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Caroo Review

Skip the fruit basket. Give the gift of snacks with Caroo. Formally known as SnackNation, this online delivery service specializes in employee gifting. Their boxes are designed for office parties, promotional events, and other corporate junctions. 

They also support several good causes, including donations made to Feeding America and reducing carbon emissions by partnering with Pachama. 

Garnering a steady following of over 18.1k on Instagram, Caroo has also been featured in several media outlets, including Forbes, Delish, Entrepreneur, and Women’s Health. 

Looking for a buzz-worthy gift for your next corporate event? Perhaps it’s time to give this snack subscription a shot. 

Stay tuned, as this Caroo review will take an in-depth look at the brand, their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help readers make a more informed decision. 

Overview of Caroo

Caroo Review

Today is an important employee birthday. They’ve been with you for 5 years and your boss says that it’s cause for celebration. Despite the hype, the event within itself is quite dull. No confetti, no cake, and definitely no word of thanks. Dwight Shrute would be proud. 

In case you’re Jim Halpert making last-minute plans to impress that bubbling Kelly Kapoor, Caroo offers a convenient employee gifting service that ought to make the life of the party. 

Formally branded as SnackNation, Caroo was named as a variant of the term ‘care packages.’ Founded by Sean Kelly and Andy Mackensen in 2015, this food subscription service takes care of all the savory treats and sweets when it comes to corporate events. 

Since their internet debut, Caroo ensures that they not only give the gift of chips and chocolate but that they’re also ‘present’ in several philanthropic efforts. 

For instance, they are involved in Feeding America and Pachama, an organization dedicated to reducing deforestation. At the time of this Caroo review, the company has donated 17 million meals to families in need. 

In an inspiring quote left by this Californian-based brand, Caroo is all about creating meaningful moments within office spaces: 

“We’re here to build a future of work where people feel connected wherever they are and companies can easily create their own unique culture that grows, adapts, and evolves just as they do. We’re Caroo. Welcome to the future of work!”

Caroo Review

Before we really get into this Caroo review, let’s go over some of the brand’s pros and cons: 


  • A variety of snack subscription plans to choose from 
  • Caroo is involved in several philanthropic organizations such as Feeding America 
  • The brand is all about empowering BIPOC communities by offering their very own subscription box 
  • Adjustable pricing options 
  • Free U.S shipping on all orders 


  • Varied customer reviews 
  • Members need to consult with a representative to purchase a crate 
  • Confusing website navigation 

How Does Caroo Work?

Caroo Review

Listen up, or things may start to become confusing later on in this Caroo review. While the company is considered a rebrand of their former label: SnackNation, we’ve done a bit of digging to learn that it’s still an ongoing business. 

They are considered one and the same, but with slightly different functions. 

For those who aren’t sure of which plan to opt for, Caroo offers a more streamlined way of finding a suitable membership. Through this process, customers are invited to fill out a personalized quiz on their website. Don’t worry, it only takes one minute to complete. 

This assessment helps the brand to curate a recommended selection of memberships catered to your needs and tastes. 

It does this by asking a few key queries, such as “how many recipients are you looking to treat?” and “which items would your recipients be most interested in receiving in your box?”

It will also ask you more important questions like “what’s your budget?”, “where would you like to send Caroo?” and “what’s your budget per recipient?” 

These queries reflect the customizability of this employee gifting service, as there’s no set price for each subscription plan on their main website. 

Afterward, members are to input their name, place of work, phone number, and personal email. All there’s left to do is to wait for a Caroo representative to reach out to you to establish a plan. 

They will recommend a few memberships based on your results. Lastly, customers will also get a final price for their employee delivery boxes. In terms of available subscription boxes, we’ll provide a list down below for readers to compare:

  • The Inspire box: features ‘themed’ snacks and team building activities 
  • The Nourish box: a wide variety of delicious and nutritious snacks 
  • The Amplify box: contains snacks sold by POC-founded brands 
  • The Teams box: holds over 150 snacks 
  • The Concierge box: allows customers to make their own box 

If you’re in a time crunch, customers can access their online SnackNation store to directly purchase their products. Members can do this by clicking the ‘shop for home’ tab on their landing page. 

By visiting this link, clients can buy their boxes directly without the need to fill out an assessment form or call a brand representative. You can also opt to purchase the crates as a one-time purchase or as part of a monthly subscription plan. 

On top of all of that, the brand does offer member pricing for those who have periodic events from time to time. This is reserved for customers who wish to send 4 or more Caroo employee boxes within a 12-month period. 

For more information about their subscription plans and their member pricing deal, we encourage you to visit their FAQ page for in-depth specifics. Moving forward, this Caroo review will highlight a few of their offered services that may pique your interest. 

Caroo Personal Care Packages Review 

Caroo Review
Caroo Personal Care Packages

Looking to send a word of appreciation through the gift of snacks? Caroo offers three main subscription plans within their Personal Care Packages collection. This includes memberships such as the Inspire, Nourish, and Amplify boxes. 

Each of these bundles includes 10 to 30 savory treats and sweets like the Love Corn crunchies and the Beanitos Chips. You also have the choice of adding alcohol and other nifty drinkware and electronics. 

By choosing this subscription plan, members are treated to several company perks, with custom notes and branding and delivery tracking as some key features. 

As a bonus, the brand will donate 1 meal for every box delivered. Ideal for promotions, employee of the month, and tearful farewells, say thank you with the Personal Care Packages from Caroo. 

Caroo Office Snack Boxes Review 

Caroo Review
Caroo Office Snack Boxes

Skip the hassle of post-party clean-up. If you opt for the Office Snack Boxes plan, the only things you need are a set of napkins and a trash bin. 

Perfect for networking events, Christmas parties, or casual meetings, this membership contains over 150 savory and sweet goods such as FitJoy’s Grain Free Pretzels and Smashmallow cereal treats. 

To keep things personalized, each bundle is individually packaged. It also includes other bonuses, such as full snack customization and a kitchen stand display. The best thing about this membership is that the brand will donate 10 meals for every crate delivered. 

For a delicious and nutritious way to celebrate a glorious occasion, opt for the Office Snack Boxes (or the Office Solution Teams) plan instead. 

Caroo Enterprise Solutions Review 

Caroo Review
Caroo Enterprise Solutions

If you’re in charge of food and the final gift, the Enterprise Solutions plan offers items outside of their usual snacks. 

Aside from Sour Chew Fruities and Barbeque Popchips, customers can choose from a selection of premium electronics, drinkware, and apparel. It also includes a collection of healthier treats and company branding for t-shirts and sweaters

According to the brand, this Enterprise Solutions plan (otherwise known as the Concierge membership) is intended for parties 50 or more. 

Designed for team building activities and other large corporate events, customize the care package of your dreams with this specialized service. 

Who Is Caroo For? 

Caroo Review

As mentioned so far, Caroo is intended for big corporate events such as employee of the month celebrations and networking parties. 

As a result, if you are a manager, boss, or executive assistant, this online delivery service can take care of food, drinks, and swag while you plan the rest of the celebration. 

Popular companies such as Apple, Nike, and Google have used Caroo to help add that final touch to their social functions. 

Caroo is a great service for those who are limited on time. Instead of saving a day dedicated to grocery shopping and gift searching, this program takes care of the hard work. 

Comparison: Caroo vs. SwagUp

Caroo Review

To help readers make a more informed decision, we’ve decided to pit Caroo against another employee gifting service, SwagUp. 

We’ll provide a quick condensed list of similarities of differences between these two brands, including products offered and the overall convenience of their programs. Who will come out on top? That depends on what you’re looking for


  • Offers snacks, drinkware, personalized items, electronics, wine, apparel, and team activities 
  • Provides multiple subscription plans for customers to choose from 
  • Members can either purchase their boxes as a one-time deal or as a subscription plan 
  • Supports several good causes such as Feeding America 


  • Offers drinkware, apparel, stationery, totes, and electronics 
  • Provides detailed customization down to the type of packaging used 
  • Provides flexibility in terms of cost 
  • Members can either make their own packs or purchase a pre-selected bundle 

How Much is Caroo?

Caroo Review

To keep things easy to read, this Caroo review will provide the pricing options for all of their plans in point-form. 

As a final reminder, this employee gifting service doesn’t offer set fees for their boxes, as customers are encouraged to reach out to a brand representative to arrange the final cost. 

With that being said, the company does offer a more straightforward method by offering their SnackNation website on their main page. By visiting this link, members can choose to purchase their products as a one-time purchase or sign up for their subscription plans. 

As a side note, you don’t have to fill out an assessment form or talk to a representative to buy a snack crate. 

Personal Care Packages: (starting at $25):

  • The Nourish box: starting at $25
  • The Amplify box: starting at $34 
  • The Inspire box: starting at $54 

The Office Snack Boxes (also known as the Team box): starting at $140 

The Enterprise Solutions Boxes (also known as the Concierge box): custom pricing 

The brand also offers other bundles such as the Caroo mindfulness box and the Happy Hour crate. For more information on the prices of these care packages, we recommend heading over to for further specifics. 

Caroo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Caroo Review

Don’t bring out your wallet just yet. This Caroo review found limited reviews outside of their company page. It’s also worth noting that the testimonials we found were quite varied. Because of this, we may not be able to paint an accurate depiction of the brand as a whole. 

Their main webpage boasts a total of over 50k comments. Several members took to Instagram to voice their approval for their reliable service and diverse inclusion of snacks

Since rebranding as Caroo, I’ve noticed a higher diversity of snacks that my team was really excited about. Many of us LOVED the included juice. I cannot think of any service (at that price point) which will offer such a nice mix of savory, sweet, and beverage,” wrote one reviewer. 

Other commenters on the official website praised their helpful customer service team in arranging a custom plan for them: 

“I love working with Caroo and look forward to doing so again! Caroo is a wonderful company to work with!! Their customer service is impeccable! I’ve placed many, many orders with this team and have not been disappointed,” one customer wrote on their webpage. 

A few independent blogs, such as My Subscription Addiction, left favorable critiques of this online delivery service. Based on their innovative company mission and variety of items, Caroo is graded with a 4.9/5 star ranking with over 22 ratings in counting. 

Caroo Review

With that being said, these are quite old reviews, as it’s partially directed at their former brand, SnackNation.

On My Subscription Addiction, one buyer wrote that “We just got SnackNation and it’s the bomb. At first I thought the healthy products were going to taste like cardboard, but after trying some of the items, they actually tasted BETTER than the junk food we have in the office.” 

On the other hand, we found a few less than savory reviews on YouTube channels such as Subbox Chic. The vlogger stated that the snacks she received felt underwhelming

The selection that she received seemed quite ordinary compared to the shipments she opened in the past. 

“My final thoughts on this box are that it was just ok. I’ve definitely had better snack boxes from this brand. Usually they put out a pretty decent snack box. I would say that this month’s collection was just mediocre,” via a statement made by Subbox Chic. 

Based on what we’ve compiled so far, Caroo seems to sit at a middle ground in terms of customer service and snack variation. But, with the lack of adequate reviews online, we’re unable to make a firm conclusion on whether this delivery service garners a stamp of approval. 

Is Caroo Worth It?

Caroo Review

It goes without saying that Caroo is a unique snack subscription service. They cater to a specific audience, as they’re meant for corporate settings. Overall, we were generally impressed by the amount of customization in their offered plans. 

Customers can choose from a variety of available memberships, as each program differs in treats and company bonuses. Compared to brands such as MunchPak and Universal Yums, this business gives out other products such as apparel and drinkware. 

With that being said, we found it quite difficult and confusing to navigate through their website. They don’t make it apparent that their service is offered as a one-time deal and as a subscription plan. 

Even though they don’t offer set pricing for their memberships, they seem to contradict themselves by adding the SnackNation link on their website that offers one-time and auto-delivery fees for customers to choose from. 

Other functions such as their on-call representatives and the assessment form are misread as necessary on their website, but in reality, customers can skip this by purchasing their products directly on 

Due to the limited amount of reviews online coupled with their puzzling website navigation, this Caroo review cautiously recommends this brand to readers, mainly due to their past use by very big-name corporations. 

Caroo Promotions & Discounts 

Caroo Review

This Caroo review hasn’t found any promotions or deals offered on their website. We suggest following them on their social media pages for any future updates.

Sign Up For Caroo

To sign up for a Caroo subscription plan, customers will need to fill out their assessment form online. This includes inputting your name, email, and phone number. 


Caroo Review

How Do I Cancel My Caroo Subscription?

According to their website, members must contact their customer service team to cancel their subscription plans. 

What is Caroo’s Shipping Policy?

This Caroo review is happy to report that they offer free U.S shipping for all of their boxes. They also provide international delivery in select countries, such as Canada and Australia. 

Using their main courier, FedEx, packages are usually sent out in 2 days upon ordering. To monitor the status of your purchase, the brand will issue a tracking number via a confirmation email. 

What is Caroo’s Return Policy?

Caroo doesn’t offer much information on their return policy. As a side note, customers can change their orders by logging into their accounts. 

How to Contact Caroo

For inquiries unrelated to this Caroo review, you can reach out to the company through 2 methods of contact:

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