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Instacart Review

After completing a grueling 9 to 5 job all week, you should be rewarded with a relaxing weekend. Unfortunately, most of us have to use our off-hours to run errands. To help ensure some me-time, Instacart allows homeowners to accomplish their weekly grocery run from the comfort of their own homes

Instacart is partnered with several North American grocery chains, ranging from Safeway to Costco.

Since it’s considered a direct rival to Walmart’s delivery program and Uber Eats, this mobile app has garnered a bit of publicity over the years. This includes being featured in magazines such as CNBC, Business Insider, and USA Today. 

Looking to boss your Saturday errands? If so, perhaps this delivery service can lend a helping hand.

Stay tuned to my Instacart review as I will give you a comprehensive view of the brand, its services, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out.

Overview of Instacart

Instacart Review

Grocery shopping is an archaic practice. Our ancestors had enough time on their hands to easily fit a Costco run but in this day and age? Most of us struggle to squeeze anything into our weekly schedule. 

Instacart, a mobile app dreamt up by Apoorva Mehta, Max Mullen, and Brandon Leonardo, is one of many solutions on the market today. Originally designed to help customers within the San Francisco Bay Area, this delivery service offers a more convenient route compared to in-person shopping. 

Since its 2012 debut, Instacart has expanded its operations to other states including New York City, Washington D.C, and even branching outside of the US to Toronto.

Instacart has accomplished this expansion by partnering with over 70,000 stores across North America. This delivery service continues to be a popular alternative for customers to opt for.

Long gone are the days of waiting in line, heavy shopping carts, and battling strangers for the last can of tomato sauce.

Instacart offers customers a simple and straightforward way to receive their weekly haul of goods. From fresh produce to dishwashing liquid, buyers can find a wide assortment of essentials to choose from.

So, how does this brand work? For those curious about signing up, I will discuss the specs shortly, but first, let’s go over some highlights. 


Instacart Review
  • Customers can easily go grocery shopping in the comfort of their own home
  • Available in multiple cities in North America
  • Partnered with thousands of stores such as CVS Pharmacy and Costco
  • Affordable 
  • Zero-commitment 
  • Users can manage their orders using the brand’s mobile app 

Instacart Grocery Service Review

Instacart Review

Grocery shopping is usually met with weekly dread. Given that most of us head to the stores during the weekend, shops like Walmart and Costco are typically a bloodbath.

Plus, those with kids know the hassle of whining, wandering, and crying little ones begging to go home. If you’re in search of a better alternative, the Instacart Grocery Service is here to lend a helping hand.

Offered with zero commitment, customers shop their weekly load through the brand’s mobile app. Instacart is home to hundreds of reputable shops such as PetCo, Sephora, and Walmart, so you don’t have to worry about a limited selection here.

Price-wise, it really depends on how much you order and the delivery time. Here are some details on pricing:

  • Same-day orders that total $35 or more will have a $4+ delivery fee
  • All orders must be at least $10 in total to be eligible for delivery 
  • Instacart+ members can get unlimited delivery for free 
  • Heavy fees are added to orders that weigh 50 lbs or more

Instacart App Review

Instacart Review

Getting your weekly haul of groceries has never been this easy. The Instacart App allows customers to add produce, skincare, makeup, and other key necessities through a press of a button.

Free to download, users must create an Instacart login to get started. This includes inputting information like your phone number and email.

Afterward, you’re free to check out the app for products. It’s also worth noting that buyers can shop through specific categories, such as by aisle, promotional items, recipes, and ready-made meals. 

Once you’ve gathered everything, you can choose to pick up your order or have it delivered to your front door. Fortunately, the Instacart App offers first-time customers free delivery.

After you get your first delivery, you can choose to upgrade your account to Instacart+ to keep having free delivery along with other features I will cover below.

Instacart Shopper

Instacart Review

Looking for a side gig? If so, the Instacart Shopper program allows anyone to become a delivery person. Naturally, there are some requirements, as employees must be 18 years old, be eligible to work, have access to a vehicle and phone, and be able to lift at least 25 kg.

Once you’re approved by the brand’s team of representatives, there’s no need to wait for the starting day. Work begins whenever you’re ready

By becoming an Instacart Shopper, members can work on their own schedule. They can even decline requests through the app. It’s worth noting that this program is also offered by stores, in which case you’ll need to apply through a resume if you want an hourly wage.

In terms of pay, earnings depend on the order, driving distance, and amount of requests you fulfill. You can take care knowing that Instacart Shoppers keep 100% of customer tips

How Does Instacart Work

Instacart Review

By signing up through Instacart, customers can choose to pick up their orders or have them delivered. Obviously, delivery comes with an additional fee if you’re not subscribed to their membership.

Those who choose to join Instacart+ get several insider benefits, including:

  • Unlimited free delivery for two weeks
  • Free delivery on all orders over $35
  • Lower service fees 
  • 5% credit back 
  • Exclusive offers 

After you’ve enjoyed their 14-day free trial, Instacart+ will charge you $99 per year or $10 per month. 

Who Is Instacart For? 

Instacart Review

Those pressed for time may find some relief through Instacart. Made for homebodies, busy-bees, or those who simply can’t be bothered, this online service allows customers to get ahold of produce, cosmetics, cleaners, and other necessities conveniently and quickly

It’s worth mentioning that the pricing is a bit different when it comes to products. You may be charged a higher fee than what you originally paid in-store, but fear not! Most shops offer a pricing policy for added transparency. 

Instacart Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Instacart Review

Given Instacart’s online popularity, you’d think that the brand is relatively free of customer complaints. Unfortunately, while writing my Instacart review, I uncovered a mixed response related to order efficiency, communication errors with shoppers, expenses, and customer service.

To kick things off, I thought it best to feature some of the ratings online for this delivery service: 

  • ConsumerAffairs: 456 votes with 2.7/5 stars
  • Trustpilot: 6,907 reviews with 1.3/5 stars
  • Sitejabber: 2,022 reviews with 1.3/5 stars 
  • Influenster: 4,260 reviews with 4.1/5 stars 

According to some customers, Instacart provided a more convenient alternative to in-person shopping. Others stated that the app is relatively easy to use. Take it from two happy buyers who left raving reviews on Influenster.

One Influenster reviewer wrote: “My boyfriend and I love using Instacart. Neither of us drives so Instacart makes it super easy to get all our necessities. I love having multiple stores at my fingertips. I highly recommend using this service.” 

Another Influenster user said: “My shopper was very communicative and nice, which made me feel like my groceries were in good hands. My driver was also super helpful as well, and helped me carry in all of the heavier items into my house.”

Some blog sites, such as, were quick to list the number of advantages offered by Instacart. The author stated the mobile app exceeded in convenience, delivery speed, and the variety of products that customers can get. 

They wrote: “Although I’d used grocery delivery services before, Instacart offered the biggest selection of stores to shop from. The app and website were both easy to navigate, and I loved being able to track the progress of my order from the time it was placed to when my groceries were delivered.”

In terms of negative Instacart reviews, I thought it best to provide a summarized list of things to consider in the next section. While it may be scary to read through 1-star testimonials, it’s important for you to get the full picture of this brand. 

Is Instacart Legit?

Instacart Review

As I mentioned, there’s a portion of buyers who experienced problems with Instacart delivery. Most of these complaints deal with unfulfilled orders, customer service, and miscommunication between shoppers and app users. Others reported delayed deliveries and random charges.

Considering that some Instacart reviews are negative (though not as many as there are positive ones), customers should hold some buyers’ skepticism before making an account. I suggest starting with a cheap order instead of committing to a yearly Instacart+ membership right away. 

If that works out, you may have just found your next time saver.

Is Instacart Worth It?

Instacart Review

Given the mixed response online, this brand has earned a cautious recommendation. It’s definitely a promising alternative from the get-go, as everybody loves to save time when it comes to errands.

That said, we should keep in mind that there are some less than stellar Instacart reviews to go with all the praise.

If you’re keen on giving them the benefit of the doubt, this service might just become an essential part of your week.

Instacart Promotions & Discounts 

Instacart Review

At the time of writing my Instacart review, new customers are eligible for complimentary delivery. Those who choose to sign up with Instacart+ can also look forward to a 14-day free trial.

For those searching for an active Instacart promo code, you’ll have more luck in opening up your online account. 

Instacart Customer Service

Instacart Review

Instacart customer service is always on standby. By accessing the brand’s help center, you can get support for orders, accounts, payments, and other key areas. Their team of representatives is also meant to help Instaacart Shoppers and partner brands as well. 

Instacart Login

Instacart Review

To use Instacart, you’ll need to create a profile by downloading their app online. Don’t worry, making an account is entirely free

Where to Find Instacart

Instacart Review

Looking to save time on grocery shopping? If so, you can visit to see what they have.


Instacart Review 1

Who owns Instacart?

Instacart is owned by Maplebear Inc. It’s currently headed by founders Apoorva Mehta, Max Mullen, and Brandon Leonardo.

What is Instacart’s Delivery Policy?

Same-day delivery fees for Instacart start at $4 for orders $35 or more. Delivery charges depend on transportation speed and the amount purchased. Members who signed up for Instacart+ can look forward to free delivery every year. 

What is Instacart’s Refund Policy?

Instacart offers a 7-day window for customers to file a refund. This includes missing or damaged items. As for returns, it varies from store to store. I suggest contacting the vendor directly for any questions on sending back products.

How to Contact Instacart

If you have any questions or concerns unrelated to my Instacart review, you can reach out to the brand through the following methods of contact:

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Phone number: +1 (888) 246-7822 
  3. Using the chat function on their website 

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