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Little Sleepies Pajamas Review

About Little Sleepies

Little Sleepies Pajamas Review

Little Sleepies handcrafts their signature collection of pajamas and sleepwear outfits for you and your little one. Best known for their one-piece jumpsuits, this online brand prioritizes quality, comfort, and style throughout the process. 

Garnering a steady following of 174K followers on Instagram, Little Sleepies has been regularly featured in several online magazines, including Motherly, US Weekly, and USA Today. They are also affiliated with several internet personalities, such as Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen

Do you consider yourself a fashionable parent? Time to style your kid with a new set of pjs? Keep reading, as this Little Sleepies pajamas review will take a closer look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Little Sleepies

Little Sleepies Pajamas Review

Maradith Frenkel was in the grind of parenthood. Working long hours at her corporate job, she found it exhausting to come home and take care of her second-born child, Gavin. She was particularly frustrated with the lack of adequate sleepwear options for children—as most were of low quality, impractical, and expensive. 

Frenkel decided to take it upon herself to solve her own problem. And so, in 2016, Little Sleepies ‘yawned’ its way into the children’s clothing industry. Based in Los Angeles, this Californian brand aims to make their designs both comfortable and fashionable

Little Sleepies uses a special type of eco-friendly fabric that is optimized for sensitive skin. To keep their prints lively and fresh, they focus on kid-friendly patterns and colors, such as rainbows, trucks, and bananas.

Parents can also join in on the fun as well, as the brand offers sleepwear sets designed for adults.  Before we get into this Little Sleepies pajamas review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons. 


  • A variety of sleepwear for children and their parents 
  • Made from a sustainable soft bamboo viscose blend 
  • Intended to be modified to fit growing kids (this includes fold over foot cuffs and a large sizing range)
  • Little Sleepies donates a portion of their revenue to Alexa’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, which supports children diagnosed with cancer 
  • Offers Sezzle as an alternative payment option
  • Free shipping on orders $25 or more 


  • A bit pricier than other retailers
Little Sleepies Pajamas Review

Clothes shopping for kids is a parental nightmare. Not only is it expensive, but it’s oftentime impractical. Why bother when we know they’ll grow out of it in a couple of months

Fortunately, Little Sleepies hears those complaints loud and clear, and has developed sensible solutions: convertible foot cuffs, double zippers for easier diaper changes, and an extensive sizing range. 

They also offer adult sets, bibs, blankets, swaddle wraps, and more. Moving forward, this Little Sleepies family pajamas review will take a brief look at some of their best-selling designs, to help you make that final purchase. 

What are Little Sleepies?

Little Sleepies Pajamas Review

Pajamas should be fashionable and long-lasting: and yes, that also extends to children as well. To save parents the stress of constantly buying clothing for growing kids, Little Sleepies offers a practical solution to make sure your wallet stays full. 

This online brand prioritizes the value of versatility. They’ve introduced several key features within their pajamas collection to ensure your tot can keep wearing them for longer periods: this includes a seasonless, bamboo viscose blend that’s both breathable and comfortable. 

To address the ‘height’ problem for aging tots and babies, parents can simply convert the foot cuff to a regular ankle-roll up. 

Need more specifics on what makes this pj brand stand out from the competition? No worries, this Little Sleepies pajamas review has you covered.

How do you wash Little Sleepies?

Little Sleepies Pajamas Review

We don’t mean to offend, but babies have no sense of cleanliness. They’re known to vomit, poop, burp, and get especially messy during feeding time. Don’t be surprised if your hydro bill has hiked up for the past couple of months. 

When it comes to washing Little Sleepies matching pajamas, simply toss them in cold water and turn on the lowest setting on your dryer. 

The brand recommends washing them separate from abrasive materials like velcro or hardware—so that the bamboo viscose fabric stays intact during each cycle. As an added note, users should turn their Little Sleepies kids pajamas inside out to prevent the colors from fading. 

Little Sleepies Bamboo Pajamas Review

Don’t just settle for any ratty t-shirt and shorts combo. Take this as a sign to upgrade your average sleepwear ensemble! Offered for adults and children, this online brand provides options that are both snug and chic.

Need some help in narrowing down your choice? This Little Sleepies pajamas review will go over a few of their customer favorites down below. 

Little Sleepies Buffalo Plaid Women’s Bamboo Viscose Pajama Pants Review

Cozy up with the family dog and make yourself a steaming cup of hot chocolate. The Buffalo 

Plaid Women’s Bamboo Viscose Pajamas Pants are woven to be comfortable. Patterned with a simple lumberjack print, these bottoms feature a contrasting red cuff on the ankles. 

It’s made out of a super luxurious bamboo viscose material, which might make you think twice about buying those expensive silk pajamas at your local lingerie boutique. This Little Sleepies pjs set also comes with two side pockets and a roomy elasticated waistband

Best paired with their matching long sleeve top, cozy up in comfort with the Buffalo Plaid Women’s Bamboo Viscose Pajamas Pants for $25. Its original price was estimated to cost $32

Little Sleepies Buffalo Plaid Men’s Bamboo Viscose Pajama Pants Review

Guys, we need you to understand that gym shorts are made for the gym. For those that find themselves ‘bottomless’ after following this exact line of thinking, perhaps it’s time to buy a pair of the Buffalo Plaid Men’s Bamboo Viscose Pajama Pants.

Made to be seasonless, these sweatpants can last throughout sweat-inducing July nights or shivering Christmas mornings. Gentle on sensitive skin, these Little Sleepies adult pjs come in a loose fit that’s reinforced with a red elasticated waistband. 

Built with two pockets to store all your dreams, the $33 Buffalo Plaid Men’s Bamboo Viscose Pajama Pants come at a bargain for $27

Little Sleepies Pastel Rainbows Women’s Bamboo Viscose Pajama Pants Review

Don’t get me wrong; leggings are great, but sometimes they come in basic colors or patterns. For those who find their sleepwear collection ‘bleh’ at most, the Pastel Rainbows Women’s Bamboo Viscose Pajama Pants offers a childhood twist that’s fun to wear. 

Featuring a vibrant set of kaleidoscope colors, this wonderful ensemble can help you remember those nostalgic, bedtime-story nights. Snug on silhouette, these bottoms also come with a pretty pink elasticated hem and two side pockets. 

Made out of an eco-friendly blend that’s never abrasive, gift yourself the Pastel Rainbows Women’s Bamboo Viscose Pajama Pants for $32

Little Sleepies Roses Bamboo Viscose Zippy Review

Featuring a gorgeous pattern of springtime flowers, the Roses Bamboo Viscose Zippy is the perfect choice to pick out during those March and April showers. This baby romper comes in a stunning print of hot pink blossoms with matching forest-green levels. Blush-toned cuffs are added to the ankles and wrists as a final touch.

Not only is this a stylish number to put your tot into, but it’s extremely customizable. This Little Sleepies zip rompers sleepers set comes with fold over mittens, convertible foot cuffs, and a double zipper for diaper changing. All of these elements can be modified to fit your sprouting bean. 

For a jumper that’ll accommodate a newborn to a full-grown toddler, the normally $33 Roses Bamboo Viscose Zippy is priced at only $28 instead. 

Little Sleepies Bananas Bamboo Viscose Infant Knotted Gown Review

The Bananas Bamboo Viscose Infant Knotted Gown doesn’t monkey around. Fit with fold over cuffs and a customizable tied bottom, this set ensures your tot doesn’t scratch themselves during the course of the night. With this fun, tropical fruit print, don’t be surprised if you earn an approving ‘goo’ as they sleep.

Coming in a soft, bamboo viscose fabric, this Little Sleepies zippies swaddle is made to be anti-bacterial, breathable, and hypoallergenic for the most sensitive of babies. Best used for newborns aged 3 months or younger, the Bananas Bamboo Viscose Infant Knotted Gown costs $33 in total. 

Little Sleepies Two Piece Sets Review

If rompers aren’t your thing, this brand offers a great selection of two-piece sets for adults and children. There is no shortage of cute patterns either; featuring fun fruits, animals, patterns, and more. 

This Little Sleepies pajamas review will share a small list of some of customer favorites for this category. 

Little Sleepies Buffalo Plaid Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set Review

Considering it the petite version of its adult alternative, the Buffalo Plaid Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set is what you need to complete your matching family ensemble. Coming in a tartan-like print, this black and white number is offset with red cufflinks around the wrists, ankles, and neckline. 

It also comes with extra length, which can be modified to fit your growing boy or girl. If you’re looking for present ideas, this outfit can easily act as a Little Sleepies holiday pajamas gift. 

Sewn from a super soft, bamboo stretch knit, the $33 Buffalo Plaid Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set is currently on sale for $25

Little Sleepies Bananas Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set Review 

The Bananas Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajamas Set is anything but ‘plain’tain. Adorned with a colorful pattern of raining tropical fruits, this print comes in a contrasting hue of vibrant blue. 

Finished with white cufflinks around the wrists, ankles, and neckline, this kid-friendly ensemble definitely has an ‘appealing’ vibe towards it. Coming with a matching sleeved top and bottoms, this 2-in-1 pair can be easily converted to a larger size due to its extra length. 

In terms of price, the Bananas Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajamas Set costs a cool $33

Little Sleepies Polka Dots Pajama – Blue Trim Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set

‘Spot’ your kid from a mile away with the Polka Dots Pajama – Blue Trim Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set. Patterned with black speckles, this white and blue ensemble offers a more neutral tone compared to those vibrant, printed designs. 

The best thing about these Little Sleepies toddler pajamas is that it’s completely seasonless. Tots can wear this during the summer heat or those chilly winter nights. With no snaps or buckles to wrestle, getting your kid ready for bed just became hassle-free. 

Coming with extra length in preparation for those random growth spurts, the Polka Dots Pajama – Blue Trim Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set rings up to a total of $33

Little Sleepies Sky Blue Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set Review

Offered in a stunning, azure-hued tone, the Sky Blue Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set can act as a great option when it’s time to give patterns a rest. Designed to be super-soft and comforting, this longsleeve and bottom ensemble can help keep those cries low and those happy ‘goos’ high.

Optimized for potty training, this outfit also comes with added length to ensure a perfect fit. Not having to deal with buttons, snaps, or interior tabs makes the clothing process ten times easier with the Sky Blue Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set, for $33

Little Sleepies Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Little Sleepies Pajamas Review

This Little Sleepies pajamas review has found a whirlwind of positive testimonials for this company. On their company website, most of their best-selling pieces garner thousands of comments. 

For instance, the Green Koalas Bamboo Viscose Zippy has over 2,277 comments with a perfect score of 5/5 stars. Customers have noted that their pajamas are comfortable, convenient, and made out of high quality material. 

One enthusiastic buyer wrote, “Little Sleepies are the best pjs I ever found. They are the best material, soft, light-and also great customer service. We love Little Sleepies in our house!”

Others were impressed with their large collection of prints and designs. This Little Sleepies pajamas review melted at the adorable pictures of babies swaddled in the brand’s pjs. One customer sung the brand’s praises in her review: 

“These pajamas are so super soft and comfortable my kiddos…literally cry if I have to wash them. Living in South Texas finding good pjs that work well in summer and winter are tough but these are the perfect pairing for all seasons. And of course it’s a super bonus that the whole family can match in cute prints!”

JudgeMe hosts the biggest amount of reviews—based on 9,674 comments, Little Sleepies earns an impressive full score of 5/5 stars. Several buyers were happy with the fit of their pajamas, as they came with extra length and other adjustable features. 

A good number of parents found their sleepwear to be super soft and durable when tossed in the laundry and dryer. A new mom shared a testimonial around convenience, “I absolutely love these pajamas! It’s so fun to match my daughter. I am breastfeeding my 4 month old and love how these pajamas are both cozy and nursing friendly.”

This Little Sleepies pajamas review uncovered a few media outlets that spoke highly of their sleepwear collection. According to an article published by Motherly, the brand’s use of their signature bamboo viscose blend is considered a game changer when it comes to the children’s clothing industry. The author seemed to be a fan of how airy and seasonless their ensembles were. 

In terms of red flags, this Little Sleepies pajamas review uncovered only a few online. On, some customers found the fit of Little Sleepies baby pajamas to be odd and the quality not up to par. 

Is Little Sleepies Worth It?

Little Sleepies Pajamas Review

Based on what we’ve seen so far, Little Sleepies earns a golden star from us in terms of their quality, practically, and variety of style. Their clothes are not only stylish, but dependable when it comes to growing children. 

It can be quite frustrating as a parent to cycle through new sleepwear for their rapidly growing kid—not to mention, it might feel quite wasteful. Little Sleepies doesn’t ignore this problem, they address it head-on. Their inclusion of adjustable foot cuffs and extra length are both innovative and cost-effective, as they can help save you money in the long run.

We were also a fan of their broad range of sizes and patterns. All of their rompers and two-piece sets look vibrant, colorful, and fun to wear. According to several customers online, this brand doesn’t hold back on comfort, seeing their signature bamboo viscose blend as a sound solution. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a brand that doesn’t sacrifice on style and function, don’t snooze on the Little Sleepies family matching fun. 

Little Sleepies Promotions & Discounts 

Little Sleepies Pajamas Review

To save some money, take full advantage of the Little Sleepies sale outlet. By perusing through this section, customers can find select items at a discounted price. 

This Little Sleepies pajamas review also came across a 10% discount for orders. Visitors are able to get 10% off their order by signing up to their email newsletter.

Where to Buy Little Sleepies

Little Sleepies Pajamas Review

Customers can purchase their pjs by visiting You can also find them at select retailers such as:

  • Nordstrom
  • Faire
  • Moms Milk Boutique 
  • Lil Tulips 


Little Sleepies Pajamas Review

Who owns Little Sleepies?

Little Sleepies is a mother-owned brand. It’s currently led by founder Maradith Frenkel. 

Does Little Sleepies run big?

This Little Sleepies pajamas review found out that their sleepwear sets are advertised as true to size. That being said, buyers have reported that they tend to fit 2 to 3 times longer. For more details on measurements, we recommend looking into the Little Sleepies size chart on their website. 

How long does Little Sleepies take to ship?

This Little Sleepies family pajamas review is happy to report that they offer free shipping on orders that total $25 or more. Using FedEx and USPS as their main couriers, it usually takes 5 business days for domestic packages to arrive. 

Customers will be given a tracking number within their confirmation email to help monitor the status of their purchase. From what we’ve gathered so far, this online brand does offer international shipping in some select countries. 

How do I return my Little Sleepies?

Customers have until 30 days to return their products. Goods must be unused and in new condition in order to be considered eligible. Little Sleepies will cover the cost of shipping, but only if the buyer requests store credit in return. 

For refunds, buyers will be expected to pay $6 for return delivery. Unfortunately, this Little Sleepies pajamas review found out that international orders are excluded from this policy. 

To initiate this process, customers can access a return portal found on the Little Sleepies website. 

How to Contact Little Sleepies Customer Service 

For inquiries unrelated to this Little Sleepies pajamas review, you can contact the company through:

Little Sleepies
13535 Ventura Blvd
Suite C-131
Los Angeles, CA 91423

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