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Sensate Review

The stress of everyday living is enough to hinder progress, motivation, and self-confidence. While most individuals turn to therapy and yoga as a way to deal with modern-day frustrations, Sensate offers a convenient way to alleviate anxiety for time-sensitive nail-biters. This mobile app and device use the power of sound frequencies to induce tranquility and relaxation

As mental health continues to be a rising topic, it’s only natural for Sensate to gain some critical acclaim for its innovative approach. Media outlets, such as Forbes, TechRadar, and the Metro, aren’t shy when it comes to praise. According to Men’s Journal, the Sensate 2 “is lightyears ahead of other calming, relaxation apps you may have tried before.”

Struggling to find your peace of mind? If so, then perhaps Sensate can provide a convenient solution. Stay tuned, as for this Sensate review we’ll take an in-depth look at the brand, its product, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Sensate

Sensate Review

It’s a well-known fact that mental health is a taboo topic. Of course, this is not to discredit the amount of progress we’ve experienced over the years, but it still continues to be an area we shy away from. With the added obstacles of societal expectation, time, and other higher priorities, we often label our mental health as a lower concern. 

Unfortunately, the fast-paced nature of an evolving society has made it nearly impossible to ignore our mental health for longer. Inventor Stefan Chmelik wasn’t keen on the ‘work now, worry later’ mentality that zeitgeists practiced. Today’s society was well-overdue for a checkup, which led to the inevitable launch of the Sensate app and device. 

This brand utilizes sound frequency and vibration to help induce relaxation in a convenient way. According to Chmelik, Sensate was the result of 30 years of clinical experience dealing with mental health-stricken clients. Since its debut in 2015, this London-based company has provided relief for thousands of customers. 

In an inspiring quote left by the brand, Sensate states that they’re built to support the body’s stress response system. “Together with the specially composed hemispheric audio within the app, users report feeling calmer from the very first session.” 

Before this Sensate review begins, let’s go over some initial highlights. 


Sensate Review
  • Considered a convenient way to de-stress
  • Designed to improve heart rate variability and better sleep
  • Comes with additional accessories 
  • Somewhat affordable
  • Provides a 40-day free trial 
  • Offers Clearpay as an alternative payment option 
  • Positive customer reviews 

It’s worth noting that Sensate isn’t designed to replace your therapist. Those diagnosed with severe mental illnesses should still reach out to a professional. This particular mobile app and device are meant to alleviate any temporary anxiety and frustration. 

Of course, those who suffer from a disorder can also enjoy their products to help inhibit their symptoms, but again—you shouldn’t treat it as a permanent solution. 

Considered a great way to minimize stress after a hard day of work, the Sensate device can act as your go-to relaxer for when you don’t have time. Currently, the brand only offers the Sensate 2 as its product. Provided with an app and various additional accessories, customers can look forward to zen-out using the power of sound frequencies. 

For those in need of additional specifics, we will discuss products in detail as we go through the following segments in this Sensate review. 

Sensate 2 Review

A bad day’s work, a crying baby, overdue bills, and insurmountable debt are just a few common anxieties that modern life entails. Unfortunately, society expects us to bite the bullet and push through, which isn’t a skill that most of us have. 

Inevitably, those bottled-up emotions are bound to spill through. For those not keen on getting a panic attack anytime soon, the Sensate 2 is designed to alleviate those thrumming heartbeats in one relaxing session. 

Optimized to last for last 10-30 minutes, the Sensate 2 is made to encourage better sleep, overall health, and the ability to handle stress.

It’s worth noting that customers must download the app in order to use this invention. This product is compatible with Mac IOS and most Android devices. Fortunately, this program is free of charge for those who own a Sensate 2. 

Looking to increase your wellbeing? If so, Sensate 2 retails for $249. With each purchase, customers will also receive the following items:

  • 1x eye mask 
  • 1x charging cord 
  • 1x case
  • 1x detachable lanyard 
  • A user guide 

How Does Sensate Work?

Sensate Review

To help clear any misunderstandings, the Sensate device isn’t designed to work as a virtual therapist. Talking is not required. Instead, customers are encouraged to lie down, relax, close their eyes, and enjoy the experience. Sensate utilizes sound frequencies to help induce relaxation, which is powered by the device and app

So, Sensate uses music to create a calming environment? While it’s natural to assume that the brand uses tranquil waters and soothing ambiance in its app, it’s actually the direct opposite. 

According to the company, they make use of specific sound waves to tap into the brain’s central nervous system. Basically, Sensate utilizes bone conduction via the chest cavity to help target anxiety. 

Sensate works by addressing the vagus nerves within the cranial system. Jargon aside, they’re responsible for how your body handles stress. It also regulates sympathetic and parasympathetic responses, which control your fight or flight instinct. 

While it’s common to misinterpret vagus nerves as solely a mental process, it has a direct impact on how you breathe, digest, and function. 

The device itself is made to lie on the center of your chest. It will emit a slight vibration, which will pair with the brand’s audio frequencies. The session will last approximately 10 minutes, but you’re encouraged to sit back and relax for an additional 20 or 30. 

For those who can’t wrap their heads on the science of Sensate, think back to how cats relax. This nifty device is just the handheld equivalent of purring. 

Features And Benefits Of Sensate

Sensate Review

As previously mentioned, the main benefit of Sensate is its innate ability to calm mental stress and anxiety. For those skeptical about its pros, this Sensate review will discuss its features in detail below. 

  • Calms the nerves: can’t stand the stress of everyday living? If so, Sensate can help boost resilience to better encourage productivity, focus, and confidence. 
  • Temporary relief: Those who suffer from anxiety may find it difficult to sit back and relax. While Sensate isn’t designed to cure mental illnesses, it can provide momentary aid to those who need it. 
  • Better sleep: are those worrisome thoughts keeping you up at night? Sensate can help quell those pesky ‘what ifs’ before they even begin. 
  • Improve heart rate variability: stress has a physical toll on the body. Case in point, Sensate can help calm those nerves before they affect your ability to digest and breathe. 
  • Convenient: the great thing about Sensate is that it’s designed to be portable. You can use the device and app in any situation, including airports, before university exams, or at the DMV. 
  • Affordable: We’re well aware that Sensate is quite expensive. With that being said, it costs a bit less than the standard price offered by therapists. 
  • No commitment: unlike a therapy session, customers can use Sensate whenever they like. If anything, it takes away the guilt of skipping in-person appointments. 

Who Is Sensate For? 

Sensate Review

Everyone deserves to relax. Unfortunately, we live in a fast-paced society that doesn’t guarantee much time to initiate self-care. 

Sensate, a company that prioritizes mental health, recognizes the needs of modern-day living to help create something that’s convenient, efficient, and affordable. A 10-minute session isn’t a lot to ask for, especially if it’s designed to calm those worrisome thoughts. 

There doesn’t seem to be any recommended age range or demographic for Sensate, but it appears that they target young adults (20 to 50) as their core audience. It’s worth noting that their devices come with a Proposition 65 warning in the event you’re sensitive to certain materials. 

Sensate Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sensate Review

I think it’s safe to say that Sensate hasn’t reached Oprah-level popularity as of now. But, they have managed to achieve a bit of good publicity, thanks to independent blogs and media outlets. We aren’t able to provide any exact numbers as to how many people have used Sensate, but the brand’s webpage is home to hundreds of glowing reviews

Crucial for relaxation, Sensate has proved itself necessary for many stressful individuals. It provided customers temporary relaxation and tranquility when needed. Take it from two happy buyers, who both left positive reviews for the device and app:

“I suffer from anxiety – by using the Sensate I can distract myself from my racing thoughts and submit to the subtle but powerfully healing sensations and sounds. I sometimes go to bed and use this well-designed device and app to fall asleep with,” one customer wrote online. 

“Sensate had a profound effect in calming me,” one reviewer shared. “It was quite amazing. For someone who has long struggled to meditate, this is an extraordinary outcome!”

We also found dozens of glowing testimonials on Amazon while writing this Sensate review. The Sensate Relaxation Device was awarded a 3.7/5 score based on 113 global ratings. The consensus is relatively the same, as users reported a meditative experience while using the product and app. 

“I discovered the Sensate & looked like the perfect tool to help me meditate without all of the practice. The first time I used it, I felt super sleepy & relaxed, but the more & more I used it, I noticed so many changes like overall calmness, less irritability, less pent-up stress, and better sleep,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. 

Some independent blogs, such as, also left a positive critique of the Sensate device. According to the author, the product seemed to help increase focus, encourage relaxation, and promote overall well being. We also found other blog sites that held glowing reviews for this brand, so we’ll be sure to add their comments down below. 

“I have tested the Sensate, daily, over a couple of weeks and I noticed the difference immediately. The first time I used the pebble, I observed that the time it took me to relax was significantly less, almost instant in fact, compared to when I had only previously used audio meditation,” via a statement made by 

“What I like about the Sensate as a relaxation tool is that it’s non-verbal,” according to a statement made by “Not everyone finds meditation apps that tell you to count your breath or watch your thoughts passing like clouds helpful. In fact, they can make you feel more anxious. But this is easy, discreet and blends the best of ancient sound healing and modern technology.”

“The Sensate 2 Relaxation Device is in a class of its own. There really aren’t many devices like this, so it’s worth considering for that reason alone. It’s also easy to use, with an intuitive app and simple features. If you’re willing to pay good money for a device to help you relax, this is a solid choice,” according to a post published by Nerd Techy. 

Is Sensate Worth It?

Sensate Review

Taking care of your mental health shouldn’t be met with difficulty. In this day and age, it’s easy to disregard our well-being to prioritize other needs, given the common excuses of limited time. 

Sensate, a brand that’s built for the modern-day individual, recognizes the veritable gap of efficient and convenient methods needed for mental health betterment. Their device and app are suited to provide relief in a quick and easy manner

Designed to be effortless to use, Sensate offers a commitment-free solution for those who can’t afford to visit their therapist every week. As previously stated, they’re not meant to replace professional care, but their device can help provide temporary relief to those who need it. To conclude this Sensate review, we highly recommend that you give them a good ol’ college try. 

Sensate Promotions & Discounts 

Sensate Review

At the time of this Sensate review, we currently have an exclusive code for our readers. You can use the code HBR25 to get $25 on the Sensate 2 for a limited time.

Where to Buy Sensate

Sensate Review

Looking to settle those trembling nerves? If so, customers can head over to You can also buy their product on Amazon as well. 


Sensate Review

Who owns Sensate?

The company is owned by BioSelf Technology. The device itself was invented by Stefan Chmelik. 

Does Sensate ship internationally?

Sensate offers shipping to a few select countries. This includes locations in the UK, Europe, Australia, and more. 

Where do I place the Sensate device?

According to the brand, the Sensate device should be placed on the centre line of your chest bone about 3-4 fingers below the top of the bone.” Users can also leave it between the breasts as well. Given that everyone is built differently, the brand recommends experimenting with various positions in order to find a comfortable spot. 

It’s worth noting that the company provides additional specifics on its website. 

Can I have the Sensate app on more than one phone?

Yep! You can download the Sensate app on your phone and tablet. Customers should know that in order to open the program, they must exit out of their other devices. 

What is Sensate’s Shipping Policy?

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any specifics regarding the brand’s shipping policy for this Sensate review. But, we do know that they offer a tracking number to help customers keep tabs on their order. 

What is Sensate’s Return Policy?

Sensate offers a 40-day window for customers to send back their product. Items must be free of damage in order to be considered eligible. They also provide a nifty 12-month warranty for technical defects for customers to use. 

In the event that you received a faulty device, the company will provide a replacement that’s free of charge. To initiate the return process, buyers must contact the brand in order to get started. 

How to Contact Sensate

Sensate Review

For inquiries unrelated to this Sensate review, you can contact the brand through: 

Direct messaging them on social media

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