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Jya Review

Not all of us are blessed with a countryside postal code. If you covet the crisp, fresh air of the great outdoors, Jya air purifiers can do just the trick. Their selection of home devices is designed to rid foul odors, bacteria, and other undesirables from the air.

Jya has yet to gain publicity online, except for a few publications made by TechHive. If you’re concerned about legitimacy, you can take care knowing that the brand has received positive recognition for its products, including the Red Dot Design and the iFDesign awards in 2022. 

Care to improve your living space? If so, perhaps an air purifier can do just the trick. Stay tuned to my Jya review as I will take an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Jya

Jya Review

Clean, filtered air is a luxury that all of us deserve. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t aware of the world of air purifiers, given that we usually crack open a window for fresh O2. Unfortunately, not all days are sunny and rain-free. If you require an upgrade on your basic standing fan, Jya can serve as a level-up.

A subsidiary branch of its parent company Smartmi Tech, Jya was established to solely focus on air purifiers. With over 7 years of experience, the brand combines innovation and aesthetics to cater to modern-day living.

The origin story of Jya is relatively unknown, but it appears that they’re situated in Beijing, China, under founder Su Jun. 

Sleek, sophisticated, and powerful in design, Jya states that they look towards the future when it comes to air purifiers:

Give you the most passionate power with the most rational design. Jya is a simple and restrained design that brings the user the most moving power, both as an appliance and as a statement of the times.”

This home goods brand offers a curated selection of air purifiers to choose from. They also sell filters in case you need a switch-up. Before I get into my Jya review, let’s go over some initial highlights. 


Jya Review
  • A curated selection of air purifiers to choose from 
  • Engineered with innovative technology 
  • Compatible with several smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa 
  • Provides warranties for select products 
  • Free shipping on all orders

Jya Air Purifier Review

You can’t stop and smell the roses if the air quality is poor. Case in point, Jya purifiers can quickly eliminate bad odors and bacteria without the need for a window crack. Let’s take a short look at some of their top sellers, shall we?

Jya Fjord Pro Air Purifier Review

Jya Review
Jya Fjord Pro Air Purifier

Fried fish, wet dogs, and smelly laundry are common household aromas. Sure, they may be considered poetic in describing a well-lived home. But your nose would probably think otherwise. 

If you prefer to bathe in fresh air, the Fjord Pro Air Purifier is engineered to filter dust, foul odors, and harmful pollutants. It can reportedly remove 99.99% of air contaminants, which is all thanks to the machine’s laser particle, gas, and environmental sensors. 

Equipped with RFID technology, this device automatically signals when replacement filters are required. Plus, it’s compatible with several home devices such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

If you’re looking to incorporate the Fjord Pro Air Purifier into your living space, it costs $407. It’s worth noting that it normally sells for $508

Jya Fjord Air Purifier Review

Jya Review
Jya Fjord Air Purifier

Whether you know it or not, the air we breathe is riddled with pollen, bacteria, and viruses. In worst scenarios, second-hand smoke and mold particles can also be found.

While you can’t see these microscopic bits floating around, don’t take it as a sign to ignore the problem. Instead, the Fjord Air Purifier is designed to rid airborne nasties to help give homeowners peace of mind. 

Set with a NanoGuard 3-Stage Purification and UV sterilization, this device is definitely an upgrade compared to any ceiling fan you have lying around. It also features an OLED Touch Display for added convenience. Compatible with Homekit, Hey Google, and Alexa, the $407 Fjord Air Purifier is currently on sale for $376

Jya Fjord Air Purifier Filter Review 

Jya Review
Jya Fjord Air Purifier Filter

Jya’s original model recommends replacing their mesh netting every 6 months. Once that term is over, customers will need to buy the Fjord Air Purifier Filter.

Designed to rid 99.99% of airborne contaminants, this cylindrical compartment ensures clean O2 for the rest of the year. It also features triple layer protection, which is great for those who own pets that constantly shed. 

In terms of price, the Fjord Air Purifier Filter sells for $60

Jya Fjord Pro Air Purifier Filter Review 

Jya Review
Jya Fjord Pro Air Purifier Filter

Similar to its original model, the Fjord Pro Air Purifier Filter is designed for Jya’s upgraded machine. Also meant to be replaced every 6 months, this compartment is designed to get rid of airborne pollutants in a jiffy.

This is all thanks to its NanoGuard technology, which features an ultra-fine weave of organic fiber. Set with triple layer protection and RFID specifications, you’ll probably have a hard time using your old, standing fan again. 

Provided with a two-year warranty, the Fjord Pro Air Purifier Filter retails for $80.

Jya Nanoguard Tech

Jya Review
Jya Nanoguard Tech

So what exactly sets these air purifiers apart from the rest? This section of my Jya review will answer that question by showcasing their flagship feature: NanoGuard Technology.

From the Fjord original to Jya’s Pro model, all air purifiers feature the brand’s NanoGuard Technology. This innovative feature is designed to rid 99.99% of airborne contaminants such as bacteria, second-hand smoke, and pet hair

Compared to other competing devices, this machine can reportedly detect pollutants that are 1000 times smaller. Impressive. 

If you want to enjoy the luxury of clean, crisp oxygen, you can experience the effects of Nanoguard Technology by buying any of Jya’s air purifiers. 

Who Is Jya For? 

Jya Review

As mentioned, I firmly believe that clean air is something that everybody should enjoy. That said, Jya’s line of air purifiers is not the most accessible. Priced at over $300, their machines are considered a luxurious alternative compared to other competing models. 

In the brand’s defense, their NanoGuard technology coupled with their aesthetically-pleasing interface does justify the expensive price tag. If you value convenience and efficiency, Jya air purifiers accomplish both with ease. 

Jya Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Jya Review

Jya air purifiers are definitely statement pieces. But aesthetics don’t always guarantee product quality. I scoured the internet to see what customers were saying about the brand and the consensus is relatively lukewarm. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any Jya reviews on the company’s website, as well as trusted sources such as Trustpilot or Sitejabber. Luckily, there are a few blog sites that took to review the brand’s air purifiers. According to TechHive.com, the Fjord machine did not disappoint. Pros included its whisper-quiet machinery and its level of mobility. 

As they wrote: “On its lowest levels, the Fjord is dead silent, probably the quietest purifier I’ve tested to date. The higher output levels are obviously more aggressively loud, but they’re no worse than those on other high-end purifiers.” 

ModernCastle also offered a positive review for the Fjord Air Purifier. The author was quick to commend its convenience, as the machine was decked out with a touch screen interface and app connectivity. Altogether, the device won a 98% rating

They wrote: Usability was fantastic with touch screen controls, smooth wheels, and app connectivity. It has a modern look that won’t stand out and can be quiet for nighttime sleeping. For a medium-sized room, the Jya Fjord is a great choice.” 

Notebookcheck.net was also keen to recommend the Jya Fjord Pro Air Purifier for homeowners. It’s an ideal asset for customers who are sensitive to pollen, dust, and other allergens, according to the author. They wrote:

“The Jya Fjord Pro’s main task is to purify the air, and it does an excellent job…The progressions of the individual loads provide interesting information about the air quality and its course over time. In terms of volume, the air purifier is usually at a comfortable level.”

Is Jya Legit?

Jya Review

From our deep dive you can take care knowing that this company is legit.

Is Jya Worth It?

Jya Review

Musty odors, bacteria, and loose hairs are quite common house pollutants. Given that most homeowners live with mediocre air quality, I think it’s safe to say that Jya is considered a worthy investment. 

Enhanced with innovative technology, this powerful machine can quietly work in the background as you mosey-on. It doesn’t require much attention aside from occasionally replacing filters, which is great for those who aren’t especially tech-savvy.

Efficient, powerful, and aesthetically pleasing in design, I recommend giving their products a try.

Jya Promotions & Discounts 

Jya Review

At the time of writing my Jya review, I found out that you can save $161 if you buy the Jya Fjord Pro Air Purifier Filter Bundle. This includes one Fjord Pro Air Purifier with two filters included. You can get the bundle for $508, marked down from $669.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter to receive a coupon code for a free Fjord filter. Aside from this, there appear to be no active promotions offered by the brand. I suggest keeping tabs on the company’s social media for any future updates. 

Additionally the Jya Fjord is currently 20% OFF, so shop now to save.

Where to Buy Jya

Jya Review

Looking to invest in an air purifier? If so, you can head over to eu.jyalife.com to see what they have in store. 


Jya Review

Who owns Jya?

Jya is currently owned by Smartmi Tech, a company that makes environmental home appliances. 

Does Jya ship internationally?

Jya ships to some countries in Europe, such as Hungary, Austria, and Germany. You can find the full list here.

What is Jya’s Shipping Policy?

Jya offers free shipping for all of its air purifiers. It typically takes 7-10 business days for packages to arrive after you order. To help keep tabs on your order, the brand will issue a confirmation email for customers to use.

What is Jya’s Return Policy?

Jya offers a 14-day window for customers to send back their unused products. Items must be in their original packaging to be eligible.

As for shipping charges, I wasn’t able to find out if they provide a free delivery label. However, there is no restocking fee. To start the return process, you must contact the company directly to get started. 

How to Contact Jya

Jya Review

For any questions you might have unrelated to my Jya review, you can contact the brand through:

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Filling out the contact form online 
  3. Direct messaging the brand through social media 

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