Sterling Forever Review

About Sterling Forever

Sterling Forever Review

Sterling Forever is a contemporary jewelry shop that specializes in celebrity designs and ready-to-wear accessories. From minimalism to astrology, this online boutique offers a variety of aesthetics when it comes to embellishments. 

Since its internet debut, Sterling Forever has amassed a sizable following on social media, including an impressive count of 23.1k on Instagram. They’re also featured in multiple publications, such as Refinery29, People Magazine, and Good Morning America. 

If you’re tired of having Breakfast at Tiffany’s, perhaps this brand can help satisfy your bling appetite in a more cost-effective manner. Keep reading, as this Sterling Forever review will take a closer look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth adding to your collection. 

Overview of Sterling Forever

Sterling Forever Review

From Gentlemen Prefer Blondes to Ocean’s 8, it should come as no surprise that most Hollywood starlets are covered in diamonds. This also applies to off-screen time as well, as the paparazzi are keen on photographing certain celebs around the Los Angeles area.

Sometimes, if they’re feeling generous, starlets will accessorize stylishly to make one hell of a pretty picture. Take, for instance, Megan Markle’s zodiac necklace as a token of her 40th birthday. 

Of course, it’s only natural that fans would want to copy their styles. In an effort to address the market, Mike Cooke, the founder of Sterling Silver, decided to create an online jewelry shop that offered off-the-red-carpet looks at a reasonable price. 

Established in 2012, this ecommerce boutique sells celebrity-ready designs that are manufactured in Towson, Maryland. Before we get into this Sterling Forever review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 


  • Offers a wide variety of jewelry on its website 
  • Lifetime guarantee on all products 
  • Features a jewelry care section that customers can refer to
  • Free shipping on orders $50 or more 
  • Also offers international delivery to select countries 


  • Limited customer reviews 
  • A bit pricier than other retailers 
Sterling Forever Review

Don’t worry; there’s no need to pull an Ocean’s 11 heist in order to get the best jewelry. Offered as a more accessible (not to mention legal) alternative, Sterling Forever can provide trendsetters with that celebrity-ready look without having to spend thousands of dollars.

If you’re picky on certain aesthetics, this online boutique hosts a bunch of insta-friendly designs that are sure to catch your eye. Maybe you’d be interested in a Celestial Sterling Forever bracelet. If not, there are also dozens of necklaces, earrings, rings, and other accessories offered on its website. 

This Sterling Forever review will highlight a few of the brand’s best-selling designs—from zodiac-inspired jewels to ancient Egypt-themed medallions. 

Sterling Forever Rings Review

Take it from Ariana Grande herself: “wearing a ring, but ain’t gon’ be no ‘Mrs’”. You don’t have to be engaged in order to buy yourself a pretty diamond. For hustlers, busy-bees, and overachievers, this Sterling Forever review will briefly look at some of its top-selling rings. 

Sterling Forever Thin Love Knot Ring Review

You know what they say: the bigger the diamond, the fatter the wallet. But, the same cannot be said about sentimentality. Materialism isn’t the way into someone’s heart; well, at least, for most people, that is. 

For couples that value memories over marvels, the Thin Love Knot Ring acts as a touching symbol of everlasting commitment and unconditional affection. Offered in silver, gold, and rose gold, this Sterling Forever sterling silver ring features a miniature twist as its centerpiece. 

While it may be too simple as an engagement piece, this band can act as a promise ring for those future days to come. In terms of price, the Thin Love Knot Ring costs $52 in total. 

Sterling Forever CZ Criss Cross Ring Review

Is it just me, or does the CZ Criss Cross Ring scream main character vibes to you? This unique design displays a line of cubic zirconia gems all across the band. Interlocking in shape, this accessory looks like a cross when worn. 

While it may signify a quirky and eccentric personality through its distinctive silhouette, it could just be symbolic of ‘x marks the spot’ on a treasure map. 

Made out of 14k precious metal, this Sterling Forever silver rings design works well with any matching necklace or bracelet. But if you’re feeling extra lavish, we recommend stacking two to make an interesting zig-zag pattern. For a piece that’s reserved for protagonists only, the CZ Criss Cross Ring costs $65

Sterling Forever Cubic Zirconia Oval Ring Review 

The Cubic Zirconia Oval Ring comes as a more affordable alternative for those who can’t afford a big flashy diamond. This stunning clear crystal is accentuated with petite gemstones around the band. 

Of course, this gorgeous piece is catered to those who love all shiny things. I’m talking about those London Tiptons out there. 

In terms of styling, we suggest a minimalistic set of crystal studs, a small silver necklace, and perhaps a piece from the Sterling Forever delicate necklaces collection. Currently, the Cubic Zirconia Oval Ring sells for only $56, which is miles away from those $200 diamond bands. 

Sterling Forever Mystic Topaz CZ Engagement Ring Review

If you can’t manage to get the Heart of the Ocean, the Mystic Topaz CZ Engagement Ring offers a piece of your soul to give to your loved one. While it’s humble in price, this band showcases a brilliant design of bevel-set gems, a square silver band, and a shiny cubic zirconia jewel on the head. 

For those looking for an effective photo-op, we suggest hitting this beauty under the sunlight to help bring out those deep-seated reds, greens, blues, and yellows. As part of the Sterling Forever rings collection, we suggest taking a look at the Multi Cross Bezel band or the Curved Cross design as another set of options.

Originally priced at $64, you can get the Mystic Topaz CZ Engagement Ring for a steal at only $50

Sterling Forever Fine Necklaces Review

Let’s be honest. Not all of us can fashion Holly Golightly’s pearl necklace on an everyday basis. That kind of design is usually reserved for special occasions only. If you’re looking for a more wearable accessory, this Sterling Forever review will feature a few of the brand’s most popular necklaces for trendsetters to wear. 

Sterling Forever Bar Initial Necklace Review 

The Forever Bar Initial Necklace serves as an ideal birthday gift for your bestie or closest family member. Offered as a petite pendant, this rectangular band features an engraved letter on the right-hand side. It’s held together with a minimalistic chain, which helps to blend this accessory with the rest of your outfit. 

Since the Forever Bar Initial Necklace only retails for $92, we recommend adding onto your gift by looking at a few Sterling Forever fake diamond rings. You know, as a nod to Ariana Grande’s 7 rings music video. 

Sterling Forever ‘When Stars Align’ Constellation Necklaces Review

If you live and breathe zodiac readings, chances are that the ‘When Stars Align’ Constellation Necklaces are the right fit for you. This adorable charm features a unique star alignment for every astrological sign. 

Not only does it make for a perfect birthday present, but this accessory acts as a handy reminder of one’s personality, traits, and characteristics. For those who intend to give this Sterling Forever dainty silver necklace to their bestie, we suggest getting two to match. 

Making your fellow Pisces cry or an Aries jump for joy, the ‘When Stars Align’ Constellation Necklaces collection retails for $69 apiece. 

Sterling Forever Dainty Butterfly Choker Review

The Forever Dainty Butterfly Choker acts as the perfect layering piece for necklace stacking. Made to fit quite snug around your throat, this charming design features a flurry of winged insects in an evenly spaced manner. 

While it’s offered in either gold or silver, this Sterling Forever review recommends getting both if you want to switch things up a little. In terms of material, this accessory is either made out of 14k gold or rhodium-plated brass with cubic zirconia gems.

For those who really want to earn some style points, we suggest opting for a Y2K-inspired ensemble—which includes a brightly colored top, some light-wash denim jeans, and a bucket hat to match. Currently, the Dainty Butterfly Choker sells for $74

Sterling Forever Gold Medallion Necklace Review 

Trust me; if you’re a diehard Indiana Jones fan, the Gold Medallion Necklace serves as a commemorative piece for those treasure hunting days. This unique pendant seems to be inspired by the ancient Mayan calendar, which features a series of intricate symbols to help tell the time. 

Set in 14k gold plated brass, I’m pretty sure that this movie-centered gem would spark Indie’s next adventure in the future. This accessory can make for an excellent Sterling Forever layered necklace look. We recommend stacking on the CZ Halo Evil Eye Pendant and the Egyptian Pharaoh Bust charm to match.

Regarding price, the Gold Medallion Necklace rings up to a total of $64

Does Sterling Forever Tarnish? 

Sterling Forever Review

According to the brand’s FAQ page, some of its jewelry—most notably its sterling silver pieces—are known to naturally tarnish over time. While some love the worn-out rustic look, it’s completely understandable if you want your necklace or ring to look as new as possible. 

In that case, the company recommends using warm soap or water to clean it, or handing it over to a professional jeweller for further polishing. In an effort to prevent tarnishing from happening, it’s best that wearers store their jewelry in a cool dry area. 

Who Is Sterling Forever For? 

Sterling Forever Review

Based on the company’s design and social media following, it’s safe to say that Sterling Forever caters to the Instagram audience. This online boutique has a knack for curating aesthetics trending on social media(such as minimalism, bohemian, and astrology).

Despite some luxurious designs that are often meant for the red carpet, Sterling Forever focuses on producing wearable pieces that can be styled on a daily basis. 

Sterling Forever Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sterling Forever Review

Sterling Forever can be considered a diamond among the rough. From what we’ve gathered so far, there are very few reviews attributed to this online jewelry boutique. As a result, we may not be able to paint an accurate depiction of the company as a whole. 

To start things off, let’s take a short glance at some of the ratings of its top-selling products:

  • The Personalized Flower Pendant: 75 reviews with 5/5 stars 
  • The ‘When Stars Align’ Constellation Necklace: 73 reviews with 5/5 stars 
  • The Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Oval Ring: 3 reviews with 5/5 stars 

According to multiple customers online, Sterling Forever jewelry acted as a perfect present for birthdays or anniversaries. For its necklaces, a majority of buyers raved about its brilliant shine and attractive design. 

I love this piece. It shines as though it was really in the sky and most friends who commented on it thought the stones were real diamonds. I wear it whenever I can, both casually and for special occasions,” one customer wrote for the ‘When Stars Align’ Constellation Necklace

“The item itself was really beautiful,” one buyer detailed for the Personalized Flower Pendant. “The pendant itself was small, which went really nicely with the delicate chain. The lady I gave this to was thrilled with it and has been complimented on it.” 

Some independent blogs, such as New Age Mama, also wrote a favorable review of this online jewelry shop. According to the author, All of their styles are elegant and affordable at the same time..I don’t want to spend money on something too cheap and just have it break in two days. Not with Sterling Forever.” 

We also found some other websites that spoke highly of Sterling Forever jewelry, including Nordstrom Rack and Amazon. We’ll let the ratings speak for themselves:

  • Amazon for the Personalized Flower Pendant: 194 ratings with 4.3/5 stars 
  • Amazon for the 50mm Resin Hoop Earrings: 186 ratings with 4/5 stars 
  • Nordstrom Rack for the 14k Yellow Gold Vermeil Thin Love Knot Ring: 128 reviews with 3.8/5 stars 

It’s chic, versatile, lightweight, and lovingly made: that’s at least the general consensus of most customers buying Sterling Forever Jewelry. But despite a few glowing reviews here and there, some buyers weren’t a fan of its quality, as some reported tarnishings and damage after a few uses. 

So, what’s the conclusion? Is Sterling Forever worth looking into? Based on the small number of customer reviews we’ve uncovered so far, it seems that they deserve to be considered with other brands such as Vrai & Oro and Mejuri. But, don’t take it from us; the amount of positive press attributed to its quality and attractive designs says it all. 

Is Sterling Forever Worth It?

Sterling Forever Review

Chic and cheap jewelry never goes wrong. Especially for those who hesitate to spend hundreds of dollars on a certain ring or necklace. 

While Sterling Silver isn’t the most affordable brand out there, its designs are certainly more cost-effective compared to designer labels such as Chanel or Gucci. As a result, this company lends itself as a more reasonable approach to buy celebrity-inspired trinkets. 

All in all, this Sterling Forever review recommends that you give them a shot. Here’s to hoping that they’ll open up more in the future. 

Sterling Forever Promotions & Discounts 

Sterling Forever Review

This Sterling Forever review found out that they have a sale outlet in which customers can find select designs for a discounted price. You can also sign up for their ambassador program, where members are treated to a $10 gift card as an exclusive perk. 

Where to Buy Sterling Forever

Sterling Forever Review

Looking to buy a few Sterling Forever fake engagement rings? Customers can head over to to see what they have in store. You can also find them at select retailers such as:

  • Amazon 
  • Nordstrom Rack 
  • The Bay 
  • Saks Fifth Avenue  
  • Macy’s


Sterling Forever Review

Where is Sterling Forever made? 

According to the brand’s ‘About Us’ page, Sterling Forever jewelry is made in Maryland, United States.

What is Sterling Forever’s Shipping Policy?

This Sterling Forever review is happy to report that they offer free shipping on orders that total $50 or more. Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $5. If you’re impatient to get your jewelry, the brand also provides other delivery options such as express and priority. 

In addition, they also offer international shipping to select countries. So far, it seems that customers can only track packages by signing up for the ShopRunner program. 

What is Sterling Forever’s Return Policy?

Sterling Forever offers a 60-day window for customers to send back their orders. Items must be unworn and in new condition in order to be deemed eligible. 

Unfortunately, they only cover shipping charges for exchanges. To initiate this process, you must contact customer service directly. 

How to Contact Sterling Forever

For inquiries unrelated to this Sterling Forever review, you can contact the company through:

  • Phone number: 1-800-430-0969
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Filling out the request form online 

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