Revolution Beauty Review

About Revolution Beauty

Revolution Beauty Review

Revolution Beauty is on a mission to provide customers with the best self-care essentials. From makeup to skincare products, this cosmetic company prides itself on being affordable and cruelty-free. 

Over the years, Revolution Beauty has taken the internet by storm through its formulas. Garnering a massive following of 3.1 million on Instagram, they’ve also been featured on multiple media outlets, including PopSugar, BuzzFeed, BBC, and Vogue. 

Is it time to rebel against your tired, old self-care routine? Keep reading, as this Revolution Beauty review will provide a comprehensive look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth checking. 

Overview of Revolution Beauty

Revolution Beauty Review

Your drugstore cosmetic aisle should never feel like an expensive art gallery exhibition. Instead, the best self-care products should be made readily available to the public, not just for the 1%. 

Adam Minto and Tom Allsworth, the co-founders of Revolution Beauty, thought it was time to start a cosmetic ‘coup d’etat’ on the costly makeup and skincare goods market. 

Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, Revolution Beauty made its first-ever debut in 2013. Despite the costly markups of most cosmetic products, this company wants to provide customers with quality formulas at a reasonable price. 

They’re also big on diversity, inclusion, and saving the planet, as they’ve implemented a Zero Retouch Revolution policy and the Planet Revolution guarantee. 

In an inspiring quote left by the brand, Revolution Beauty states that they’ll continue to provide the best tools for self-expression: “Revolution serves to represent and champion a diverse set of customers. In an industry where beauty norms have only just begun to be challenged, Revolution Beauty has been breaking down these rules and standing for inclusivity since the day it was born.” 

Before we get into this Revolution Beauty review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons. 


  • A variety of self-care products to choose from including skincare and makeup 
  • Offers cruelty-free formulas (aims to be entirely vegan in the future) 
  • Provides monthly installments through Afterpay
  • Reasonable prices 
  • Free shipping on orders $35 or more 


  • Labeled as ‘fast beauty’ by some customers 
  • Formulated with parabens and fragrances 
  • Involved with controversies around plagiarized designs 
Revolution Beauty Review

It’s affordable, effective, and hot off the press—what more can you want when it comes to reliable self-care products? At Revolution Beauty, customers are given high-quality makeup, skincare, body scrubs, and hair formulas. 

That coveted glow-up is never far from reach. All it takes is a Princess Diaries-inspired montage. 

The company also collaborates with several pop-culture brands, such as Bratz, Disney, and Friends. For those savvy on beauty guru gossip, the brand also offers products designed by your favorite influencers, such as Sophdoeslife and Patricia Bright

If you’re lost in the sauce of what to get, let this Revolution Beauty review will provide you with a crash course. In the next section, we’ll outline the brand’s best-selling products for readers to compare. 

Revolution Beauty Review

From shampoos to serums, the brand has it all regarding affordable cosmetics. To top things off, they also sell accessories such as brush sets and water bottles. 

This Revolution Beauty review will briefly look at some top-selling products from its in-house brands, ranging from I Heart Revolution to Revolution Pro

Revolution Beauty Makeup Obsession All a Blur Pore Blurring Primer Review

The Makeup Obsession All a Blur Pore Blurring Primer is a must-have for all get-ready routines. Designed to be applied before foundation, this first-step necessity clears out any bumps, fine lines, and blemishes that may be tough to blend. 

By far, the best thing about this formula is that it dries matte—which is a god-send compared to those shiny primers that don’t do much for your face. 

This product is made in a stick format, which provides a convenient swipe-go application. Of course, this Revolution Beauty review recommends following it with a solid foundation or concealer for a cleaner look. 

So what are you waiting for? Get closer to smoother skin with the Makeup Obsession All a Blur Pore Blurring Primer for $15

Revolution Beauty Makeup Obsession Game Set Matte – Matte Powder Review 

Can’t be seen with an oily sheen? Don’t worry; the Makeup Obsession Game Set Matte – Matte Powder is at your rescue. This self-care essential is offered in a compact press and does wonders in concealing shiny areas while absorbing excess sebum. It’s ideal to use over sunscreen, as it can help mattify greasy spots while you’re out and about.

There are various ways to use the Makeup Obsession Game Set Matte – Matte Powder. We suggest dusting it on your nose, cheeks, and forehead, as these are usually areas that accumulate the most oil. 

Available in 7 different colors, including Cabo cream and Sahara beige, include this cosmetic must-have in your everyday routine for $4

Revolution Beauty Conceal & Define Foundation Review 

From Starry Night to the Mona Lisa, many famous paintings were completed on a solid canvas. In our case, the Conceal & Define Foundation acts as the perfect base for eyeshadow, blush, and contour.

It’s incredibly lightweight in texture, while providing full coverage to help blot out those pesky imperfections. Drying matte, this long-lasting formula can last hours after application. 

Users can simply dot the formula onto their eye bags, t-zone, and cheeks in maximum precision with its doe-foot applicator. We’ve got to give the Conceal & Define Foundation a round of applause, as it comes in 50 different shades. 

For a formula that’s all-inclusive to various skin tones, this makeup essential costs only $12

Revolution Beauty Forever Flawless Eye Shadow Palette Review 

I’m getting some serious, tropical goddess vibes from the Forever Flawless Eye Shadow Palette. This stunning collection holds 18 color pots in total, including hues like candy land turquoise, burn espresso, hybrid grey, and more. 

Altogether, these nature-esque shades can help you look like a butt-kicking Amazon warrior of the forest. As an added bonus, this set is infused with cannabis Sativa seed oil, which can help relieve dry, irritated skin. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, this Revolution Beauty review recommends adding a layer of the ‘haze’ shimmer shade on top of a base of ‘relax’. For a collection that’s ideally used at New Year’s eve parties or birthdays, the Forever Flawless Eyeshadow Palette costs $15

Revolution Beauty Makeup Revolution X Friends Palette – Monica Review 

I know, I know. The Makeup Revolution X Friends Palette – Monica edition is practically on-brand with the character’s iconic look on the show. 

Considered the ‘mother hen’ of all collaborative makeup sets, this collection offers 6 color pots that mimic Monica’s high-maintenance, orderly, and competitive personality. This includes fun shades like ‘Geller cup’ red, ‘chicken’ beige, and ‘thanksgiving’ brown. 

Made with a mix of shimmers and mattes, the options are limitless when it comes to makeup ideas. Might we suggest a subtle eyeshadow look paired with the iconic red dress she wore in that wedding episode? 

In terms of price, the Makeup Revolution X Friends Palette – Monica edition costs $15

Who Is Revolution Beauty For? 

Revolution Beauty Review

Compared to Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, and Estée Lauder, Revolution Beauty seeks to be a cost-effective alternative in the cosmetics industry. Most of its products are under $20; a simple eyeshadow palette only costs a cool $15 here. 

In terms of age and gender, anyone is welcome to use Revolution Beauty formulas. It’s all in tandem with the brand’s Zero Retouch Revolution policy.

Despite its affordability and heartwarming company message, Revolution Beauty may not be a favorite among ethical shoppers. According to the brand’s ‘about us’ page, they are not free of parabens, synthetics, or fragrances. On top of that, they’ve been branded as a ‘fast beauty’ company. 

Comparison: Revolution Beauty vs. Thrive Causmetics 

Revolution Beauty Review

Revolution Beauty isn’t the first to host a rebellion against expensive self-care products. Brands like E.L.F and Maybelline are also doing the same. With that in mind, how does this brand stack up against its competition? 

To help you reach a solid conclusion, we’re comparing Revolution Beauty to another worthy contender, Thrive Causemetics. 

Revolution Beauty:

  • Offers a wide variety of cosmetic products such as makeup, skincare, bodycare, and hair formulas 
  • Affordable prices 
  • Collaborates with big-name influencers and brands like Disney and Patricia Bright 
  • Uses parabens, synthetic ingredients, and fragrances in their products 

Thrive Causemetics:

  • Offers a broad selection of makeup and skincare products 
  • A little pricier than Revolution Beauty 
  • Involved in several philanthropic organizations such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Its products are clean, cruelty-free, and vegan 

The purchase decision ultimately depends on your budget, beliefs, and preferences. Revolution Beauty outwins in affordability, as they offer competitive prices for their makeup and skincare products. On the other hand, Thrive Causemetics excels in catering to the green customer since they use clean, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. 

Revolution Beauty Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Revolution Beauty Review

Do you hear the customers sing? Singing the songs of praise? Les Miserables references aside, this Revolution Beauty review found an overwhelmingly positive response towards this cosmetic brand. 

To kick things off, let’s take a quick glance at the ratings of some of their top-selling products:

  • Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Eye Shadow Palette – Allure: 50 reviews with 4.74/5 stars
  • Makeup Revolution Soap Styler: 69 reviews with 3.9/5 stars 
  • Revolution Skincare Pink Clay Detoxifying Face Mask 50 ml: 87 reviews with 4.51/5 stars 
  • Makeup Revolution Glow Splendour Bronzer (Various Shades): 96 reviews with 4.63/5 stars 

From what we’ve gathered so far, it seems that Revolution Beauty deserves a standing ovation. Hundreds of customers are recommending their makeup and skincare products for others to try. Reportedly, their creams and eyeshadow palettes proved a dream to blend while offering maximum color payoff. 

This palette is absolutely gorgeous. Such a beautiful array of shades together. The pigmentation is beautiful as well. I love these palettes and my collection is definitely growing,” one customer wrote for the Forever Flawless Eye Shadow Palette in Allure. 

If you liked/wanted the cover girl ebony bronze, then this is the next best thing,” one reviewer detailed for the Glow Splendour Bronzer. “It applies super nice and is a nice pigmentation. And it’s HUGE so I will be able to use it for a long time!” 

The train of compliments doesn’t stop there. We also found encouraging reviews on websites such as Trustpilot, Influenster, and Makeup Alley. We’ll provide their respective ratings down below:

  • Trustpilot: 498 reviews with 4.1/5 stars 
  • Influenster: 74.9k reviews with 4.3/5 stars 
  • Makeup Alley: 537 reviews with 3.7/5 stars 

From fixing sprays to highlighters, it seems that Revolution Beauty is a must-have regarding quality, pigment, and affordability. In addition, a majority of Trustpilot users commended its excellent customer service, as they were notably helpful in addressing concerns in a timely manner. 

“Out of all the brow gels I have tried, this one is my favorite,” one Influenster reviewer wrote for the Revolution Brow Fixer. “It holds my thick, thick brows all day! It works simply to set the hair in place, or to really feather them out. There’s no flaking, I would highly recommend it.”

“I love all the products I’ve received from them! Good quality and any issues are sorted promptly and with understanding. Don’t hesitate to buy…it’s worth it,” shared another user on Trustpilot.  

A few independent blogs, such as A Spoonie’s Makeup Bag, also left a commendable review of Revolution Beauty products. The author stated that “they have super great quality products at an affordable rate.” As a whole, she rated the brand with an A ++.

All in all, this Revolution Beauty review generally recommends checking this brand out. This is mainly due to the majority of positive testimonials about quality and affordability. 

Is Revolution Beauty Worth It?

Revolution Beauty Review

If you’re a stickler for cost-effective self-care products, Revolution Beauty is definitely your gal. In the cosmetic world, it’s become increasingly hard to find quality products at a reasonable price.

It usually entails some sort of sacrifice: cheap but ineffective, or expensive but functional. Revolution Beauty manages to find that sweet spot. According to hundreds of customers online, the brand doesn’t seem to skimp on quality when it comes to offering in-expensive formulas. 

As we mentioned before, Revolution Beauty may not be a big hit among ethical shoppers. Aside from its controversial set of ingredients, they’re not free from bad press.

This Revolution Beauty Review encourages you to check the company out. 

Revolution Beauty Promotions & Discounts 

Revolution Beauty Review

This Revolution Beauty review found multiple ways to help customers save money. To keep things easy to read, we’ll provide them in a point-form list down below:

  • A sale outlet where customers can find select products worth up to 70% off
  • All bronzers and highlighters are 20% off
  • The ReLove Revolution collection has products under $6 
  • The refer-a-friend program promises a $10 credit after sharing the affiliate link 
  • By joining the newsletter, customers get 20% off their first order 
  • 20% student discount for eligible customers 
  • Has a rewards program where members can accumulate points to gain access to exclusive perks 

Where to Buy Revolution Beauty

Revolution Beauty Review

Looking to buy the 5D Mascara for yourself? Customers can head over to to see what they have in store. You can also find them at select retailers such as:

  • Amazon
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 
  • Ulta Beauty 
  • CVS
  • ASOS
  • Target
  • Look Fantastic 


Revolution Beauty Review

Who owns Revolution? 

Revolution Beauty is owned by its co-founders Adam Minto and Tom Allsworth. 

Where is Revolution Beauty made? 

Revolution Beauty sheds some light on the manufacturing process on its website. The ‘About Us’ page reads, “Around 60% of our products are made in China, 25% in Taiwan, 15% in UK, Italy, France & Germany.”

Is Revolution Beauty vegan and cruelty-free? 

All Revolution Beauty products are cruelty-free. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for vegan formulas. They aim to make their entire collection animal-free by the end of 2021. 

What is Revolution Beauty’s Shipping Policy?

This Revolution Beauty review is happy to report that they offer free shipping on orders that total $35 or more. Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $6

They also offer other delivery options such as express, premium, and international. Lastly, the brand issues a tracking number to help customers keep tabs on their purchases. 

What is Revolution Beauty’s Return Policy?

Revolution Beauty offers a 14-day window for customers to send back their orders. Sadly, the brand does not cover shipping costs under its policy. To initiate the return process, buyers must contact the brand for further instructions. 

How to Contact Revolution Beauty

For inquiries unrelated to this Revolution Beauty review, you can contact the company through:

  • Phone number: 1-833-427-0853 
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Using the live chat function on its website 
  • Mailing address:

Revolution Beauty Ltd.,
Units 2-3 Sheet Glass Road, Cullet Drive, 
Queenborough, Kent,
ME11 5JS United Kingdom

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