Venus Et Fleur Flowers Review

About Venus Et Fleur

Venus Et Fleur Flowers Review

Venus Et Fleur is a luxury floral retailer designing one-of-a-kind, handcrafted arrangements.

With a fan following of over 568k, Gigi Hadid, Cardi B, Kris Jenner, Madelaine Petsch, and Kim Kardashian have all shared their love for Venus Et Flowers through Instagram.

The c0mpany has also been spotlighted by media outlets such as Forbes, Allure Magazine, and PopSugar

This Venus Et Fleur flowers review will find out as we take a look at the brand, products, customer ratings, and more, to help you decide if their flowers are worth it. 

Overview of Venus Et Fleur

Venus Et Fleur Flowers Review

Sunny Chadha sent a romantic bouquet of roses to his girlfriend, Seema Bansal, creating Venus Et Fleur in 2016.

Finding the floral industry to be unreliable and the quality of bouquets not up to par, they decided to add a special twist with varieties of roses like blush pink, classic red, azure blue, and sunshine yellow.

The name, Venus Et Fleur was inspired by a renaissance painting of Venus that Seema had in her bedroom.

With the launch of their first floral arrangement, the Real Roses That Last a Year, Venus Et Fleur began to flourish at Sunny and Seema’s apartment in New York, with other locations in New Jersey and Los Angeles. 

Venus Et Fleur Flowers Review

“We are dedicated to constantly evolving and to setting trends in the floral and home decor spaces. We’re also adamant about staying relevant in the self-care space, as demonstrated by our fragrant Rose Blanche candle and gracious Crystal Florentina Vase. Venus, and all that she stands for, exists in everything that we do,” as per the Venus Et Fleur founder. 

Before we get into this Venus Et Fleur flowers review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons of the brand.


  • Unique floral arrangements that come in different varieties and colors
  • Endorsement from many notable celebrities
  • Customizable options on some products
  • Flowers emit a lovely scent
  • Easy to order  
  • A collection of roses that reportedly last a year
  • Offers international shipping
  • Offers Afterpay as a payment option


  • Pricier than competing retailers 
  • They do not accept returns 

Depending on the color, roses can symbolize a multitude of things: yellow represents friendship; red can mean romance, white signifies innocence, and pink represents gratitude.

Whatever the occasion may be, Venus Et Fleur holds a variety of roses to choose from. It’s worth mentioning that you can add a Greeting Card with each of their products for a personalized touch. 

This Venus Et Fleur flowers review will go over a selection of the brand’s bestsellers. With blush pink petals nestled in a Parisian style hat box to a simple pastel blue floret encased in a glass gift box, the possibilities are endless.

Venus Et Fleur Florentina Review

The Florentina flower gives off the perfect Beauty and the Beast aesthetic. This single Eternity Rose lasts a full year and is held by a smoked glass vase, gold metal plant stand, and a rose quartz hanging from the base.

The combination of the Florentina rose and other elements symbolize love, self-care, and friendship. Available in over 26 different colors including rainbow, gold, red, and silver, signify your love with the Florentina for $149.

Venus Et Fleur Le Mini Heart Bundle Set Review

Inspired by the candy heart treats, the Le Mini Heart Bundle features 3 stunning Le Mini Hearts in 5 classic Valentine’s Day hues. Each box lid is printed with the messages ‘be mine,’ ‘kiss me,’ and ‘love you’. Each arrangement contains 6 Eternity Roses. 

This unique floral arrangement is perfect for those traveling to see their partners as it’s encased in a protective box. The Le Mini Heart Bundle is currently sold out but when the arrangement is back in stock, it comes to $159

Venus Et Fleur Fleura Vase with Mixed Eternity Flowers Review

Seema’s interest in Venus, the goddess of love, is very much reflected in the Fleura Vase with Mixed Flowers arrangement. This set includes:

  • 7 blush roses
  • Springtime Hydrangeas
  • 3 gardenia flowers
  • An ancient Greek pillar-like white vase

You can also opt to choose the color of the roses, as it ranges from pure white, pink, and lavender. This Fleura Vase with Mixed Eternity Flowers costs $489

Venus Et Fleur Ombre Pink Roses Review

The Ombre Pink Roses is a prearranged box, meaning that you will receive a 12″ x 12″ x 9″ black box with the Venus Et Fleur logo written in gold. It’s up to you to decide on the colors for all 36 to 42 roses.

In this example, there are black, burgundy, white, cream, and an array of pink roses in a light hue. Sadly, the Ombre Pink Roses are currently sold out but its original retail price is $469.

Venus Et Fleur Large Square Review

The Large Square has roses contained in a portable 12″ x 12″ x 9″ white or black box. There are over 24 different hues to choose from including rose gold, lilac, pearl, and hot pink.

Whether you want to proclaim your undying love with this extravagant statement or want to express just how much you love your best friend with a collection of yellow roses, the Large Square will surely carry the message forward for $399

Venus et Fleur Watercolor Eternity DE Venus Review

The Watercolor Eternity DE Venus is all about spirit, emotion, and the importance of the individual. Decorated with hues of watered-down pink and creamy white, you can opt for the box to be made out of velvet or leather.

There are over 11 different shades to choose from and contains approximately 42 Eternity Roses. As part of their Watercolor collection, the Watercolor Eternity DE Venus is currently out of stock

Venus Et Fleur Rose Gold Eternity Roses Review

The Rose Gold Eternity Roses hold over 36 to 42 gold-tinted flowers encased in a black classic hatbox. These Eternity Venus Et Fleur roses were gifted to Kris Jenner. 

If you prefer a more subtle color of roses or are not a fan of the box, you also have a choice to design your own on their website. The Rose Gold Eternity Roses are currently sold out but once back in stock, you can order these stunners for $429

Venus Et Fleur Grandiose DE Venus Review

If a simple bouquet of roses isn’t enough to signify your love or gratitude to someone, you should opt for the Grandiose DE Venus collection. This massive design comes in a 36” by 12” box that holds 130 Eternity Roses.

This unique Venus Et Fleur flower set is large enough to ‘write’ a message in roses. In the featuring design, I love you’ is written in pink roses atop a white rose background for contrast.

Customers can also choose between boxes in black suede, pink suede, white classic, or more with over 20 different hues to choose from for the flowers. The Grandiose DE Venus collection is a staggering $1499.

Please note that this collection is only available to ship within the NYC Metro and the Greater Los Angeles areas.

Venus Et Fleur Rose Blanche Review 

After giving your partner a bouquet, it’s time to set the mood with the Rose Blanche candle. Scented with aromas of Geranium, Cinnamon, Freesia, and Damascena roses, it is made out of a soy wax blend that can burn for hours. 

The white Rose Blanche candle comes in 2 different sizes that vary in price:

  • 2.4 oz votive candle (burn time of 20-25 hours): $39
  • 11 oz candle (burn time of 80-85 hours): $129

Venus Et Fleur Flowers Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Venus Et Fleur Flowers Review

This Venus Et Fleur flowers review found varied customer reviews based on Yelp, Influenster, Reddit, and Top Ten Reviews. While several influencers and celebrities highly endorsing this florist company, other Venus Et Fleur reviews say otherwise.

This Venus Et Fleur flowers review has come across some positive customer experiences. Do roses from Venus Et Fleur last a year? From the information gathered, that seems to be the case according to multiple sources online.

There are reviews on Yelp and Influenster that state that the roses smell nice and look beautiful. It is worth noting that on Influenster, there are over 61 reviews for their Square Mini Roses with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars

One reviewer stated that “This product would be a nice gift for loved ones in your life. It has a nice elegant scent to it, one that stays with the flower from the moment you buy it to at least a year later. I’ve had mine for over a year and the flower is still good and a light scent remains.” 

But, on their Yelp page for their Greenwich, New York location, there are over 196 reviews with an average of 2.5/5 stars. Most customers have noted that the roses delivered came with damages, including tears and wrinkles:

“I purchased the small round pink suede pure white roses for Mother’s Day. They arrived today and they look nothing like the photos on the website. Roses do not look fresh and are torn/wrinkly on the edges.”

The Top Ten Reviews’ article about the brand shared these thoughts with “many people [complaining about] late delivery – as late as two weeks after the order was placed. Many have also complained that, upon arrival, the roses looked worn and tattered.”

On a Venus Et Fleur Reddit page, users have noted how expensive their bouquets are and were not exactly a fan of the overall design. There were also issues with delivery on the Better Business Bureau website as well. 

Are Venus Et Fleur Flowers Worth It?

Venus Et Fleur Flowers Review

Are Venus Et Fleur flowers worth it? Yes, if you’re looking for something unique. This Venus Et Fleur flowers review recommends that you check this brand out. Sometimes the traditional floral arrangement can be quite plain, so it’s nice that this brand offers more variation for their rose bouquets. 

While some florist shops may offer standard colors of red, yellow, and blue, they have more interesting hues including rainbow, silver, and gold. The Eternity Roses are also a game-changer. While the beauty of regular roses often has a short lifespan, the flowers from Venus Et Fleur can last for an entire year.

However, Venus Et Fleur is more on the expensive side, with their starting prices beginning at $100 for a single rose. But for customers who received them as a gift, they were happy regardless- as it points to the fact that love knows no boundaries. 

On the other side of the coin, there is a sizable amount of customers that reported negative experiences, including damaged products and poor customer service. With that in mind, have a healthy amount of buyers’ skepticism when purchasing from their collection. But there’s no harm in perusing their Venus Et Fleurs flower selection. 

Venus Et Fleur Flowers Promotions & Discounts 

Venus Et Fleur Flowers Review

This Venus Et Fleur review hasn’t come across any current sales, coupon codes, or a Venus Et Fleur discount code. However, keep checking back on the website or their social media for any updates. 

Where to Buy Venus Et Fleur Flowers

Venus Et Fleur Flowers Review

Customers can buy their products such as the Venus Et Fleur evil eye collection and the Venus Et Fleur advent calendar on You can also visit their locations in New York, New Jersey, and Los Angeles. It’s important to note that you cannot buy the brand’s Eternity Roses on Venus Et Fleur Amazon. 


Venus Et Fleur Flowers Review

What does Venus Et Fleur mean?  

Venus Et Fleur is a phrase in French that means Venus and Flower. The name originated from the founder’s love of Venus- the Greek goddess of love. 

What is so special about Venus Et Fleur? 

Venus Et Fleur flowers and their Eternity Roses last for an entire year. Customers are not encouraged to water the arrangements or place them in direct sunlight. 

Are Venus Et Fleur Flowers real? 

This Venus Et Fleur flowers review found that their roses are 100% authentic. They are sourced from Ecuador and undergo a special process to help preserve their beauty. 

Can you take Venus Et Fleur out of the box? 

This Venus Et Fleur flowers review found that customers cannot take the roses out of the box. This is to ensure the optimal appearance of the flowers. 

Do you water Venus Et Fleur? 

Venus Et Fleur strongly advises you to not water their flowers to preserve them for longer periods. 

Does Venus Et Fleur really last year? 

Throughout countless media sources and Internet blogs, this Venus Et Fleur flowers review can say for certain that they do last a year. 

How long do Venus Et Fleur roses last? 

Venus Et Fleur roses are meant to last up to a year if customers follow their care guidelines. 

How does Venus Et Fleur get delivered? 

This Venus Et Fleur flowers review found out that it can take up to six business days to deliver. 

How long does Venus Et Fleur Flowers take to ship?

This Venus Et Fleur flowers review found that the brand offers hand delivery and same-day delivery within the NYC Metro Area. Their small and large box arrangements ship either via UPS or FedEx. Customers can also choose their delivery date for any arrangement, excluding their Le Mini and Le Petite Arrangements. Venus Et Fleur also offers international shipping.

Customers may see a free shipping option in a pop-up tab if they visit their website. Buyers can find more details such as fees, destinations, and other offered shipping options, on their website. 

Where does Venus Et Fleur ship from? 

This Venus Et Fleur flowers review found that the brand ships from their facility in New York. 

How do I track my Venus order? 

Customers can track their orders through a tracking number sent in a confirmation email. 

What is Venus Et Fleur Flowers’ Return Policy?

This Venus Et Fleur flowers review found that they do not accept returns. If customers wish to cancel an order or address a concern, they are encouraged to contact the Venus Et Fleur customer service team. 

Does Venus do free returns? 

Venus Et Fleur does not do free returns since they do not accept returns. 

How long do Venus returns take? 

Venus Et Fleur does not have a return policy since they do not accept returns for orders. 

How to Contact Venus Et Fleur Flowers

If you have inquiries that are not related to this Venus Et Fleur flowers review, you can contact the company through:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live chat available on their website
  • Phone number: 1-800-808-9830 (Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm EST and Saturday to Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm EST)
  • Direct messaging on the Venus Et Fleur Instagram page

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