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About Purivortex Air Purifier

Purivortex Air Purifier Review

You can’t stop to smell the roses if the air is riddled with toxins, dust, and pet hair. Enter the Purivortex Air Purifier which can help get rid of airborne pollutants without must hassle. Elegantly designed and constructed for the modern-day home, it’s definitely a far cry from any cheap standing fan.

I’m guessing that Purivortex is a relatively new brand, given that they don’t have much of a social media presence online. That said, the company has garnered a few positive reviews over the years, as its products are featured on Amazon, the Gadgeteer, and Essential Home and Garden. 

In my Purivortex Air Purifier review, I will take a closer look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth the investment. 

Overview of Purivortex Air Purifier

Purivortex Air Purifier Review

Air purifiers: do you really need them? Most of us opt for a window crack or a standing fan to help circulate oxygen but since we live in the 21st century, we require something more innovative. If you want to be 100% sure that no airborne contaminants are floating around, Purivortex’s air purifiers can be a possible solution.

Honestly, there’s not much to know about Purivortex as a brand. They have yet to update their ‘about us’ page, and they don’t have an account on LinkedIn or Crunchbase. 

As we wait for more information to roll in, Purivortex is a brand that offers high-quality air filters at an affordable price. Intent on marrying innovation and aesthetics, this company definitely looks toward the future of technology. 

The brand offers three different filtration systems to choose from. If you require a quick rundown, my Purivortex Air Purifier review will take a short look at some of their best-selling models to help you compare.


Purivortex Air Purifier Review
  • A curated selection of air purifiers and filters to choose from
  • Portable options like the Purivortex 201B
  • Even smaller machines like the Purivortex 201B can change the air in 215 ft² spaces up to 5x per hour!
  • Semi-affordable 
  • Blog site dedicated to talking about air quality 
  • Positive customer reviews

Purivortex Air Purifiers Review

Care for some more recommendations? If so, this section of my Purivortex Air Purifier review will spotlight a few more products that are worth a second glance. 

Purivortex Air Purifier 201B Small Portable True HEPA Air Purifier (215 Ft2 Coverage) Review

The 201B Small Portable True HEPA Air Purifier (215 Ft2 Coverage) machine is equipped to tackle airborne contaminants through its whisper-quiet design. 

Built with a 3-layer HEPA filter, this device can block up to 99.99% of pollutants, including smoke and pollen. Ethical shoppers will also be happy to know that this Purivortex top-seller requires less energy, thanks to its powerful brushless motor. 

Enhanced with a nightlight, a filter change reminder, and a timer, the 201B Small Portable True HEPA Air Purifier (215 Ft2 Coverage) machine is like a gift that keeps on giving.

Plus, it’s entirely adjustable, as users can affix it like a desk fan. Price-wise, this model costs $50 and comes in two device colors (black and white), and light colors (blue and yellow). 

Purivortex Air Purifier V3 Smart HEPA Air Purifier For Up To 1,076 Ft2 Large Rooms Review

The next generation will probably scoff at the idea of cheap fans. It’s one of those bizarre inventions that pale in comparison to more innovative products, such as the V3 Smart HEPA Air Purifier For Up To 1,076 Ft2 Large Rooms. This bad boy is equipped to handle bigger living spaces, which is great for those who hate buying multiple stationary ventilators. 

Built with three different speeds, this machine features an LED display, which clearly showcases the room’s air quality. The engineering itself is comprised of a washable HEPA filter, which can block particles as big as 0.3 micrometers. 

Meant to trap dust, pollen, secondhand smoke, and other airborne contaminants, there’s a good chance you’ll sneeze less with this device working in the background. 

As a bonus, the V3 Smart HEPA Air Purifier For Up To 1,076 Ft2 Large Rooms is designed to work quietly. Its noise capacity only reaches a mere 23 dB, which is great for light sleepers. Compact and stylishly designed, this Purivortex bestseller retails for $100 instead of its original markup of $180

Purivortex Air Purifier V1 Compact Portable Air Purifier For Small Rooms (270 Ft2 Coverage) Review 

Equipped to handle bathrooms, laundry spaces, and even the pantry, the V1 Compact Portable Air Purifier For Small Rooms (270 Ft2 Coverage) can help ensure equal ventilation in all parts of your house. 

It’s engineered with an H13 HEPA filter, which blocks harmful contaminants like dust and smog from passing through. Set with a power-saving brushless DC motor, you can look forward to a reduced energy bill in the mail this time.

Quiet, innovative in settings, and eco-friendly in construction, the V1 Compact Portable Air Purifier For Small Rooms (270 Ft2 Coverage) currently costs $36. It’s definitely a steal considering its original price tag of $90

Purivortex Air Purifier H13 True HEPA Replacement Filter For V3 Air Purifier Review 

The last product I will feature in my Purivortex Air Purifier review is not an air purifier but is needed to make them work.

Thankfully, you don’t need to buy a brand-new Purivortex machine if it’s slow in oxygen purification. Instead, you can easily replace its old component with the H13 True HEPA Replacement Filter For V3 Air Purifier.

Designed to trap 99.99% of airborne pollutants, you can quickly get back to smelling the roses in no time. The H13 True HEPA Replacement Filter For V3 Air Purifier retails for $36.

Who Is Purivortex Air Purifier For? 

Purivortex Air Purifier Review

Given the vast amount of expensive filtration devices on the market, Purivortex is a breath of fresh air. Puns aside, their products are marketed to homeowners looking to improve their quality of life.

Not to mention, products like the Purivortex 201B help apartment dwellers and avid travellers refresh small areas such as hotel rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens that are up 215 ft², 5x per hour.

The V1, V3, and 201B air purifiers do a fantastic job of ridding the atmosphere of pollen, pet hair, smog, and smoke too. Selling below the $200 limit, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank here.

Purivortex Air Purifier Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Purivortex Air Purifier Review

Purivortex has a surprising amount of reviews considering its small social media presence. That said, their official website doesn’t hold many comments, as each product only showcases one to three testimonials. 

For more in-depth insight, I looked to outside sources such as Amazon and Essential Home and Garden for Purivortex Air Purifier reviews.

Efficient, affordable, and great for reducing foul odors, it appears that Purivortex air purifiers deserve a standing ovation. Take it from two happy customers who left raving reviews for two of their products. 

Not only did it remove odors it also removes the dust out of the air from the cat litter and the lint from when cleaning the dryer lint screen. Sure you can buy a larger pricier one but this little guy does the trick,” one Amazon customer wrote for the  201B Small Portable True HEPA Air Purifier. 

“An excellent investment. This (201B) Purivortex exceeds expectations and looks good. Super quiet and cleans the air as promised. Yes you do have to replace filters but your sinuses and lungs will thank you,” one reviewer wrote on the brand’s official page. 

I also found a fair amount of blogs that took to review the brand’s products. According to EssentialHomeAndGarden.com, the 201B air purifier did an adequate job in oxygen filtration while ensuring a whisper-quiet sound

“If you’re after a compact purifier for use in spaces under 100 square feet, this is the machine you want. It utilizes a safe, true HEPA filter for maximum cleaning power and runs at a low volume that won’t annoy even in tight spaces.”

You can take care knowing that Purivortex has very favorable reviews.

Is Purivortex Air Purifier Legit?

Purivortex Air Purifier Review

Clearly, a lot of customer love this company and its affordable and effective air purifiers. It’s safe to say that Purivortex is a legit company.

Is Purivortex Air Purifier Worth It?

Purivortex Air Purifier Review

You don’t have to worry about affordability here. Purivortex air purifiers are reasonably-priced, reliable, and efficient in ridding your air of pollutants. Given its low prices, you can easily cop two or three devices for every level of your home. 

I can confidently say that their products are worth buying.

Purivortex Air Purifier Promotions & Discounts 

Purivortex Air Purifier Review

At the time of writing my Purivortex Air Purifier review, I found that customers can take an online survey to receive a free filter. They can also use our exclusive code honestbrandreviews to get 20% off.

Where to Buy Purivortex Air Purifier

Purivortex Air Purifier Review

Customers can head over to purivortex.com to see what they have in store. You can also find their products sold on Amazon and Walmart.


Purivortex Air Purifier Review

Who owns Purivortex Air Purifier?

The brand has yet to disclose its founder or parent company. 

What is Purivortex Air Purifier’s Shipping Policy?

Purivortex offers free shipping within the U.S. It usually takes 2-3 business days for orders to arrive. To help keep tabs on your purchase, the brand will issue a tracking number alongside your confirmation email.

What is Purivortex Air Purifier’s Return Policy?

Purivortex offers a 30-day window for you to send back your unused products. Sadly, the brand doesn’t give you a free shipping label to use. It’s also worth mentioning that most of their air purifiers are covered by a one-year warranty. To start a return, you must contact the brand for instructions. 

How to Contact Purivortex Air Purifier

Purivortex Air Purifier Review

For any questions or concerns about the brand unrelated to my Purivortex Air Purifier review, you can contact the brand through one of the methods below:

  1. Filling out the request form online 
  2. Using the chat function on their website 

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