Alpha Paw Ramp Review

About Alpha Paw

Alpha Paw Ramp Review

Alpha Paw believes, “Pets are part of the family, and family deserves the best.” With a doggy house full of treats, poop bags, ramps, and other accessories, this online brand prioritizes the use of natural ingredients and the need for company transparency. 

Garnering an impressive following of over 1M on Instagram, Alpha Paw has received lots of ‘pup-arazzi’ from several media outlets, including the New York Post, NBC News, and Refinery29

Despite the hype, does this brand deserve an all-resounding howl of approval? Or is it best that we rollover to find another suitable alternative? 

Keep reading, as this Alpha Paw ramp review provides a comprehensive dig through their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you make an informed decision. 

Overview of Alpha Paw

Alpha Paw Ramp Review

Who let the dogs out? It was probably Ramon van Meer, alongside his trusted 10-year-old son and accomplice, Victor. Since the dawn of time, Meer had a deep love for canines. 

He made it a lifetime passion of his to rescue pups, being a proud owner of one himself. In 2018, Meer decided that it was time to start an even bigger project, which led to the establishment of Alpha Paw.

With their headquarters based in Las Vegas, Nevada, this pet shop only uses the best resources to develop their products. Approved by vets, experts, and pup parents, Alpha Paw knows the importance of taking care of your dog’s needs. 

After its debut, Ramon’s son founded his own independent branch, which acts as a doggy cookie bakery that donates a portion of its proceeds to sheltered furry friends. 

“We’re dedicated to prolonging your best friend’s life with vet-approved products, expert content, and resources you can trust – and we don’t recommend it unless it’s been reviewed and approved by an expert. That’s the Alpha Paw Promise,” states the company website. 

Before we get into this Alpha Paw ramp review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons. 


  • A variety of products to choose from. This includes the Alpha Paw pee pads and the Alpha Paw dog bed 
  • All of their items are vet tested and expert approved
  • Safe ingredients and emphasis on transparency 
  • Alpha Paw has partnered with Doggie Cookie Bakery and the Alpha Paw Foundation 
  • Passionate about sustainability; eco-friendly packaging 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Offers Klarna as an alternative payment option 
  • Shipping is free on orders $40 or more 


  • Customers reported issues with the Calming Treat for Dogs pack
Alpha Paw Ramp Review

What did we ever do to deserve dogs? They give us unconditional love and loyalty—in the form of kisses, cuddles, and all-approving barks. In order to give your pup the best that he or she deserves, Alpha Paw has a great selection of pet accessories and treats for customers to choose from. 

This includes ramps, supplements, doggy bags, car seats, and more. Cat owners reading this, don’t worry, you’re not forgotten. This brand carries a wide assortment of products suited for your feline friend as well.

Moving forward, this Alpha Paw ramp review will take a brief look at some of their bestselling items. 

Alpha Paw Ramps Review

Let me guess, it’s game over when your pet confronts you with those big, glistening puppy dog eyes. And now, they share a part of the bed or couch. 

Instead of letting them hop over, customers can purchase a side ramp as a helpful accessory. This Alpha Paw ramp review will go over a few of their most popular models within this category down below. 

Alpha Paw The Pawramp Review

The PawRamp is the brand’s original model which allows your pup to safely hop from the floor to the couch. Compatible with sofas or beds, this handy accessory ensures no injuries and future accidents from happening. It’s made to be entirely customizable, as owners can adjust the board’s height to fit their pet. 

Other features include a non-slip carpet, a built-in capacity of 80 lbs, and smart space design for easy storage. Customers can choose from two different models: The Full Board (which is best for bed) or the Lite Panel (which is optimized for the couch). 

Bridge the gap between you and your doggo by purchasing The Pawramp. It’s offered in 4 different colors, and below are some pricing details for readers to compare:

  • Alpha Paw pawramp 2 Full: $199 (estimated to cost $280)
  • Pawramp Lite: $149 (estimated to cost $210
  • 1 Lite and 1 Full Ramp: $319 (estimated to cost $450

Alpha Paw ScratchyRamp Review

Approved for stretching out toe beans and ‘making biscuits’, the ScratchyRamp ensures your furniture and curtains stay scuff-free. Constructed with 2 heights, this nifty incline comes with 4 rough-textured surfaces and a newly included replaceable carpet. 

For cat owners, this is a great product to have for senior felines or especially mischievous kittens. Best placed on couches and beds, this 2-in-1 device will save your calicos from leaping here and there. 

For a purr-fect way to preserve the integrity of home decor, the ScratchyRamp is offered at 2 different price points:

  • ScratchyRamp 2.0: $159 (estimated to cost $270)
  • Scratchy Ramp plus 1 carpet: $199 (estimated to cost $330

Alpha Paw DachRamp Review

Come on, we have to look out for the little guy. Like a helping hand for your fellow weiner dog, the DachRamp model can serve as an essential accessory. Made as a support system for ‘senior citizens’ or a way to prevent back injuries, this incline can save those smaller pups from falling or tripping over.

It can hold over 70 to 80 lbs, and comes with a nifty non-slip grip carpet. Designed to pack flat, pet owners can store this device away for vacation or later use. You can also adjust its height to fit any couch, sofa, or bed. 

Available in 4 different wood stains, customers can purchase the DachRamp in 3 different ways:

  • DachRamp Full: $159 (estimated to cost $230)
  • DachRamp Lite: $129 (estimated to cost $200)
  • 1 Lite and 1 Full: $299 (estimated to cost $430

Alpha Paw Car Ramp for Dogs Review

Ideal for long car rides or daily trips to the park, the Car Ramp for Dogs allows your pup to safely hop into the vehicle. Invented to look like a compact slide, this incline features a skid-resistant surface, rubber feet to ensure grip, and a lightweight foldable design.

It’s perfect for senior dogs who have leg, hip, or joint problems. This can also serve as a needed boost to help out your fellow chihuahua or pomeranian. Holding 200 lbs of weight, this nifty device can accommodate the buffest of canines. 

Make that dreaded trip to the vet a little easier with the Car Ramp for Dogs. Priced originally at $150, pet owners can get this at a steal for only $119

Alpha Paw Beds Review

We treat our dogs like newborn babies. As a result, we become those attentive, paranoid parents. Questions like, ‘Is this organic and naturally made?’ or ‘Does this contain plastic or harmful substances?’ often come to mind when shopping. 

Fortunately, there’s no need to panic when choosing this pet brand. From nail clippers, beds, to mouthwash, this Alpha Paw ramp review will provide a small selection of customer favorites. 

Alpha Paw Cozy Calming Bed for Dogs Review

Fit for shaking chihuahuas or nervous German shepherds, the Cozy Calming Bed for Dogs is designed to be relaxing, cozy, and comfortable. Ideal for stressed out canines, this one-of-a-kind cot is cushioned with soft vegan fur. 

This isn’t your normal nap space, as it’s made to simulate the consoling touch of your pup’s mother. Built with a raised rim, this dog bed comes with neck and joint support to keep your puppo active and ache-free. 

When it starts to get smelly and musty, pet owners can easily throw this in the laundry machine for a thorough wash. Offered in either beige or grey, the Cozy Calming Bed for Dogs is available in 3 sizes:

  • Small (24 inches): $49 (estimated to cost $170)
  • Medium (26 inches): $54 (estimated to cost $180)
  • Large (32 inches): $59 (estimated to cost $200

Alpha Paw Cozy Calming Bed for Cats Review

Cat owners, we hear your struggle. It’s possible that your furbaby will snooze atop the cardboard box rather than the product itself. But in case they change their mind, the Cozy Calming Bed for Cats is invented to be plush, soft, and warm.

Your kitten will hopefully be 50% less likely to scratch up the furniture after snuggling up on this stress-relieving bed. Cushioned with luxurious vegan fur, it simulates the comforting touch of a mother cat. 

Meow in excitement for the grey Cozy Calming Bed for Cats, at a bargain right now for $49. As a comparison, its estimated retail value is $80

Alpha Paw Dog Car Safety Seat Review

Although we see them as precious cargo, pups aren’t meant to fit in a car strap or toddler chair. Opt for Alpha Paw’s Dog Car Safety Seat instead. Reinforced with sturdy oxford fabric, this vehicle necessity comes with a cushioned fleece interior and two leash attachments. 

To install it into a car, pet owners can loop its straps around the headrest or back of the seat. Strengthened with a metal frame base, it also comes with a set of removable boards for added protection. 

Depending on the size of the canine, this model can fit two small pups. Your pet can now stick their tongue out the window while they’re securely placed in the Dog Car Safety Seat, available for $69

Alpha Paw Nail Trimmer for Pets Review

If your dog dramatically wails at the sight of a toe-bean clipper, perhaps it’s a sign to look for a better substitute. The Nail Trimmer for Pets uses a diamond-bit grinder wheel to do most of the work. Other handy features include a protective sleeve, a power switch, a battery indicator, and a charging switch. 

Cordless and quiet in operation, this is the best model to use for dogs who hate loud noises. For a product that provides a pet salon-like manicure at no effort, the $99 Nail Trimmer for Pets costs a reasonable $59

Alpha Paw Magic Mouthwash for Dogs Review

Looking to remedy bad breath? The Magic Mouthwash for Dogs can also be used to fight oral bacteria, plaque build-up, and other undesirables. For those who hate playing dentist at home, this product offers a hands-free experience.

Owners can simply add one tablespoon of this solution to their dog’s water bowl. Specifically formulated for pups that are at least 12 weeks old, owners can see the results in as little as a week. 

To keep things short, we’ll show you 3 available offers for Magic Mouthwash for Dogs:

  • 1 bottle: $28 as a one-time purchase (subscription option costs $21)
  • 2 bottles: $56 as a one-time purchase (subscription option costs $42
  • 3 bottles: $84 as a one-time purchase (subscription option costs $63

Alpha Paw Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Alpha Paw Dog Ramp Pawramp Review

Based on what we’ve seen so far, Alpha Paw receives a terrier-ific bark of approval from several pet owners on the internet. This pet shop holds a total of 18,362 reviews with an impressive score of 5/5 stars

A majority of customers were fans of their Pawramp and their dog beds. Several buyers reported that these products felt sturdy, durable, and well loved by their canines and felines.

It is the best ramp you will ever buy. It is so sturdy and easy to use. My 12 week old dachshund runs up and down with no problem . I love this ramp and so does my puppy. Thank you Alpha Paw,” one reviewer wrote for the Pawramp. 

On the Amazon product page for the Dog Calming Chews, there are over 120 global ratings with a decent score of 3.8 stars out of 5. Owners were generally impressed with the supplement’s effectiveness. A good number of buyers stated that the treat helped to relax their pup during stressful times. 

“These chews are so great! Archie has really bad anxiety, and it’s to the point that he scratches up our doors. We’ve been using the Calming Chews and they’re helping! The chews are really soft, so we sprinkle one on his food…I love that they’re made in the US and the ingredients are clear. Highly recommend,” one customer wrote on Amazon. 

This Alpha Paw review found a few online blogs that left favorable criticisms. According to an article published by the Breeding Business, the author wrote that their incline board was durably built for the heaviest of pups and proved easy to store. They also noted the convenience of having this accessory for senior canines

“What started as a regular review actually ended up being an amazing addition to our home, and knowing that my beloved dogs are less at risk for back issues gives me immense relief. Their motto is Pets Come First, and I couldn’t agree more,” reads an Alpha Paw review by the Breeding Business. 

In terms of customer complaints, this Alpha Paw ramp review uncovered a few negative points that buyers should be aware of. Some Amazon buyers found their Calming Chews ineffective for their pets. Others took to the Better Business Bureau to voice their concerns on delayed shipping and inadequate customer service. 

Is Alpha Paw Worth It?

Alpha Paw Ramp Review

Is Alpha Paw legit? Pet owners, I think it’s best to bookmark this brand under your favorites. After combing through their products and customer ratings, this Alpha Paw review encourages you to check out this company

We were generally impressed with their openness to transparency. Because of their attention to detail, customers can choose to be more informed with every purchase. You can really get a feel for their passion, which shines through the Doggy Cookie Bakery and the Alpha Paw foundation

Additionally, they have a side blog dedicated to offering helpful advice in terms of pet care and dog breeds. For instance, there’s an informative post about the Alpha Paw canis panther variety. If you’re very particular about what your pup needs—this online brand offers only the best. 

Alpha Paw Promotions & Discounts 

Alpha Paw Ramp Review

This Alpha Paw ramp review found a few ways to help you save money. Currently, they are doing a memorial day sale, in which select items are 70% off

As an added bonus, customers can get an extra 20% off if they use the promo code MEMORIAL20 at checkout. 

You can also sign up for their rewards program to gain exclusive access to deals and perks. As of lately, we haven’t come across an active Alpha Paw coupon on their website. 

Where to Buy Alpha Paw

Alpha Paw Ramp Review

Customers can purchase all products, such as the Alpha Paw rover nail trimmer, by visiting You can find them on Amazon as well. 


Alpha Paw Ramp Review

Who owns Alpha Paw?

Alpha Paw is owned by Ramon van Meer and his son Victor. The brand is also run with a team of veterinarians, experts, and researchers to help ensure quality and safety. 

Where is the company Alpha Paw located?

This Alpha Paw review found out that they are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

What is Alpha Paw’s Shipping Policy?

This Alpha Paw ramp review is happy to report that they offer free shipping on orders that total $40 or more. It usually takes 3 to 8 days for packages to arrive. 

To help locate your parcel, customers will receive a tracking number via a confirmation email that they can use. According to their website policy, they do provide international delivery

How do I return to Alpha Paw? 

In terms of the Alpha Paw returns policy, customers have 90 days to send back their products for a full refund. To initiate this process, reach out to their team at [email protected]

How to Contact Alpha Paw Customer Service

For inquiries unrelated to this Alpha Paw review, you can contact the brand through:

4120 W Windmill Lane, 
#106, Las Vegas, NV 89139

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