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About Perfect Locks

Perfect Locks Review

Need a boost in volume? Perfect Locks can offer that coveted lift ranging from curly to straight. Known for its wide selection of hair extensions, this beauty brand utilizes 100% authentic virgin Indian Remy strands for clip-ins, tape-ins, and weaves. 

Since Perfect Locks is considered one of the top few hair-extension brands out there, it should come as no surprise that they boast over 23.2k followers on Instagram. They also have a significant audience on Facebook and Twitter as well. 

In the lineup of Bellami, INH, and Glam Seamless, how does this haircare brand fit into the picture? Hopefully, this Perfect Locks review will help answer that question for you, as we’ll take a closer look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Perfect Locks

Perfect Locks Review

In the metaphorical sense, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. On the other hand, advertisements offer up the same idealistic image of what it means to be the perfect woman.  

The cruelty of perfection was somewhat of a burden for Priyanka Swamy, as she was bullied relentlessly for her dark curly locks as a child. But, she decided to find meaning in her struggle, which led to a lifelong spiritual quest for self-acceptance. 

Swamy’s journey led her to the temples of India, where she learned of the Ritual of Tonsure. It was a practice in which women would cut their hair in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment. 

Inspired by what she saw, Swamy decided to share her findings by creating Perfect Locks in 2008. The company seeks out the best virgin hair on the market, which are all processed and manufactured in their facilities in India. Now based in Walnut Creek, California, Perfect Locks continues to lead it’s empowering mission of uplifting women.

“Loving yourself is a lifelong struggle, but having the knowledge, options and tools to help you shape your image is something we believe deeply in,” Swamy shares. “My hope is that every day when you see that beautiful you in the mirror you say to yourself, “perfect”, and begin your day with love and light.”

Before we get into this Perfect Locks review, let’s go over some initial highlights: 


  • A wide selection of hair care products and extensions to choose from 
  • All clip-ins, tape-ins, and weaves are ethically sourced
  • Offers a guide, hair matching service, and an online quiz for personalized recommendations 
  • Provides Affirm, Sezzle, and Splitit as alternative payment options 
  • Has a professionals-only program sharing education and industry-level techniques 
  • Free shipping on orders $100 or more 
Perfect Locks Review

Guys, I suffer from DBH. Short for dull, boring hair, this ongoing ailment has seen dozens of volumizing treatments over the years—but to no avail. I’m sure I’m not the only one diagnosed with this condition, as most of us deal with the lack of lift on a daily basis. If you’re looking for the light amongst the darkness, perhaps Perfect Locks can act as the final ray of hope. 

From extensions to hydrating shampoos, this beauty brand is big on inducing volume. They’ve got permanent and temporary wearables on their website, which range from wefts, lace units, clip-ins, and tape-ins. If you prefer to go ‘au natural’, you can start by opting for basics, as they provide volumizing conditioners, serums, and oils for customers to try. 

Lost in the sauce? Don’t worry; this brand ensures that the shopping process is simplified for first-time customers. Users can take their online hair quiz or read up on their guide for personalized recommendations. You can also read up on this Perfect Locks review, as we’ll feature a few of their best-selling products down below. 

Perfect Locks Human Hair Review

Perfect Locks offers temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent hair extensions on their website. The options are limitless, as they can range from blonde clip-ins, wavy bronze wigs, or curly black silk enclosures. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that they’ve got options for men as well in the form of toupees. 

Here, this Perfect Locks review will keep things short by only unveiling three of the brand’s top-selling extensions.

Perfect Locks Straight Skin Weft Hair Review

God hasn’t blessed you with the best hair—but hey, something is better than nothing, right? If you’re lacking in volume, the Straight Skin Weft Hair is designed to add a bit of lift to flat-looking tresses. 

Cut to be 15” long, this semi-permanent extension can be applied using glue or tape. Best of all, it comes with a polyurethane base, which adds flexibility on scalp placement. 

Made out of 100% Remy Perfect Locks human hair, this seamless skin weft can last up to 4 to 6 weeks if properly cared for. You can even style it with a straightener or curler since it’s not prone to melting compared to synthetic alternatives. 

Available in colors brown, black, and platinum blonde, the Straight Skin Weft Hair retails for $119. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a bit until it’s restocked, as it’s currently sold out at the moment. 

Perfect Locks Straight I-Tips 22 Inch Sunny Blonde #12 Review

Fair warning, the Straight I-Tips 22 Inch Sunny Blonde #12 extensions require some hair-dressing knowledge in order to apply. The specific add-on comes as a fusion i-tip, which needs hot fusion glue or cold fusion micro-rings to complete the installation process. 

While the application process may seem like a hassle at first, it is one of the permanent solutions offered by Perfect Locks. If properly cared for, it can last up to 1 to 2 years with tri-monthly checkups.

These extensions offer a more ‘natural blend’ of hair, which includes a few split ends and variations in color and texture. If you’re not a fan of the hue or style, you have the option of curling or dying it in a separate tone. Fortunately, the $94 Straight I-Tips 22 Inch Sunny Blonde #12 extensions are one of the more affordable options on Perfect Locks, retailing for only $71

Perfect Locks Straight Skin Base Closure Review

The Straight Skin Base Closure is perfect for those mid-way in their hair care journey. More specifically, it’s a great alternative for customers who have damaged or brittle tresses, as this extension can help hide those weak ends. Built with 100% real Remy hair, this add-on comes with a polyurethane material that feels super sleek on the scalp. 

In terms of specifics, this extension measures out to be a 4” square for the base. It’s incredibly durable since it’s built to last for 1 to 2 years under proper care and maintenance. Designed to be dyed, cut, and styled, save your real hair for healing with the Straight Skin Base Closure for $199

Perfect Locks Hair Care Review

Like real hair, extensions require maintenance in order to prolong their shelf life. Fortunately, Perfect Locks offers a broad assortment of tools and formulas suited for authentic locks and clip-ins. 

Below, this Perfect Locks review will feature a couple of the brand’s hottest picks for first-timers to compare. 

Perfect Locks Hair Extension Loop Brush Review

The worst comb causes lots of tugging, snagging, and, worst of all—tangling. If you’re over this nightmare, the Hair Extension Loop Brush is designed to quickly pass through your tresses hassle-free. 

Made for add-ons and real hair, this must-have accessory features a series of fine-tipped bristles and a sturdy handle. It also comes with a super sleek matte finish with the brand’s logo on the back.

We highly recommend using the Hair Extension Loop Brush with a blow dryer to help induce some volume. If you’re looking for styling inspo, we suggest angling the comb a little bit to impart some movement in your hair. Regarding price, this luxury comb sells for $19 in total. 

Perfect Locks Hair Extension Detangling Caddy Review

If you own a clip-in or weave, you’re probably familiar with the frustrations of combing it out. Fortunately, the Hair Extension Detangling Caddy is designed to make the detangling process easier. 

Built to hold your tape-ins and closures in place, this accessory is a must-have for washing or styling. It also comes with hooks in case you prefer to hang your extensions like clothing. 

Trust me, the Hair Extension Detangling Caddy can help prevent tangling and knotting during the storage process. It’s definitely an upgrade than stuffing your clip-ins in a regular zip-up bag. Luckily, there’s no need to shell out your pockets for this tool, as it only costs $25

Perfect Locks Hair Care Travel Set Review

Say goodbye to paraben-ridden formulas. The Hair Care Travel Set offers a cleaner alternative to help wash out debris and excess oil. This 3-in-1 bundle includes the Hydrating Shampoo, the Leave-In Conditioner, and the Hydrating Conditioner. For real hair and extensions, this kit delivers a boost of moisturization and nourishment to dry and brittle ends.

Compared to purchasing these products individually, the Hair Care Travel Set is offered at a steal for only $18. With a price as low as that, you might as well snatch some extensions and a hairbrush to complete your order. 

Who Is Perfect Locks For? 

Perfect Locks Review

Vying for a bit of volume? If so, Perfect Locks can help ‘lift’ up your spirits by offering a wide selection of extensions and formulas to choose from. 

While they do offer ready-to-wear pieces that are easy to install, you can also find professional-grade wefts and closures on their website. But in order to purchase these products, users should know a bit of hair-dressing knowledge beforehand. If anything, we recommend asking a friend or a professional to help insert the add-ons. 

Is Perfect Locks Ethical?  

Perfect Locks Review

Perfect Locks believes that beauty shouldn’t come with a price. All of their hair extensions are sourced ethically. They’re procured in a temple in India, where hair is cut through a spiritual ritual called Tonsure. We highly recommend visiting their official website for more details on how they manufacture and process their clip-ins and wigs. 

Perfect Locks Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Perfect Locks Review

Hair loss is more common than you think. As a result, it shouldn’t be surprising that hundreds of customers are looking to stall the balding process through the use of extensions and volumizing formulas. 

Perfect Locks, for some customers, is the ideal brand to opt for in order to achieve that youthful, full-bodied look—and fortunately, they don’t disappoint when it comes to online reviews. 

To kick things off, this Perfect Locks review will unveil the ratings for some of the brand’s best-selling products down below:

  • The Straight Tape-In Hair Extensions: 103 reviews with 4.9/5 stars 
  • The Curly Tape-In Hair Extensions: 175 reviews with 4.9/5 stars 
  • The Hair Extension Loop Brush: 17 reviews with 4.8/5 stars 
  • The Double Sided Replacement Tape: 69 reviews with 5/5 stars 

Perfect Lock hair extensions are definitely a crowd-pleaser. According to hundreds of happy customers, their tape-ins, closures, and wefts proved to be durable, comfortable to wear, and best of all, confidence-inducing. Others commended how natural they looked when blended in with their real hair. 

“I have very coarse natural hair (past my shoulders) and the tape-in extensions were a great choice! They were easy to install and it’s been a month since I’ve had them and I still love them! They blend in with my natural hair perfectly,” one customer wrote for the Curly Tape-In Hair Extensions

“I can not express how much I love these extensions,” one reviewer shared for the Straight Tape-In add-ons. “I have been wearing them for over a year. The quality is outstanding and they feel and look amazing. No one can even tell I have extensions in.”

We also uncovered some positive reviews on websites such as Sitejabber and Birdeye. Both sources hold around 200 testimonials in total, with an average score of 4 out of 5 stars. In most accounts, buyers seemed to be happy with the level of their customer service. A couple of users noted the quality of their extensions, ranging from curly locks to straightened tresses. 

“The staff at perfect locks are so knowledgeable and friendly! The owners did an amazing job hiring some knowledgeable and beauty-forward staff that is always staying one foot ahead in upcoming trends/fashions,” one Yelp customer wrote for their Californian location. 

Some independent blogs, such as Fab Ellis, also left a favorable review towards Perfect Locks. According to the author, “The difference was so great that this hair actually still looked beautiful when I took it out.  It was in perfect condition and can easily be reused.  I thoroughly enjoyed wearing this hair.”

The number of complaints pales in comparison to the amount of positive accounts online. To help mitigate any problems, this Perfect Locks review suggests that you reach out to one of their online representatives for any questions regarding hair extensions. 

Is Perfect Locks Worth It?

Perfect Locks Review

The Perfect Locks reviews speak for themselves. While it’s definitely an expensive splurge, you can at least relax knowing that you get what you paid for. This online company offers a great selection of authentic human hair at an exceptional quality. 

Best of all, customers are free to style and dye their clip-ins and wefts to their hearts’ delight. I can’t say the same for synthetic alternatives, which are usually prone to melting.

I will say that some of their extensions require some know-how in order to install, such as the wefts and fusion i-tips. But, you can always reach out to their support center for help. 

Perfect Locks Promotions & Discounts 

Perfect Locks Review

This Perfect Locks review found out that they have a clearance section in which select items are at a discounted price. You can also sign up for the brand’s newsletter to get 10% off your first order. Lastly, they have a rewards program where members can get their hands on exclusive deals and perks. 

As of lately, there seems to be no Perfect Locks discount code offered on their website. We suggest keeping tabs on the brand’s social media to be notified of any future promotions. 

Where to Buy Perfect Locks

Perfect Locks Review

Looking to stock up on some Perfect Locks hair care? Customers can visit to see what they have in store. You can also find them at Amazon as well. 


Perfect Locks Review

Who owns Perfect Locks?

Perfect Locks is owned by co-founder Priyanka Swamy and her husband Guatama. 

Does Perfect Locks ship internationally?

This Perfect Locks review found out that they do offer international shipping. If you checkout with more than $250, you’re entitled to free delivery. 

What is Perfect Locks’ Shipping Policy?

This Perfect Locks review is happy to report that they offer free standard shipping on orders that total $100 or more. They also provide other delivery options, such as FedEx 2-Day and Overnight for a set fee. 

In terms of duration, it usually takes 2 to 5 business days for packages to arrive. To help keep tabs on your purchase, the brand will issue a tracking number alongside a confirmation email. 

What is Perfect Locks’ Return Policy?

Perfect Locks offers a 14-day return window and a 45-day timeframe for exchanges. It’s worth noting that extensions must be unused and in new condition in order to be considered eligible. You should also know that returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee, which will be deducted from your total refund amount.

To initiate a return or exchange, customers must access the portal provided on the website. You’ll need your order number and email to begin. 

How to Contact Perfect Locks

For inquiries unrelated to this Perfect Locks review, you can contact the brand through: 

  • Phone number (toll-free): (888) 290-4771 
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Using the chat function on its website 
  • Filling out the request form online

Looking for more options? Then check out PrettyParty, an e-commerce hair extension company that aims to elevate any hairstyle, from a messy bun to a sleek and stylish pony.

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