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Martha Stewart Wine Review

About Martha Stewart Wine 

Martha Stewart Wine Review

Martha Stewart Wine is a wine company that carries curated bottles of wine selected by famed American businesswoman, Martha Stewart. This company sells several varieties of wine, including red, white, dessert wine, and rosé

With a following of over 14k on Instagram, Martha Stewart Wine has been featured in numerous publications such as Elite Daily, Forbes, Delish, and NBC News

If you’re a fan of Martha Stewart, or are looking for a company that offers curated bottles of wine, this brand may be for you. This Martha Stewart Wine review will take an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy (and taste). 

Overview of Martha Stewart Wine 

Martha Stewart Wine Review

Known for her expansive enterprise on DIY projects and recipe collections, it should come as no surprise that Martha Stewart created her own wine company that only holds a selection of Martha Stewart favorite wines.

For those who are unaware, Martha Stewart is famous for her how-to home and lifestyle blog. She also has her own line of craft supplies and has published several recipe books. Martha is known as a major celebrity, as she has been featured on numerous news outlets. 

Martha Stewart Wine Review

Martha Stewart Wine was established because of her love for wine and spirits, as she often recommends wine and cheese pairings in lifestyle magazines and media outlets. The company was launched in the spring of 2017, along with their partnering team,

“Over the years I’ve had the great pleasure of tasting some extraordinarily delicious wines. I learned that as you try more varieties, you gain lots of insight into the ‘right’ wine for your taste. Drinking the many fine wines I’ve chosen for the Martha Stewart Wine Co. will enable you to discover which wines you prefer!” via a statement made on 

Before we get into this Martha Stewart Wine review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons of the brand:


  • Hand-picked and curated wines selected by Martha Stewart
  • Customers can choose their bottles or join a monthly wine club subscription service for automatic deliveries 
  • Offers curated wine packs for certain occasions like grilling and festive feasts
  • Martha Stewart recommends foods to pair perfectly with the wines 
  • Free shipping on orders of 6 or more bottles 


  • Does not provide international shipping
  • Only ships to select states 

Martha Stewart Wine Bestsellers

Martha Stewart Wine Review

There are various brands of Martha Stewart red wine, white wine, rosé, and dessert wine available to purchase on the website. This includes exquisite selections like the Martha Stewart white burgundy wine and curated Martha Stewart french wines. 

Customers can also shop by occasion, which includes wines curated for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, clubs, and other special events. Additionally, you can also pick from Martha’s seasonal selection, which is a curated inventory of wines that she recommends from time to time.

Martha Stewart Wine company also has a subscription service called the Martha Stewart Wine Club. Customers can either opt for a Half-Case Wine Club plan (6 bottles every 6 weeks) or the Case Wine Club plan (12 bottles every 8 weeks).

Subscribers also have the option to choose their wine preference and are given pairing and serving suggestions recommended by Martha Stewart herself.

Fancy a sip? This Martha Stewart Wine review will now highlight the most popular wine selections that the brand offers.

Martha Stewart Wine 2019 Bernard Magrez Chardonnay Review

There’s nothing more scenic than having a glass of wine with some bread and cheese, while looking over the French countryside. While we may not have the luxury of flying to Europe whenever we please, we can at least embody its aesthetic. Opt your plane ticket for a glass of the 2019 Bernard Magrez Chardonnay. 

This exquisite white wine is from one of “Bordeaux’s most interesting visionaries.” It’s producer, Bernard Magrez, was known for his attention to detail and dedication to excellent wine. This chardonnay is well-balanced, as it offers lively fruit aromas and fresh minerality.

The 2019 Bernard Magrez Chardonnay is made out of 100% chardonnay grapes that are grown on clay-limestone soil in Pays d’Oc, Languedoc, France.

Martha Stewart Wine recommends pairing this wine chilled with white meats, seasonal vegetables, and seafood. The 2019 Bernard Magrez Chardonnay retails for just $20

Martha Stewart Wine Calvary Organic White Blend Review

The Calvary Organic White Blend is what we’d imagine springtime would taste like encased in a bottle. This vibrant white wine is scented with the fresh aromas of a floral bouquet, paired with the sweetness of peach and apricot. You can also taste undertones of honey, which makes for a sweet and delicious finish.

This blend is made from organic grapes and is dry-farmed from the historic wine regions of northern Italy. According to Martha Stewart Wine, “Not only is dry farming environmentally responsible, proponents suggest it yields more intensely flavored grapes.”

The Calvary Organic White Blend is also vegan and gluten-free. For an $18 bottle, you can pair this wine with salads, veggie dishes, poultry with light sauces, or grilled fish, to make for an exquisite and impressive meal. 

Martha Stewart Wine 2019 Chateau Tour Neuve Bordeaux Rouge Review

The 2019 Chateau Tour Neuve Bordeaux Rouge is a gold-winning wine for a reason. With its historical tie to the Romans, this red beauty has roasted and smoked notes, due to the wine’s oak-aging.

Flavors of dark fruit, along with hints of chocolate and tannin, give an earthiness to the tongue’s palette. The color of this wine is gorgeous, as opening the bottle reveals a stunning ruby hue with purple reflections on the glass.

The grapes used were selected from a small estate in Côtes de Bourg, which happens to be France’s oldest wine-producing regions. The Maritime-influenced climate makes it ideal for growing quality red grapes.

To enhance your taste buds, pair the 2019 Chateau Tour Neuve Bordeaux Rouge (which is priced at $22) with beef, veal, venison, and any variety of cheese. 

Martha Stewart Wine 2019 Haut Vignac Merlot Review

The perfectly curated and assembled charcuterie board is now widely popular, thanks to Pinterest and Instagram. With its assortment of cheeses, jams, crackers, and sliced meats, the final product can look especially pleasing to the eye. To pair with your evening tasting board, might I recommend the 2019 Haut Vignac Merlot?

This mature merlot is from the Perigord region located in the French countryside. This specific region is known for its expert winemaking and ideal climate to produce its alcohol.

The 2019 Haut Vignac Merlot has a rich and lively color, which holds strawberry and cherry notes, with a hint of black pepper. Impress your dinner guests with a grilled steak and pair this bottle for $16

Martha Stewart Wine 2019 Pierofosco Toscana Rose I.G.T Review

The 2019 Pierofosco Toscana Rose I.G.T can be considered the embodiment of class, elegance, and sophistication. This specific type of rosé was developed in the 3,000-year-old wine region of Tuscany, Italy. It is named after an acclaimed Italian film pioneer, Giovanni Pastrone. Like the director, this Toscana Rose carries with it a sense of nostalgic essence. 

This rosé is light on the nose, as it is scented with aromas of orange blossom, fresh flowers, and wild strawberries. The 2019 Pierofosco Toscana Rose I.G.T also looks gorgeous when poured into a glass, displaying a vibrant blush color with copper reflections

. On the tongue, the flavor is well-balanced, soft, and full-bodied. Priced at just $18, you can afford to spend a bit more on fresh oysters and seafood for a perfect afternoon brunch. 

Martha Stewart Wine 2019 Villa Amalia Rose Review

Rosé is known to be a flirtatious drink due to its color and taste. The 2019 Villa Amalia Rose fits that description quite perfectly, as it offers a hint of strawberry and peach to compliment the floral undertones.

The dry, Savas rosé is made from a blend of Cinsault and Grenache grapes from the Mediterranian region of France. This Martha Stewart Wine review recommends pairing this rosé with freshly grilled vegetables, poultry, and summer skewers.

Host a Martha Stewart Wine tasting session and include the 2019 Villa Amalia Rose for just $16

Martha Stewart Wine Great Wines for Grilling Pack Review

Martha Stewart Wine Review

The backyard summer barbeque can definitely be a refined experience. Instead of hosting pool parties, grilling hot dogs, and beer pong, you can opt for an intimate dinner while gazing upon the stars above.

To pair with your medium-rare steak, Martha Stewart has a recommended set of bottles for you to try called the Great Wines for Grilling Pack.

This pack includes 3 bottles of red wine and 1 bottle of rose for the price of $65. This Martha Stewart Wine review will go into detail on what will you receive within the Great Wines for Grilling Pack:

  • 2019 Tres Arboles Reserve Syrah from Chile: aromas include red currant, blackberry, and black olive
  • 2019 Fuerza de la Tierra Tempranillo from Spain: aromas include cherry, cranberry, and leather
  • 2019 Cantina Di Solopaca Aglianico I.G.P. from Italy: aromas include black fruit, earth, mineral clay, peppercorn, oregano, and chervil
  • 2019 Bernard Magrez Rose from France: aromas include raspberry, red fruit, and gooseberry

Martha Stewart Wine Bold Reds Pack Review

Martha Stewart Wine Review

For those red wine enthusiasts, the Bold Reds Pack is made just for you. This set contains 6 red wine bottles that come from Chile and France. By purchasing this pack, customers will receive 3 bottles of 2019 Tres Arboles Reserve Syrah and 3 bottles of 2017 Bernard Magrez Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Both have received awards in excellence, including the 2020 Silver in the Harvest Challenge Wine Competition and the 2020 Gold in the Critics Challenge International Wine Competition. 

The 2019 Tres Arboles Reserve Syrah is flavored with aromas of red ripe fruit, black olives, and oak. It pairs well with spiced meats, pasta dishes, and cheeses. The 2017 Bernard Magrez Cabernet Sauvignon has a flavor palette of black currant, cherry, and sweet spices.

Paired with duck and lamb, this Sauvignon is sure to hit the spot. For a fun and tasty option, select one of the bottles in the Bold Red Packs to make Martha Stewart mulled wine. This wine pack retails for $102

Martha Stewart Wine French and Italian Collection Case Review

Martha Stewart Wine Review

While it can be expensive to go on a wine-tasting excursion around Europe, you can bring the experience home with the French and Italian Collection Case.

This set contains 12 award-winning bottles of 6 red wines and 6 white wines. Sourced from Europe’s top winemaking regions, France and Italy, you’ll be introduced to only the finest of wines.

The French and Italian Collection Case costs $210, and includes these selected wines:

  • 2017 Georges Vigouroux Hommage Malbec from France: aromas include blackberry, plum, and violet 
  • 2019 Belfiore Chardonnay Trevenezie I.G.T from Italy: aromas include green apple, lemon, and bread crust 
  • 2019 Cala De’Poeti Montepulciano D’Abruzzo D.O.C from Italy: aromas include black cherry, sage, and vanilla 
  • 2019 Baccolo Bianco Appassimento Veneto I.G.T from Italy: aromas include citrus, floral, and green apple
  • 2019 Honoré de Berticot Sauvignon Blanc from France: aromas include pink grapefruit, lemon, and apricot 
  • 2017 Bernard Magrez Cabernet Sauvignon from France: aromas include black currant, cherry, and sweet spices

Martha Stewart Wine Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Martha Stewart Wine Review

This Martha Stewart Wine review hasn’t found many customer reviews during its research. On Wine Club Reviews, the brand is ranked with a 4-star rating. The review states that there is a good variety of wine and the company branding itself is beautiful and organized.

On UsReviews, Martha Stewart Wine is rated with a 4/5 stars, in which the prices, service, ordering, and delivery were all reviewed favorably. On the Better Business Bureau, the company is graded with an A+.

But this Martha Stewart Wine review found a few customer complaints and red flags. Some customers have noted issues with shipping delays and poor customer service on BBB and Consumers Advocate.

WineClubReviews posted a rave review of the brand, which noted all of the favorable things that it provides to customers. But they did make an interesting point, “They don’t say much about each wine or its story, they highlight only basic taste profiles (which for most people are more than enough). Instead they focus on general wine knowledge and education. This is super helpful for most people.” 

Overall, WineClubReviews loves Martha Stewart Wines but did highlight that the brand is more about how the wines can work for the consumers, rather than touching on the history of the wines, what inspired them, or where they came from. This is the information that makes for interesting conversation while sharing a glass. 

Is Martha Stewart Wine Worth It?

Martha Stewart Wine Review

This Martha Stewart Wine review recommends this wine company, as they have reasonable prices and a good variety of brands to choose from. While they only sell red wine, white wine, dessert wine, and rosé, it’s apparent that each selection is chosen carefully.

Each product description is detailed into where the wine is produced, what flavors or aromas you can expect, and what food combinations pair well with each bottle. But Martha Stewart Wines have some faint notes of shortcomings.

Customers have noted shipping delays and some issues with customer service, while other review sources (WineClubReviews) have noted that the brand cares more about how the wine should be used and paired, rather than touching on the history behind the wines and the culture they come from.  

There aren’t enough positive or negative customer experience reviews that paint a clear picture of this company. With that being said, feel free to peruse through the Martha Stewart Wine website and do some of your own research into Martha’s picks.

At the end of the day, Martha Stewart Wines deliver on their promise of good wines from the best vineyards

Martha Stewart Wine Promotions & Discounts 

Martha Stewart Wine Review

This Martha Stewart Wine review has not come across a Martha Stewart Wine gift card or a Martha Stewart Wine promo code. However, they do offer a refer-a-friend program, where customers can receive $25 off if their referred friend makes a first purchase of $50 or more. 

Where to Buy Martha Stewart Wine

Martha Stewart Wine Review

Customers can wine bottles and glasses exclusively through


How much is Martha Stewart Wine Club?

The Martha Stewart Wine Club has two different subscription plans. The Half-Case Wine Club costs $8 per bottle (6 bottles per shipment). The Case Wine Club costs $7 per bottle (12 bottles per shipment). 

Where does Martha Stewart Wine ship from?

This Martha Stewart Wine review did not come across any information regarding where their wines ship from. In terms of where they ship to, shipping is available in most states with the exception of Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah. 

There is Martha Stewart Wine free shipping for orders with more than 6 bottles. Anything under will be charged the basic shipping cost of $15. There must be a 3 bottle minimum since packaging and shipping fewer than 3 bottles does not allow the company to pass sufficient savings to their customers. 

Orders placed before 11:59 pm EST will ship the next business day and are typically delivered within 3 to 5 business days. All shipments require a signature of an adult over the age of 21, and a valid photo ID, to accept the Martha Stewart Wine delivery. 

What is Martha Stewart Wine’s Return Policy?

If customers are unsatisfied with their orders, they are encouraged to contact Martha Stewart Wine customer service. The company will replace or issue a company credit for any unused product for up to 180 days from the date of purchase. There is a restocking fee of $12 once the packaged return has been delivered to the warehouse. It takes approximately 3 to 5 business days to process refunds. 

How to Contact Martha Stewart Wine

If you have inquiries that were not addressed in this Martha Stewart Wine review, you can contact the company through:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Martha Stewart Wine Chat Room on their website (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 8:00 pm, EST)
  • Filling out the Message Form on their website

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