SCOTTeVEST Jacket Review


SCOTTeVEST Jacket Review

Not in the mood for frills and fuss? SCOTTeVest only provides the essentials when it comes to outerwear. Offering designs for both men and women, this online clothing brand carries jackets, hoodies, vests, and t-shirts.

They’re best known for their unique pocket designs, as they are intended to accommodate phones, tablets, and any other electronic devices found on the modern person.

With a steady following of over 16.7k on Twitter, SCOTTeVest seams (pun intended) to be the talk of the town across several media outlets, including Forbes, USA Today, and the Chicago Tribune. 

For those curious about learning more about this brand, look no further than this SCOTTeVEST jacket review. We’ll take an in-depth look at the company, their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of SCOTTeVEST

SCOTTeVEST Jacket Review

Sometimes the greatest of ideas spawn from pure misery. Founder Scott Jordan hated his job as a corporate lawyer, as it was relentless, tiring, and hectic for most of his life. The one thing that gave him sanctuary in moments of stress was technology. 

With a passion for computers, phones, and tablets, Jordan was met with a mess of portable gadgets he had to carry daily. 

After months of dealing with heavy electronics, Jordan’s wife called it quits while carrying his boatload of gadgets. Coupled with a traumatic airport accident that nearly sent him to the hospital, he decided to come up with his own solution. 

Launched in 2000, SCOTTeVEST made their official internet debut. Headquartered in Ketchum, Idaho, this clothing brand specializes in making smart-tech jackets and vests. 

SCOTTeVEST Jacket Review

Ever since their establishment, Jordan’s collection has garnered critical acclaim for its innovative designs. This includes being featured in the SCOTTeVest Shark Tank episode in 2012. Their philanthropic program, PocketChange, has also won them some admiration.

“Give SCOTTeVEST garments a try, then let us know about your adventures, as you begin living with a new sense of security and freedom. Who says you can’t have it all? After all, it’s not rocket science, it’s pocket science,” via a statement made by 

Before we really get into this SCOTTeVEST jacket review, let’s go over some of the brand’s pros and cons: 


  • A variety of clothing pieces to choose from, including jackets, vests, hoodies, pants, and even pajamas and dresses
  • Most of the SCOTTeVEST garments come with their iconic ‘pocket science’ technology 
  • The brand donates a portion of their proceeds to philanthropic organizations 
  • Provides designs for both men and women
  • Offers international shipping 


  • Varied customer reviews 
  • Pricier than other retailers 
SCOTTeVEST Jacket Review

Sometimes a regular satchel or purse isn’t going to cut it. The straps keep falling off, and then there’s the nuisance of carrying that extra weight. Designed for go-getters and busy bees, SCOTTeVEST offers a unique clothing collection that’s meant to hold your devices in place. 

Styled with ‘pocket science’ technology, wearers can keep their phones, wallets, and valuables secure and locked in. 

From jackets to hoodies, this SCOTTeVest jacket review will highlight a few of their best-selling pieces for readers to compare. 

SCOTTeVEST Vest Jacket Review

Step aside, Prada, there’s no need for fancy purses when it comes to the great outdoors. Built with extra pockets for extra storage, we’ll spotlight a few of their most popular garments, from featherweights to travel designs. 

SCOTTeVEST Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Women Review 

Is it just me, or is the Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Women giving off major Pokémon Go vibes? Whether you’re team Mystic, Instinct, or Valor, make sure that each adventure is well-equipped with a handy set of compartments. 

Made out of a cotton and nylon fabric blend, this outerwear piece features a whopping total of 42 pockets

This SCOTTeVEST vest jacket can fit a 9.7” tablet, a medium-sized laptop, and an iPhone XS all at the same time. As a cherry on top, this layer-on is meant to be entirely seasonless, meaning that it can be worn through winter and summer.  

Ideal for adventurers and explorers, the Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Women costs $199

SCOTTeVEST RFID Travel Vest for Men Review 

While it’s not bullet-proof, the RFID Travel Vest for Men can prevent those unwanted ‘hits’ from nearby hackers. Designed with special protective technology, this outerwear piece keep your valuables safe and secure – physically and electronically. 

Built with 26 pockets, wearers can easily fit their tablets, phones, and any other small devices with ease. You know what that means: no more Tetris-style sorting when it comes to backpack management. 

This SCOTTeVEST vest with pockets is designed to be breathable and super lightweight thanks to its polyester fabric blend. Offered in black, beige, navy blue, and green, you can safely and securely geek out in style with the RFID Travel Vest for Men for $149

SCOTTeVEST The 101 Vest-Men’s Review

Ideal for road trips, camping, or a quick jog around the neighborhood, the 101 Vest-Men’s prototype can help keep your necessities locked away and secure. 

Featuring a set of 9 pockets, this layer-on only holds the essentials – that is, your phone, wallet, and keys, but it can also accommodate larger devices such as tablets. 

This SCOTTeVest multi pocket vest is perfect for on-the-go errands, as it keeps you obstacle-free compared to those swinging satchels and heavyweight backpacks. Ideally paired with a fleece jacket underneath for warmth, the 101 Vest-Men’s coat costs a cool $109

SCOTTeVEST Travel Clothes Review

If you’re one to favor function over fashion, this online clothing brand only offers the essentials without the glitz and glam (while still looking good). 

Featuring t-shirts, coats, and pants, this SCOTTeVEST jacket review will go over a few of the customer favorites that may make a future appearance in your wardrobe. 

SCOTTeVEST Chloe Glow Review 

Perfect for gym enthusiasts, athletes, or outdoor explorers, the Chloe Glow keeps those valuables tucked away discreetly. Designed with 18 pockets, this handy outerpiece can hold a variety of items including tablets and phones. 

Honestly, you could store an entire breakfast sandwich in this coat too. We aren’t here to judge, life happens, and sometimes you just need a jacket sandwich.  

Offered with ribbed cuffs, a zipper enclosure, and a comfy hood at the back, you may find yourself continuously reaching for this piece before heading out the door. 

This SCOTTeVEST hoodie vest can also be worn through every season thanks to its breathable fit. Available in white, blue, red, or black, the Chloe Glow jacket is priced at $134

SCOTTeVEST Margaux Cargaux Everyday Pant Review 

Ladies, it’s time to give those leggings a break. Instead, opt for the Margaux Cargaux Everyday Pant as a better alternative. Offered in a mid-rise cut, these joggers are set with a comfy elasticated waistband, 7 different pockets, and a loose fit. 

It’s made out of a cotton and spandex blend, helping to keep these sweats breathable and flexible for on-the-go moments. 

Designed to be worn through spring and winter, these bottoms can be easily paired with a breezy tank top or a comfy sweater when things get cold. Available in black, brown, and cream, the Margaux Cargaux Everyday Pant costs $99 at checkout. 

SCOTTeVEST Madeline Cardigan Review 

Need a dressier way of covering up those shoulders? The Madeline Cardigan keeps you warm and comfy against those chilly, windy nights. 

Draped with a soft jersey knit, this stunning piece features a loose, lounge-like fit that’s ideal for off-days or office work. Not only is this throw-over stylish, but it comes with 4 different pockets. 

In terms of styling tips, this SCOTTeVEST travel clothes coat is best paired with a silk button-up blouse, cigarette pants, and office-appropriate heels. Offered in black, burgundy, gray, and cream, the Madeline Cardigan can be your newest luxury piece for only $89

SCOTTeVEST Performance T-Shirt Review 

For when it’s too hot to wear a jacket, the Performance T-Shirt offers a more breathable fit. Featuring the same level of versatility as a SCOTTeVEST designer vest, this top comes with 3 built-in pockets. 

There’s no need to worry about extra-bulk, as each compartment is made to be discreet

Ideal for warm summer evenings or chilly afternoons, this layering piece keeps things light and sweat-free. It also comes in a cropped sleeve version in case of those especially hot days. Available in 7 different colors, make the Performance T-Shirt a closet essential for $39

SCOTTeVEST Pack Windbreaker Review 

Don’t just opt for any flimsy raincoat. The Pack Windbreaker can help protect you from nail-biting winds and pelting storms. Once the clouds have cleared, users can simply fold this jacket onto its own back pocket for easy storage. 

Featuring a set of 19 hidden compartments, this coat is great for hikers, adventurers, and even field reporters. 

This SCOTTeVEST Scott’s travel jacket can hold up to 3 different devices, including a water bottle, a camera, and a pair of stylish sunglasses. Perfect for unpredictable weather, the Pack Windbreaker costs $124

SCOTTeVEST Travel Boxers Review 

The SCOTTeVEST Travel Boxers feature two sets of compartments. And no, we don’t mean ‘that’ kind of pocket. Designed to be comfortable and fast-drying, this pair of knickers keeps you comfortable and flexible throughout the day. 

In terms of storage, users can hold their phone and wallet without the worry of sag. 

Offered in 5 different sizes, customers can choose from either gray or black. Designed to be machine washable and seasonless, the Travel Boxers from SCOTTeVEST cost $26

How do you clean SCOTTeVEST?

SCOTTeVEST Jacket Review

This SCOTTeVEST jacket review hasn’t found any information on cleaning tips on their website. Some online sources, such as, advise people to wash their clothing in cold water on a delicate cycle. 

It’s important to not use bleach or any harmful detergents, as it may affect the quality of the garment. Customers should then tumble dry their SCOTTeVEST travel clothing on the lowest setting. 

SCOTTeVEST Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SCOTTeVEST Jacket Review

Hold onto your wallet. This SCOTTeVEST jacket review found mixed customer responses towards this online clothing label. For the time being, let’s focus on the positives first. 

Their company website hosts an impressive list of positive comments. Customers found their coats and vest to be versatile, seasonless, and great for holding several different devices. 

“Ever since I got my eVEST, I have been interested in just how many of my gadgets can be hidden in it. We’re up to 32 so far and it just keeps getting more and more convenient! Thanks SCOTTeVEST,” one reviewer wrote on their website. 

Most SCOTTeVEST products have positive ratings on their official website:

  • RFID Travel Vest for Men: 5/5 stars out of 433 ratings
  • The 101 Vest-Men’s: 5/5 stars out of 269 ratings
  • Chloe Glow: 5/5 stars out of 242 ratings
  • Travel Boxers: 5/5 stars out of 68 ratings

Trustpilot holds over 1,347 reviews with an impressive score of 4.2/5 stars. 75% of buyers rated this company 2 thumbs up. 

This is largely due to their helpful customer service team and the usefulness of their products. Several users were quick to comment on the jacket’s functionality and comfort.

SCOTTeVEST Jacket Review

With that being said, this SCOTTeVEST jacket review did uncover some negative comments attributed to their coats. 

Independent blogs like PlanetD and Rachel’s Ruminations found a few faulty areas within the construction of their clothing pieces. This included the heaviness of their garments and how unfashionable it looked when compared to other brands. 

PlanetD writes, The clothes seemed to fit in all the wrong places. Instead of giving a nice tailored feel, he looked frumpy. We thought we would be getting lightweight clothing fit for travellers, but instead they were heavy and bulky.”

Amazon showcases a mixed rating of 3/5 stars based on 29 reviews. A few customers noted issues with defunct zippers and the coat’s overall fit. 

“The main zipper closure kept jamming in material between teeth and slider. I called in to customer service at the time who told me that they could not help…  have not used it since,” one Amazon reviewer wrote for the SCOTTeVEST Mens Vest Jacket

Maybe tech chic isn’t for everyone. While there are many satisfied customers, there are still some complaints floating around that leave room for the brand to improve.


SCOTTeVEST Jacket Review

Tech junkies, we think it’s worth giving SCOTTeVEST a shot. It’s quite unheard of for a clothing brand to primarily focus on pockets. 

While most fashion brands opt for the exclusion of storage compartments within their garments, this online company seems to prioritize function over fashion

If you find yourself lugging around phone, tablets, or other portable devices, SCOTTeVEST can save you the headache of strap burn or that dreaded shoulder indent after continuous use. 

With that being said, SCOTTeVEST isn’t made for everybody. Their designs lean towards the ‘dad’ aesthetic and won’t win any style points in the fashion industry. 

If you just carry a standard phone or wallet, the inclusion of 7 different pockets may seem unnecessary in the long run. Overall, we recommend checking out this brand, but only if you find yourself running out of space. 

SCOTTeVEST Promotions & Discounts 

SCOTTeVEST Jacket Review

This SCOTTeVEST jacket review found out that they have a sale outlet where customers can find select items for a discounted price. 

You can also save 15% on your final order by inputting the SCOTTeVEST coupon code: PKT15 at checkout. They also have a loyalty program to help buyers accumulate points and gain access to exclusive deals and perks. 

Where to Buy SCOTTeVEST

SCOTTeVEST Jacket Review

Looking to snatch a SCOTTeVEST travel vest for yourself? Head over to You can also find them at select retailers:

  • Amazon 
  • Walmart
  • Jet-Setter
  • Wagner’s


SCOTTeVEST Jacket Review

Where is SCOTTeVEST manufactured?

We haven’t found any information as to where their garments are made, but we do know that their headquarters are located in Ketchum, Idaho. 

How much is a SCOTTeVEST?

This answer depends on the design you’ve chosen. For instance, the Q.U.E.S.T SCOTTeVest vest for men costs $139

What sizes does SCOTTeVEST have? 

The brand carries sizes XS-XXXL for men. For women, this ranges from XS-M4. We recommend reading their charts for more specific measurements. 

Does SCOTTeVEST ship to Canada? 

This SCOTTeVEST jacket review is happy to report that they offer international shipping in select countries. To view delivery costs and estimated arrival times, customers must simply proceed to checkout to view all the relevant details. 

You’ll also receive a tracking number via a confirmation email to help locate their purchase. 

What is SCOTTeVEST’s Return Policy?

Need to return your SCOTTeVEST Scotty Vest? No worries, you have 30 days to do so. Items must be in new condition to be considered eligible. It’s worth noting that discounted products are viewed as final sale and cannot be refunded. 

Unfortunately, the brand does not cover any affiliated shipping costs under their policy. To initiate this process, buyers must contact their customer service team for further instructions. 

How to Contact SCOTTeVEST

For inquiries unrelated to this SCOTTeVEST jacket review, you reach out to the company through 4 methods of contact:

  1. Phone number: 1-866-909-8378 (Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm MT)
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. Using their live chat function on their website
  4. Direct messaging them on their social media platforms 

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