’s a lot of potential for missing spots and uneven application, which–if the system works–will lead to splotchiness and uneven tooth coloration,” according to the Dental Excellence of Blue Bell.

Overall, it seems that Power Swabs is considered the ‘middle ground’ brand when it comes to teeth whitening companies. But with all cosmetic products, experiences will vary from customer to customer. Let’s hope that more users will come forward with their own stories in the future.

Are Power Swabs Worth It?

Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Review

Due to the lack of testimonials online, this Power Swabs teeth whitening review cannot fully recommend this brand. From what we gathered so far, there seems to be a mixed bag of customer experiences in terms of product effectiveness and its unique application method.

While some found the formulas successful in under a few minutes, other users reported no improvements while complaining about the messy execution.

Aside from varied customer testimonials, Power Swabs doesn’t offer much information on the ingredients used in its products. As a result, there’s not a lot of trust bridged between the consumer and the company.

Compared to other teeth whitening brands, Power Swabs offers a reasonable price for its products. They’re neither too expensive nor cheap.

So, what’s the verdict of this Power Swabs teeth whitening review? We believe that the brand’s website is worth checking out. There’s a relatively good chance that you’ll walk out of its ‘at-home’ clinic with a shining smile.

Power Swabs Promotions & Discounts 

Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Review

For this Power Swabs teeth whitening review, we found out that the brand is hosting a TV special, in which customers can get 40% off at checkout if they order now.

As an added cherry on top, you’ll also get a free gift. Buyers can also choose the Intensive Whitening Kit to take advantage of the BOGO promotion.

As of lately, we were unable to find a Power Swabs free sample (aside from the complimentary Stain-Out Quick Stick) that customers can get with their order.

Sign Up For Power Swabs

Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Review

To sign up for Power Swabs, customers must simply order from the website. After filling out the required boxes at checkout, they will receive a confirmation email.


Don’t be afraid to shop around for that perfect smile. Here are a few more options to consider:

  1. Crest 3D White: Crest 3D White offers a range of teeth-whitening products, including toothpaste, whitening strips, and whitening kits. Their products are widely available and have been popular among consumers for their effectiveness in removing stains and brightening teeth.
  2. Philips Zoom: Philips Zoom is a professional teeth whitening brand that offers both in-office and at-home whitening solutions. Their products are often used by dental professionals and are known for delivering noticeable whitening results.
  3. Opalescence: Opalescence is a professional-grade teeth whitening brand that provides various options, including in-office treatments and take-home kits. Their products are known for their customization options, allowing users to select the concentration of whitening gel that suits their needs.
  4. AuraGlow: AuraGlow is a popular brand that offers at-home teeth whitening kits and LED light systems. Their products often come with whitening gel and mouth trays, providing a comprehensive solution for achieving a brighter smile.
  5. Colgate Optic White: Colgate Optic White offers a range of whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, and whitening pens. Their products are widely available in stores and are known for their convenience and affordability.
  6. GLO Science: GLO Science provides innovative teeth whitening solutions, including at-home kits and professional-grade devices. Their products feature patented technology that combines heat and light to accelerate the whitening process.


Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Review

Where are Power Swabs made?

Unfortunately for this Power Swabs teeth whitening review, we were unable to find where the brand’s products are made. In addition, we uncovered conflicting information as to the location of its headquarters.

Do I brush my teeth before using Power Swabs? 

According to its Amazon forum, users are encouraged to brush their teeth before using Power Swabs.

Do Power Swabs expire? 

As of lately, this Power Swabs teeth whitening review found no expiration dates tacked onto its formulas. As is the case for most bleaching agents, they usually have a shelf life of up to a year.

Are Power Swabs safe for teeth?

According to its FAQ page, Power Swabs are completely safe to use. You should know that there are no risks associated with swallowing the solution.

How do I cancel my Power Swabs subscription?

As we mentioned before, Power Swabs does not offer a subscription plan for its products. The formulas are only provided as a one-time purchase.

What is Power Swabs’ Shipping Policy?

Good news! All Power Swabs orders qualify for free domestic shipping.

On the other hand, the company does not provide international delivery to those living outside of Canada and the United States. To help monitor the status of your purchase, customers will be given a tracking number in their confirmation email.

What is Power Swabs’ Return Policy?

Power Swabs offers a 30-day risk-free guarantee for all of its products. If you’re not satisfied with your order, you can request a full refund. Unfortunately, shipping costs are not covered by the company. To initiate this process, buyers can contact the brand for further instructions.

How to contact Power Swabs

For inquiries unrelated to this Power Swabs teeth whitening review, you can reach out to the company through the following methods of contact:

  • Phone number: (800) 535-4693
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Direct messaging its team on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram)

Not fully sold on Power Swab? Check out Snow Teeth Whitening a revolutionary teeth whitening system that delivers award-winning results in the comfort of home.

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