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Tempo Review

Skip the hassle of gym memberships. Tempo Fit offers an at-home solution that’s both convenient and easy to use. This personalized gym studio is decked out with several workout features, including interactive coaching, instant feedback, and weight guidance. 

Garnering a steady following of over 46.9k on Instagram, notable media outlets The New York Times, Verge, and Women’s Health have all featured a Tempo fit review

This exercise equipment brand has won several internet honors over the years, such as Good Housekeeping’s 2021 Fitness Award

Despite the hype, does this brand truly provide that ‘allegro’ workout session, or are they larghetto at best? 

Stay tuned, as this Tempo fit review will offer a thorough look into the company, their products, services, and customer ratings to help you decide if they’re worth a shot. 

Overview of Tempo Fit

Tempo Review

Tempo began at a rather somber pace. After dropping out of high school to help pay the bills, Moaiwa Eldeeb worked long hours at his local pizza parlor. Fortunately, a couple of personal trainers had sympathy for his struggle and decided to help support his dreams. 

Through hard work and dedication, Eldeeb graduated with a computer science degree at Columbia University. With the belief that exercise held the power to boost one’s self-confidence, he sought to establish his own sporting goods brand in 2015. 

Headquartered in San Francisco, this Californian-based brand utilizes the latest advancements in technology to help power their at-home studios. With the help of co-founder Josh Augustin, Tempo managed to gain an early reputation for their use of 3D sensors and robot perception. 

Designed specifically for weight training, their services provide a convenient and indoor solution compared to costly gym memberships. Tempo has also published a side blog dedicated to exercise advice and tips called “The Beat.”

By providing guidance for each member’s fitness level, ability, and goals, we are able to create a personalized fitness journey that leads to visible progress and measurable results…Come see why our users are falling in love with their Tempo Studio,” via a statement by Tempo fitness. 

Before we get into this Tempo fit review, let’s go over some of the brand’s pros and cons: 


  • Offers a more accessible and cost-effective solution compared to monthly gym memberships 
  • Users can workout in the comfort of their own home 
  • Provides a personalized training session with interactive coaching and feedback 
  • Built with a larger screen compared to phones and tablet devices 
  • Has a mobile app for customers 
  • Affirm available as an alternative payment option 


  • Does not offer international shipping 
  • Customers need to sign up for a membership fee to use Tempo
  • Only provides weight lifting as a training program 

Tempo Studio Review

Tempo Review

If you’re looking for a simple way to answer that dreaded ‘do you even lift bro,’ Tempo Studio can help shut those uber-pretentious bodybuilders up. 

Aside from their at-home studio, this sporting goods brand offers a broad selection of workout accessories such as folding benches and Olympic dumbbells. Moving forward, this Tempo studio review will go over a few of their customer favorites so you can see the brand’s main strength.

Tempo Home Gym Review

We all know that super annoying guy in our lives. It’s the guy who won’t stop talking about weight gains and how much he flexes regularly.

Well, it’s time that somebody beat you at your own game. Tempo’s home gym provides a quick and thorough strength training session that ought to silence those pompous gym rats. 

Run solely through a 3D sensor, this exercise-tech device acts as your digital personal trainer. Powered by an AI system, users can get one-on-one feedback on how to correct their form. 

This is accomplished through a 3D mapping feature that creates a virtual model of the body to help monitor your stance and pressure points. 

By signing up, customers gain access to hundreds of workout programs. This includes strength training, cardio, HIIT, mobility, yoga, and boxing. These sessions are taught by world-class professionals such as Mellisa Boyd, Bryan Fobbs, and Natalia Roberts. 

Users can also view their daily progress, as the Tempo exercise machine can showcase their rep count and calories burned.

As a cherry on top, this at-home device is built with a small footprint to help conserve space. It also comes with a storage unit to store your free weights away. 

Best paired with Tempo’s mobile app to help track your overall performance, the Studio model costs $2,495 as a one-time purchase. 

Tempo Folding Bench Review 

If you’re gearing up for a future ‘Rocky’ moment, the Folding Bench is what you need to establish that solid workout routine. Painted in an all-white hue, this exercise necessity can easily fit within any modern living space. 

Designed to be sweat-resistant and foldable, you can transform this into a simple landing table when training is over.

This chair is best paired with the Tempo 45 lb plates for when it’s time to pump some iron. Turn up “We are the Champions” and the Mortal Kombat theme song, as the Folding Bench costs a cool $295. Unfortunately, this model is currently sold out on their website. 

Tempo Competition Plates Review 

Give Miss Trunchbull a run for her money with the Competition Plates by Tempo. Packed with a set of 2, these weights are made out of durable white-stained steel and disc inserts. 

Made primarily for strength training, users can pump iron worry-free as these models are designed with a minimal bounce to ensure a stable hold. 

Ideal for Tempo hypertrophy training, these workout discs are currently offered at two weights: 25lb or 45lb

Depending on their size, the Competition Plates can either cost $175 for the lighter version or $265 for the heavier alternative. 

Tempo 7.5lb Olympic Dumbbells Review 

Take it from heavyweight champ Arnold Schwarzenegger: make it your primal instinct to win, “eliminate anyone who is competition, destroy the enemy, and move on without any hesitation.” 

Despite the harshness of it all, we can at least get some motivation out of it. Perfect for terminator wannabes, the 7.5lb Olympic Dumbbells can help you achieve those ‘Conan the Barbarian’ gains.

Optimized for Tempo low impact cardio training, this strength-testing necessity is made out of stainless steel.

Finished with stunning chrome polish, working out can feel like anything but a chore when paired with an equally gorgeous set of competition plates. In terms of price, the 7.5lb Olympic Dumbbells cost $245 in total. 

Tempo 25lb Olympic Barbells Review 

Sorry, who is this man you call Hercules? I only know the guy who trains with the 25lb Olympic Barbells. Specially crafted with stainless steel, this chrome-finished model looks to be on par with Zeus’ mighty lightning bolt. 

It can accommodate a weight capacity of over 300 lbs, perfect for those super serious, strength-training, Tempo workout sessions.

We suggest looking up a few training Tempo classes to help rank things up in terms of motivation. You can purchase the 25lb Olympic Barbells for $250

Tempo Resistance Bands Review 

Ready to sweat like a ‘maniac?’ Flashdance your way into a fitter shape with the Resistance Bands by Tempo. Great for strength and mobility training, these exercise elastics are offered in medium and large. 

Packed in a set of 4, users can easily adjust the intensity of their workout session. We’re awarding major points if you do it with Irene Cara’s “What a Feeling” playing in the background.

Offered in black and grey, make the Resistance Bands part of your workout routine for $38. We suggest wearing a pair of leg warmers and a 60s style bodysuit for those in a jazzercise kind of mood. 

Tempo 5mm Workout Mat Review 

Perfect for downward dogs or sit-ups, the 5mm Workout Mat ensures that your workout stays comfortable. Designed with a polyurethane top and a reinforced rubber base, this exercise necessity prevents sliding or any accidental trips. 

Take it from us: this is definitely an upgrade compared to those flimsy, easy-to-flatten runners you’d get at the Dollar store. 

Available in a charcoal black hue, pair this workout mat with your favorite water bottle and yoga block for $70

Tempo Heart Rate Monitor Review

For those who need an in-depth report of their workout session, the Heart Rate Monitor can help keep an eye on your overall performance and exercise intensity. 

Made to look like a watch, this training buddy can be affixed onto your wrist for a better pulse reading. It comes in a stark black color and easily blends into any exercise ensemble. 

It’s compatible with any ANT+ devices, such as Tempo’s at-home Studio. Packaged with a complimentary charger, the Heart Rate Monitor is priced at $75 in total. 

Tempo Recovery Roller Review 

In a sore spot? Unwind with Tempo’s Recovery Roller. This model comes with several engraved lines specifically designed to give trainers a thorough massage. 

Made out of high-density foam, exercise enthusiasts can stretch out those tense muscles with ease. We suggest using this bad boy on your calves and back.

Offered in charcoal black, don’t forget to include the Recovery Roller in your gym bag for $35. This Tempo fit review highly recommends adding this to the cart when signing up for the Studio membership plan. 

How Much Space Do I Need For Tempo?

Tempo Review

If you have a bit of space in your living room or basement, the Tempo studio can easily fit in any corner or wall. 

Their device measures out to be 6’ tall, 2’22” wide, and 1’4” deep, but that doesn’t include the extra 8 feet of space users need when working out. We recommend placing it in a fairly open area to avoid bumping into tables, couches, and other household furniture. 

Does Tempo Have A Monthly Fee?

In order to use the Tempo studio, customers must sign up for their $39/month membership plan. By creating an account, workout enthusiasts are given full access to their on-demand training programs and recovery classes. 

It also comes with feedback, performance tracking, and other personal information that you can use for improvement. According to the company website, buyers must commit to a 12-month contract in order to start up their Tempo. 

Can I Use My Own Weights With Tempo?

Tempo Review

Trainers can use their own set of weights when working out with Tempo. With that being said, the machine isn’t calibrated to adapt to your chosen model. As a result, exercise specifics such as rep counting and form detection may not provide an accurate reading. 

For those looking to add the weight count of a third-party model, you can do so by inputting its settings on the account profile. It’s also worth mentioning that the company sells a wide variety of Tempo accessories that customers can purchase to help with their routine.

How Much is Tempo?

In terms of the Tempo membership cost, trainers are expected to pay $39 per month. This provides full access to the Studio’s on-demand classes and session feedback. 

This also includes the overall cost of the device itself, a hefty $2,495. For those who just want to dip their toes in the water, the company does offer a 30-day free trial

The brand understands that not everyone has the luxury of paying upfront. To make things easier for customers, the brand offers a Tempo finance program. For just $69 per month, trainers can quickly get a head start on strength training. 

As a side note, this installment option comes with no down payments or APR financing

Tempo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tempo Review

Take this as a sign to add the Studio device to your Christmas wishlist. Based on what this Tempo fit review has seen so far, this sporting goods brand is considered a favorite among several workout enthusiasts. 

Their company website showcases an impressive score of 4.9/5 stars. A majority of buyers praised their at-home gym as effective, convenient, motivational, and engaging. 

According to several customers online, the Tempo Studio is “simple to use” and a “complete at-home workout game-changer.” 

“Our purchase of the Tempo Studio really has been a catalyst for a lifestyle change for our entire family. The flexibility of working out at home, when you are available, coupled with guided workouts, adds a great blend of motivation and accountability,” one user wrote on their website. 

Independent blogs PCMag and Healthy Fit Momma also wrote favorable reviews about the Tempo Studio program. 

Both authors gave praise to the brand’s impressive use of technology, as it added a personalized touch to several workout programs. Other key highlights included the feedback feature and the convenience of exercising at home

Tempo also gets a standing ovation on other websites. Zen Master Wellness gives a positive score of 4.9/5 stars based on 35 ratings. 

Their BestBuy page hosts a total of 21 testimonials for the Studio Light model, boasting a near-perfect rating of 4.9/5 stars as well. 

This Tempo fit review uncovered a few red flags that customers should be aware of. A few bloggers, such as Healthy Fit Momma, noted how expensive the Studio model was. 

Other pitfalls included its limited training classes, as most of them were suited for strength training only. 

A review on Wired disclosed that “The only problem I had was that it occasionally miscounted reps when I was doing pushups.”

Tempo leaves us feeling the burn. We’re pumped at all the positive comments we’ve seen about the brand, and while we do acknowledge the minority of complaints, the overall impression is that this company is a technological darling in the world of at-home fitness.

Is Tempo Worth It?

Tempo Review

Is Tempo worth the money? If you’re looking for a short answer, yes. For those who find it difficult to start their daily exercise regimen, their at-home Studio offers a more convenient solution. 

Designed solely as a virtual experience, trainers can easily achieve a sweat-inducing workout by training alongside their digital coach. 

Compared to YouTube videos and other online tutorials, Tempo utilizes the power of AI and robotics in order to get a proper reading of your performance and stance. 

If this Tempo fit review were to poke holes, the Studio model is quite expensive when compared to traditional weight lifting. If you’re not fully committed to working out, this investment can easily become a money pit. 

Overall, for those looking for a more accessible and time-friendly way to exercise, Tempo is all about training smart and working hard. 

Tempo Promotions & Discounts 

Tempo Review

This Tempo fit review found out that the brand has a refer a friend program. For each successful referral, customers can get 3 months of membership for free and receive a $275 bonus to be used in their next purchase. 

They also provide a 30-day free trial for their Studio model. Buyers can get a complimentary yoga box within their final purchase. 

At the time of publication, we haven’t come across a Tempo discount code that you can use on their website. 

Sign Up For Tempo

Tempo Review

To create a Tempo login account, customers must purchase the Studio model. During the checkout process, buyers can input their personal info to make their official account. 


Tempo Review

Does Tempo Fit have an app?

Absolutely! Customers can download their mobile app to help keep track of their fitness goals. It’s worth noting that this software is free to download on Android or Apple devices. 

Is Tempo Fit good for weight loss?

Tempo is all about strength training. Because of this, their Studio model is not recommended for those looking to lose weight, rather it is geared towards packing on muscle. 

Does Tempo Fit have a camera?

There’s no need to say cheese. While Tempo does have a built-in camera within their Studio model, it’s primarily used for 3D mapping. Trainers cannot take pictures or record videos while exercising. 

Does Tempo Fit have cardio?

Yep! Tempo offers hundreds of on-demand classes for trainers to use. This includes cardio, yoga, and weight lifting. 

How much does a Tempo Fit Studio cost?

In terms of membership costs, their monthly plan costs $39/month. This Tempo fit review recommends heading over to their website for even more details. 

How do I cancel my Tempo Fit?

If you’re looking to end your Tempo subscription, we’ll outline their step-by-step process later on in this review. When it comes to removing the Studio device itself, buyers can follow its instructional manual to help with deconstruction. 

How long does it take for Tempo Fit to ship? 

This Tempo fit review was unable to find out if they offer free shipping. We also uncovered no information on tracking numbers or confirmation emails that customers can use, but we do know that they provide White Glove delivery for the Studio model

When it comes to shipping times, the brand offers a comprehensive list of delivery estimates on their website. It’s worth noting that customers who reside in an apartment complex may be tasked to fill out a certificate of insurance. 

Unfortunately, Tempo does not provide international shipping. 

What is Tempo Fit’s Return Policy?

Tempo offers a 30-day window for customers to send back their products. The brand will cover any affiliated shipping costs if your Studio model is found defective. 

For all other cases, it is up to the buyer to pay the respective delivery charge. According to their policy, all accessories are deemed final sale and ineligible for returns. As a side note, Tempo offers a limited warranty on some of their items.

To initiate the return process, you can contact their customer service team for further instructions. 

How to Contact Tempo Customer Service 

For inquiries unrelated to this Tempo fit review, you can contact the company by,

  • Phone number: (415) 964-2975 (7:00 am to 7:00 pm PDT)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Using their online chat 
  • Filling out their message form online 

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