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About Uppercut

Uppercut Review

Uppercut is an Australian brand making hairstyling and haircare products specifically for men. This company is known for their old-fashioned approach to hair and beard care.

Uppercut’s founders are barbers who put a lot of hair care knowledge into developing their products. This brand has a line of dependable, classic grooming products, packaged in vintage-looking tins, that celebrate the old-school barber traditions that are on their way back.

In this Uppercut review, I will look at this brand’s buying highlights, their best-selling products, purchasing info, and real customer feedback, so you can decide if you’d like to bring some classic barbershop style to your haircare routine. 

Join me as I dig into this company’s backstory.

Overview of Uppercut

Uppercut Review

Uppercut was founded by professional barbers Luke Newman and Steve Purcell. These founders are childhood friends who bonded over their love of haircare, and wanted to help bring about a barbering renaissance in their home country Australia. 

They joined forces to open their own shop in Australia, hoping to get guys into making regular visits to the barber like in the old days!

Luke and Steve felt that men’s hair products were often pretty unimpressive at performing as promised and that so much of the haircare industry was marketed to women rather than men.

Frustrated with a lack of options for great men’s styling products, they decided to develop their own.

Working with a chemist, Luke and Steve developed their first product, the Deluxe Pomade styling gel.

From there, Luke and Steve have expanded their operations to offer conditioners and shampoos, beard balms, powders, and more, for men who want high-end haircare inspired by classic barbershop culture.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of buying from this brand:


Uppercut Review
  • Offers a line of men’s hair products developed by professional barbers
  • Items include shampoos, conditioners, beard oils, and styling products
  • Free US shipping on orders over $25
  • New customers get 15% off
  • Well reviewed by customers
  • Available in many countries, including the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, UK
  • Cruelty-free product development

Uppercut Review

Uppercut’s best-sellers are made to help keep your hair just as you like it. Let’s kick things off and take a look at their Uppercut Pomade and Powder.

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade Review

This product was Uppercut’s first! The Uppercut Pomade is a strong pomade gel that will help you create classic styles like slick backs and pompadours with its firm hold and high shine.

Uppercut explains that the Deluxe Pomade should give you very strong control without feeling stiff or crunchy. You can use this product in hair of any length or texture. 

Because this is a water-based pomade (unlike the oils of yore), it’s designed to wash out easily.

Here’s how to use Uppercut’s flagship product:

  1. Make sure your hair is completely dry
  2. Rub the product into your palms and distribute it evenly over your hair
  3. Use a comb to shape and style into a side part or pompadour, or slick your hair back

The Deluxe Pomade has a coconut scent and comes in a 100 ml tin. Pick it up for $18.

Uppercut Matte Pomade Review

Uppercut’s Matte Pomade will appeal to guys who want a more natural look. This product will give you a lighter hold and a matte, not shiny, finish

Men with hair of any length and texture can use the Matte Pomade to style their mane and give it some oomph, but guys with fine hair will especially love that it can help create a fuller look.

You’ll want to use this product on dry, clean hair by working it through evenly from front to back and then combing into place. 

Uppercut claims that this product smells so yummy you’ll want to taste it (please don’t!) since it’s scented with a delectable creme brulee fragrance

You can get the Matte Pomade in a 100 ml tin for $18. 

Uppercut Styling Powder Review 

The Styling Powder is a great tool for men who aren’t drawn to the vintage-inspired fixed and gelled looks, but still want to give their hair a bit of control and textured lift

Uppercut explains that their Styling Powder has an ultrafine dust consistency that you can “Shake and Rake” into hair, by putting some directly onto your head and combing it into place. 

This powder will collect excess scalp oil and give your hair a light hold. It can be used to create natural shapes and give volume to thinner hair.

While researching for this Uppercut review, I learned that this product can also give you the following:

  • Flexible and reworkable styles
  • Natural Finish” that isn’t shiny or stiff
  • Easy use – just shake on and work through!

Grab a container of Styling Powder for $18.

Who Is Uppercut For? 

Uppercut Review

Uppercut makes products for men who want to take great care of their hair and beard. Their shampoos, conditioners, and styling products will help keep your scalp, hair, and beard clean and healthy while letting you express yourself with different styles.

Men who want a classic barbershop product that will set their hair without giving it a crisp or tough feel or appearance. Uppercut Deluxe makes water-based products that set hair firmly but gently. And unlike grease-based pomades, they wash out easily too! 

Many guys will also appreciate the vintage ’50s look of the brand’s packaging and the classic styles they can create using these products.

But, Uppercut’s products aren’t just for those looking to set a sky-high pomp. Any guy who wants to be able to stock up on high-quality hair products, styling pomades, and beard oils will love that Uppercut has a varied product line for every hair need

Uppercut Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Uppercut Review

Uppercut shares customer testimonials on their official website product pages. These reviews are largely positive, with customers commenting on the impressive quality of this brand’s products.

One shopper, who tried the brand’s Everyday Shampoo for Men, had this to say in his Uppercut review:

“Great shampoo and a big upgrade from what I was using before. I recommend using this with the conditioner. I’ve seen great results after a week of use. My hair looks and feels healthier and this stuff gets the product out insanely easily.”

Their classic product, the Uppercut Deluxe Pomade, has also garnered strong reviews on their website, where guys have shared that they like the product’s strong hold on their hair and the fact that it washes out easily

I just had to include this review of the Deluxe Pomade because it’s so to the point: “Been using pomade for many years. Styles my hair perfectly and actually lasts! Smells nice and easy to wash out Perfect combo!!”

I also found Uppercut reviews from customers on their Amazon page. Many buyers there also loved their products, and their Uppercut Deluxe Pomade currently has a 4.6/5-star rating based on over 2,000 reviews. 

One customer found that this product’s high quality was well worth the price, even going so far as to experiment with other brands before returning to Uppercut:

“I stopped using it for a few months late last year as I couldn’t justify spending nearly £13 per tub. I used a cheaper alternative, but then HAD to go back to uppercut as nothing else was on the same level! This is best hair product out there – it smells great, doesn’t leave your hair sticky, holds well and washes out well too.”

Uppercut was also reviewed by the writer at This writer found that the Deluxe Pomade works as promised. Here is the bottom line from his Uppercut review:

“Much like Uppercut’s Monster Hold the Deluxe Pomade gives you great control when styling and combing through. The finish is fairly slick and is perfect for more formal or classic gentleman’s styles – Gatsby eat your heart out! It doesn’t weigh your hair down despite being thick on application so you are left with a fair amount of volume.”

Overall, Uppercut buyers are happy with their products and the appearance and feeling they give their hair and beards.

While some guys weren’t used to spending so much on their hair products, they share that they find Uppercut’s products are worth the investment.

Is Uppercut Legit?

Uppercut Review

Yes, this brand is definitely legit. They have solid verified buyer reviews on both their official site and Amazon, and have no red flags on business complaint sites such as TrustPilot. 

The brand also has a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee that allows buyers to swap any new products that don’t work for their hair, suggesting the brand stands behind their products and wants their customer to love their purchase. 

Is Uppercut Worth It?

Uppercut Review

This company offers a range of products developed by professional barbers – and it shows.

For this Uppercut review, I found that this brand’s styling products have a vintage look and feel, and offer great quality that customers love

Uppercut’s shampoos and pomades are highly rated online by many happy buyers. Their product line has everything you need to keep your hair and beard healthy and well-styled, regardless of your hair type or the style you prefer. 

While Uppercut is a more of a high-end brand – as suitable for the barbershop as it is for home use – they also offer sale prices, a satisfaction guarantee, and new customer discounts, making it easier to try out their products. 

For these reasons, the verdict of this Uppercut review is that I can easily recommend making a purchase from this Aussie brand!

Uppercut Promotions & Discounts 

Uppercut Review

Rejoice, Uppercut review readers, for I have discovered that this company has a dedicated Sale section on their website! 

Here are a few of their great deals:

  • Degreaser and Everyday Conditioner Duo – $15 (regularly $30)
  • Stock Up Bundle Deluxe Pomade – $45 (regularly $54
  • Styling Powder Twin Pack –  $32 (regularly $36)

If you’re a new customer, you can also sign up for the Uppercut newsletter to receive 15% off your first purchase!

Where to Buy Uppercut

Uppercut Review

You can purchase all Uppercut Deluxe products through their official website or their official Amazon page.


Uppercut Review

Who owns Uppercut?

Co-founders Steve Purcell and Luke Newman own Uppercut Deluxe.

Does Uppercut ship internationally?

Yes, the Uppercut US website ships to Canada and the US.

For delivery to other countries such as Australia, Germany, France, and the UK, visit their site and change your region at the bottom left of the page.

What is Uppercut’s Shipping Policy?

Uppercut ships to Canada and the US. If you are an American customer, you will receive free shipping with any order over $25

USPS will deliver your package within 1-5 days of it being shipped. You may also choose express shipping with FedEx, for an additional fee. While researching for this Uppercut review, I found that this brand cannot ship to military addresses.

If you are making a purchase from Canada, shipping is free on any order over $50 – otherwise, shipping is $17 per order. Canadian customers are responsible for paying any customs fees and taxes.

What is Uppercut’s Return Policy?

If you would like to return your order, you can reach out to Uppercut within 30 days of making your purchase at [email protected]

To start the process, they will need your name, product purchase info, contact information, order number, and reason why you are requesting a return. 

How to Contact Uppercut

Uppercut Review

You can send the folks at Uppercut a message through their Contact page.

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