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About Peloton

Peloton Bikes Review

The Peloton offers top-of-the-line workouts taught by industry-leading fitness professionals, right in the comfort of your home. The Peloton membership includes a library of thousands of on-demand and live classes that are engaging, motivating, and challenging. Plus, they offer state of the art workout bikes, treadmills, and workout accessories to use during your classes. Classes feature curated music to help push you to the best of your ability. 

The Peloton community includes millions of members, and the membership organizes community events for members to come together and celebrate their health journeys. Peloton has been featured in Men’s Health, Forbes, Huffington Post, The New York Times, Wallstreet Journal, Rollingstone, GQ, and countless other media sources. The Peloton stock price is an impressive $155.23

The brand is extremely well-known, and most have noticed a Peloton advertisement or two in the last eight years. If you’ve ever watched a Peloton commercial, then you probably know how appealing the brand is, and you may have even tried Peloton bikes before. 

This Peloton bikes review will give you a comprehensive view of the brand, by filling you in on how their membership works, what their bikes and treadmills are like, what customers think about the brand’s services, plus more, to help you decide if they are really worth the buy. 

Overview of Peloton

Peloton Bikes Review 1

The founders of Peloton understand that for many of us who are trying to get fit, there are certain elements that need to work in our favor in order to motivate us to tie up our laces day after day.

Peloton combines the intimacy of in-studio classes with the camaraderie of the locker room and the community of organized sports to help us stay on track. Not only that, their hardware makes it easy for us to track our progress and see how we perform. 

Peloton was launched in 2012 to make boutique fitness accessible in the homes of everyone. John Foley founded the company after years of struggling to get to workout classes before, after, and during work, while balancing a busy family life. Peloton’s headquarters are located in New York, and just recently moved locations due to expanding their staff size by 10 fold. 

Next up, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the brand in this Peloton bikes review. 

Peloton Bikes Review


  • State of the art stationary bikes and treadmills
  • Peloton offers a variety of accessories for their workout equipment
  • Free two month trial on the Peloton app
  • All access and digital memberships available
  • Pause or Cancel membership at any time
  • Option to pay by installments


  • Bikes are very expensive
  • Some customers experience long shipping times
  • Some customers are hesitant to purchase due to lack of classes for the Tread

Peloton Bikes Review

Peloton Bikes Review

This Peloton bikes review gives you the down-low on their bestselling bikes, the Bike and the Bike +. Both machines include delivery and assembly, a 30-day home trial, and a 12-month limited warranty. Also, you’ll have access to thousands of on-demand and weekly live classes. 

Each bike also offers app access and lets you create individual profiles for one or more users in your household. The Bike, and the Bike+ come with different add on options. The set that includes weights lets you choose from either 1, 2, or 3 lbs weights, and the shoes come in sizes 36-48.

You’ll see options for Basic, Essential, Works, and Family add ons for each next in this Peloton bikes review. 

Peloton Bike Review

The Peloton Bike sets you up for success. It’s a great option for those who are interested solely in cycling, and doesn’t require the extra bells and whistles. The Peloton Bike provides all of the basics you need to have a great ride.

Though this Peloton bikes review uses the word basic, the bike is anything but. It delivers a smooth, powerful spinning experience every time you hop on. 

The Peloton Bike features an adjustable 21.5” touchscreen, where you can watch your instructor, a 2×10 watt sound system to keep that music booming and your heart pumping, and a resistance knob. The machine measures 4’x2’ footprint with the dimensions: 59″ L x 53″ H x 23″ W, and weighs 135lbs. 

With the Peloton Bike Basics, you’ll receive this bike model for $1,895. Peloton also offers payment plan options with Affirm. The Peloton Bike Essentials set includes the bike, one pair of shoes, one set of bike weights, and one pair of headphones for a lump sum option of $2,045.

Peloton Bike Works helps you take your spinning experience to the next level. This set includes one pair of shoes, one set of bike weights, one pair of headphones, a heart rate monitor, and a bike mat. This option’s full price is $2,145

Why not get the entire family involved with the Peloton Bike Family set? With even more gear, every two members can have access to their own shoes, heart rate monitor, water bottle, and headphones.

This set comes with two pairs of shoes, one set of bike weights, two pairs of headphones, two heart rate monitors, a bike mat, and two water bottles. The Peloton Bike Family set is $2,345.  

Peloton Bike+ Review

The Peloton Bike+ lets you combine your spin workout with holistic practices like meditation, or yoga, by spinning the 360°, 23.8” rotatable screen in any direction you need. The monitor is also touchscreen, which makes selecting options easy when you’re out of breath. 

The Peloton Bike+ has 4-channel audio with 2×3 watt tweeters, and 2×10 watt woofers for a range of sound. The bike itself has a 4×2’ footprint, a resistance knob with Auto Follow and Apple GymKit integration, making it simple to keep track of your progress. 

The Peloton Bike+ has dimensions 59″ L x 59″ H x 23″ W, weighing 140lbs. Get the multi-functional Bike+ Basics for $2,495, or pay $64 for 39 months with Affirm.

The Peloton Bike+ Essentials delivers gear to help you take your workout to the floor following your sweaty spin sesh, or for some peaceful meditation or restorative yoga on your rest day. This set includes stationary bike, one pair of cycling shoes, one set of bike weights, and a reversible yoga mat for the full price of $2,695.  

Put some pep in your step, or pedal stroke, with the Peloton Bike+ Works. You’ll receive the stationary bike, one pair of shoes, one set of bike weights, a reversible workout mat, a bike mat, and one set of resistance bands. This next-level set is $2,795 as a one-time payment, or for $72/month with Affirm.

The Peloton Bike+ Family includes every tool you need to elevate your workout and perform at your best. This inclusive set comes with the bike, two pairs of shoes, one set of bike weights, a reversible workout mat, a bike mat, one set of resistance bands, yoga blocks, a yoga strap, and two water bottles.

Exercise the way you want to with the Peloton Bike+ Family set for a one-time payment of $2,945, or as low as $76/month with Affirm. 

Peloton Treadmills Review

Peloton recognized that alternating the type of cardio we perform is beneficial to our overall health. They took the same principles and features that they applied to their stationary bikes into the Peloton Tread

The price of each Peloton Tread includes delivery and assembly, a 30-day home trial, and a limited warranty. This Peloton bikes review will feature their bestselling treadmills and the included sets: Basic, Essential, Works, and Family

Peloton Tread Review

The Peloton Tread is a sleek, but not simply designed treadmill. It takes your indoor running experience up a few notches by including a 23.8” touch screen monitor that provides access to on-demand and live classes. 

The Peloton Tread has a traditional woven nylon running belt, allowing 59” of running space (front to back), and 20” (side to side). With speeds from 0-12.5mph, and an incline of 0-12.5% grade, this machine will definitely help you break a sweat. The dimensions of the Peloton Tread are 68” L x 33” W x 62”. It weighs 290 lbs and has a step-up height of 8”. 

The Peloton Tread Basics package comes with the Peloton Tread only for $2,495 as a one-time payment. This set lets you continue your workout off of the treadmill with a resistance band, two sets of weights, a reversible yoga mat, and a heart rate monitor.

The Peloton Tread Works set allows you to dive deeper into your workout on the treadmill with wireless earbuds, a heart rate monitor, and a glass water bottle. Hop off your Peloton Tread for a strength workout with two sets of weights, a resistance band, and a reversible yoga mat. The price for this is $2,865 as a one-time payment.  

Sharing is caring, but sometimes it’s easier if everyone has their own things. The Peloton Tread Family includes a resistance band, three sets of weights, reversible yoga mat, two heart rate monitors, two sets of wireless earbuds, and two glass water bottles.

Make everyone happy with the Peloton Tread Family set for $3,065 as a one-time payment. Keep in mind that you can pay $79/ month with Affirm for a more affordable, spread out option. 

Peloton Tread+ Review

The Peloton Tread+ elevates your workout mentally and physically. It’s larger than the Peloton Tread, has a 32” touch screen monitor, and allows for a 0-15% grade incline. The step-up height is a bit higher, too, at 11.5”, and the whole machine measures 72.5” L x 36.5” W x 72” H. 

The Peloton Tread+ allows for free running, meaning the belt that measures 69” x 20” can be self-propelled. The belt is made from 59 individually mounted slats, with a rubber overmold, on a ball bearing rail system. This allows for a more cushioned impact and smoother run. 

Get the Peloton Tread+ Basics for $4,295, or you can pay as little as $111 for 39 months with Affirm. The Peloton Tread+ Essentials includes a resistance band, two sets of weights, a reversible yoga mat, and a heart rate monitor fora one-time payment of $4,565.

Peloton Tread+ Works lets you get the most out of your workout with their resistance band, two sets of weights, and a reversible yoga mat for floor workouts, and yoga, or meditation exercises.

This model also comes with a heart rate monitor, one pair of wireless earbuds, and a glass water bottle, to help you keep track of your progress, and stay motivated and hydrated during your workout. Get the Peloton Tread+ Works for $4,6655.

The Peloton Treat+ Family is Peloton’s most impressive package, allowing multiple users to experience the workout of their dreams. The set comes with a resistance band, three sets of weights, a reversible yoga mat, two heart rate monitors, two sets of wireless earbuds, and two glass water bottles for $4,865.  

More Peloton

If you originally bought your Peloton Bike or Bike+ but are now thinking you may like to take your workout to the next level, Peloton offers bike accessories in sets, or a la carte, to help you achieve your goals. Next, this Peloton bikes review will feature the brand’s best selling accessories and apparel

Peloton Bike Accessories Review

The Peloton Bike Essentials Set provides the core elements needed to get the most out of your ride. The set includes one pair of cleated Peloton shoes (sizes 36-48), one pair of weights(1, 2, or 3lbs), and one pair of wireless earbuds. This essential set is $150 (you’ll save $29). 

The Peloton Bike Works Set aims to provide the best possible spin experience with a bike mat to protect your floor. The set also includes one pair of shoes, one set of weights, a pair of wireless earbuds, and a heart rate monitor for $250 (save over $37).

The Peloton Bike Family Set gets the whole family involved with two pairs of bike shoes, two heart rate monitors, two water bottles, two pairs of wireless earbuds, one set of weights, and one bike mat for $450 (a staggering saving of $90).

The Peloton Bike+ sets are a bit different than the Peloton Bike sets. The Peloton Bike+ Essentials Set focuses more on taking your workout off of the bike and focuses on other activities like strength training. The set includes one pair of bike shoes, one set of weights, and a reversible workout mat for $200 (pocket that extra $19).

The Peloton Bike+ Works Set includes the bike mat and the reversible workout mat to protect your bike and provide a cushion for ultimate comfort during floor workouts and stretching exercises. It also comes with one pair of bike shoes, one set of weights, and a set of resistance bands for $300 (a savings of $47).

Your family will be tearing it up on and off the Peloton Bike+ with the Peloton Bike+Family Set. In this set, you’ll find two pairs of bike shoes, one set of bike weights, a reversible workout mat, a bike mat, one set of resistance bands, a yoga strap, two yoga blocks, and two water bottles. Set your family up for success with the Peloton Bike+Family set for $400 (keep that extra $112).

In the unfortunate chance that you need to replace your screen, this is possible with the Peloton Replacement Touchscreen with Free Pedals for $750 (save $60!).

Each of the following items can be purchased a la carte:

  • Bike Mat $69
  • Bike Weights $25
  • Cleats $25
  • Cycling Shoes $125
  • Dumbbells $45-95
  • Glass Water Bottle $25
  • Heart Rate Monitor $49
  • JBL x Peloton Earbuds $119
  • Pedals $60
  • Resistance Bands $69
  • Urbanears Sumpan Earbuds $29,
  • Yoga Blocks $30
  • Yoga Straps $10

Peloton Tread Accessories Review

The Peloton Tread accessories let you monitor your stats, while providing motivation to run and push through your strengthening workouts on the mat. 

The Peloton Dumbbells are made of cast iron with a natural rubberized coating that provides non-slip grip. They come in 5lb increments from 5 lbs to 30lbs. Prices range from $45-95

The Peloton Heart Rate Monitor allows you to track exactly how many calories you burn, and what kind of performance zone you are in. The ANT+ and BLE chest strap is comfortable and won’t irritate while running. This helpful tool retails for $49.

The JBL x Peloton Earbuds make your running experience so much easier. There’s nothing worse than accidentally hitting your earphone wire with your hands while running, abruptly pulling them out of your ears.

These $119 earbuds are sweat-proof and offer superior sound. The battery life is approximately 10 hours, and they’re compatible with your smartphone for calls, too. 

Peloton Resistance Bands are made with natural grade rubber latex with premium aluminum, sturdy handles, and hold up to pressure and resistance. The handle is non-slip, so hands stay steady even when sweaty. The Peloton Resistance Bands come as a set of three bands: light, medium, and heavy for $69.

You won’t know how useful the Peloton Yoga Blocks are until you take a yoga class. Thankfully, Peloton has multiple to choose from! These blocks are made from EVA foam, and help you lift and balance when trying new positions. This set of three features three different height options for $30. 

The Peloton Yoga Strap helps to improve your range of motion in those far reaching stretches. It gives you length and alignment so you can make sure you’re executing poses correctly to achieve the right benefits. This useful strap retails for only $10. 

Peloton Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Peloton Review

This Peloton bikes review has gathered some diverse reviews about the brand from customer review website TrustPilot, user experience website Reddit, product review site Reviewed, as well as the Peloton Facebook page. These reviews hope to give you a comprehensive view of customers’ experience with the brand.

Reviews on Trustpilot write of troubles with shipping, long shipping times, and delivery dates pushed back multiple times. A positive review on TrustPilot follows up these comments with: “I’ve had my Peloton bike…before the pandemic, so I didn’t have any problems with shipping. It was seamless…Peloton has made a huge improvement in my lifeGreat variety in classes, instructors, and community.”

A Reddit user wrote, “I’m refraining from ordering a Tread…There are only 2-4 running classes per day…most of those seem to be 20 min classes.”

Customers on Facebook rate the brand 4.6 /5 stars and can’t say enough about the brand’s customer service. This customer who recommended the brand wrote, “I worked with Xzavian he was…knowledgeable and great to work with.” Another happy customer on Facebook says, “Evonne was a very knowledgeable salesperson…no pressure just very helpful and professional.” 

A thorough article on Reviewed stated that compared to what we were spending on the gym, we are actually saving money…it’s also much less than what I was paying for SoulCycle… eight times per month…$264.”

Is Peloton Worth It?

Peloton Review

This Peloton bikes review will address complaints first. The majority of complaints regarding shipping are during the pandemic. Those who purchased their bike before the pandemic experienced no issues with shipping at all.

In terms of holding off on purchasing the Peloton Tread because of a lack of selection in classes, this Peloton bikes review will say that it’s a relatively new product. So new, that it hasn’t even been released in every state within the US. 

It would be logical to think that more classes will be added as time goes on. If you’re wondering about when more classes will be added, a quick email to their customer support team would clarify the issue. The Peloton price is a little high, yes, but with Affirm payment plans, your monthly Peloton cost would be less than what you would pay monthly for the gym. 

Peloton Bikes Review 2

The Peloton brings the best workout classes into your home. What this Peloton bikes review loves about the brand is that they offer more than just spin classes. They recognize that strength, yoga, and even meditation classes are suited to a more wide variety of likes and needs, and are more enjoyable and beneficial with an educated instructor. 

What’s more is that Peloton is not just a spinning bike or a workout class. What they’re providing is a community where you feel involved, motivated, and inspired by others who are on the same mission as you. This is key for achieving goals! This Peloton bikes review definitely believes the brand’s products and services are worth the buy. 

Peloton Promotions & Discounts 

You can get two months of free access to the Peloton Digital Membership.

Where to Buy Peloton

Peloton Review

Peloton has retail stores and showrooms across the US, UK, and Canada. Customers are only able to purchase a Peloton directly from one of their showrooms, or on


Is Peloton worth the money?

When you first see the price of a Peloton Bike or Tread, it may seem like quite the investment. But when you take into consideration the amount of money spent on gym fees each year (typically $600- $2400), the price of a Peloton seems a bit more manageable. 

Keep in mind that you can also purchase a Peloton on a payment plan, in which case your monthly fees would be less than $100. When you pay off your bike, the payments drop down to $39 per month – much less than the average gym membership.

So yes, Peloton is definitely worth the money. It provides access to thousands of diverse workout classes with industry-leading fitness professions. 

Is using the Peloton a good workout? 

Each workout depends on your own capabilities. Peloton sets you up for success, but you still have to do the work. Peloton’s workouts range in intensity and provide challenging, immersive classes to offer all of the tools you need for a successful workout. 

How much does a Peloton bike cost? 

The Peloton Bike retails for $1,895 and The Peloton Bike+ retails for $2,495. 

Can the Peloton instructor see you? 

The Peloton instructor cannot see your face but they can see your performance. Your username will be in the class member’s leader list that displays the top performers in the class. The instructor may give you a shoutout when they see you climbing the chart! 

Can you watch Netflix on Peloton? 

Currently, the brand does not allow you to download other apps onto your Peloton Bike. However, this is something they hope to offer in the future. 

Can I use Peloton without subscription? 

It is possible to use your Peloton without a subscription. Without a subscription, you will have access to three pre-recorded classes and the Just Ride feature. Your three pre-recorded classes are preselected, and the Just Ride feature does not include scenic rides. 

Can you Facetime on Peloton? 

You are not able to utilize your iPhone Facetime feature, but Peloton has their own video chat that you can enable during workouts to chat with friends. In order to chat with a friend, you must both be following each other and be in the same workout class. 

Can I use Airpods with Peloton? 

Yes, you can absolutely use your Airpods with Peloton. Head to the bluetooth menu on your Peloton and pair with your Airpods. 

Can you wear sneakers on Peloton? 

If you’d rather wear sneakers than the Peloton spin shoes that clip into the pedals, the company recommends that you attach toe cages to your Peloton for the most smooth and secure ride. 

Can I play my own music on Peloton? 

All of Peloton’s classes come with pre-curated playlists, so unfortunately you cannot play your own music and hear your instructor at the same time on the Peloton device. 

How do I get $100 off Peloton? 

It’s simple! Just refer a friend. For every friend that uses your Peloton referral code, Peloton credits you $100 for your next apparel purchase. Your friend will also get $100 off of Bike or Tread accessories. 

Are there ever sales on Peloton? 

Peloton hardware never officially goes on sale. They do have special Black Friday deals and offer military discounts. 

How long does Peloton take to ship?

Shipping times on state that orders for their Bike and Tread take between 8-10 weeks. A more accurate shipping estimate will be provided at checkout. While you wait, you can check your Peloton order status by logging into your account. 

Peloton offers free in-home delivery and assembly on their Bike, and Tread orders, this is the same for the Peloton Canada price for delivery. Orders for apparel and accessories take about 5 business days to receive. For those orders, you can choose from:

  • Standard shipping $7 2-5 business days
  • Expedited Shipping $20 – 2 business days

Peloton ships to the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. They also ship within the UK, Germany, and some Canadian provinces. The company does not deliver their bikes to freight forwarders. If you export your bike, it voids the warranty completely and you will not be able to access support outside of the previously mentioned areas.

Peloton is not able to ship their Bikes and Treads for delivery Canada locations including Quebec, Newfoundland & Labrador, NovaScotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon, Saskatchewan, and select areas of Ontario, BC, and Alberta. 

Can I return my Peloton?

You can return your Peloton with 30 days of purchase if you are not happy with it. They do not cover shipping return fees, which cost $250 for their Bikes and $300 for their Treads. If your Peloton is returned with signs of damage or missing parts, they will not issue you a refund, and you may be charged an additional restocking fee.

When you buy a Bike or Tread for the first time, you are eligible for their 30-Day Home Trial Offer, where you have 30 days to try your new Peloton, and if you are not satisfied, can return it for a complete refund of hardware and any membership fees. 

Shoes, water bottles, earbuds, and heart rate monitors are not eligible for return. All other merchandise may be returned within 30 days of purchase and must be shipped in the original packaging. For returns on apparel, you have 60 days from the date of purchase to start your return. Apparel must be unworn, unwashed, in original conditions with the tags attached. 

Your refund for all returns will be credited back to your original form of payment within 5-7 days.  

How to Contact Peloton

If you need to any other information about the brand that this Peloton bike review did not provide, there are multiple ways to get in touch:

  • Ccustomer service: 1-866-679-9129
  • Peloton Studios New York: 1-646-277-4497. 
  • Live Chat on the website
  • Member Support email: [email protected] 
  • Peloton Studios New York email: [email protected] 

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