Peepers Reading Glasses Review

About Peepers

Peepers Reading Glasses Review

Peepers is an online company known for selling reading glasses. They also offer other varieties of eyewear including prescription lenses, blue light blocking glasses, and shades.

Providing designs for men, women, and children, the brand carries a huge variety stylish frames for customers to choose from whether you are searching for trendy, vintage, or formal looking eyewear.

With a steady following of 31.2k on Instagram, Peepers is endorsed by Oprah, and has earned lots of attention from the press; featured on outlets such as The Oprah Magazine, Good Morning America, and The View. 

Is this brand worth a quick peek? This Peepers reading glasses review aims to answer that for you in this following article. We will take a closer look at their products, services, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Peepers

Peepers Reading Glasses Review

Peepers has a long, rich family history as its founding date runs all the way back to 1908 with Paul. E  Sammann, who started his own company selling clothes and hardware items in Shanghai, China. 

After moving to America, Sammann passed and his son took over the family business, purchasing See Aid Optical in 1985.

In 1993, Sammann’s wife found a veritable lack of stylish eyewear in the market and decided to fill the need for fashionable lenses, causing to officially launch in 1996.

They started off selling 1 single frame that held 6 different color options. Since its internet debut, Peepers has nothing but success in terms of expansion and gaining notoriety for their products.

Most of their biggest accomplishments include some of their Peepers glasses making Oprah’s Favorite Things list in 2019 and being named one of Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2020. Today, their head offices are located in Michigan City, Indiana. 

Before we get into this Peepers reading glasses review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons:


  • A variety of eyewear to choose from including Peepers reading glasses for men, women, and children  
  • The brand offers a Perfect Pair Finder to help customers choose the best eyewear model based on the preference and prescription 
  • Peepers provides a vision test for buyers to see what prescription will work for them 
  • They also offer accessories such as cleaning cloths and beaded cords 
  • The company helps to support the Unity Foundation to aid local schools
  • Frequent sales and discounted items
  • They accept FSA and HSA cards as a form of payment 
  • Free shipping on domestic orders $42 and above 
  • International shipping available 
  • 90-day return policy
  • Full refund available with all returns


  • Customers must pay return shipping costs 
Peepers Reading Glasses Review

It’s time to ditch the stereotype that glasses are unattractive. Cat-eye, Round, Aviator, Half-Frame you name it, Peepers offers several varieties of classy frames on their website. 

From readers, shades, and blue light lenses, this Peepers reading glasses review will provide you with a list of bestsellers that may be worth trying on. As a side note, we will only be looking at the women’s category within this article. 

Peepers Reading Glasses for Women Review

Anna Wintour, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Aniston are just a few beauty icons known to rock a pair of glasses.

You can get the celebrity treatment too, with the brand’s assortment of trendy frames. This Peepers reading glasses review will take a look at a few of the women’s top-selling glasses down below. 

Peepers Bravado Review 

For those that love to make a statement, the Bravado glasses will do just the trick.

Designed in a flattering, oversized frame, this model comes in Tortoise, Navy Tortoise, and Black. Note that the top rims of these glasses are slightly thicker compared to their outer structure, which helps to highlight the brow bone while defining your eyes. 

This model is in the Peepers blue light reading glasses collection and can filter 40% of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light in a 400 to 450-nanometer range.

Also offering UV400 protection, these lenses have a 7-layer anti-reflective coating to reduce glare. 

In terms of customization, buyers can choose to make these glasses for Reading or for No Correction in a prescription-strength range of +1.00 to +3.00. The Bravado model is priced at just $25

Peepers See The Beauty Review 

We are getting fashionable librarian vibes from the See The Beauty eyeglasses. Featuring a friendly, feminine cat-eye, this frame is built with gold metal temples and color-coordinated acetate tips for added flair.

Available in over 7 different colors and patterns for the bold or the humble, some of the color options you can pick are Grey Tortoise, Fuchsia, and Black. 

Part of the Peepers blue light readers collection as well, this model offers UV protection against harmful rays. They’re also made with dual anti-scratch coating, so no need to worry if you accidentally drop these on the floor. 

Offered in 2 different lenses with a range of prescription sizes, See The Beauty glasses are priced at $28. It also comes with a complimentary gold embossed gift box and a matching printed case as well. 

Peepers Au Naturel Review 

One of Oprah’s favorites, the Au Naturel glasses feature a rectangular frame with a nude peach stain. Perfect to pair with any outfit, the warm undertones of this color bring out the natural flush of your cheeks. 

Also, its pinkish hue paired with the minute angular rim can make your facial features seem sharper and more defined. The dual anti-scratch coating protects from those occasional accidents, and distortion-free lenses help see the world accurately. 

Note that this design is only available in a prescription of Peepers 1.00. Currently, the Au Naturel eyeglasses are on sale for $21 (originally $23). 

Peepers Center Stage Review 

The Center Stage eyeglasses are one of the most adventurous looks in the Peepers readers collection. Completed with an oversized frame, comes a beautiful round shape for the lens.

Built with spring hinges for additional comfort, they’re available in over 9 different colors. This includes bold patterns like Green Tortoise, Pink Quartz, Bright Red, and more.

Built with blue light technology, this model filters more than 40% of HEV blue light in order to reduce eye fatigue and glare. Offered in various prescriptions, the Center Stage glasses are just $25

Peepers Bellissima Review

These Peepers women’s reading glasses are, in a word, swanky. The Bellissima is crafted in the classic wayfarer shape, finished with a 2-toned matte coat.

For additional accents, this pair is decorated with oval embellishments on the temple and on the frame top. Built to filter blue light, it serves as protection wear for when you stay up writing emails or on social media.

This design is offered in 2 color combinations. This includes a gray frame with a merlot red interior (Grey/Red) or a standard navy rim with a green accent (Navy/Green).

Coming in a wide range of prescription sizes, including Peepers 1.25 reading glasses, the Bellissima lenses are priced at $25

Peepers Show Stopper Review 

For those that are a fan of the “bookish” aesthetic, you might want to try on the Show Stopper eyeglasses from Peepers. Offered in cool Gray Tortoise Green for the exterior, it features a softly rounded frame to help bring out the glint in your eyes. 

The Show Stopper is decorated with round pins on each side for a touch of elegance, and features spring hinges so they sit comfortably on your ears. They’re available in various different prescriptions, including Peepers 2.75.

This Peepers reading glasses review recommends these for coffee dates, library days, or when you just want to cozy up to a book, the Show Stopper glasses are $21, down from $24

Peepers Dynomite Review 

Channel your inner Emma Watson with the Dynomite eyeglasses. The subtle ombre fade of the round tortoise frame melts into the thin molded temples and a keyhole nose bridge has been added for comfort and that added vintage edge. 

Part of the Peepers readers for women collection, this design is built using blue light technology and is especially helpful for weekends when you want to unwind and scroll through videos on your phone without hindering your sleep.

A fashionable and functional accessory that’s offered in either Tan/Brown or Blue/Brown, the Dynomite glasses cost just $25

Peepers Vintage Vibes Review

There’s nothing wrong with going back to basics. Showcasing the traditional soft square frame with soft, pastel dusty fronts, the Vintage Vibes eyeglasses bring back the classic nostalgic look, tailored to suit the modern woman.

It comes in over 3 color combinations including Pink, Blue, and Green that’s all paired with a Tortoise texture for the temples.

Protected with blue light technology, these lenses prevent glaring and harmful rays from ruining your eyes. The Vintage Vibes eyeglasses come for $35

Peepers Makeup Glasses Review 

For those that suffer from farsightedness, putting on makeup can be quite a challenge. It’s especially difficult when you need to be precise, like when putting on eyeliner or eyeshadow. Designed in a rather funny-looking frame, the Makeup Glasses come to the rescue.

They’re built with only one lens to help you apply makeup to the other eye. The lens is completely unattached to the temple, so once you’re done with the first eye, swing it over and start on the next! 

Available in prescriptions +1.50 to +3.00, and Clear/ Black options, the Makeup Glasses cost $24. Just make sure to take these off before heading out the door!

Peepers Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Peepers Reading Glasses Review

This Peepers reading glasses review found out that a majority of customers seem to like this eyewear brand. On their website, most of the best-selling models garner dozens, if not hundreds of positive testimonials. 

For instance, the Bravado frames have over 302 reviews with an average rating of 4.9/5 stars. Buyers have noted that this design is stylish to wear. Additionally, most people stated that delivery was relatively quick.

“I absolutely love these frames..I have several in different colors (some blue filter only and some just for reading). They are very trendy and somehow make working in front of a computer all day fun! I receive compliments each time I wear them,” one reviewer wrote for these Bravado glasses. 

We also found positive reviews on websites such as Amazon and Facebook. On the Amazon product page for the Center Stage eyeglasses, a total of 833 global ratings have been posted with a general ranking of 4.4/5 stars

On their Facebook page, there are over 283 comments that have been written for this brand with an overall grade of 4.3/5 stars. Customers on both sources have stated that their glasses are stylish, comfortable, and reasonably priced. 

“Glasses are of great quality & the customer service is exceptional. I own quite a few pairs of glasses & I love how they frame my face. I highly recommend them,” one Facebook reviewer wrote. 

Are Peepers Glasses Worth It?

Peepers Reading Glasses Review

For affordable frames that are offered in a wide assortment of eccentric patterns and designs, this Peepers reading glasses review readily recommends this brand.

The brand provides several varieties of stylish specs on their website, this includes classic models such as cat-eye, rectangular, or soft square rims. 

It’s a breath of fresh air compared to other eyewear brands that usually offer outdated designs. Some of their pieces are quite unique, especially the Makeup Glasses which only feature one lens. 

The brand also provides a large collection of resources designed to help customers find the right kind of glasses for them. These include:

  • The Perfect Pair Finder
  • The Find Your Strength directory
  • The Optical Fit Guide

It’s also nice to know that Peepers donates a portion of their revenue to help support local schools around their area through the Unity Foundation. According to the company website, they’ve given over 29k to teachers so far.

Though there are many good things to say about the brand, there were a few customers that had negative experiences with broken items and the fit of the glasses.

With any new pair of glasses, there may those of us that may choose the wrong style or just got too ambitious. If you do have this issue with Peepers, the 90-day return policy will help you out. This is also an option for defective products or if your glasses break.

If you’re looking for reasonably priced specs that don’t sacrifice fashion or reliability, Peepers is worth checking out

Peepers Promotions & Discounts 

Peepers Reading Glasses Review

The company has a ‘Sale’ tab on their website where customers can find discounted prices for select models. This Peepers reading glasses review hasn’t come across any other promotions or deals on their website so far. 

Where to Buy Peepers Reading Glasses

Peepers Reading Glasses Review

Customers can purchase all the brand’s popular designs, such as Peepers mens reading glasses, by visiting Some of their major retailer partners include:

  • Amazon 
  • Walmart 
  • Whole Foods 

Use Peepers’ Store Locator to find a retailer closest to you. 


Peepers Reading Glasses Review

Where are Peepers made?  

This Peepers reading glasses review found out that their warehouse is located in Michigan City, Indiana. It’s a 30,000 square foot distribution center. 

Are Peepers bifocals? 

The brand does offer bifocals within their glasses collection. Some of them also help minimize strain on your eyes caused by screens and technology. 

Can you put prescription lenses in Peepers? 

This Peepers reading glasses review found out that yes, customers can put prescription lenses in their glasses. 

What is Peepers’s Shipping Policy?

Peepers offers free domestic shipping on orders that total $42+. Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $5

Using their main courier, USPS, packages will usually arrive within 5 to 7 business days. They also provide expedited shipping for a set rate. 

Peepers does offer international shipping for select countries but you will need to check on the brand’s website to be certain they ship to you.

Customers will receive a tracking number via a confirmation email in order to help locate their purchases while they are on the way.

What is the process for Peepers returns?

Customers have 90 days to send back their orders for a refund. They do not cover return shipping costs, unless you are receiving an exchange or a Peepers electronic gift card. 

Items must be in its original packaging and condition in order to be considered eligible. To initiate this process, buyers can click on the Return Portal found on the brand’s website. 

How to Contact Peepers Customer Service 

For inquiries unrelated to this Peepers reading glasses review, you can contact the company through:

  • Phone: 219-872-4413 (Weekdays, 8 AM to 4:30 PM CST)

You can also fill out their Message Form online.

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