PYM Mood Chews Review

About PYM Mood Chews

PYM Chews Review

PYM harnesses the power of a team of all-natural amino acids to develop their signature blend of supplements. An acronym for Prepare Your Mind, this health and wellness brand believes in the power of active ingredients to help enhance the quality of life. 

PYM is frequently mentioned in the likes of several online magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Entrepreneur, Inc., and the Rolling Stone. They’ve fostered a humble but growing community of 7.4K followers and counting on Instagram. 

Looking for a safe but effective chill pill? Perhaps this brand can serve as your go-to. Keep reading as my PYM mood chews review takes a thorough look at their supplements, claims, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of PYM

PYM Chews Review

Actor Zak Williams was at a difficult point in his life. In the fall of 2014, he was struck with the grave news of his father’s suicide—the late Robin Williams. Turning to cannabis and alcohol as his coping mechanisms, Williams’ turmoil of depression and anxiety slowed turned into an unnerving mental state of disconnection and addiction

He managed to power through and get sober, but this didn’t put an end to his problems either. And so, Williams began to do a bit of self-diagnosing. With a desire to get back to normal, he was knee-deep in research articles and learned about the metabolic functions of adaptogens and amino acids.

Pulling his sleeves up, Williams got right into work. He began experimenting with compounds, potency, and bioavailability to create a product that would help quell his inner storm. 

Founded in 2018, PYM set up its headquarters in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Today, the brand continues to create all-natural supplements designed to relieve moments of stress anxiety. They are also big advocates for mental health, as they partner with several philanthropic organizations to help spread awareness. 

“PYM believes that there is a world where someone can be the best version of themselves. We believe in establishing easy daily rituals & techniques that promote everyday wellness. While at first small rituals may not seem like a big deal, applied everyday they can lead to remarkable changes. Incrementally,” reads a statement made by PYM health. 

Before I get into this PYM chews review, let’s go over some highlights.


  • Digestive supplement designed to relieve stress and anxiety 
  • All-natural ingredients containing no GMOs, gluten, or added sugar 
  • Transparent about product ingredients
  • 100% sustainable using compostable thermal insulation 
  • PYM donates a percentage of their revenue to mental health organizations  
  • Most customers are pleased with the flavor of the supplements 
  • Offers the flexibility of a one-time purchase option or a monthly subscription

What is PYM?

PYM Chews Review

Life is not easy—I know, it’s the understatement of the century. With its random twists and turns, there’s a good reason why stress and anxiety continues to be pervading menace. Whoever said we needed to do things alone?

Designed as a helping hand, PYM offers users a convenient, effective, and all-natural way to help calm our invasive worries. Their one-of-a-kind formulas turn to amino acids and adaptogens to do most of the legwork. In short, these compounds work in tandem to support the body’s ability to cope with stress.

And don’t worry, Prepare Your Mind is made to be non-addictive and non-psychoactive. If you’d like to know more about their supplements, stick around as this PYM chews review gets into the specifics down below. 

How Does PYM Work?

PYM Chews Review

When stress and anxiety begin to take control of your life, it’s time to pull back the reins. Formulated to provide temporary relief in overwhelming moments, PYM encourages you to experience more mental relief by taking their citrus flavored dietary supplements. 

While most health and wellness chews contain cannabinoids and hemp products, this alternative uses a winning team of amino acids and adaptogens. PYM utilizes a mix of GABA, L-Theanine, and Rhodiola—compounds known to support relaxation, anxiety management, and provide neuroprotection. 

Amino acids act as a supportive coach in building important neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. GABA is the only amino acid that naturally occurs within our nervous system. Our other key players are found in plants, including flowers and tea leaves. 

PYM states that their ingredients are backed by research. However, their actual product is still under clinical trial. According to InsideHook, the brand is conducting a formalized study involving about 400 participants. 

Those with food allergies, such as coconut, milk, wheat, or nuts can take their supplemental gummies without the worry of a future reaction. In terms of PYM chews side effects, the brand does not list any symptoms on their website. Instead, they assure users that each dosage comes with no “tingles, jitters, or buzzed feelings”.

PYM recommends taking 1–2 gummies in the morning and 30 minutes before whenever you’ve got a stress-inducing event planned. Users should not take more than 20 supplements per day, as this may lead to unwanted symptoms. 

On that note, you should avoid drinking coffee with every dosage and pregnant women are advised not to take PYM. The brand states that customers should start to experience results in as little as half an hour.

If you’d like to know more about how the brand’s supplements work, I’d recommend hopping over to their FAQ page for more info. 

PYM Original Mood Chews Subscription

PYM Original Mood Chews Subscription

Customers are offered two ways to purchase PYM supplements. Those who want to test out the waters first can opt to grab their gummies separately as a one-time purchase, without commitment. This is especially ideal for major events that are affecting your mood, such as a looming deadline or an exam around the corner. 

If you’re the type to worry on a daily basis, perhaps it’s best to choose the Original Mood Chews Subscription option. By signing up for this program, members have full flexibility to choose the frequency of their  shipments. This ranges from 2, 4, or 6 weeks.

Both options contain a 20 piece pack of their digestive gummies. The great thing about the Original Mood Chews Subscription program is that members can pause, skip, or cancel their plan whenever they like. By making an account, customers can view their order history and make any necessary changes.

How Much is PYM?

PYM Chews Review

My PYM chews review will provide the pricing details for their one-time-purchase option, and the Original Mood Chews Subscription program:

  • One-time-purchase for 3 packs: $35 
  • One-time-purchase for 6 packs: $60 
  • Subscription option for 3 packs: $28 
  • Subscription option for 6 packs: $48 

PYM Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

PYM Chews Review

According to online research, hundreds of users speak in favor of PYM gummies. On their company website, a total of 329 comments were made with an average score of 4.7/5 stars

Customers have noted that PYM supplements proved useful in relieving anxiety and stress. Other people left testimonials stating that they enjoyed the citrusy taste of their chews as well. 

“I am honestly in love with Pym. As someone who took a prescription for anxiety and depression for years but was looking for a way to ween off of it, this was finally my perfect solution. The chews provide just the right amount of relief from my anxiety, while still leaving me feeling energized and like myself,” one customer wrote on their website.

MySubscriptionAddiction wrote a positive testimonial for PYM chews as well. The author shared that after taking the supplements, she felt more relaxed and calm after dealing with chronic episodes of anxiety and nervousness. Prepare Your Mind’s packaging earned a few gold stars, as it’s both recyclable and chic in design. 

“I took one at the recommended 20 minutes before the meeting, and definitely felt more relaxed than I’d expected. That meeting led to more high-stakes meetings, and I was grateful to have PYM available to help me perform at my best,” reads her PYM chews review.

I found several online magazines that put PYM supplements to the test, as well. Longevity writer Nathalia Ramos took the gummies for a couple of days. She noted a shift in attitude—her mental state became more focused. The story is quite inspiring, as Ramos states that she was able to speak in front of a large audience without stumbling over her words. 

“I took PYM 20 minutes before and it was like magic. Those physical reactions I’d experienced for so many years completely disappeared. I was relaxed, clear headed, and confident. I didn’t stumble over a single word—not because I rehearsed the content, but because I actually slowed down and gave myself space to think,” Ramos wrote for Longevity. So inspiring!

Do PYM Chews Work? 

PYM Chews Review

Medical claims aside, it’s time to put PYM to the test. Based on what I’ve seen so far, a good amount of users online report positive results. According to Zoë Brown, the author for The Quality Edit, she found a drastic change in her mental wellbeing when taking their supplements in the morning. 

She felt calm throughout the rest of the day and experienced no outward jitters. On stressful days, PYM supplements proved useful in lowering anxiety levels

However, I found a few skeptical PYM chews reviews online. In an article published by Time Magazine, William’s brand, alongside other supplemental alternatives such as Martha Stewart’s line of CBD gummies, were scrutinized by many health professionals.

A few experts stated that there’s still a hefty amount of research that needs to be done in order to prove claims made by the brand. For those who’d like to know more about this topic, I found no shortage of PYM chews reviews talking about dealing with celebrity dietary supplements on the internet. 

Are PYM Supplements Worth It?

PYM Chews Review

Anxiety and stress management is often dealt with in two different ways. One, repeat the unhelpful mantra of “don’t worry, get over it.” Two, go to therapy and get prescriptions—which is often the most expensive option.

When you’re faced to choose either or, it’s no wonder that a majority of us start to look for a third solution. 

With that in mind, PYM acts as Plan C. Considered more accessible than counselling and more effective than a simple Facebook quote, customers are able to get the relief they need. PYM’s approach to dietary supplements is quite different compared to other brands. 

They are much focused on advocating for mental health awareness. Aside from donating to several organizations, they have a side blog dedicated to spreading knowledge. This includes topics such as How to Improve Mental Clarity, and Best Ways to Love Yourself. 

To conclude my PYM chews review, I encourage you to check them out. It’s also a great idea to consult with a medical professional first and to do some additional research on health and wellness supplements. 

PYM Promotions & Discounts 

PYM Chews Review

At the time of this PYM chews review, I found out that the brand offers a Gift of Good Mood promotion. Until May 31, 2021, customers can get a complimentary pack of supplements when they sign up for a subscription plan. All following orders will also receive a 20% discount

Buyers can also receive 15% off for every successful referral under the Refer-a-Friend program. At the time that this article was written, I haven’t come across a PYM discount code. 

Sign up for PYM

PYM Chews Review

My PYM chews review will provide a step-by-step guide on how to sign up for their subscription plan:

  1. On the landing page, click the Login button on the top right corner of the screen
  2. Select Create an Account and fill in the required boxes 
  3. Activate your account through the confirmation email sent by PYM 


PYM Chews Review

How do I cancel my PYM subscription?

There are three ways to cancel your PYM subscription:

  • Put in a request through text (310-564-250)
  • Login to your account and make the necessary changes
  • Get in touch with PYM’s customer service team directly  

What is PYM’s Shipping Policy?

It seems that the company only delivers within the US and Canada. While writing this PYM chews review, I didn’t find any indication of free shipping, costs, or a tracking number that customers can use on their website.

However, I do know that it usually takes 2 days to receive shipments if orders are placed before 2 PM EST. 

What is PYM’s Return Policy?

PYM states that customers have 24 hours to cancel their order before shipment. Unfortunately, they do not offer free return shipping. To initiate this process and for more details, buyers are encouraged to contact their customer service team. 

How to Contact PYM

For inquiries unrelated to this PYM chews review, you can contact the company through:

Filling out their message form online

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