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About Technogym

Technogym Review

Technogym enables you to work out smarter, not harder. Best known for its premium collection of indoor exercise equipment, this sporting goods store offers a variety of treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, rowers, and strength machines. 

Garnering a steady following of over 231K on Instagram, Technogym has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Business Wire, Forbes, and PopSugar. In addition, pro-athletes Sanya Richards Ross and Morgan Lake were branded as company ambassadors. 

Looking to put a ‘techy’ spin on your workout routine? Perhaps it’s time to give this sporting goods company a shot. Keep reading, as this Technogym review takes an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Technogym

Technogym Review

Nerio Alessandri sought to revolutionize the world of exercise in the late 1980s. Sprung from his humble garage at the ripe age of 22, he founded Technogym as a mix between technology and traditional training. 

Things quickly picked up as Technogym became the official supplier of indoor exercise equipment for major athletic teams. We’re talking about big names like Ayrton Senna and A.C Milan

Hopping over to the early 90s, Technogym began to focus on machines designed for rehabilitation and wellness. Throughout the years, the company has evolved to incorporate more technological developments while expanding its operations worldwide. 

With its headquarters based in Cesena, Italy, this sporting goods brand now has flagship stores worldwide. According to the brand’s website, Technogym is all about the passion for innovation: 

“Our tale started in the city of Cesena more than 30 years ago. It’s a story of perseverance, faith in innovation, and archetypical Italian passion for detail. Follow us along into its future.” 

Before we get into this Technogym review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 


  • A variety of home gym equipment to choose from 
  • Built-in training videos as shown in their display case
  • Users can also watch Youtube or Netflix videos 
  • Provides warranties for their exercise machines 
  • Has a side blog dedicated to training advice and lifestyle tips 
  • Offers Affirm as an alternative payment option 


  • Pricier than other retailers 
  • Limited customer reviews 
  • Short return window of only 2 weeks 
Technogym Review

Privacy is something to indulge in. Let’s face it, we know at least one creepy guy at our local public gym. For those looking for an effective way to work out at home without the fear of prying eyes, at-home exercise machines can act as the perfect substitute. 

Fortunately, the brand offers an array of equipment on their website, including ellipticals, rowers, treadmills, and more. Ready to pump some iron or run that extra mile? This Technogym review will highlight a few of their best-selling models that might catch your eye. 

Technogym Treadmills Review

Take this as a sign to channel your inner Usain Bolt. Technogym offers over 6 different models of treadmills on their website. If you’re ready to sweat and sprint, we’ll cover two of their most popular machines within this category. 

Technogym Skillrun Review 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an accomplished marathoner or an amateur jogger. The Skillrun treadmill is designed for everybody. Powered by Multidrive technology, this bad boy offers two different types of resistance training: sled and parachute. 

It’s key for improving your endurance and speed, as the display case will monitor your overall performance down to heart rate and distance gained. As part of the Technogym treadmills collection, this model comes with built-in training modules and entertainment. 

Featuring advanced biofeedback, wireless connectivity, and handy compatibility between your phone and the model, it’ll be hard to search for another machine that does this amount of work for you. The Skillrun treadmill is currently offered for 3 different price points:

  • Skillrun TX 500: $12,650 
  • Skillrun Unity 5000: $15,150
  • Skillrun Unity 7000: $16,150 

Technogym Skillmill Review 

Ever heard of a curved ramp? The Skillmill treadmill by Technogym features an unusual track, which is key in improving performance. Built with Multidrive technology, this patented machine is meant to beef up your glutes and hamstrings. 

It also comes with magnetic resistance and over 11 difficulty levels. Other assets include a dual handlebar for proper posture and a display console for monitoring data. 

This Technogym hamstring stretch machine also comes with handles, straps, and a belt that allows exercise geeks to transform this model to an all-purpose machine. Complemented with Bluetooth compatibility and on-demand training modules, the Skillmill treadmill comes in 2 different versions:

  • Technogym skillmill Connect: $9,675 
  • Skillmill Console: (must request a quote)

Technogym Kinesis Review

Goodbye truck tires and battling ropes. It’s time to modernize the traditional strength test. Offered in a clean and versatile design, the brand features their Technogym kenesis gym equipment collection. Curious about learning more? We’ll highlight two of their customer favorites for readers to check out. 

Technogym Kinesis Personal Review 

Let’s be honest: Most home gym equipment is an eyesore to look at. More often than not, the average treadmill or elliptical doesn’t fit with the elegance of the modern household. Fortunately, the folks at Technogym have a better solution to this problem.

The Kinesis Personal trainer features an upscale design that’s made to blend in with your home decor. Built with FullGravity technology, this home gym comes with pulley ropes on either side. 

According to the brand, customers can work out in 200 different ways—including side lunges, shoulder presses, and leg adductions. It’s key for stretching out all of your muscles, compared to some machines that only focus on one or two. 

Compact, ergonomic, and easily paired with the Technogym equipment virtual app, the Kinesis Personal trainer is offered in 4 different designs:

  • Vision: $17,300
  • Heritage Black: $16,700
  • Leather Dark Brown: $18,300
  • Leather Gold: $18,300 

Technogym Kinesis – ONE Review 

If we were to catch a glimpse of the ‘future of exercise’, the Kinesis – ONE machine would definitely be in vision. Designed with a double weight stack, this specialized machine is crucial for an effective core workout. 

This is thanks to its independent resistance level, which allows the user to train in alternating positions and complexities. This model is also certified as a rehabilitation machine, as patients can use this device to work out their mobility issues. 

Best paired with the Technogym flexibility posterior trainer for a fuller range in movement, the Kinesis – ONE model costs $13,440

Technogym Bikes Review

Just missed the signup sheet for the next Tour de France? No worries, you can at least train for the following season. To help win the coveted gold medal, this brand provides a broad selection of indoor cyclers on its website. Our Technogym review will look at two of their hottest models within this category. 

Technogym Bike Personal Review 

Cycle ‘side to side’ like Ariana Grande with the Bike Personal trainer. Designed by Antonio Citterio himself, this indoor cycler offers a sleek, ergonomic style. With its advanced biomechanics system, users can experience smooth and seamless pedaling during every workout session.

It also comes with a display case that measures your resistance, endurance, and heart rate. This Technogym bike has a neat, wireless charging station at the front as a complementary asset.

Built with in-house training modules and compatibility with the brand’s mywellness app, go for the smart approach with the Bike Personal trainer for $10,680

Technogym Group Cycle Connect Review 

Designed for hardcore bikers, the Group Cycle Connect model enables you to train like Lance Armstrong. Made to be compact and ergonomic, this at-home machine operates on manual power—meaning that it requires your pedaling in order to work. 

It features an LCD display case, an adjustable seat, and a reduced Q factor for added comfort and enhanced performance. As part of the Technogym spin bikes collection, this model comes with a water repellent coating in case of sweat or accidental energy drink spills. 

Offered in two different colors, the Group Cycle Connect trainer is priced at $3,240 at checkout. 

Technogym Ellipticals Review

Take it from Diana Ross herself. There ain’t no mountain high enough to discourage you from reaching those exercise goals. Intended to help you climb the ‘top of the hill’, the company holds a variety of ellipticals for users to try out. This Technogym review will quickly comb through two popular models down below. 

Technogym Syncro Forma Review 

Key in toning your shape, the Syncro Forma elliptical offers a full cardio workout. It features a LED display case, heart rate monitoring, and automatic data logging, which acts as your virtual trainer to help you reach those fitness goals. 

To keep things smooth and bump-free, this model is built with a rear-drive that reduces stress on your muscles. In addition, this Technogym ellipticals model comes with a CPR system for close monitoring. 

Complemented with entertainment support, this machine was reportedly used by big-name Olympians in the past. For a laid-back workout to end those rigorous sprints, the Syncro Forma trainer costs $6,450

Technogym Cross Personal Review 

Looking for a luxe way to work out? The Cross Personal trainer features a sleek and stylish design due to its mirror finish and steel detailing. Offered with a LED display case, users can workout alongside their virtual coach with ease. 

Quiet and comfortable, this model is equipped to play your favorite tunes, all thanks to its Treble Dolby speakers. It’s also compatible with Apple and Android smartwatches. Like the ‘glowed up’ version of the Technogym cardio wave model, the Cross Personal trainer rings up to a total of $13,750

Technogym Flexability Posterior Review

Stretch out those kinks and knots with the brand’s Flexability Posterior machine. If you aren’t sold on this model yet, let this Technogym review outline a few details to help readers make that crucial decision. 

Technogym Flexability Posterior Review 

There’s no need to hire a chiropractor any time soon. The Flexibility Posterior machine helps you stretch out those stubborn muscles. Key in reducing tension, this device can aid in posture and relaxation. For those who have occasional back pain, this model can definitely work out those cracking joints and pressure points.

Built with Selflex technology, it also comes with a bodyprint system, a safety brake, and an adjustable recliner. Best paired with the Technogym Excite 700 for those who want a sweat-inducing workout afterwards, the Flexability Posterior machine costs $4,470 in total. 

How do you use a Technogym treadmill? 

Technogym Review

Each Technogym treadmill comes with a LED display, which helps monitor your overall performance. It’s compatible with their MyRun app, as it allows users to watch virtual training modules and other forms of entertainment while working out. 

When it comes to training on their machines, this Technogym review recommends reading their side blog or watching a few YouTube tutorials online to see how their equipment operates. 

How do you use the Technogym app? 

Technogym Review

The Mywellness app is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. It’s paired for all of Tecnhogym’s machines, and best of all, it’s completely wireless in terms of connectivity. For a comprehensive guide on how to use their mobile unit, we encourage you to visit their company website or look up a few video tutorials online. 

Who is Technogym for? 

Technogym Review

It should come as no surprise that Technogym is a relatively expensive sporting goods store. Due to their price, this brand is intended for those savvy in exercise and training. If you are a hardcore workout fanatic, there’s a chance that the $10,000 markup is well worth it. 

On the other hand, if you find yourself slacking off now and then, their collection of machines may not be worth the investment. 

There’s also the fact that some Technogym machines are designed for rehabilitation purposes. This means that patients can use their equipment to help them get better. 

Comparison: Technogym vs. Bowflex

Technogym Review

It’s time for a mini exercise showdown. Turn up the motivational music—as we’ve pitted Technogym with its rival brand, Bowflex, to see which company comes out on top. 

Down below, we’ve compiled a list of similarities and differences between these two businesses. Based on their variety of products and customer perks, we’re hoping that you come out with a more informed decision:


  • Offers a wide variety of indoor exercise equipment 
  • Stylish in design 
  • Provides virtual training with their built-in display cases 
  • Has a company app and can play other forms of entertainment like Netflix and YouTube 


  • Offers a wide variety of indoor exercise equipment 
  • More affordable compared to Technogym 
  • Also comes with a workout app and other forms of entertainment 
  • Provides more in-depth information on shipping 

Technogym Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Technogym Review

Don’t pull out your credit card just yet. This Technogym review found very few customer testimonials online. Because of this, we are unable to paint an accurate depiction of the brand as a whole. 

Trustpilot holds a small count of 29 comments with an average score of 3.5 stars out of 5. 45% of buyers were happy with their purchases, while 41% noted discrepancies in delivery.

“I purchased a Technogym Bike two months ago as I was looking for a cardio piece for my home. I have been extremely impressed by the quality and functionality of the Bike. Both my partner and I train on it daily. 100% recommend,” one Trustpilot reviewer wrote. 

Representing nearly half of the votes, one customer left a dismal review: 

“I bought a £10K Kinesis machine and Technogym has been awful to deal with. (We’ve been) trying to organize a date to install it correctly. Once everything was installed, we realised it wasn’t straight and now we can’t get them back!”

We came across a few reviews on Amazon and Sitejabber. It’s worth noting that these websites don’t provide an in-depth representation of the brand itself. This is due to its display of low rankings.

  • Sitejabber: 3 reviews with a 3/5 star rating 
  • Technogym Excite Run 700: 4 global ratings with a 4/5 star ranking 

Some independent bloggers, such as Treadmill Review Guru and Robb Report, left favorable critiques of this sporting goods brand. This is especially towards the SkillRun TX500 and their Bike Personal trainer.

A few highlights included its rigorous training modules, effective workout sessions, and the convenience of watching other forms of entertainment like Netflix or Disney+. 

“It also allowed me to watch Masterclass on my phone or catch up on Instagram Stories while my legs burned. And as I got fitter and my back got used to cycling again, I liked the challenge of progressing through the Sessions workouts, pushing myself to see if I could tolerate various new programs,” reads the Technogym review by Robb Report. 

With that being said, both reviewers noted drawbacks within a few Technogym machines. According to Treadmill Review Guru, their exercise equipment is rather heavy and expensive

The author for the Robb Report reported frustrations in updating the system for the Bike Personal trainer, There was an update that I must have tried 20 times to install as instructed on screen, which took about 10 minutes and failed every time. Which was infuriating.” 

All things considered, this Technogym review places this sporting goods brand in a blurry middle in terms of customer experiences. This is partially due to the delivery times and the performance of their machines. 

Is Technogym Worth It?

Technogym Review

If you’re on the hunt for high-end home gym equipment, Technogym is a brand worth looking into. We were generally impressed with the design of their machines. 

Compared to other sporting goods brands that offer relatively ‘unattractive’ models, their models are made to fit within your modern household. 

We need to give credit to their shiny, LED interface, which hosts dozens of nifty workout tutorials. Let’s also not forget the convenience of exercising at home. 

With that being said, Technogym is a relatively expensive company to shop at. With most of their products sold at $6,000 to $10,000, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by looking at the price tag.

Coupled with the fact that there are only a few customer experiences shared online, it’s hard to say that this brand has garnered a trustworthy reputation. All in all, this Technogym review does recommend this company, but we suggest that you proceed with caution. 

Technogym Promotions & Discounts 

Technogym Review

This Technogym review found out that customers can get a 30-day free trial for the 1Rebel and Revolution’s on-demand classes. This is only for their indoor cyclers. They also have a rewards program, in which members can accumulate points to gain access to exclusive deals and perks.

Where to Buy Technogym

Technogym Review

Customers can purchase their products by heading over to Aside from visiting their boutiques, you can also find them at partnered retailers such as:

  • Amazon
  • The Fitness Shop 
  • Fitness Depot 


Technogym Review

Where is Technogym made? 

According to the brand’s website, Technogym machines are designed in Italy. 

What is Technogym’s Shipping Policy?

This Technogym review hasn’t found much on their shipping policy—this includes locations, costs, or a given tracking number. According to their webpage, the brand will take care of installation and assembly. For information on delivery, we suggest that you contact customer service. 

What is Technogym’s Return Policy?

Technogym offers a 14-day window for customers to send back their products. Items must be in their original condition in order to be considered eligible. From what we’ve gathered so far, the company will take care of the shipping costs. 

It’s also worth mentioning that they offer select warranties on some of their machines. For more information on their warranties or to initiate the return process, contact the brand directly. 

How to Contact Technogym

For inquiries unrelated to this Technogym review, you can contact the company through:

  • Phone number: (800) 804-0952 (Monday to Friday from 8 AM–7 PM, EST)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Using the chat function on their website 

Filling out a message form online

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